Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spent most of the day coddling my cold. I did, though, go to Acme to get chocolate chips to coat the merigues I'll use for my "chocolates" on stage. Instead of them, however, thought I'd try cake icing.
Not one of my better ideas. They turned out sticky, so I'll go back for the other ones.
Reheasal was psretty much a shambles. We were all strartled to realize Desi meant it when he said we'd have to be off book by last night. Luckily, we have a person--Aline Bernstein--who wants to be in the group.* She acted as prompter and, boy, did we need her. I thought I had the first scene pretty much down pat. Not so, I'm afraid; I needed a lot of prompting.
We're going to rehearse tonight and tomorrow now, as well as our regular on Thursday. Suits me fine, as I have to get real about this thing.
*Aline Bernstein was a set designer who carried on a notorious affair with the writer Thomas Wolfe in the forties. She was married, Jewish, and considerably older than the big, flamboyant boy from North Carolina. I mentioned this to Aline and she said only a few other people had before. Guess most people never heard of Aline Bernstein. For all I know, a lot never heard of Thomas Wolfe.

Monday, January 30, 2012

This darn cold is worse. Woke up with a sore throat on top of the runny nose and cough. Think I'll stay in and take it easy until rehearsal tonight. Last night's went okay, although we started late and it was in the Community Center, so no stage or props. We're all supposed to be off book today--ha! Judging from last night, that ain't gonna happen.
Betty called to say Muckie has been admitted to the hospital (Shore Memorial). Mostly, it's so they can take blood tests every two hours.
Talked to Ellen on phone and Skype. She just finished report cards for her third-grade students, a huge chore. It always gives me a lift to be in touch with her.
I was sorry to hear that the brother of my friend, Pat R., has died. We read each other's blogs and I know it was expected--he was in hospice care--but that doesn't make it easier. Of this I'm aware from bitter experience.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Went to the PLays and Playwrights meeting at the Ventnor Library. Brought a "serious" short play and the third act of my humorous dinner theatre play, Fatal Family Reunion, which was selected to be read. It went over big with the audience and I was asked to bring Act 1V next time.
Muckie met me there and enjoyed the afternoon; she left during the break, which was fine. Betty had invited her, Helen, and her friend, Helene, for dinner, but Muckie didn't come.
We had a delightful dinner--chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, salad, and broccoli, enlivened by the bottle of wine Helen brought.
The others left about 8:00 and Betty and I stayed up talking until about 9:30. I have this lousy cold, so took My-Quil, which knocks me for a loop; slept soundly and didn't get up until after 8:00.
Betty was going to have some people over for breakfast, but Muckie called to say she had a problem and Betty offered to take her to the emergency room. It was all right with me, as I have rehearsal this afternoon, anyway. I asked Betty to call and let me know how things went with Muckie.
Left and was home by 10:15 after a very pleasant half-weekend.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got lots accomplished, although that didn't include exercise at the clubhouse. Susan and I walked as usual, but hadn't brought umbrellas and were wet by the time we got home. No matter, but I just didn't feel like going out a 9:00, so didn't.
However, after breakfast, I made up a list of things I wanted to do, including duplicate my plays for the meeting today.
Got in the car and stopped at several places to hang flyers announcing Night Must Fall. These included the post office, the library, the thrift store, and my doctor's office, where I asked them to hang in their employee lounges.
At the latter location, I was going to make an appointment for a flu shot and was asked if I wanted to get one then. "Sure," I said, and did so--one more chore off my list.
Went to Kohl's and Wal-Mart to pick up some things and spent a fair amount of time at Staples duplicating the plays. The whole time I was out, it rained heavily, but that was okay.
Got home to dry off, have lunch, wash clothes, and move the "lady desk" from one area in the hallway to another. I'm still contemplating whether or not I want to put it back in the guest room.
Betty called and as we were winding up our talk, P. and N. called on Skype. P. and I were chatting casually when I heard a rumbling sound coming from his side. It was an earthquake and a minute or so later, there was another one. I heard the rumbling and saw the room shake. It's a horrible feeling to witness your son and DIL in danger and realize there's nothing you can do about it.
