Saturday, March 31, 2007

Greatly enjoyed lunch with Marge yesterday. We went to Dockside and I had some of the best salmon (with salad) I ever tasted. We talked and talked, finally left, drove down the street to the bay to say hello to Pat, then drove the 20 miles to Chatsworth, talking and talking all the way.
Marge said Drama Club meeting on Wednesday went all right, although several members were absent. After rehearsal, she initiated a discussion as to whether the group will continue after the show in May. She said the consensus was that it should go on as long as the directors stay. Well, I was one of the 4 directors and I resigned; Dennis has some health issues and it's possible he'll have to give it up; Amy is very busy with family and volunteer work; and Marge herself is not in perfect health. Also, there have been some member dropouts for various reasons and no additions for the past year or so.
The biggest problem is the difficulty in acquiring appropriate material. Marge bought some "senior (readers) theatre" books and we culled what we could from them, but many are too long and/or just not very funny. All four of us wrote material, too--much of which, in my not-so-humble-opinion, was better than the paid stuff. We also stole brazenly from the Internet, magazines, and wherever else. Still, it's hard to come up with enough to fill an hour show every year. Naturally, I loved discussing all this, knowing it's no longer my problem.
The cleaners came in the morning and the place looks great. Other than those highlights, 'twas an ordinary day. I made baked chicken for dinner, finally using up the meat I had in the freezer, which I'll now replenish. Bought hamburger and will have "slumphie stew" tonight.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Susan and I walked as usual, then I drove over to get my oil changed at Mastercraft. That's a great place that I recommend to everybody. (Yes, it's worth traveling here from Virginia, Massachusetts, and California.) They have such a comfortable waiting room (two easy chairs, the day's Asbury Park Press, a big, spotless bathroom, and complementary beverages, including great coffee to which you can add--get this--hazelnut flavoring!) that it's a pleasure to go there. What a contrast to the places I used to go with grease covering every flat surface and the only things to read tattered Motoring World mags two years old of date.
Leslie came over to drop off a tube of moisturizer (she's a Mary Kay distributor) and stayed for a nice visit. She and Dennis are going to Boston for the weekend today, meeting son and DIL, Joe and Pia.
Later, Susan stopped in with her adorable 1-year-old granddaughter, Sophia, who's visiting with her mommy from Connecticut. What a sweet baby and how I enjoyed having a little one here. I gave her my painted wooden eggs from Poland to play with, again pleased with myself for culling out my Easter decorations.
Got ready for the cleaners by washing all nine bathroom/area rugs, as usual. (Alison always laughs that I clean for the cleaners.)
Didn't feel like cooking, so ordered out from Brothers' Italian. Pat got the veal parm, and I just had the spaghetti side that came with his, along with two garlic knots I couldn't resist.
Lunch with Marge today. Can't wait to hear the latest about the Drama Club (but I still know I made the right decision by withdrawing).

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The social scene is heating up, I'm happy to say. I meet Marge for lunch tomorrow and we go to Bill and Regina's for early dinner on Sunday. My Wellspouse friend, Vivian, is on Spring Break (she works at Ocean Community College) and asked if I could meet for dinner on Monday--sure can! The party at the D.'s is next Saturday, and we go to Alison's for Easter the day after. I'm thinking about inviting Susan and Walter, plus Judy and Roman for dinner one of these days, too. S. and W. have had us (or me) over often and we go to all the K.'s parties. Not sure if I can get that in before Easter, though.
Drove the 30 miles to Alison's--it was a gorgeous sunny day--to drop off on the porch the Easter things I had finally separated out. Later, picked up a few things at Wal-Mart, then Shop-Rite (does it seem I spend an inordinate amount of time in supermarkets? I do!). The rest of the day, just puttered around--but happily, as I wasn't at all bored.
For dinner, I slaughtered a hog, skinned the meat, rendered the fat (what does that mean?), dug a pit, and roasted it for five days, then served up a delectable meal.
Okay, I opened a package of Tyson's pork and gravy and put it in the microwave. Hey, that's one more to add to my "joys" list--I don't have to slaughter my own hogs!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got to Philly and back without a problem. I had been worried about this for weeks because I'm nervous going up there. (Talk about lists; I have a long list of things to worry about--very convenient, as I can just pick and choose.) Pat's hearing aid has to be sent away to be repaired and he may need a stronger one, but for now, the present one's okay.
Earlier, I attended the Friends of the Little Egg Harbor Library meeting. I'm not sure how interested I really am in this. They seem pretty backward-looking, acting alarmed when I suggested using e-mail to inform people of gatherings, even though they had bemoaned drawing so few attendees. The way they let people know what's going on is to post information on a piece of paper over the copy machine (!). I think they have a newsletter, but the president said she "hasn't been keeping up with it." They do have $4000 in the treasury, and are trying to entice a mystery writer from NYC to speak at an upcoming meeting.
Alison called last night and invited us for Easter--great! Hope J., J., J., and little Whosit will be there.
Okay, my list of joys--not at all comprehensive, of course:
Sunsets over the trees behind my house: They may not be as spectacular as Arizona's, but they're beautiful--all gold, rose, and purple.
Our home itself. It's been four years since we moved here, but amazingly often, I'm aware of how much I love it and how lucky I am.
Being able to drive: I didn't get my license until I was 45 and I still get a thrill out of it--I mean I often consciously think "I can drive!" (For a wonderful treatise on this, see Agatha Christie's autobiography.)
Being with my children, grands, and great-grands: This may be a cliche, but I don't care, I never see enough of them.
My glass of wine at night. I look forward to this with a rummy's fervour.
Right now, spring, with the flowers coming up and the trees budding. This always seems like a friggin' miracle to me! When we lived in Ewing, Pat and I used to walk around outside the house during the first spring days and survey our plantings. Then the thought always came to me--melodramatic, but hell, that's my persona--"We survived another winter."
Good books--OR books I enjoy, "good" or not.
Having Pat able to still go to the bay everyday.
Touring old houses.
Travel. I had a small window in my life when I could go places--after the Taking Care of Kids, Scarce Money, College and Career considerations eased up and before the caregiver situation. I loved it all, especially California and Asia, and hope to do it again.
I just took a sip of another joy: my coffee in the morning.
