Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally, at long last, Pat got the growth on his arm excised. I wasn't happy over the fact we had to wait a half-hour, but was glad it went without incident. (He's had many of these growths removed.) The doctor prescribed a painkiller, which I got filled, but Pat said he didn't need it. We're to watch it in case it gets infected and, if so, will call.
Just before we left, neighbor Anne Mary came to the door with--ta dah!--Eddie! Who's Eddie? Her miniature poodle, left bereft according to A.M., when his companion, Carlos, died last month. We've all been bugging her to take Eddie out for walks, as he was confined to the house for five years. He had been bought as company for Carlos, who had cancer and was on chemo, so couldn't go out because he was so susceptible to infection. "A good dog is a stuffed dog" is my frequent saying, but even I think Eddie is cute: tiny, pure white, and full of happy-puppy friskiness. I was glad to see him finally out. One of Anne Mary's remarks that speaks volumes was, "I got Eddie a new leash, because I knew the old one would bring back painful memories of Carlos." This is a dog we're talking about, folks. Later, I stopped at Susan's to tell her about Eddie's ground-breaking visit. She and Walter gave me a glass of Turkey Hill diet iced tea with mango. It was so good I went to Acme to buy some, but couldn't find it with mango, so bought diet pink lemonade.
Susan spends an enormous amount of time (and money) on their property, and boy, it shows. Her front and side flower beds are beautiful and she has a large raised area in the back where she has a profusion of flowers and scrubs. She also maintains a rose garden with incredibly lovely plants in white, shades of pink, yellow, salmon, and red. She occasionally hires a landscaper, but does most of the work herself.
At 4:30, Leslie and I drove to Absecon to participate in a peace vigil from 5 to 6. (Dennis usually goes, too, but was exhausted after a full day of work.) A couple were there whose son is in the National Guard and has been deployed to Iraq for the fourth time. The father held a big sign with his son's picture on it and the mother a sign that read "Honk for Peace." It was gratifying to hear so many respond so fully.
Talked to Alison. They had a wonderful time in New Hampshire, although even they found the mountain "very challenging." A. and I made plans to go to dinner and a movie on the 16th and, of course, to the shower for Jen on the tenth. Unfortunately, they'll be in New Mexico on the 30th, so she won't be able to come with me when I take Joely to "Peter Pan" at the Surflight Theatre.
Will leave about 10:30 for Delaware to meet Lynne, but will call Betty first to hear more about Baby Dexter.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Had unexpected--but welcome--company for dinner last night. I had gone to various nurseries look at plants for the porch, then stopped at the bay to say hello to Pat. Several of his cronies were there, including "Old George" (there's a young George, too), his 81-year-old friend. While we were chatting, Pat asked what we were having for dinner and invited George to come over.
"Well, sure," I said, "We'd love to have you." Actually, I had defrosted a pork chop for Pat and was going to have Lean Cuisine myself, but I revised the menu and stopped to get chicken for all of us instead. Bought a cut-up one, breaded and bake it, put together a fruit salad, popped potatoes in the oven, and nuked a box of peas.
George arrived promptly at 5:30 and proved to be such a nice guest. He nibbled on the bowl of "Goldfish" I had on the table, and seemed to really love the meal, actually a pretty mundane one. He had two pieces of chicken, the biggest potato (at our urging), and plenty of the side dishes. Poor guy, he kept saying he doesn't get meals like this anymore, it's delicious, well, yes, I'll take a little more fruit salad--as hostess, I was delighted!
Barb D. had made a wonderful lemon/whipped cream dessert for the Memorial Day wingding and Frank brought us over a generous portion after the party. I cut it in bars and served it for dessert. George ate two large ones and loved it, so I sent three more pieces home with him to his fervent thanks.
George is a big talker, and he entertained us with stories of his boyhood on the farm in Mount Holly, how he was drafted during WW II, but then the war ended, and how he met his wife. Poor guy, she died a year ago after--get this--sixty-four years of marriage! He kept saying how much he misses her and how lonely he is. They never had children and apparently, did everything together. For 51 years, they lived in the mobile home he's still in; it's 12 feet wide and 60 feet long, and is on Green Street, just a half-mile or so from the docks. He had a boat and said he and his wife used to go out in it--crabbing or clamming--almost every warm day. George has outlived his five siblings, and now has few relatives. He has dinner at his sister-in-law's in Pemberton every Friday, but aside from that, does little but hang out at the bay with Pat and the other regulars. We'll invite him over again soon.
Early in the day, I got a call from Betty, now a Nana four times over, and we had a good long chat. Little Dexter and his Mommy were due home (they keep them for only 48 hours) and Betty said she'd stay at Steve and Robyn's another night or else go home that day. Can't wait to see pictures of precious new baby!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun time at the party yesterday! The "Sweetwater regulars" were there: Frank and Barbara, Susan and Walter, hosts Ray and Barbara, Anne Mary, and us, in addition to the Seagull contingent, Gary and Julie. (Dennis and Leslie were invited, but are still in Cleveland visiting little Leo and family.) I happily indulged in the de-lucious appetizers, including veggie squares, melted brie in a bread "bowl," cheese and crackers, and a wonderful hot cheese/artichoke/bacon dip that Julie brought. Also enjoyed two glasses of beer, but for actual dinner, had only a hot dog sans roll and a small amount of baked beans, and slaw (with cabbage, but not exactly cole slaw). I took a piece of the divine lemon/whipped cream dessert, but had only one bite before giving it to Pat and finishing with fresh fruit salad. Pat and I both had a ball; we still marvel at our good luck in landing here in Sunrise Bay. The party started at 3:00 and didn't break up until 7:30 or so when we went home (about 20 yards away).