P. said the quakes were 5 and 3 on the scale, relatively mild, but when you actually see them, they sure don't look mild.
Going to the Playwrights meeting at 1:00--Muckie said she'd meet me there--then will stay over Betty's.

Friday, January 27, 2012

After a very enjoyable visit, Betty left a bit before 9:00. Walked, then spent a lot of t.t.* re-formatting my ten-minute play (I Have Something To Tell You), which I'll bring to the playwright group tomorrow.
Did some wash and moved some furniture around. Stopped at the bank for cash, then picked up a bottle of wine. After, it occurred to me to check the tire that had been getting flat. Did, and it was more flat, so I went over to Mastercraft.
Darn! The guy said it was unfixable. Needed a new tire. Mastercraft is very expensive, but I was there, I didn't want to get on the Parkway and drive the 35 or so miles to Sears, so I had him put it on. Final cost was $124; probably would have been no more than $90 or so at Sears. I was infuriated, too, by the $2.00 charge for disposing of the old tire AND $1,50 NJ Motor Vehicle "tire fee." May the politicians who spend their days figuring out how to drain the taxpayer dry, drown in a vat of brake fluid! (Okay, Sister Theogene, it's an awkward sentence--all those d's--but I'm not changing it.)
Not until I was driving away did it finally hit me that I could have gone to B.J.'s right in Manahawkin, say, or someplace else; there were alternatives other than Sears. I mused--I do a lot of musing--that I seem often to overlook the obvious. Not sure why, but what I call "the false alternative," which I experienced yesterday, is often my downfall. But the hell with it: tire is on and I got a free oil change.
Rehearsal last night; did scenes four and five. I brought in my father's typewriter to dress the set. He had used it in college, then for his master's thesis at the Univ. of Pennsylvania and I have that document somewhere. With a great deal of difficulty, I got it into my truck by loading it first onto the transport chair.
Will meet at the Community Center on Sunday and rehearse the whole play in sequence for the first time.
*tedium time

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Called Ray and Barb H. to ask if they want the youth bed and was delighted when they said they did. They came to get it, loaded it into their SUV (although they live only three doors down), and now I have my guest room back. I put a porch chair and small table in the space and it looks good. Think I'll put the small chest of drawers in the closet and move the antique desk back, which I now have in the hall.
Tonya appealed on Facebook for an old (thirties era) typewriter to dress the set for Night. Well, guess what? I have my father's from when he was in college. Pulled it out of the garage--I could hardly pick it up,it's so heavy--and put it in Pat's old transport chair to get it to the porch. Ray was kind enough to get it in the house for me and put it on the counter. I cleaned it up as best I could, and will take it to rehearsal tonight.
Betty got here about 2:00 and we had a nice time together. We chatted a bit, then I jumped in the shower while she used the computer. While I was getting changed, I received a call from Morris S., our former next-door neighbor on Lower Ferry,and we had a nice chat.
I noticed that I had a flat tire, so asked Betty to drive to Olive Garden, which she did. We had good meals, both involving shrimp, and I had a 20-ounce Blue Moon, really a bit too much, even for me. Got home without incident, watched some T.V. (a standard-formula program called "Filthy, Horrible Restaurant With Bad Food That Is Transformed Into A Hot Spot"). Boring.
Betty has to leave a bit before nine to go to an appointment in Toms River, but I'll see her again on Saturday. I'll stay over at her place after my Playwrights meeting in Ventnor in the afternoon.
WIDER: Here's a gem from my pal, Laurence Vance, over at LewRockwell.com:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally found a pair of jeans that fit at Kohl's, At least I think they fit; tried on a certain size (that I will never reveal) in a medium length. I was able to button them around the waist--a miracle--but they were too long. Got a short in the same size, but didn't try on. Will do so eventually and hope I don't have to take them back.
Otherwise, an ordinary day. Got an invitation to the February Dine Around, which I'll attend although it's the same day as our matinee performance. That should be over by 6:00. Uh, oh, it just occurred to me that Betty and her friends will probably go on Sunday. Wonder if they might want to go to the dinner as guests. Probably not, as they wouldn't want to drive home in the dark, but we'll see.