Getting out of the shower and into a freshly-made bed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yay-y-y! I dealt with more junk from the garage yesterday! Actually went through and sorted three large containers, packed the rejects, and took to the thrift store, then rearranged what was left. That left me with six empty plastic containers and--notice how my sneaky mind works?--I thought I should keep them in case I ever need them to pack away other things. No, no, no, Rosemary! The whole idea is to resolve not to "pack things away" where they take up space and moulder like John Brown's body for 85 years. Okay, the next time I'm going to donate the containers, too.
Dropped off the scholarship check ($500) at the high school (Pinelands Regional); I'm chair of the committee for the Women's Club, so am glad to have finished that assignment. I'm always afraid I'm going to forget to do something like that, or that I'll hand it in too late, or something--indicative of my basic insecurity, I guess.
Had a nice chat with Betty, the constant lunch-goer of the left coast. This must be genetic--we both love to meet people for lunch. That reminds me that Barb H. is back and we must arrange to take Susan out for her birthday; not today, though, as I have to take Pat to Philly for the audiologist appointment.
Note: In case readers don't recheck the comments: see yesterday's from Robyn for the end of the flamingo story--it's priceless!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ho, ho, guess the "gift registry" thing hit a nerve! Well, I'm not going to argue about it--I won't convince you and you won't convince me--so what the hey. (I do love the pink flamingos story, Robyn. Hope the recipients proudly displayed them on their lawn.)
Pat's brother, Bill, called to invite us for dinner on Sunday (at 3 in the afternoon), a nice surprise. Said he's cooking ham and refused to let us bring anything. We're looking forward to seeing Bill, of course; he's a wonderful guy. He and Pat are the only surviving Molloy sibs--there had been seven. I love seeing his wife, Regina, too. We are on absolutely opposite ends of the opinion spectrum about almost everything, but we're happy to avoid certain subjects or just laugh at our differences.
Other than that, yesterday was a slow day with grocery shopping and stuff. Had chicken potpie for dinner and it was good.
I neglected to fill everybody in on my Saturday adventures. I went to Reynolds in Manahawkin and got little No-Name Great-Grandbaby an adorable newborn outfit (he's not due until July). On the way home,
stopped at Habitat for Humanity thrift store and met up with Frank D., who was looking for a table. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but came across a silverplated meat fork for a dollar and bought that.
I can't imagine why people would turn up their noses at thrift stores. We have 3 nice ones within 10 miles and I often buy there, especially things like glassware (we break a lot), tee shirts for exercising, and pre-read magazines. I also donate to them. When we moved here, we bought new furniture and donated two loveseats to H. for H. I was pleased to see them on display for a modest price, then to notice they were gone the next time I stopped in. I hope some nice young couple--or some thrifty old couple--are enjoying them.
Not only does it save money to buy at thrift stores, it's also good for the environment (cuts down on the amount of "stuff" around), and you can get unusual items you don't see at the mall. A few years ago, I bought a beautiful, hand-embroidered tablecloth for my dining room table for $20. You can't get things like that at Macy's.
Ellen called last night, as she does every Sunday, and we had a nice chat, discussing the difficulties of teaching math to third-graders, among a wide range of other topics.
Well, yesterday, I was in an introspective mood, which resulted in the "Everybody has a secret life" mantra. Pat, Pat, of course you have a secret life. It doesn't mean you've robbed a bank, or smothered your next-door neighbor, or wear men's boxers--just that there's a quiet, careful, watchful, once-removed Pat inside you who carries on an inner life nobody but you will ever know.
Good lord, am I the only one?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ran a lot of mundane errands yesterday and while I was driving home, the thought occurred to me: Everybody has a secret life. I was actually going to make that the sum total of my entry today: Everybody has a secret life. The more I think of it--and contemplate it--the more I know it's true: Everybody has a secret life.
More later.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Susan invited me to go with Walter and her to the "Singalong" our Sunrise Bay Singers presented last night and I accepted with pleasure. Later, Leslie called with the same offer--I'm lucky to have such friends. Saw lots of Drama Club people there, as well as others who came up to compliment me on the Dionne Q. thing. The evening was great fun; I just wish Pat could have gone along.
Okay, here's my list prompted by Pat McH. R.'s "what irritates me" listing of yesterday, but on a somewhat different track. I'm going to make it a little more formal, plus add some things I like. Hope all you thousands (hundreds, dozens, handful, three?) will do the same.
Things I Dislike About Modern Life:
T.V. in doctors' offices: This drives me crazy--what, are they trying to make you sicker?
T.V. in general: It's everywhere and I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually watching us, as in 1984.
"Music"--so called--in supermarkets: This horrible auditory dysentery is not for the customers, of course, but for the vacant-eyed teenaged cashiers.
Various under-40s who call me "Sweetie," "Honey," and other inane endearments and/or who think older people are "cute." Always makes me want to yell out a stream of obscenities--or vomit and show them what "cute" really is.
The stickers on fruits and veggies, each individual one. Naturally, this isn't for the convenience of the customer, god forbid, but for the almighty distributor. (Yes, I pick each off when I get home from the store.)
"Gift" registries: Geez, they're supposed to be gifts, aren't they? I make a practice of never giving gifts on anybody's "registry."*
The promotion and general acceptance of lousy English usage: It's everywhere and few care, but the reason it's a problem is because language reflects (and influences) thought. Hey, think about that.
Celebrity Worship: Talk about mindless, brainless!
GWB and his nefarious gang: Talk about mindless, brainless!
Things I Like About Modern Life:
On-line banking: So convenient, including, of course, paying bills on-line, using a debit card, and ATMs.
Designer coffee: especially hazelnut.
Crockpots: no surprise there.
More casual and/or comfortable dressing: I realize this can morph into sloppiness, but generally enjoy myself more without being poured into a girdle and teetering on stiletto heels.
Questioning authority: This includes all things political (and that covers a broad range), the religion we learned in second grade (you'll go to hell if you use birth control), and the popular wisdom which is so often wrong--but not always, which is why it's important to recognize yourself as the final arbiter of your own morals.
Blogs! Yes, yes, I love the personal ones (present company enthusiastically included!), and lots of others, except the cynically commercial.
Well, this isn't a comprehensive list, by any means, just the things that came to mind (and have been festering...festering...for years, until I just had to pick up the gun and shoot out the television in Dr. Goreguts office...).
* I know all the arguments for "gift" registries and I know almost everybody having a shower, getting married, having a baby, having an affair (oops--scratch that), or whatever, rushes to greedily list the things they want, as opposed to the ugly vase Aunt Martha will give them. It just seems so cold to me, and so sad.