In assessing the intake damage, I'm concluding it wasn't a catastrophe. True, I went way over what I should have in the calorie ("points" in WW parlance) department, but what I ate substituted for both lunch and dinner (after breakfast, had only a serving of broccoli about 11:00). When we got home, we had our regular evening snack of popcorn, FF Popsicles and--for me--a glass of wine, but I think that was okay, too.
Don't have anything scheduled for today, so I hope I can get the damn bush out. I haven't done it yet because there are complications too long and boring to go into, but prominently including the fact that the ground is like concrete. I may have to either call a landscaper (they never call back) or ask Alison and/or Mike to come down.
Tomorrow, we go back to the dermatologist with the hope that the growth on Pat's arm can finally be excised. Thursday, I meet Lynne for lunch--yay! Will go to Weight Watchers just to get weighed, then leave for Delaware.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pleasant day yesterday. Went to the supermarket for fish (salmon and flounder), washed lights and darks, and borrowed a shovel from Susan to dig out the dead bush. All went well, except that the ground is like concrete, so I couldn't dig it. Hooked up the hose, as I want to soak the flower bed where the bush lives--or rather, died--but for some reason, the water didn't come out. Just shrugged and will tackle the chore again today.
Stopped at Tucker Tom's and got a red onion and four ears of corn. Not sure where it's from--too early for Jerseys--but I had an ear and it was pretty good.
Went to look at hanging plants at several nurseries and bought a huge and beautiful one profuse with white and purple petunias. It looks great on the shepherd's crook near the door.
Ellen called early and I caught it in the garage. When I went in, still talking, I noticed there was a message on the machine. We talked for almost an hour, then I checked the machine to find that little Dexter had been born. Called and talked to Betty, Robyn, and Steve, all very happy and relieved.
The plant is lovely, the fish and corn were delicious, and we go to Ray and Barb's party at 3:00--what could be better?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Birth Alert (9 am): Betty's daughter-in-law, Robyn, went to the hospital early this morning, so little Dexter should make his entrance momentarily!
Posted earlier:
Except for a few highlights, had a pretty blah day. I finally got my fashion show outfits taken back and the charge off my card. Stopped at the produce place on the way home and bought red-leaf lettuce (I never buy tasteless, nutrition-less iceberg), acorn and butternut squash, limes, and lunch meat.
I tried to get the dead bush in the front out, but had no luck. I'll have to ask Alison and Mike to do it, but they'll be in New Hampshire until Tuesday (I think). I had called two landscapers, but didn't receive a call back--what else is new?
Today will probably be quiet, too, unless I can generate some excitement. Tomorrow we go to Ray and Barb's for their annual Memorial Day party. Pat says he'll go; hope it isn't too much of a strain for him.
Made barbequed chicken in the crockpot; simply put the (bought) sauce in with the chicken pieces and let 'em simmer for a few hours--very tasty.
I was pleased to hear from friend Lynne C. from Rehobeth Beach. We're meeting for lunch on Thursday at an Applebee's in Newark, DE. After the trip to D.C. last week, the four-hour (round trip) drive will seem like a piece of cake.
Had a delightful revelation: Pat McH. R. may have cared for me when I had Patrick almost 48 years ago! We compared notes and that's when she was a student nurse at St. Francis in Trenton--what a fun coincidence! She remembers my obstetrician, Dr. Seiler, and a certain ancient nun who used to take all the newborns directly from the delivery room to the chapel to be dedicated to the Blessed Mother.
(Hmm...she may have dropped Patrick on the way--it didn't take with him.)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Delightful day with Muckie. She got here at 12:30, but we talked to Pat while he had lunch, so it was 1:30 by the time we got to Dockside. I had my usual Caesar salad with chicken, Muck a chicken breast sandwich. And yes, Betty and Pat, we actually raised a glass to you (iced tea), wishing you were with us.
After, we drove the short distance to the bay (Dockside is on Green St., too) to meet up with Pat and his cronies. Had a good time chatting with P., his friend, John, and a woman named Dolores, who lost her husband last year. I then took Muckie on a short (it's short because Little Egg isn't exactly loaded with points of interest) tour of the area, including to see the three gigantic concrete blocks that used to hold up a 820-foot radio antenna. Muckie loved it and was surprised at the number of canals, lined with all sizes and types of homes with boats docked outside. We then went back to my house for more talk. Muckie filled me in on her friend, E.K., whom I remember from Holy Spirit. He somehow spanned both our classes, but ended up graduating from Atlantic High. Later, he earned a doctorate, but his marital history and romantic escapades are what engaged me most. I find the varied lives of people endlessly fascinating.