Betty will be here today and we'll go to Olive Garden.
WIDER: Anybody who can read this and then argue our government is not corrupt to the core is an jingoistic idiot:
WIDER STILL: Arthur Silber, via his usual elegant and crystal clear exposition, mentions a possible blood-curdling future slaughter:
"I will offer one far from consoling thought. This coming fall, if the presidential race appears to be very close, perhaps even with the Republican nominee enjoying a lead in the polls, it is entirely possible that the Obama administration will accelerate the timetable. In this manner, Obama and his fellow criminals will hope to ensure his reelection."
Yes, nothing thrills the American public more than further opportunities for bloodshed.
And, in case we're tempted to believe even a drop's worth of the ocean of propaganda that pours out of Washington, note this from Silber:
"Whatever the U.S. Government might claim, history should teach you one thing, if nothing else at all: the truth of the claim will not matter. The facts will not matter. The U.S. Government and its compliant media have been preparing this ground for years."
Tellingly, Silber calls this piece "The Easiest Thing In The World," referring to the simplicity of leading our airhead citizens to embrace the coming carnage.
Here's the link:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The usual yesterday; chores and errands. Had a lively discussion wih Susan about corporations being able to access what books for Kindle people order, then bombard them with sales ads for certain products. She doesn't seem to understand the greater danger of government being able to ferret out what conventional books I buy or take out of the library. Nor, it seems, does she wish to entertain the notion that this country isn't the crowning glory of history.
Don't know why she finds it so tempting to considr govenment benign, rather than the monster we've allowed to create itself. Of course, there's no such thing as "government." That's just a convenient label we use to designate certain groups of people who rule us, as lackeys for the corporations.
Scene five rehearsal last night. I'm not in that one, but went anyway. Practiced with the wheel chair, but as it was needed for the scene, spent most of the time watching the scene. At this point, it's a shambles.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm always annoyed with myself because I should go to the store during the week, but somehow end up there on Saturday or Sunday. Went to Shop-Rite yesterday and of course, had to fight the crowds.
Just did some domestic stuff, plus studied lines, and fooled around on the computer. Rehearsal at the community center at 4:30. We did scene four, my big dramatic one, and it went pretty well. Must concentrate on blocking, as I go from place to place on stage. It has to seem spontaneous, naturally, but is anything but.
Had a good Skype talk with Ellen, who is looking great and a welcome phone call from the northern person. We decided that the youth bed I bought for Violet could go back to the thrift store, and she'll take it. It occurred to me to first ask Barb and Ray H. if they might want it for their granddaughter, who's one.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Went to get the paper and was startled to see snow on the ground. Although I tested and saw it was more slushy than icy, I decided not to walk. Just too risky.
Later, it turned to rain. Went to Acme and B & B for produce, and mailed off Mike's magazine, which he has sent here.
Talked to Betty and we firmed up plans for her to come here on Wednesday and we'll go to dinner, then she'll sleep over. Called Muckie to see if she wanted to go to the Playwrights meeting in Ventnor next Saturday and she said she did. We had a long talk, mostly about our children and their spouses.
Continued to run the tape recorder to practice lines. Rehearsal tonight.
Snow' gone, thank heavens.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

After our walk and exercise at the clubhouse, I didn't leave the house all day. Did wash, made Dump Soup, a big salad, and broccoli, and proofed the February Breeze. Talked to my friend, Naomi P. Had an annoying exchange with the gas company re a mix up in the address to whence I send payment. It seems my bank has to send an actual check--I think--as opposed to transmitting info through the cyber-vapor. Or something.
Reformatted my ten-minute play, I Have Something To Tell You, into the approved script arrangement, as I intend to take it the the Playwrights, Inc. meeting on the twenty-ninth. Went over my lines, using the tape recorder. My method,which works fine for me, is to record the cue speeches, then leave a "blank" space. When I play it back, I recite my lines in response to the cues.