But on the bright side, guess who's happy? All the manufacturers and stores who are raking in the dough.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Got a charge out of Pat McH. R.'s comment of yesterday--as Dee wrote, I can just see myself doing exactly what she did! And I might laugh later, but initially, I'd yell and stomp around and believe for a few minutes I was the world's biggest klutz. (Pat, did you know they sell liners for crockpots? So much easier with no clean-up.)
The endocrinologist told Pat to use a scale to adjust his insulin intake and zeroed in on his sugar in the afternoon. Pat said he took a tangerine to the bay and Doc recommended an apple, instead--said tangerines are full of sugar. Pat and I solomnly received this information, nodding our heads, not mentioning the Tastycakes he regularly has for lunch dessert.
I woke up this morning with a headache; unusual for me, but I took a Tylenol clone and it's easing up. Susan and Walter came back from San Diego late yesterday, so I'll knock on their door at 7:00--softly--to see if she wants to walk. It's her birthday (65) and Barb H. and I will take her out to lunch some day after Barb and Ray get back from Pittsburgh on Monday.
Today, Marge and I are going to lunch--as ever, I'm looking forward to seeing her. We always have lots to talk about and she's one of those "can tell her anything and she's never judgemental" friends--the comfortable kind.
We got a charming invitation for a party the day before Easter--from little Harper V.S., 6-month-old granddaughter of Frank and Barb D. next door. I responded with an acceptance signed "The Grandparents of Vivian Myumi." Harper and her parents will be visiting from North Carolina.
I may have forgotten to mention earlier that I'm going to model at the Women's Club luncheon at Smithville Inn in May. Only in an over-55 community would this short, tubby, far-from-gorgeous person be asked to model, so I'm thrilled. We get the clothes from Penney's and can pick them out ourselves. We don't have to buy them, but if we want to, we get deep discounts and boy, do I need summer clothes. The theme is cruise wear, casual, but elegant, and I'm envisioning soft chiffons in bright colors that will take off 40 pounds instantly. Can't wait to find those outfits!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joel called last night to give us the news: We're having a new little boy as our next great-grand! They were all there for the sonogram, including Joely, who wanted a brother. Jen's feeling good, Joel starts the new job on Monday, and all is well. I always remember the line in "Gone With The Wind" (love that book, I don't care if it is schlocky, sentimental, and written for the popular market) when Melly says, "The best days are when babies are born." And that's the truth--it's death that stinks, not life.
Jen got a "baby name" book for Christmas and I told Joel I'd send the Social Security site that lists the ten most popular, where individual names are on the frequency of use, and so on. Called Alison to congratulate her, too--and the family grows.
Besides the dermatological items I listed yesterday, Pat has yet another: a growth on his upper left arm that the doctor says is probably also a squamous cell and will have to be removed. He took a biopsy and we'll hear. Today we go to the endocrinologist in Ventnor.
I had been sleeping well lately--until this morning. Woke up at 3:10 am and just couldn't go back. Made the mistake of getting up to play "Wordslinger" on the computer, went back about 5:00 (when I usually get up) and dozed restlessly on and off until I got up for good at the ungodly late hour of 7:15.
P.S. After reading Pat Mc H. R.'s blog and hearing she served spaghetti for dinner, I decided to do the same yesterday. Put meatballs and sauce in the crockpot (it smelled oh, so delicious) and boiled up a generous amount of spaghetti. When I went to pour it in the colander in the sink, it went sideways and more than half went down the drain! I wasn't worried about clogs, as we have a disposal, but that left only enough for Pat and I didn't feel like waiting while more cooked, so I had a meatball sandwich. Actually, that was just as good.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Went to the mall yesterday, then to Borders to finally use the gift card I got for my birthday. Bought Then We Came To The End, a new novel by Joshua Ferris. I rarely read fiction and when I do, it's usually older classics I re-read, so this is an exception. (When I like a book a lot, I re-read every few years.) I read the first chapter on the on-line NYTimes and was hooked because it concerns the world of (office) employment and since that was my field, I'm interested. When I'm finished, will hand in my book report.
I also bought Susan a little picture book on cats. She and Walter will be in San Diego until the 22th, and her birthday (the big 65--wish that had been my last birthday) is the next day. I'm going to ask Barb H. to join me in taking S. out to lunch.
When I got home, Jack B. was here chatting with Pat. Jack is leaving next Tuesday to visit my brother, Larry, in Florida, as he does about every year. They've been friends for SEVENTY YEARS and I have a picture of them when they made their First Communion at St. James. The little twinnies, aged 3, are in the picture, too.
Today, we go to the dermatologist to have Pat's neck (squamous cell cancer growth, which was excised a few months ago), head (Basel cell, for which he applies an ointment), and stomach (some kind of damned rash that just developed lately) checked. If I get home in time and if she's feeling better, I'll then pick up Marge for lunch; otherwise, we'll go on Friday.
Beef tips and potatoes julianne for dinner last night and they were very tasty. No, no, nobody has to be impressed--I just opened some packages, fer cryin' out loud.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Domestic day yesterday: changed our bed, went to the laundromat to wash the quilt (I'm always afraid I'll overload the washer with the king-sized bedding), and got more things assembled to donate to the thrift store.
Niece Eileen, wife of nephew Tim, sent an e-mail noting that Mothers' Day was originally promoted by Julia Ward Howe to rally women for peace. Her hope for that failed, but later, Anna Jarvis picked up the idea to recruit women to improve sanitary conditions. It was her daughter, also named Anna Jarvis, who finally got Mothers' Day into law in 1907. (It's remarkable to me that my mother was 5 years old then.) By that time, the day was meant to simply honor deceased mothers. Of course, it evolved into a day for all mothers, but mainly to add to the profits of florists, candy-makers, and restaurant owners.
Julia's poem urging women to stand for peace can be found on About: Women's History and is pretty grandiose, in the spirit of the day. It starts "Arise then...women of this day," and goes on to ask wives to reject "our husbands reeking with carnage" (after they've been at war) and to strive for "the means...whereby the great human family can live in peace." Of course, J.W.H. wrote "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," which soldiers sang marching into war, but if I remember correctly, she wrote that as a hymn and its meaning was good versus evil in an abstract, not a concrete sense. Will check on this.
Now here's something interesting about the "Dissent...patriotism" quote I mentioned yesterday: I assumed it was from a founding father--Jefferson or Franklin or somebody--but discovered that it's been regularly misattributed in that direction. According to information I found, it was actually coined either by the president of the ACLU in 1991 or by a historian named Howard Zinn in 2004! Wow, interesting.