Said goodbye to Muckie about 4:30, shortly before Pat returned from the bay. Gave him a pork chop and just had my left over salad for lunch. Very enjoyable day all around.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Went to WW and I'm down another pound. For the record, I've lost 12.4 and am now at 187.2, still hefty for my height, but it's comin' off.
Leslie and I have volunteered to staff the "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit in Atlantic City on July 3. This is simply a display of boots representing the number of troops from Jersey killed in Iraq, sponsored jointly by our group, the Coalition for Peace and Justice, and the Quakers. Along with her husband, Dennis, Les and I will again join the Peace Vigil group in Absecon next Wednesday.
Les invited me to take Joely to the Surflight Theatre on June 30 to see "Peter Pan." She's bringing granddaughters, Aspen and Sierra (not sure if that's how it's spelled--it's the mountain range). I called Jen and she said it was okay--great!
Other than that, it was a Suzy Homemaker day. Washed all the area rugs (baths and laundry room), plus washed, folded, and put away all the other laundry--whites, lights, and darks--and generally tidied up. The cleaners come today and I want to be ready for them.
One really high note: Just now, I received on-line from Mike and Paula Vivian's school picture! She looks so adorable, with a precious expression on her face in which her proud Nana reads intelligence, sweetness, and a kind of calm acceptance of the world that's mild, but zestful and alert, too. She's a beautiful child, I think anyone would agree. Mike wrote that he'll send a hard copy through regular mail. There's also a class picture, with the children ("nursery" level) and their four teachers.
Must pick up Susan for our walk--looking forward to Muckie's visit.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The luncheon/fashion show was great fun. The room at Smithville Inn is a terrific place for such a gathering, as it's removed from other dining areas and opens to a beautiful garden. The food was excellent--I had salmon and veggies, skipping dessert.
Barb H. picked me up, along with Pat H. and Lois V. All but Lois modeled, and we sat at the same table, as did Susan and five others. My friend, Marge, had asked if she could sit with us and a place was set for her. However, she didn't show up and, knowing she doesn't always feel great, I called her. She had been all set to come when she started to feel unwell and reluctantly decided she had better not chance it. She e-mailed me this morning to say she has a follow-up with the gastrointestinal guy today.
Both outfits I modelled went over big with the 80 or so members there. With the pants set, I wore sun glasses and sandals, and waved around one of my colorful Margarita glasses, explaining that I was in my party girl mode. When I later switched to the dress (covered with the same overjacket), I adopted a demure, ladylike persona and wore white pumps and the black and white hat I had bought at a yard sale.
After the luncheon, we strolled around the cutesy-poo little shops, examining the high-priced, never-to-be-used-once-you-get-home merchandise. Got in later than I thought I would--about 5:00--but in time to pop potatoes and chicken in the oven.
Brother Frank called to say he's accompanying his daughter, Francine, to D.C. shortly and may (or may not) drive down to our place. Told him that of course, he's always welcome, and he'll play it by ear. Brother Larry had called earlier from Disney World, where he went by himself (he's a lifetime member, I think). He'll hang out, then drive back to Florida, picking up Helen, who went to a graduation in Mississippi, on the way.
Called Muckie, who's coming over tomorrow. We'll go to Dockside for lunch, as it's on the water and has good salads. We commiserated over the death of a mutual acquaintance of ours, Patti F. R., who graduated from HSHS in '55, the year after we did. I hate to hear of these things, but of course, it goes with the territory when you're of a certain age. (Who, me?)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Was thrilled to receive an original work of art yesterday: Very colorful, skillfully drawn portraits of Pat and me. According to an attendant, after the artist executed the picture, she remarked, "Nana and Pop are jelly fish." Yes, it was from darling granddaughter, Vivian, sent by her proud Daddy. We do indeed look like jelly fish in the picture because, as is virtually universal with children of her age, she drew us as globes with facial features, adding single lines extending downward to represent legs. No bodies; they come later. She did put what looks like lumpy ears on one figure--evidence of her remarkable artistry, I'm convinced.
Incredibly, we were again foiled at the dermatologist's office (see May 9 entry). When yesterday's appointment was made, the receptionist failed to ask Pat various questions and to arrange for a script for antibiotics to be taken beforehand. She was chewed out by the doctor and we had to again leave without the procedure. It's rescheduled for next Wednesday.
Luncheon and fashion show today: Decided to drop my stuff for the fashion show off early, so took it to Smithville Inn on my way to the produce place on Jimmie Leeds Road. Later, took Barb H. to the school to register for the "Discovering the Pinelands" two-session course next month. Four of us from the neighborhood are taking it.
Niece Joan called and we had a nice chat. She's still in Leesburg and said lookers were at the house with the realtor. Responding to my invitation, Pat's niece, Donna, sent an e-mail saying she'll be glad to pick up his brother and wife, Bill and Regina, for lunch at our place in June.
Got a nice note from friend Karen C. back in Lawrenceville. Not sure why she didn't send e-mail, but will write her back via snail mail. Will invite her to come for a visit, which she's done before. Karen is about in her early forties--I think--unmarried, and has a master's degree from Rider. She's a casual, but nice, friend, of about 10 years.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A peculiar thing happened while I was away: On Saturday, our next-door neighbor, Frank, saw three people drive up to our house in an SUV. He said they were Asian--a couple who looked to be in their fifties, and a young woman of 19 or 20. They went to our door, and presumably rang, but Pat and Alison were both out, so they left. Frank said they waved to him before they drove away.