Aside from that, I read some of Lady Blue Eyes by, of all people, Frank Sinatra's widow. I was struck throughout by three things: Sinatra was even more of a self-centered, arrogant jerk than I had realized before; the rich live lives of such opulence it's almost impossible for ordinary people to fathom; virtually all the famous and/or wealthy entertainers, politicians, financiers, and potentates the Sinatras hung out with are dead. Barbara Sinatra herself is now 86. Far from being meanly gratified by that fact, I'm musing over it.
I've always been fixated on the mystery of time passing. When I consider this, it occurs to me that one day, everybody I know, from my 100-year-old former neighbor, Margie, to my baby granddaughter, will be dead. Not only that, but nobody living at some future time will remember that or even know anyone who remembers them.
That just stops me in my tracks.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Susan drove the two of us to Wells Mills Park for the old railroads van tour. There was, as usual, a nice congenial group on board and we took off at 9:00 am. Went to various venues in three counties to view and hear the history of, the several railroads that used to bring visitors to the Jersey shore.
It was interesting and we were glad we went, but it wasn't one of my favorites. For one thing, we stayed in the van most of the time and points of interest were simply cited. Often, the remains of the old rails and trestles were hidden in the woods and we saw little or nothing. We did, however, get a running and good commentary from the tour guide, a rail buff himself.
But it was COLD. To use my husband's genteel expression, "it was colder than a well- digger's ass in the Klondike." The few times we got out of the van, we were glad o get back in, and we stopped for lunch (we all brought our own) next to a partly frozen lake and ate outside-brrr!
Got home about 4:30 and jumped in the shower. Had a bite for dinner, then went to rehearsal. We were unable to be on stage, as Jim and Frank were working on the set, so rehearsed on the floor. We did scene three, which which well. Still having to practice on the wheelchair pretty intensely.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing much went on yesterday. Susan and I walked, of course, but I skipped exercise; just didn't feel like going.
The only important thing I did was to protest electronically to my Congressjerks against SOPA and PIPA. Also changed my FB profile picture to a black and white "Stop Sopa." If these bubbleheads pass the things, we might as well just walk away from the carnage of the country that used to allow at least a modicum of free speech.*
Ran up to Manahawkin to Shop-Rite and B.J.'s. Called Barb H. to tell her Susan and I want to take her to lunch to make amends for screwing up the date we had planned to go on the van tour. We thought Monday would be a good day; will ask Susan if she can make it.
Speaking--writing--of the H.'s, they invited me o their annual Super Bowl party on February 5 and I'll be happy to attend. Pat and I always went and I did the last few years, too. Of course, I have no interest in football--I don't even know who's playing--but I'll enjoy the socializing.
The northern couple marked their twelfth anniversary yesterday. That continues to be a match made in--not heaven, but the Outdoor Club of South Jersey.
Van tour today, which should be fun. Will make lunch to bring.
*Update: Well, wonders will never cease in this best of all possible worlds; from AntiWar.com:

SOPA Co-Sponsors Abandon Bill Amid Massive Protests
13 Senators Announce Opposition, Including Five Former Sponsors

Now, what about PIPA...?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy--and good--day. Betty called early and asked, "Are we still meeting for lunch?" Lunch? I thought it was dinner and a sleep-over, which she had forgotten. Actually, though, I wasn't anxious to drive to Manahawkin (to Olive Garden) in the dark, especially as it was also raining, so we decided we'd, indeed, lunch instead of dine.
Stopped at Shop-Rite first and got Romaine, tomatoes,and blueberries. Got to Italian Cuisine and we had a good lunch and, as ever, good talk. I had a smaller lunch portion shrimp scampi, which was delish, and a Blue Moon. We stayed a bit longer than two hours, then said goodbye. As I got in my car, I noticed that I should have had my car inspected in December. Yoicks! When I was overdue a few years ago, I was nabbed and the fine cost me $130! (Geez, they probably don't charge that much for vehicular homicide.) Drove directly to the inspection station and had it done. There was only a fourteen-minute wait and I had my tape recorder with me, so practiced my lines. Car passed fine.