Now, here's a quote of which I do know the source: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." That's a dynamite assertion and was written by Sinclair Lewis, probably in the twenties or thirties.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The march yesterday was great. We walked three miles from Garden Pier on New Jersey Avenue to Boardwalk Hall (the old Convention Hall) where we held a short rally. There, we lined up to read the names of the 53 people from New Jersey killed in Iraq. I read the name of John S. Spahr, 43, of Cherry Hill. He was old compared to so many of them, mostly in their early twenties--and there were some who died at 19. We then walked back the same route. We carried signs and banners, plus a large American flag. (Who said "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."? I don't know myself, but will google it.) On the way there and back, we shouted pro-peace slogans, such as "What do we want? Peace! When do we want it? Now!" A number of onlookers made the peace sign or otherwise showed support; I saw two actually fall in and join us. It was a beautiful day, very cold, but bright with sunshine. After, Leslie and I went to Downbeach Deli for a late lunch/early dinner. Along with Dennis, we'll be participating in the twice-monthly peace vigils in Absecon as soon as they resume.
Now I want to address the continuing discussion of "What questions are legal?" rather than relegate it to comments. I can understand Dee's idea that an employer has the right to know what sex an interviewee is, but in most cases, Pat is correct in asking, "What difference does it make?" Unless there's some reason for requiring a certain sex (if the job is for a go-go dancer, maybe), it isn't usually relevant to a job. However, that "Miss, Mrs., or Ms." question didn't concern gender (it wouldn't be asked of a man), it actually has to do with marital status. Whether you're married or not is no business of the prospective employer. Dee also wrote she thinks employers should be able to ask any question relevant to the job and that's exactly the point. If you examine the list, you'll see that the illegal ones really aren't relevant to whether the interviewee is qualified to do the job. Pat brought up the "what year did you graduate?" thing and yes, it's puzzling to me, too, why that would be legal, as it seems to indicate age. However, I researched it and it is allowable. Actually, the "relatives who work here" and for competitors is legit to 1. avoid nepotism (this is a subject interesting to me because I wrote the nepotism policy for Rider) so applicants aren't hired to work under relatives. The "competitors" one is to avoid leaking secrets and conflict of interests. As for getting fired if you lie about when you graduated high school, theoretically, I guess that could happen if the application (as most do) says any falsification could lead to dismissal. Other things being equal, it seems highly unlikely that would happen, but yes, that's the one question that gives me pause (oh, I love using phrases like that!), Once you're hired, though, all bets are off: The employer needs to have your age and, often, marital status and and other information for legal and benefits reasons.
"Anonymous"--whom I know better as daughter Ellen, in Ventura--was closest in correct answers, although she also tabbed the high school one as illegal.
Anyway, let's move on. How about somebody else coming up with a quiz in your field of expertise or special interest?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tsk, tsk, tsk--I'm afraid the entire class has to stay after. Pitty-Patty did recognize the illegality of one question, but Betty Boop and Dee-Dee must have been exchanging notes about that cute boy in the front row. Here are the answers with explanations:
1. (Where actually live?) Illegal. Not relevant to employment and could be discriminatory if live in "bad" section of town.
2. (Pregnant) Illegal.
3. (Long-term absences) Legal.
4. (Miss days of work) Legal.
5. (Relatives working here) Legal. Could relate to nepotism.
6. (Miss, Ms., Mrs.) Illegal. Can reveal marital status.
7. (French) Illegal. Could reveal national origin--but can ask if know other languages if relevant to job.
8. (Clubs, organizations) Illegal. Could reveal religion, ethnicity, etc. However, can ask if belong to professional organizations related to job.
9. (Arrested) Illegal. Pat is right, but can ask if have been convicted.
10. (What year graduate) Legal. This is interesting because it's a strong indicator of age, but I double-checked and it is legal to ask.
Generally, of course, employment questions can be asked if--and only if--the information relates to the position.
When I was hired at Rider in 1975, the application including DOB, marital status, number of children and their ages, and if I owned or rented my home!
Maybe next week or so, I'll slip in another quiz, but for now--here's the thrilling saga of what I did yesterday:
Drove down to Ventnor for a house sale across from Betty's on Washington Avenue, but bought nothing because all was purest crap. Stopped at the Ventnor Historical Society wing of the library and enjoyed looking at the exhibits of the Ventnor of old (I've been there before several times). Took pics of Betty's former house on Cornwall and Atlantic--always beautiful, now spectacular after extensive additions. Got home to do wash, FINALLY get the Dionne Quint stuff packed and put away--well, piled on a chair in the garage--send Betty the pics, make Pat lunch, and cook up cauliflower to accompany my sandwich. Neighbor Anne Mary stopped in to give us a green candle for St. Patrick's Day, and we got a call from Pat's niece, Donna, to wish us the top o' the day. After dinner, Patrick called for St. P.'s Day, too. He said he had had lunch in an Irish restaurant--in the middle of Tokyo, you understand. I got a charge out of that. P. starts his new job teaching at Touyou University on April 1 and continues his daily swimming at a nearby pool. He's still working on the doctorate, of course--I guess that'll go on forever.
Had one of those "pick-up" dinners last night: scrapple and eggs. Pat likes that every once in a while and it did taste good (anything full of fat and calories tastes good to me).
Susan and Walter left for San Diego (realtors' convention) early this morning, so I've lost my exercise partner for a week. However, Leslie and I are going to the peace march on the A.C. boardwalk this afternoon, so that will fill in for my walk today. Will force myself to walk alone ("I'll Walk Alone..."--remember that old song?) for the rest of the time Susan's away.
I'll Walk Alone/Because to tell you the truth, I would rather/There are dreams I must gather/Dreams we fashioned the night/You held me tight.... Oh, it was just a terrific era for music. Remember "Perfidia?" That's another gem; I know all the words, but won't add them here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Warning: This is a long one!
It rained like crazy yesterday, so Susan and I went to the clubhouse and did the 3-mile walk. Later, I went to the supermarket and was buffeted by icy rain--I guess that's sleet--plus extreme cold and wind.
Marge still sick, so we couldn't go to lunch and the peace vigil was cancelled because of the weather. Just as well, as we were snug and cozy at home with the lovely pot of narcissus Susan had given me brightening up the kitchen. The cleaners came and got the place spiffy.