The question is: Who are these people? With one exception, I can't think of any Asians I know who fit that description. I e-mailed Mike asking if the Akashi family might be in the U.S. These are friends of Paula's late mother; we had their two teenaged daughters as visitors for a week about 15 years ago. But Mike and Paula had just seen them in Tokyo a few months ago, and he was sure they would have told him they were coming here, plus they don't know where we live. Mike thinks the trio were Jehovah's Witnesses, but I doubt it. Surely if they were, they would have been going to everybody's house, not targeting ours (slim spiritual pickings here, that's a cinch).
'Tis a puzzlement...
The reason nobody was home is because Pat was at the bay and Alison was out for a run. In fact, she ran to the end of Green Street where Pat was, chatted with him for a while, then ran back. It's exactly four miles there and four back, so eight miles, then she added a few more. I'm amazed when I contemplate how far that really is. Say she ran ten miles that time; she, Mike, and others run more than twice that far in marathons. Alison remarked on the ease of running here because it's so flat. Yep, it's really easy--not!
Didn't do much yesterday aside from a few chores and errands. Signed up to attend a two-session course called "Discovering the Pinelands" with Barb H., Susan, and Kathy D. It will be held in June, and includes a field trip. SIL Mike could surely teach such a course; I'll ask if he knows the instructor.
Pat gets the growth on his arm removed today and tomorrow is the Woman's Club luncheon and fashion show. I'll model the two black and white outfits, then take them back--glad I finally made the decision to do that.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm back and I had a wonderful time. Left at 7:00 on Friday morning and arrived around 11:00. Luckily, I had no problem getting in the room early. Brother Larry was already there, his room on the same floor. We went to lunch, then dressed. Niece and her husband, Joan and Jim, picked us up and we drove into D.C. We found a parking garage across from the Mayflower ($30!) where the reception was, left the car there, and got a cab to the church, about 20 minutes away.
We're not sure why Chrissy chose this church, as it's in a very rundown area, but it's old and interesting. It included a banner across the door that read "Welcome, All Sinners," practically a private invitation to me, I thought.
The wedding was lovely and Chrissy looked beautiful in a traditional gown and veil. She carried deep red roses, as did her maid (matron?) of honor, and her bridesmaid, Paul's daughter. The little daughter of a friend preceded the rest, scattering rose pedals from a basket--very picturesque. Paul's best man was his 14-year-old son and his other daughter read from the altar.
Our cab driver had warned us it might be difficult to get a cab in that neighborhood, and it was, but we finally succeeded in having one pick us up and take us to the Mayflower.
The reception was so nice, with white-gloved waiters circulating with appetizers, including little lamb chops (yum!). (By the time we got there, I would have eaten the white gloves, I was so hungry.) Of course, there was a fully-stocked bar and I had wine, champagne, and an orange blossom, but only sipped at each, so wasn't more than a little buzzed. The dinner was surf and turf with salad and veggies, and the wedding cake was about the best I ever tasted. We then danced the night away, staying until about 11:30. Got back to the hotel after midnight and fell into bed.
On Saturday, Larry and I went into Washington and did lots of museums, monuments, and other touring. I loved seeing and hearing about Ford's Theatre--a tour guide gave a talk--and going across the street to the house where Lincoln was taken to die. A man dressed as Abe himself, who looked eerily like him, was walking around, and unabashed rube that I am, I had my picture taken with him. Greatly enjoyed the museums, especially 17th and 18th century art museum and the Smithsonian.
We must have walked 6 or 7 miles (literally), as Larry had parked the rental car and we spread out from there.
About 4:30, Larry called brother Jim, father of the bride, to see if they wanted to go to dinner. They did, and we drove to Jim and Terese's in Vienna. Happily, their son, Mike, and his partner, Ray, went with us to Anita's, a Mexican restaurant nearby. All five of my dining companions ordered either iced tea or plain water to drink, but I had a mango margarita--ha! The drink and the food were delish and Ray--a terrifically nice guy--insisted on picking up the tab.
We just stayed a few minutes more at Jim's, kissed them all goodbye, and got back to the hotel about 8. I took a shower and fell into bed, which was very comfy, by the way.
Yesterday, we had breakfast (complementary), Larry took me to get gas (they have to pump their own!!), and I left at 9:00 am. Had no problem on the road and got home about 1:00, where all was well, thanks to Darling Daughter Alison, who stayed over the weekend.
Unpacked my stuff, made dinner, talked to other D.D., Ellen, for a good hour and a half, and am now back from a glorious mini-vacation.