Needed a few items, such as paper clips, so drove across to Target and got them. Was beguiled by a cute top--black with pink and red hearts--and, being about as sales resistance as Paris Hilton, tried it on and bought it, along with pink fleecy pants and two other tops.
Got home to find a message from niece Joan and called her back. We had a nice talk and I invited her and Jim to the play and to stay over here. She accepted, I'm happy to say.
Made a humongous salad and had that for dinner. I then became aware of a periodic chirping sound, coming from the smoke detector in the guest room. Called Bill, who had just changed the batteries, and he replaced a battery. Said this happens a lot, but I can't remember why and don't care as long as it's fixed.
Finished off the day by just reading my book about members of the band that went down with the Titanic. I'm always bemused by the fact that, although the sinking seems to have happened an impossibly long time ago--1912!--my mother was already ten years old.
WIDER: Another breath-takingly clear essay from Arthur Silber, which includes this observaton:
--Most Americans are like badly damaged children: they expect evil to announce itself in advance, with the aid of thundering, ominous music on the soundtrack of their increasingly desperate lives. But that is not how evil most commonly arrives. It comes with a gentle, reassuring smile. It insinuates itself with soothing platitudes. It speaks of "threats" to our "security" that cannot be countenanced. It says it only wants to make you "safe."
But, as ever, his latest in "Once Upon A Time..." should be read entire:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the groove, I went to exercise yesterday. Did some computer stuff, then drove over to the cemetery. I didn't need any veggies, so just stopped at Canal's for some cheap wine. On the way home on the Parkway, I sat in my car--along with several hundred others, as far as the eye could see--for what seemed like hours to get through the single lane at New Gretna. No matter, though, as I had taken my tape recorder with me and rehearsed some lines.
All actors seem to devise their own methods for memorizing lines. Mine works well for me: I record not my own, but cue lines, then leave a "blank space" and as I play back, say mine into it. Did this with Steel Magnolias and Our Town and am doing same with Night.
Was informed by editor Virginia that she couldn't open or forward my pics for The Breeze. Worked on it and I think it's okay now--have to download and so on.
We met at Kevin's in Harbour Bay Estates for rehearsal, the school being closed for MLK Day. He took us over to the clubhouse--surely three times as large as ours, and with an indoor pool--and we rehearsed scene three there. Went well, but we're anxious to get back on the actual stage.
Betty is coming over today and we're going to dinner, then she'll stay over at my place.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The opera at the clubhouse yesterday was Andrea Cherier, the title role sung by Placido Domingo. This was a thirty-one-year- old performance at the Vienna Opera House, and Domingo was in his prime. The story line concerns the French Revolution and I enjoyed it.
It was over by 4:00, after which I zipped over to the Community Center for rehearsal. We did scene two, in which I appear only at the beginning. It went well.
Because the school is closed for Martin Luther King Day today, we're rehearse tonight in Kevin's house off Route 539.
I finished the Kurt Vonnegut bio--mediocre, really--and am now reading The Band Played On, about the band that went down with the Titanic. Am taking the Hemingway book back unread; found it's an academic critique of his writing, which I had enough of in college. Haven't started the Mr. Fish book yet, but will soon.
WIDER: Just stumbled on a very interesting site that reveals from whence our scum-of-the-earth politicians get their money:
The contributions do not, of course, influence the recipients' votes on bills that would impact their donors.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Appealed once more for help from P., who Skyped me early to walk me through trying to get pictures off Picasa. Aside from that, he advised me to call Comcast to get into "WindowsLive" and will do that tomorrow.
Ran some errands, did wash, and talked to Betty, but spent most of the day going over my lines and fooling around on the computer.
Met with Allacen (yes, that's the way it's spelled), Sharon, and Desi at Mystic Island Casino last night. Gave them a lot of publicity material and we talked it over. Desi, as he annoyingly has a tendency to do, "assigned" them all kinds of task, including arranged for places to sell tickets. Seems to me this should be an entirely different committee. He also got Sharon to take over costumes, a big burden. When we were in the parking lot and Desi went to his car, I told S. not to let him shove anything more on her.
However, one way or the other, I'm greatly relieved to be--well, relieved of the publicity chair stuff.
