Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Various Some More

Walked Kimball. Spent some time on household chores, then drove into town. I was chagrined to find that the planter I had seen in one of the thrift stores on Monday, and wanted, but didn't want to pay as much as they were asking, and was told it would be forty percent off yesterday, so went back to buy it, but it wasn't there, so presumably, somebody beat me to it. (Hey, I could make this whole entry one sentence!)
Well, I can live without it. Parked in the place I usually do and put my books in a carryall to take the trek to the library. It's funny--and gratifying--that the half mile that seemed so long a few weeks ago, now was just the equivalent of a short stroll. When I got there, though, I found I had forgotten my reading glasses, so just dropped off the books and walked back.
I knew I'd pass Five Points Auto Wash on my way home and stopped there to finally get my little blue beauty spruced up. It was jammed, as usual, but I didn't care--sat in the sun and watched the passing parade.
Big salad for lunch, then went over to Ellen's. I hauled out the stored items that had been there since I moved to the west coast, mostly framed pictures. Using the same space, I exchanged them for some garage sale items I had stored in my trunk; I'll take more over tomorrow.
I remembered that El had mentioned her flowers needed dead-heading, so while I was there, I did some of that. Sentimental me, I took some cuttings of her ivy geraniums and another flower to plant in my patio (assuming they survive, never a certainty with me). Went back to the library and got out an audio book and another. Stayed there for a half hour to read a bit, then drove off.
Suzanne stopped over to say she had seen flames on the hillside behind up, but I knew that was a controlled burn (there were signs) and told her. We visited a bit; I knew she had been away over the weekend and she said she had been at a celebration for a sister--well, fellow sister--who was celebrating seventy years in the order--wow. Suzanne also kindly gave me a large container for the plants I intend to buy. Nice neighbor.
El called and reminded me she had asked if I not leave anything in the garage until Friday. Oops--I had forgotten, so will just concentrate on digging things out and getting them packed in my car for now.

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