Alison called last night and we had a good talk. For the first time she can remember, their Friday evening hike (9 to 12 miles through the pine barrens) was cancelled (I think she and Mike cancelled it themselves) because the roads were so icy. They would have hiked, but the problem was driving to the woods. She and Mike are going to New Mexico for 9 days in June, where they'll visit Mike's son, Rob, and also do a lot of hiking and nature exploring (judging from pictures when they were there before, Rob lives in a beautiful area). They're running tomorrow in Freehold--a ten-miler.
A note for you nurses out there: Alison is ecstatic with a medication her gastrointestinal doctor newly prescribed for her IBS. She's had this for years, and was unable to eat a whole array of foods (including bread, potatoes, and most vegetables) without immediately suffering with pain and very uncomfortable bowel problems. Now, she says, she can eat anything. The doctor said her problem could have been a chronic inflammation of the colon (the colon!) and this relieves it. Anyway, she said she wants to take it for the rest of her life she's so much better. Happy day! More good news is that Joel got a new job that pays better and covers more medical insurance than the old one--double happy day! Jen's feeling well and they should find out the baby's gender on the 21st.
Okay, here's why this post is long: another contest, only this isn't English lit, but business. Which of these questions are ILLEGAL to ask during an interview? Respond by listing the numbers of the illegal ones--no fair googling!
1. You list a P.O. box on your resume, but where do you actually live?
2. I see you're pregnant--when are you due?
3. Do you see any long-term absences in the future?
4. How many days did you miss from work in the past year?
5. Do you have relatives who work here? Who are they? What about any relatives who work for our competitor, the ABC Company?
6. If you're hired, how do you want to be addressed: Miss, Mrs., or Ms.?
7. I see on your resume that you speak French. That's wonderful; how did you acquire that ability?
8. We need someone who's very outgoing in this position. To what clubs or organizations do you belong?
9. Have you ever been arrested?
10. What year did you graduate from high school?
Okay, fellows and girls, do yer ver-r-r-y best. Remember, no looking these up or you'll be kept after for detention.
P.S. I gave my class a test which included these questions and more, totalling 26. I might add some of the others to a later blog entry.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The class went well yesterday. Talkative Robert was not as boring and intrusive as he could have been, partly, I think, because I talked frankly to him beforehand. He did bring in two books listing manufacturers in the whole country, and pompously recommended that people send their resumes "cold," i.e. with no openings listed. I didn't want to embarrass him by contradicting the wisdom of doing this, but it always seemed to me the stupidest waste of time imaginable. I used to get unsolicited resumes at Rider constantly. The senders would ask to have their resumes "kept on file." This means the employment person is being asked to act as career consultant for the applicant. Maybe three months later when an appropriate job opens, he/she is supposed to search the files, check qualifications, and contact the sender for an interview. Are they kidding? I can't imagine any HR person with the time--or inclination--to do that. At Rider, our policy was to send back unsolicited resumes with a form letter saying we accept applications only for advertised positions--the only reasonable way to respond, it seems to me.
Anyway, I did commit to doing the class again in the fall, but in three sessions. This was the first time I've run a class, and now I have a better idea of what works, what doesn't, what I want to add, and what--possibly--drop. I want to structure it a little more closely, expand on some topics, and narrow down others.
Pat had a bad night and so did I, being awakened by his hacking, coughing, and thrashing around. His muscles contract or something when he's asleep, which results in spasms, almost like somebody with a serious disease. I read that this has no particular danger associated with it and I don't think he's even aware of it--but it often wakes me up, as the whole bed shakes.
Had baked pork chops for dinner last night--tender and tasty. Marge and I are tentatively scheduled for lunch, although she and Fred have been under the weather, so we'll play it by ear. I'm going to the peace vigil in Absecon with Dennis and Leslie from 5 to 6; I should be home by 6:30. Whether or not D. and L. go, I'd like to participate in the march on the Atlantic City boardwalk tomorrow, too. It marks the 4th anniversary of the slaughter in Iraq.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spent most of yesterday getting the OCCC session in shape. It looks pretty good, I think. We'll work on resume-writing, cover letters, and applications during the first portion, and interviewing techniques in the second. Will also exchange job listings. Last week, I asked everybody to bring in two openings that correspond to what somebody in the class (one could be themselves) is looking for, and we'll talk about them and discuss sources. I picked up applications from a nursery school (for one of my students, who wants a teaching assistant job) and a nursing home (for activities director), and talked to a man who runs a boatworks (for the repairperson in the class).
I'm going to have a mock interview, with me as the interviewee, then I'll ask the class to critique my performance. Will also discuss legal and illegal interview questions--some of which are subtle.
Joanne, director of the Academy, asked if I'd repeat my class next semester (October) and I agreed. She asked if two sessions were enough to cover the material and I said I thought it was, but I'm having second thoughts about that. Think I'll tell her three successive weeks would be better.
Pat's lung condition has been causing some nasty mucus-producing congestion recently. I called the doctor and she prescribed an antibiotic. Last night, he seems to have been able to sleep better, although he took the medication only once. Incidentally, seven pills came to $70 with the supplemental insurance for which we pay almost $2400 a year. I'm no math whiz, but even I can tell that's $10 for each pill. How in the hell do they calculate this stuff?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well, there's no doubt about it: The entire world is in a conspiracy against me, including the lousy little chicken place on Mathistown Road. Having exhausted myself with a full day of "Wordslinger" and being the soul of laziness anyway, I decided to order out. Last time I called Surf Side Chicken and Ribs, the delivery person couldn't find our house (less than a mile away) and had to call from the car twice. This time, I called at 5:00 to have two dinners delivered at 6:00. At 6:20, I called to ask what gives with the no-show and was assured the food would be there momentarily. A few minutes later, the phone rang with the delivery dork, who asked if we were on Sweetwater Drive or Sweetwater Lane. What!? Where's Sweetwater Lane? Why, in West Tuckerton, only WE live in Little Egg Harbor. She finally got here at ten of seven--we were about ready to chomp on the furniture--and I handed over $11 and change (I never said this was haute cuisine), pointedly eschewing a tip. Geesh, it's not like she had to go fifteen miles to deliver in the middle of the forest with wolves howling! To top off this diatribe, I'd like to say the food was lousy and we threw it out, but the fact is, it was delicious and we both finished every morsel. Will l ever order from them again, though?
Oh, yeah, I probably will.