Rehearsal late this afternoon at the community center; opera before that at 1:00.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good rehearsal last night. We met in the music room again, as Jim and Frank were working on the set. It went well and I was pleased to get to know Kevin better. Wore a kind of pulled-together costume and asked "my maid," Emma, to take some pictures of Kevin and me. Hope they come out better than the other ones.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, happy day--I finished the profile on the R.'s, sent it to them to check for errors, got it back, so submitted, and it's fine. I'm still waiting for them to tell me which they like best of the three pictures I took to accompany the piece. I've never asked anyone before, just chose them myself, and I'm a little sorry I did. No matter, though, the bulk of it is done.
Went to Shop-Rite for stuff, then to Kohl's where I finally bought a pair of sneaks which I needed badly. Since I walk a lot, my old ones were getting shabby.
Wrote up an article on Night Must Fall and sent it, noting I'll be submitting a picture, too. Frank D., who's again producer, took a few pictures at rehearsal the other night. He gave me a disc of them, but when I tried to put it in the machine, could not figure out where. I tried and tried to open what seemed to be a disc holder, but had no luck.
Finally called Susan and she and Walter came over. We all lay on the floor with a flashlight examining the damn thing, but couldn't figure it out. Finally, Walter thought of calling Dell; he did, but was cut off. Then he looked at their web site, but that didn't give any info, either. As a last resort, he clicked on "Start" and found a folder labelled "DVD." Well, that was it--you have to open the holder from the machine; you can't do it directly or mechanically on the tower.
We put the thing in and saw the pictures. Unfortunately, the ones of me are horrible; I just won't let them be shown. Decided to bring a camera and dress in costume tonight and take my own pics of Kevin and me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spent most of the morning on the profile of the R.'s. Yoicks, it's due tomorrow and I still have to run it by them. It's not even finished--will see if I can have more time.
Betty called early on to say she was working in Galloway and could I meet for lunch. Yes, indeedy, and we did. Went to Italian Cuisine, one of my favs, and had an enjoyable time. Stopped at Santori's after, as it's right down the street.
Before going home, went to the clubhouse to practice again with the wheelchair.
Went early to rehearsal to continue wheelchair duty, but a group of women walked in the auditorium and told me a PTA meeting was scheduled. The custodian, Valarie, put me instead in the music room and when the rest of the cast came that's where we rehearsed.
Literary notes: My favorite reading is biographies, followed by real-life murder (what's wrong with me?) I'm now reading And So It Goes: A Life about Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and just picked up a new Hemingway bio at the library. Just finished the fictional one about his first wife, Hadley; I tend to get interested in a certain subject--human or otherwise--and read a lot about him/her/it, then move on.
Must return Swerve, which Rosemary D. recommended. It's absorbing, but I was so busy over Christmas I didn't get a chance to finish it and I can't renew, as it's been requested by others. Will go back to it later.
Just sent to B & N for a book of political cartoons and opinion by "Mr. Fish," a guy who was actually born and brought up in Manahawkin.
My book reading is supplemented by Vanity Fair, with which I have a love/hate relationship. So much of the writing is so good, but it does, I suppose, support those pesky one-percenters. Interestingly, I don't pay for it. I had subscribed, but then stopped. They keep sending me requests to renew, which I never did, but get this: They send it to me anyway and have--gratis--for about three years. Guess I'll burn in hell for what amounts to stealing, but hey, it'll be worth it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grr! I'm twenty dollars poorer and so annoyed about it. Went to Acme to pick up a few things, used the self-checkout machine and got an extra fifteen dollars. Just as I was taking my receipt, Judy from down the street came up to say hello. We exchanged new year greetings and I picked up my bags and left. When I got to the car, I realized I had left the fifteen dollars ("Cash is dispensed below the something-or-other.") I couldn't have been more than five minutes before I went back, but it was gone. The other five? Bought a big ceramic chicken to grace my kitchen counter. Well, guess that doesn't constitute losing it, but I needed the thing like a hole in the head.
P. helped me again with the computer, this time with Skype. Hope my problem there is resolved. Went to exercise and will resume my usual; not sure if I'll do the three-mile, though.