Nutritional Note: I was pleased with my general restraint in the food department. Had Cheerios and Raisin Bran cereal for both breakfasts, with FF milk and Splenda, plus orange juice and coffee. Both times we had lunch out, I had salads; I ate nothing between meals. At the wedding dinner, I ate the salad, fish, and veggies, skipping the beef. I did have two chocolate-dipped strawberries and a piece of wedding cake, but I consider that okay for a special occasion. (You just have to accept that "a special occasion" doesn't come along twice a week and that it doesn't include taking clothes to the dry cleaners or going to the supermarket.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Was pleased to be down another 1.4 pounds, for a total of 11 something off. Spent most of the rest of the day running errands and getting prepared for my trip. Brother Frank called to ask if we were toast and I had a nice chat with him and Marybeth. They said Johns Hopkins was going to give Patrick a disc of his CNN appearance and he'll make sure I see it--great! Pat's brother, Bill, also called to check on our forest fire status and we got lots of e-mails from friend up north with the same concern. Was glad to tell them all we seemed to have escaped involvement.
New oxygen guy, Martin, came to check tank. Today, he'll come again to switch Pat over to the gas. Later, the Apria guy came to pick up their equipment.
I'm all packed and ready to go. Will leave about 7:00--in another hour. I'm looking forward to getting away for a change, but not looking forward to the horrendous traffic I know I'll hit outside Philly and D.C.
Okay, fellas and girls, this is it. Will not be posting again until (probably) Monday morning.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Was disappointed to hear from the doctor that my stress test was inconclusive. One part indicated a reduced blood flow, the other a healthy flow. What we decided was to continue my regime of Crestor, exercise, and weight loss, then have another blood test in July. For those who can interpret such things, my overall cholesterol is 225, LDL (bad) 150, HDL (good) 49, and triglycerides 129.
As of yesterday, the forest fire near here has burned more than 14,000 acres. It had been about 6 miles away from us when I went to bed; we got calls and messages from nice people asking if we were okay. A long stretch of the Parkway was closed, as well as part of 539, which leads to Alison. I talked to her and we're hoping the road will be open by tomorrow night when she comes down to Dad-sit.
Went to the SB Players dress rehearsal, since I won't be here for the shows this weekend. I comprised the entire audience and greatly enjoyed it. I was touched by the welcome of the players and their saying they missed me, and so on.
But I'm still glad I dropped out.
My nephew, Tim, sent an e-mail with YTube of his son, Cal's, award-winning film, "Diggers." Cal's in high school and the film is really pretty good. He acts in it, too, putting on a British accent--and I think he was as good or better as what you see on T.V.
Weight Watchers this morning! I'll pick up Leslie and Jo (Mary called to say she couldn't go) and we'll see how it goes. Whether I lost, didn't, or gained (aagh!), I'm sticking to it. There was a book--or something--called The Heart Has Its Reasons and that's why I'm determined to lose weight.
Later, after my walk: The paper says the fire has now been contained, but they believe 18,000 acres were burned. A number of homes were lost and the people in them were scattered. The big-hearted USAF is saying it will compensate if their flare caused the damage. Nice of them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I probably tried on every size blank dress in Atlantic and Ocean Counties yesterday. Didn't find anything I'd want to spend good money on, as my mother used to say. I'm now going to turn to my existing wardrobe and wear something from that. I must get out of this old-time habit of thinking I have to buy something new for every occasion. I'm ashamed to disclose (well, obviously not, as I'm disclosing it) that I have several things hanging up I've never worn. They're all too small--guess I bought them under the assumption I'd lose weight. Until now, I didn't seem to follow through to victory, but what a thrill it will be when I'm able to wear them!
Other than driving from mall to mall to try on clothes, it was a poky day. I was bummed at the fact that something happened when Pat tried to tape my nephew's Monday late-night appearance on CNN--he got another channel. I felt as if I do everything for him and when I ask him to do one thing, somehow it doesn't get done--demoralizing. After performing my usual histrionics, I'm now over my mad. Maybe somebody else taped it and I can borrow.
Salmon and flounder for dinner last night--the salmon was so good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The respiratory tech from the new oxygen supplier, Community Surgical, came yesterday--what a contrast to Apria. She (also named "Pat") is very careful and thorough and was here for almost two hours.
Pat is a mature woman (56) and has been doing this kind of work for 17 years. She actually worked for Apria some time ago and--being a real professional--said nothing negative about the outfit. However, when we voiced our dissatisfaction with Apria, she mentioned that the general stance there is "let the customer come to you." At CS, she said, it's "you go to the customer"; harder on the employee, but appreciated by users like us. In addition, CS has a branch in Manahawkin.
Several times, Pat used the Pulse-sox (?) to measure my Pat's blood saturation--with oxygen and without, at rest and after "exertion." (Sadly, exertion for Pat means a short walk down the hall.) She then tried him on the smallest portable apparatus, really the major reason we switched to liquid oxygen, as it's much lighter than the tanks that hold the gas type for portable use. However, this is a "pulse" type: It works in response to drawing in a breath, and not through a continuous flow. Unfortunately, after her careful measuring, she told us she couldn't recommend it for him: He's a mouth breather and can't seem to breathe through his nose regularly enough to activate the pulse and get enough oxygen in his blood.
She left it to us to decide if we wanted to keep the liquid type or switch back to gas oxygen. The advantage to gas that is that you can take with you as many replacement tanks as you might need (they last about 3 hours). With liquid, you have to fill the portable and when it's gone, refill it from the main tank. Pat wore it from noon until 4:30 before refilling, so it lasted 4 1/2 hours, but still--if he goes farther than the bay and stays longer, it wouldn't be satisfactory, so I think we'll go back to gas.