Didn't hear from Viv, so didn't go to Manalapan last night. I must devote today to firming up my lesson plan for my class tomorrow. I plan to touch on resume-writing first, then concentrate on mock interviews with critiques. I'll play the interviewee initially and have one of the class members act as interviewer, using the list of questions I provide.
Good friends and fellow pacifists Dennis and Leslie R. asked if I'd like to accompany them to the peace vigil in Absecon Friday evening and I accepted with pleasure. I had bought the makings for signs a while ago and want to make one to hold up, probably with the slogan "No More Lies, No More Lives" unless I can think of a better one.
Marge and I have a tentative lunch date on Friday, which I'm looking forward to (oh, sorry: "to which I'm looking forward"). Next week, we have two doctor appointments for Pat and the following week, we go to the V.A. in Philly for the hearing aid thing.
I can remember a time when whole decades went by without Pat having to visit a doctor once.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Went to the supermarket yesterday and picked up a few things to the tune of $91. Well, we're prepared for any emergency now.
Besides doing the mounds of wash that have accumulated recently, I didn't much but just tidy up a bit. Decided not to go to the caregivers' group, as I wasn't even sure it was being held. The "facilitator" had said she sends a reminder to participants, but I didn't get one.
Had salmon for me and flounder for Pat for dinner. It was delish. I still haven't decided whether to go to Malapan for the Wellspouse dinner tonight--would love to, but hate that long drive (although Viv would be driving).
Now I MUST turn my attention to the second and last session of my "Job-hunting for Seniors" course. I'm really not prepared for it and don't want to go in there and have to improvise.
Must meet Susan for exercise now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Dionne talk turned out great! I got there early--I'm notorious for being early for everything (compulsive, you know)--and set up two tables with D. memoriabilia on either side of the foyer. Even I was amazed at how much stuff I have and I didn't even use all of it. We had more people there than I thought we would, probably 50 or more, and they were so receptive. There wasn't a sound from them as I went through my talk, projecting related pictures as I went. After, there was great applause, congratulations, and thanks--two friends even called me at home to say how much they enjoyed it. Several people suggested I give talks on the subject elsewhere, which I thought was funny. Should I go on the road? Don't they know vaudeville is dead? Anyway, it was terrific and I'm glad I prepared so obsessively for it. As speaker, I was given TWO gift certificates from two restaurants for $25 each!
As a nice cap to the successful day, Susan and Walter invited us to dinner for early St. Pat's day corned beef and cabbage. Pat just didn't feel up to it and, Irish or not, hates c.b. and c., so I went myself. Judy and Roman were there, too, so it was just the five of us, but great fun. Susan loves to do theme parties and she gave Judy and me little pots of shamrocks, plus had lottery tickets for each of us (nobody won, however), and added Irish music, green-iced cupcakes, and lime pie. As a terrific cap-off, they had Irish coffee with Bushmill's whiskey in it and whipped cream on it. They also had "St. Brendan's Irish Cream," which I love. Yum, yum, yummy--after the wine I had in addition, I'm surprised I didn't crawl home, but strangely, remained perfectly sober, just pleasantly (slightly) buzzed.
Talked to Betty twice; I called her in the morning, then reported on the Dionne talk. She's doing o.k., but is tired. Brother Frank is coming down from the north country (Alameda) to visit her in a few days, which will be nice. She sees the hematologist/oncologist soon--maybe she'll get some news then.
Will probably go to the caregiver's meeting at Atlanticare today and told Vivian I'd go to Manalapan tomorrow for a Wellspouse dinner meeting. Not sure if I really want to go all the way up there, though--will decide later.
Now to return the projector and repack and put away all the mountains of Dionne stuff--ugh!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

After my frantic and furious messages to RealArcade were finally noticed, "Wordslinger" mysteriously appeared and I enjoyed it for hours yesterday. That was after I hauled the projector to the clubhouse and set it up. I'm okay with remembering how to connect the wires and so on, but hope I can somehow have the larger apparatus to one side so I'm not in the way of the audience. Our association prez Howard R. came down and unlocked the office so I could put the equipment in there. I wish he'd just give me the key so I can go over today when I feel like it. I hope everybody remembers about daylight savings time today--otherwise, I'm going to have a lot of people coming in at the end.
Brother Larry called and said our older brother, Jim, came down to Florida and they had a good time together, going out on the boat and everything. (I think it's Larry's son-in-law's boat. First time Jim had been in Florida in 30 years.
Alison called yesterday. She and Mike ran in a 10-mile race in Atlantic City and Mike came in second in his age category! She wasn't sure what place she came in, but wasn't concerned about it. The Boston is coming up soon--next month--and boy, they run every chance they get to prepare for it.
Didn't talk to Betty yesterday, but will call her today. Okay, I think I've done all I can do for the Dionne Quintuplet presentation and it'll go well or not. I'm willing to bet the world will go on turning one way or the other.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

At this very moment, at 6:10 am, I'm having an infuriating problem: I bought a new game called "Wordslinger" (something like Scrabble, but you get words instead of letters) and I'm not sure if it's actually installing or not. It seems to be frozen, but the so-called "help desk" indicates it just takes a while. I suspect my firewall is disallowing the installation. Several years ago, when I bought another game, that happened and I had to be guided through all kinds of machinations by phone. Oh, does anybody else in the world suffer as much as I do? Is anybody as inflicted with such misery? Has anybody...oh, shut up, Rosemary.
Ray and I picked up the projector and related equipment from the high school, then I asked Frank D. to come over and show me how to hook it up and operate it. I think I've got it, but Frank was kind enough to say he'd come on Sunday and walk me through the setup before my talk if I need him to. I hauled over a lot of my Dionne memorabilia so I can lock it in the office and will take more today. Damn! This thing has taken such an enormous amount of time and effort, I'll be glad when it's over.
The Gentleman's Club went to lunch--Pat, Ray and Gary, as Frank had a conference call (he works from home for IBM) and wasn't able to go--then Pat went down the bay, as usual.
Had baked chicken for dinner, but I had snacked and wasn't too hungry, so saved mine to slice down for a sandwich for lunch today.
Got a nice message from classmate Dee L., to which I'll respond shortly. (I tend to write back to people immediately which is probably oppressive, so I'll hold off until tomorrow or so.) I was amused to hear Dee has a glass of cream sherry in the evening--hey, that's my kind of relaxing! Actually, I now have red wine at night because it's supposed to be good for the heart, but if I'm out, will switch to the good stuff--cream sherry.