Rehearsal went okay last night, but I must get more adept at maneuvering the wheel chair. Also, Desi, our director, hasn't been feeling well and has to get some kind of test at the hospital. Hope for his sake and ours he'll be okay.
We meet again tonight.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Just the usual in the morning hours. Afternoon, I interviewed the R.'s for a Breeze profile. Leslie and Dennis have performed a remarkable amount of service to others over the years of their marriage, from volunteer work in South Africa to helping rebuild parts of Louisiana. They're Mennonites and two of the very few around here who are pacifists.
But--now I have to write the damn thing.
Got a phone instead of a Skype call from beauteous west coast daughter because she was at Macy's. I had tried to call her on Skype, but the program, for some reason, wouldn't let me. I hate to keep bothering P. with the computer stuff, but I may have to.
Rehearsal tonight.
Correction: P. got back to me and advised me about Skype. Also told me he hadn't showed me how to send pictures from Picasa, but from e-mail as attachments.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Finally catching up on some of the chores I neglected since we got back from Florida. Re-made the beds in the guest room, wrote and sent thank-you notes, and go a few errands run. Went to Santori's for veggies, but didn't go the eight or so miles farther to the cemetery.
Was surprised to get a phone call from my sister-in-law, Regina, from whom I haven't heart for some time. We had a nice chat and I'll call her next week about picking her up for lunch.
Other than that, I rehearsed my part and did a few other things obviously not very important, as I can't remember what they were.
This morning, son P., who can control my computer--sounds sinister--walked me through the method I need to use now to send photos from Picasa. He's a gem.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Getting back in the groove, I hope. Skipped exercise (AGAIN!), but went to The Breeze meeting at Virginia's. Had some lively discussion as to whether we should run some angry letters reacting to an action of the board I won't even go into. We probably will, but only because a particular staff member is the wife of one of the angry letter-writers. A foolish concession, it seems to me.
I didn't realize after I borrowed the wheelchair for the play that I was supposed to sign it out. Went to the clubhouse to do so and was delighted to find another one. Spent a half hour or so practicing using it in the big room. Hope nobody else borrows it, as I want to get used to it for the play.
In the afternoon, I stopped over at Marge's and we had a nice chat. She looks better, t seems to me, after all her physical problems (and she's ten years older than I am). It's always such a relief to discuss various matters--especially about family--with her that I probably wouldn't fully with anyone else. She does the same with me and we both know we can confide in each other with no danger of either being judged or telling anyone else about our concerns.
Today is the thirtieth birthday of my dear grandson, J. I sent him a card and a check and much love, as ever. I find it hard to believe I have a child that old, let alone a grandchild, but it is what it is, I guess.
WIDER: I don't agree generally with the elitists who run "The Casey Report" and I sure as hell don't have the money to follow their directives, but some of their stuff makes sense. Here's an essay on fear I found absorbing:

Friday, January 06, 2012

Nothing much went on yesterday until rehearsal in the evening. We were able to get on stage, which is always better, and it went okay, I guess. Of course, we're still very early in the process. I'm sure the actual acting, as opposed to blocking (moving around), will improve as we go along. Geez, I hope so.
Set up an interview date with Leslie and Dennis R. for Sunday. Have a Breeze meeting today at 10:00. Not looking forward to that, as it's beginning to be somewhat of a chore and--maybe I shouldn't say it--a bore. However, guess I'll continue; will certainly submit something about the play to run in the upcoming February issue.
WIDER: An interesting tidbit from William Blum's "Killing Hope" blog:
"During the Vietnam War some University of Michigan students created a brouhaha when they threatened to napalm a puppy dog on the steps of a campus building. The uproar of indignation at their cruelty was heard nationwide. Of course, when the time came they didn't do it, having successfully made the point that people cared more about napalming a dog than they did about napalming people."
This rang a bell with me, as I often puzzle about those I know--and there are a lot of them--who love and champion animals. Yet they so often seem indifferent to (or oblivious of) our country's systematic slaughter and other mistreatment of humans, including children. Seems to me on a par with religious people who abhor abortion, yet support the current mass murderer in the White House. They must know that he's continuing his predecessor's horrors with great enthusiasm, even accelerating them. What could explain this? Dunno, unless it's just the everlasting inconsistency of human personae.