However, we're still happy to have switched suppliers. Neither of us remember Apria ever sending a respiratory person at all, let alone one so knowledgable and nice, and certainly not one who spent the amount of time Pat did with us.
After lunch, went to Boscov's to try to find a dress for my niece's wedding. Didn't, and am just about ready to wear something from my existing wardrobe; have definitely decided to take back the two outfits I got at Penney's and just wear them for the fashion show. I don't feel like spending $190 for clothes I'd almost surely wear just once.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Get your coffee, settle down, and adjust your reading glasses: This is a l-o-o-ng one.
Had a wonderful Mother's Day. When I stopped for Susan for our walk at 7:00. I was surprised and touched to be presented with a terra cotta "strawberry jar" she had planted with pink and rose inpatients. I love it and will keep it by the front door.
Called Betty and we wished each other a happy M. Day. She was going to Carolyn's for dinner; we also discussed her trip east in August and/or September.
Later, while I was making the "soda cake" for the trifle, neighbor Anne Mary H. came over to give me two small plants, one of lavender and one a cone flower. A.M.H. is what used to be called "a maiden lady"; she's a retired math teacher (gawd!), and is a dedicated gardener. I like lavender and think cone flowers are hideous, so will plant the first prominently, and the second way far in the back. While I was chatting with her, Ray and Barb's boy, John, came up and we greeted each other with a hug. John, a great guy (free-spirit genre), is a chef in Maryland and was here for Mother's Day.
Ellen called early and, as always, we talked and talked. I told her I wouldn't open her present until after dinner at Alison's--see below.
Darling granddaughter Vivian called from Singapore (with the help of her Daddy) and said "Happy Mother's Day, Nana." She said she had drawn two faces on the card for her Mommy, one green and one blue. She referred to "jelly fish" and I think she was telling me that's what they looked like. Mike and Paula are moving to a "maisonette," a triplex not far from the Botanical Gardens. They negotiated having the bathrooms redone, with the owners paying for it in exchange for Paula's designer expertise (and I assume her discount at high-end suppliers), but must move into temporary quarters until it's finished around the middle of June. I was surprised to hear it's somewhat bigger than their present apartment (they now have 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths). They interviewed nanny Vickie's possible replacement, her sister-in-law, but aren't sure if they'll hire her.
Grandson Joel called in the early afternoon to ask his Pop if he wanted to join them at the air show at McGuire AFB. Pat didn't feel up to it, but we were pleased he had asked and to hear that he, Joel, and Joely would have dinner at Alison's, too.
Good thing I hadn't assembled the trifle yet. Thinking there'd be only four of us, I was going to put a half recipe in a small dish, but instead, used the big trifle container. I layered cake, FF pudding, and sliced bananas--two tiers of each--and topped it with a container of "lite" (why in the hell can't they just call it "light?") Cool Whip. Lined a box with the artificial "ice" I keep in the freezer, so the trifle and the parsley rice dish I also brought stayed nice and cool on the trip up.
J., J., and J. arrived shortly after we did. What a delight to interact with 4 1/2 year-old Joely! He immediately asked where his "spy kit" was; this is a children's packet Alison sent for and it had just come in the mail. Interestingly, the overlying theme was Japan, the idea being that the child is a detective who has to figure out what crook (of six) committed a burglary--I think stole a Japanese treasure or something. I was able to work in the fact that Uncle Patrick lived in Tokyo and that I've been there. The kit included a pretend passport, stickers of various countries to put in it, a world map, an activity book, a jigsaw puzzle which turned out to be Japan, and lots of other fun items. Joely and I had a ball doing some of the activities together, which included secret codes, and other interesting stuff.
Dinner was yummy, the main courses being chicken on the grill and glazed salmon in the pan. J., J., and J. gave Alison a nice set of barbecue tools, which she immediately put to use.
Well, the trifle was a triumph. Everybody liked it and after they had said so, I revealed my secret: that it was a WW recipe. About a third was left and Jen took it home--good, because then I can go up and take them to lunch when I retrieve it.
Alison and Mike had gone to the air show on Saturday and Mike took some spectacular pictures he showed us on the computer. How he got them from the ground with the planes zooming overhead, I can't imagine--in some, you can actually see the pilot.
I gave Alison and Jen Mother's Day mugs and cut some of my lilacs to put in them. Got a lovely card from J., J., and J. and one from Alison with the promise of "dinner and a movie." Loved Ellen's present of one of the paintings she had executed when she took the teachers' painting course in April; called her when we got home to thank her.
I don't say it often enough: I'm a lucky woman.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Drove south yesterday to go to the Longport Historical Society's flea market. However, they weren't selling anything historical, just the usual yard sale stuff. I picked up two porcelain platters I may put on the dining room table as a change from the things I have there now.
Brother Larry called and we discussed our joint trip to Virginia and D.C. Chatted with SIL Helen for a few minutes; she's doing well after her recent knee surgery.