Will now go check the "Wordslinger" installation and if it isn't done, will kick this computer right through the window. No, no, baby Dell, I didn't mean it, please don't get mad and conk out on me...

Friday, March 09, 2007

The first session (of two) of my course on "Job-Hunting for Seniors" went well. Just as I feared, though, I got a talker who tried to monopolize the conversations, had adamant opinions on every topic, and knew much better than the teacher--what a bore! This guy--who's been looking for a job for 3 years--was in manufacturing "operations," as well as antique-dealing, and god knows what-all. Wouldn't you know, he came early and stayed after to talk. Says he has "certification" in all kinds of areas because of two-hour courses he took at the college, including human resources (so why did he sign up for my course?).
The rest of the group were good and very varied in their backgrounds and hopes for jobs. There are two other men, one 85-years-old who used to own a boat business and wants handyman work, the other interested in doing "summaries and analysis work," who had been with an insurance company. The four women ranged from Carolyn, who's looking for pre-school teacher assisting and Ginny, who's interested in social work or something similar, to Patricia, who was a legal secretary for years and wants a part-time secretarial job, and Pat, who'd like to work part- or full-time in activities at a nursing home. All are over 50 (the Academy for Lifelong Learning is for those over that magic mark) and, except for the jerk mentioned above, I was glad to meet them. Next week, I'll go into resume-writing and interviewing techniques.
Called Betty after I got home; she was picking grandson Finn up at school (can't remember if he's in first grade or kindergarten) and says she feels generally okay. She said they took eight vials of blood--good lord, I'm surprised she has any left--to check for all kinds of thing, including the rare blood disorder she had mentioned that might have caused the excessive bleeding she had. She goes to the hematologist next week.
Ray will pick me up today at 11:30 and we'll go get the overhead equipment from the high school and leave at the clubhouse office. He'll then pick Pat and Gary up for lunch at 12:30. In the meantime, I'll rehearse the Dionne talk and select the memorabilia I'm going to display for the Women's Club meeting on Sunday.
The diet? Hey, I don't want to talk about it--and that says it all, I'm afraid.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

After my blood test yesterday, went to our clubhouse. Asked Carol, the secretary, if I could put the overhead I'm borrowing from the high school in the office, plus my boxes of display stuff of the Dionnes. Prez of the association, Howard R., happened to be there (we just bought a large plasma T.V. for the clubhouse and he was putting it up) and he said he'd be around with the key, so I could stash the stuff there. Ray and I will pick it up tomorrow, but I'm worried about being able to smoothly operate it, so want to actually set it up on Saturday for a test run.
Even in the snow, Pat went to the bay. I'm beginning to wonder if he has a floozie down there, as he never misses. He said he spent the time talking to his friend, Charlie, but I dunno--is it really Charleen??? (Jeez, if he has the energy for an affair, more power to him. As for me, one man's enough.)
While Pat was gone, I rehearsed my Dionne talk. It lasted an hour, which may be a little long, but I hope will hold their interest. I won't just talk AT them, but will project pictures of the D.'s lives as I speak. If I think the audience is getting restless, I can always adapt.
The snow continued to fall to about--well, I don't know, 2 or 3 inches?--and the service came to clear it. It looks okay to drive to OCCC today and I'm really looking forward to the first "job-hunting for seniors" session today.
Dinner? I made barbecued country ribs in the crockpot--dee-licious!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Was happy to talk to Betty yesterday morning. She saw the gastrointestinal doctor, who said there seems to be no consensus among the doctors who examined her tests. It's possible that she'll choose to have a bowel resection as a prophylactic measure; they can do it laproscoptically (without surgery), incredibly enough. She'll get two other opinions, on nephew Patrick's advice. She's optimistic about this and so am I.
Went to the podiatrist and got my perm, which looks good. I had April cut it considerably shorter this time. The grey was showing with a vengeance and I wanted to look younger than 102 for the first session of the course I'm giving tomorrow. Solution? She gave me a temporary rinse which will wash out, but covers the grey (white) now. I can color it permanently on Friday.
Ray e-mailed "the gentlemen of the club" (comprised of Pat, Frank, Gary, and himself) about lunch on Friday so after he helps me get the overhead from the high school, he'll pick Pat up. Naturally, they'll go to that high-class establishment, Beverly's luncheonette.
Gotta go get my blood test. I think I'm heroic for going without my coffee this long, but I don't want to push it and am determined to be first in line at the lab. Oh, good grief, it's snowing! Must clean off the car first.
Later: Just got back from the lab, all finished. Stopped at Shop 'n' Bag to get supplies in case we're snowed in and now we're snug and warm in our cozy home. know, deep down, I'm an incurable introvert. Much as I enjoy seeing people and the social round, I'm always most comfortable when I don't have to "do things." That's about the only time I fully relax. Several times during the past year, Pat was in the hospital. Once I was sure there was no immediate danger, and after I had visited him that day, I loved to just be home, just be quiet, just do nothing much, all by myself. Little Mimi is still there, dozing most of the time, but always there and waiting...
Much later: Just re-read this and saw "went to the podiatrist and got my perm..."--ha! Yes, the podiatrist got confused about which end was which and did my hair instead of my feet. Goes to show how quick typing/slow thought can mix it up together.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Have NO idea what happened yesterday with this blog. I tried to add a picture of Vivian and it didn't work, but the date the picture was taken came up as some kind of title. You can click on it--I think the new screen is supposed to show the picture--but just some black and white lines appear. Inexplicably, one comment shows up under that and one under my regular entry for the day. What? Who, how, when?! 'Tis a mystery.
Went to Toms River yesterday to see my classroom at OCCC. It looks good and the staff member told me we have another sign-up, so that makes eight. That's a nice size class--I don't want it too big--and I'm looking forward to getting back in the employee development groove.
Bought fresh fish for dinner and the salmon was superb. Gave Pat flounder, of course. Will draw the curtain on the earlier part of the day, as it was blah--domestic chores, preparing for the Dionne thing on Sunday, etc.--but all-in-all, it was a good day.
After exercise, have a podiatrist appointment at 10:00 and a perm at noon. We socialites just go from one exciting activity to another.

Monday, March 05, 2007

February 2007

February 2007
Well, I gained 1.2. I'm okay with that--it could have been more--and I'm glad I resisted the temptation to drop the whole thing.