Here's Blum's link: http://killinghope.org/

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Feeling better. Appealed to P. to help with getting pictures on Kodak Easy Share, as we have a "viewer share" arrangement. Still working on it.
Thought I'd nap yesterday, but I needed to replenish my tissues and other items, so went to Shop-Rite. Continued washing and putting things away.
Finally opened my mail. Lots of birthday and Christmas cards; nothing else of significance. Got gift cards from brother Larry and friend Marilyn M. for Olive Garden and Barnes & Noble, respectively. Must thank them. Think I'll use the B & N card to get a new book by "Mr Fish," a ferociously aware cartoonist. This guy is from Manahawkin, I was charmed to learn, and his work is sometimes profane, but always to the point when it comes to political relevance. It appears in The New Yorker, Harper's, Vanity Fair, and other for-the-literate venues.
Had a long talk with sister Betty, who also has a hanging-on cold.
Rehearsal tonight and a Breeze meeting tomorrow.
WIDER: As ever, Chris Floyd in his "Empire Burlesque" sums up the what support of any presidential candidate, including Obama, actually means:
"So many millions upon millions of pointless words spent on the "horse race" of the presidential election -- which will be decided solely on the basis of which two corporate bagmen spend the money of their masters most effectively -- and all of them nothing more than witless blather raising blood in the eyes of good people, to keep them from seeing the reality of the evil being done in their names, by the very 'progressive leaders' they champion."

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Boy, am I sick. Had to put out the mountains of trash accumulated over the past two weeks, but then told Susan I'm not going to walk. Sore throat and heavy cough. Feel terrible.
Jack B. called to say he had run into my visitors at SeaOaks after they left here. Funny, I was going to ask if I could take them to lunch there, but had the idea they wouldn't want to go.
Went to Manahawkikn to pick up tissues and things. Started on putting away linens and cleaning up. No rush; that will continue for awhile.
Had rehearsal last night, which went well, I think. Another called for tomorrow.
Going back to bed.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Whew! My company left yesterday afternoon. They fly back to London this morning at 8:00 and stayed overnight near the airport. It was a whirlwind two weeks, full of activity and I was glad to have it, but am now glad to resume my life.
Discussed our birthday/Christmas experiences with twin sister, Betty, hers in Palm Springs, CA just with her family.
Talked to the northern visitor and thanked her. It was such a relief to come home and find that she had dismantled the Christmas tree, stored the ornaments away, taken it to the curb, and leaned it away, and cleaning up after.
Did little yesterday except wash clothes and get some of my house back in order; still have a lot to do. Prepared for rehearsal, which Desi had scheduled for 7:00 last night. However, he called about an hour before to say that, although he thought we had permission to use the school, it was all locked up when he went there. Will meet tonight instead. I still have the borrowed wheelchair in my truck. Somebody will get it out for me, as I have to rehearse in it. That's what I appear in during the play.
Got a Skype call from Ellen, always a welcome event. While we were talking, Ellen V., who plays my housekeeper, called from the school. Unfortunately, Desi hadn't gotten to her in time, as she lives all the way in Forked River. She said he doesn't have her cell number and she doesn't keep it on anyway.
I have a bunch of unopened Christmas cards to look at, plus must replenish detergent and so on. Also must organize my bank accounts and continue get my house back in shape.
I hadn't had a cold for years, but contracted little Violet's, as we all seemed to, and now have a deep cough. Should be gone soon, I hope.
A bit later: Was just interrupted by a welcome Skype call from P. and N., then went for our walk with Susan. Have a lot of chores to do and errands to run today. Haven't even opened my mail that Barbara next door collected while I was gone. Must turn my attention to that, too.

Monday, January 02, 2012

My daughter-in-law, Paula, and the beautiful cake she made for my birthday.
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We all staggered back in close to midnight. Had a fabulous time. Will tell more later. For now, happy 2012 to all.