Other than that, it was a quiet day. I tried on the new outfits with the hat (looks good), but can't decide whether to wear the one with the slacks (they're slinky, dressy ones) or the dress. Trouble is, I don't really want to keep both outfits. They were pretty pricey and I know they're going to be too big very soon and they're dressy. I need a dressy outfit about twice a year, if that, so I may never wear either of them. Hmm...maybe I'll try to find another dress for the wedding and return both of them after the fashion show.
Was so pleased when Patrick called last night to wish me a happy Mother's Day. I didn't realize they had Mother's Day in Japan, but he said they do. He's settling into his new job at the university, but says about every minute of his time is scheduled.
Hope this WW dessert I'm trying for the first time is going to work out. I'm trying to figure out how to keep it cool on the hour trip to Alison's.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The tree dedication was beautiful. Leslie and her group of parents who have lost adult children meet every month to talk, and help and support each other. They had selected a flowering cherry to plant in their children's memories on the clubhouse grounds we jointly own. During the short, informal ceremony, some of the mothers spoke about their children, while several fathers dug the hole. Poetry was read, and a prayer recited, and there were tears and hugs. Almost every day, I discover a reason why we were drawn to this place and this was one of them. Sunrise Bay is our hearts' home.
Earlier in the day, I went over to a yard sale in Smithville, just because I noticed it was on Moonraker Ct., where my older sister used to live. Incredibly, I found a wonderful straw hat, white with a wide black and white ribbon around the crown, which will go beautifully with the dress I'm wearing to the wedding.
We had some complications with the new oxygen company, but I think they've been resolved. Pat has switched to liquid oxygen, but may or may not continue with that type. The respiratory therapist called, wanting to come on Monday; I asked if she could come today instead, but she wasn't sure. I'm a little concerned because Pat still has the equipment from Apria and I wonder if Medicare and AARP will balk at the few days' overlap. Lynne, do you have any answers to this?
Picked up Mary Ann Van O. for lunch and we went to Panini Bay. I got my usual Caesar salad and brought half home. (Notice that bright, shining circle over my head? Yes, it's just what you think it is.) Mary Ann's husband also has emphysema and they're waiting anxiously to hear if he qualifies for the new lung volume reduction procedure, which is less invasive than the one Pat had 8 years ago.
After lunch, I took Mary Ann down Seven-Bridge Road (which actually has only five bridges; the other two washed away years ago). This is a straight stretch, about 4 miles long, that goes over the marshes and straight to the bay. There are a few small marinas there, plus the Rutgers Research Station, and plenty of herons and other birds to see. I then took her to see the gigantic concrete blocks that used to hold up the 820-foot radio antenna for which Radio Road was named. I was amazed Mary Ann had never been to either site, or to the Tuckerton Historical Society, a wonderful source for the history of the area.
When I got home, I found a beautiful pot of yellow roses, a Mother's Day gift from Mike, Paula, and Vivian. I'll be able to plant them outside in a few weeks, and will enjoy them for years to come.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Another 2.2 pounds off! I was so surprised and pleased, as it had been only four days since my last weigh-in. That means I'm down 9.6 pounds since my original first day at WW on February18--yahoo! At 190, I'm now teetering on the brink of both the 180's and 10 pounds down--those are milestones.
I'm bringing the dessert to Alison's on Mother's Day, and asked for WW suggestions. The lecturer, Christine (a terrific young woman) told me about a trifle made with "soda cake" and fat-free pudding and Cool Whip. Sounds great, I bought the ingredients and decided to add a banana. I won't tell the others it's a WW recipe. Will report back on how it was received and how it tastes.
Still searching for a spring jacket, I went to Kohl's, but didn't see anything. Went home and got some of our closet (walk-in, which means I use it to stash away all kinds of crap) cleared out.
Didn't get the perm. April, my hairdresser, and I conferred and decided there was enough curl in there to get through to the wedding.
Got a call from niece Joan asking if she and Jim could pick us up for the wedding. They'll be in their house in Leesburg and Larry and I will be at the Hampton Inn about 15 miles away. It will be nice for all of us to go together.
The new oxygen supplier delivered yesterday. I hope this outfit will be more responsive than Apria. Also, I hope the portable unit will last a reasonable amount of time; I'm a little worried about that, but Pat will try it today.
I had salmon again for dinner last night, along with a large sweet potato. I had polished off a big serving of brussel sprouts for a snack earlier. I'm lucky in that I love veggies and often have broccoli, a salad, or the aforementioned goodie for snacks. Gave Pat a chicken pot pie.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Boscov's had a sale on shoes, and I went over and got summery, open ones to wear for the wedding and fashion show. Being the soul of indecision, I'm now not sure I like them. Will try them on with the outfit.
Stopped at Santori's on the way back for fresh produce--I love the fact that veggies will soon be springing up all over Jersey.
Talked to Muckie and we agreed to meet for lunch on the 25th. She'll come here, then we'll eat at Dockside or Panini Bay.
Dropped off a letter to the unfriendly Friends of the Library expressing my indignation at my treatment of a few weeks ago (see April 25th post). I think it's clear, but reasonably restrained. If anybody wants to read it, let me know and I'll send by e-mail.