Mike posted new pictures of Vivian on her web site. She's a beautiful little girl and I'll send one or two to a few people, including nephew Wes, who sent Youtube videos of adorable, 7-month-old Miranda. Mike is in Hong Kong until April 5 (home on weekends) and they'll then vacation in the Philippines.
Spent yesterday doing mostly Dionne and Academy of Lifelong Learning course stuff. Talked to Betty, who goes to the colon doctor today. She said she was feeling okay, but tired. Ellen called and we had a nice chat. Made chicken breast for dinner, which I marinated in barbecue sauce and baked in oven. They were surprisingly good (everything tastes good when you're hungry).
Had a problem sleeping last night, with my usual annoying pattern: went to bed early (9:00), woke up at 1:20, tossed and turned, wide awake, until about 4:00, finally fell asleep, but woke up--late for me--at 6:10, so feel rushed in finishing my daily morning routine. I'm a little down today.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

We had a lot of fun with the contest yesterday. Of the 6,000,000 entries, long-ago classmate and fellow Holy Spirit grad, Dee (Dolores) S. L. was the lucky winner. Unfortunately, she failed to pick up her cash prize in person, so was out of luck on that score, but her triumph will live forever in the annals of...well, this blog, and I'm not guaranteeing the "forever." Pat McH. R. won second prize--honorable mention and you're reading it now--plus special recognition for knowing someone named "Pippa." (Wonder if Pat's Pippa is Italian; Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning lived in Italy for years.)
Some great pictures were sent my way of little Ryan's (Larry's great-grand) baptism and of preggers Robyn and little Claire (Betty's DIL and granddaughter). The first of the latter is priceless; I think it should be sent to some photography contest. I love getting family pics.
Buzzed down to Manahawkin yesterday to get yet more pictures duplicated for the Dionne talk, now only a week away--ouch! This damn thing is like a job, only I'm not getting paid. I am getting paid for the Ocean County College course and I'm not even concerned about being prepared for that. I had worked up my agenda and material last year and figure I can always wing it if I get stuck. Thanks to having a teacher in the family (daughter Ellen), I know about lesson plans and I'm going to write one, although I'm fairly confident my over-50 students won't throw spit balls and act up too much if they're not occupied every minute.
While I was in the big city, I went to the thrift store and unloaded a back seat full of things I had cleared out of closets and cupboards and wonder why I ever acquired. It felt great but of course, there're mountains more to come.
Okay, I've been avoiding the subject, but now comes the moment of truth: It's Sunday and I'm due to go to Weight Watchers. I haven't mentioned whether I've been sticking to the program or not this week and here goes--I haven't been. True, I've eaten enough broccoli, salad, and other veggies to turn green, but I've also been enjoying the bad stuff with wild abandon at night. (Boy, does that sound depraved, but no such luck.) All right, I know I've gained, but I'll go to the meeting and take my lumps. Not going is fatal because that's going to take me completely away from my healthy eating and weight-loss goal. Well, I'm determined to report the bad news here tomorrow, and on that glum note, I'll close.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yoicks! I got a phone call yesterday from Ocean Community College to the effect that I have enough sign-ups for my course on job-hunting for the chronologically challenged (over 50). I was stunned, as I had completely forgotten I agreed to teach it this semester. (Last year I was on the roster of their Academy for Lifelong Learning but the course didn't attract enough enrollees, so was dropped.) When the director called a few months ago to ask if I'd try it again, I agreed without much thought (guess I assumed it would be under-registered again). I'll do two 2-hour sessions on successive Thursdays--starting five days from now. Preparing for that as well as for the Dionne presentation is going to take up most of my time, but hey, even though I hate a challenge, I'm okay with it. I did prepare quite a bit of material last year and it looks pretty good.
Was delighted to get an e-mail from Betty's DIL, Robyn, whose blog I read regularly. What a bright, talented, energetic person she is! It's wonderful to know Betty has such resources in her family, besides the biological ones. Robyn and Steve are expecting their little bundle of joy (who ever coined that saccarhine expression?) in a few months and Robyn is thriving in pregnancy.
Today I'll assemble my material for the course, then clean up some loose ends for the Dionne thing, plus tackle domestic chores. Made chicken in the crockpot last night and it was so good. The cleaners were here, the house is shining, and so is the sun. Best of all, Betty's recovering from her ordeal. "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world"*--that's how I feel at the moment and just like the chicken, it's so good.
* A valuable prize to anyone who can identify the author of that quote and the work from whence it comes.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wonderfully virtuous me--after the 3-mile walk tape with Susan, I packed up more junk and took it to the thrift shop. Will do more today, I hope, as I want to turn my attention to all the clothes I hate/never wear/are hideous/were bought in 1967/would be rejected by the homeless living under a bridge in San Diego. Well, there you have an idea of the bulk of my wardrobe, most of which doesn't fit anyway.
Started organizing the visuals for the Dionne talk. It seems to have generated quite a bit of interest and a number of people told me they're looking forward to it. However, others expressed regret that they have commitments that day and asked if I would videotape it!
Didn't talk to Betty yesterday, but will call her today. I'm not quite sure whether she's still in her apartment or has gone back to Carolyn's, but I'll track her down.
Jack B. stopped in; he's going to Tampa for a week on Tuesday. Had a nice chat and good laughs.
Thrown-together dinner last night: Gave Pat soup and sandwiches (pea and roast beef) and I had a Lean Cuisine meat loaf dinner which helpfully lists WW points (5). I want to make something in the crockpot today--chicken?
The cleaners come today and, annoyingly, it's raining. Heavy rain is predicted all day. (Goes to show what a boring blog this is, when I have to include the weather.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Had a nice chat with Betty yesterday, then called Muckie. Betty doing fine for now--but goes back to the gastrointestinal doctor on Monday and her primary on Tuesday. In three weeks comes the big one: the colonoscopy to reveal if the polyp was contained and the whole ordeal is over--or not.
Got the flyers for the Quint talk duplicated and joined fellow volunteers to stuff the Sunrise Bay newsletter. I then distributed them on our street, which was no problem, as the weather was great and we have a short street, anyway.
I need to galvanize myself to continue going through useless stuff and packing it up to donate to the thrift store. I still have plenty--plenty!--to get rid of and some of it is spread out on the beds in the guest room. Will try to get it packed up today, as the cleaning people are coming tomorrow.
Did okay last night in the snacking department--didn't quite toe the line, but at least, didn't go hog-wild (an apt expression).