Susan is attending a two-day seminar in Toms River (on selling real estate in resort areas), so I excused myself from walking this morning. Will get back in the groove tomorrow.
I'll be going to Weight Watchers shortly. I don't really expect to lose, as it's been only 4 days since I went last, but I'm fine with that. Another neighbor, Jo, will pick up Leslie, Mary, and me.
Getting a perm today. I hope it turns out all right, as I still have some left from the last time. Tomorrow, I'm attending a tree dedication--more on that with the next entry--and meeting Mary Ann Van O. for lunch.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yesterday was a mixed bag. We got to Manahawkin in plenty of time for Pat's 1:00 appointment--I thought. Walked in and found it had been at noon. Doctor was booked otherwise and he only does this procedure (excising growths, I guess you'd call it) on Tuesdays from 12 to 2. Called when we got home and rescheduled for the 24th.
We then stopped at Community Surgical where Pat's pulmonolgist's office was supposed to have sent a "script" to make CS his new oxygen supplier. (For those who are respiratorily challenged, his present supplier, Apria, stinks.) CS had no knowledge of it, which means whoever was supposed to do it never followed through. Called them and of course, got the message machine and they haven't yet called back.
Stopped at Wal-Mart to get more of the little carafes for the Irish Creme, as they're the perfect size, look great, and people can use them for oil or something after the booze is gone. (They're called "taverna" bottles.) I wanted five or six of them, but they had only three.
By the time we got home, I was gnashing my teeth. Pat went obliviously down the bay and after I finally had lunch (after 2:00), I started to feel better. Called our long-time accountant, Bill D., got his machine, and asked for a appointment to do the income tax, which has been hanging over my head since I got the extension. Decided to look over the Turbo Tax program Ellen had sent, actually got absorbed in it--and good golly, Miss Molly, proceeded to do it myself! That was a triumph, I felt I was on a roll, and the feds and state can kiss my 1040. Called Bill back to cancel.
In the middle of my CPA project, Jack B. came in and we had a nice chat. Talked to Betty, who's doing great after her visit to the surgeon (I hope and expect she'll elaborate on her blog), and that was so good to hear.
Alison called later to discuss Mother's Day. We'll go up there, I'll bring the dessert, and if there isn't a rainbow over the sorghum field, there'll be one in my heart.
Oops, almost forgot: I had a request for the recipe for Molloy's Irish Creme, so here it is:
1 3/4 cups Irish whiskey (or any other whiskey)
4 eggs
1/4 cup water
2 TBS chocolate syrup
2 tsp. instant coffee
1 (14 oz.) can Eagle brand
sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla
(1/2 tsp. almond extract is optional--I don't usually add it.)
Beat eggs well. Add other ingredients and blend until smooth. Sometimes the coffee crystals clump, so you may have to strain them out. Store tightly covered in refrig for up to one month. Stir or shake before serving. Serve very cold, over ice or not.
I buy pretty bottles and decorate them with ribbons, adding a small card tied around the neck of the container. This is great for little Christmas gifts, house-warmings, or just to give friends as I did. Naturally, whoever makes it will call it "Smith's Irish Creme" or whatever.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lunch for Susan's birthday was great fun. (Her birthday was in March, but who's counting?) We took her to Debra's Dreamboat in the Tuckerton Emporium (where I had gone last week with Mary Jane) and enjoyed it. Barb's birthday is in June and Susan and I will treat her to lunch then.
I gave Susan the carafe of Molloy's Irish Creme and just got an e-mail from her saying how much she and Walter enjoyed it after dinner last night. She suggested I bottle and sell it, then she and Walter could give it to their (real estate) clients as gifts! Hmm...not a bad idea if 1. I wanted to open an business and work--ugh! and 2. I didn't mind being hauled away in chains for selling liquor without a license.
Also gave Judy and Roman K. a bottle. They called after dinner and raved about the stuff. Yes, it is good and yes, it is potent. J. and R. think it's better than Bailey's.
Gave Pat ham left over from Easter (frozen), just frying it in a little olive oil, and I had salmon. Love fish and am beginning to grow gills.
We go to the dermatologist today to have the growth (squamous cell cancer) on Pat's arm removed--I don't anticipate any problems with that.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm happy to say I think the Dramamine worked. I did get up about 1:00 for my usual trek to the WC, but fell back asleep quickly and didn't wake up until 5:15. I feel rested and fit and, happily, am coming out of my slump. (Thanks, Betty.)
Looking forward to taking Susan out for lunch with Barb H. today. S.'s birthday was in March, but we're all fine with being a little late. I'm going to make Molloy's Irish Creme for Susan, too.
Yesterday was okay. Was able to get some stuff done I've been putting off, such as certain paperwork, mounds of which are always waiting. Also, washed several loads of clothes (we're either incredibly dirty or the cleanest people in town) and generally, stayed busy. For me, it's fatal to be inactive.
Had baked chicken for dinner, rubbed with Emeril's "Original Essence." Damn, it was good. Of course, everything tastes good when you're dieting.
Went for my usual drive after dinner (so I'm not sitting in front of the T.V., which is a signal for me to snack) and Ellen called on the cell phone. I pulled over on Radio Road and we talked for an hour! She calls every Sunday and it's always so good chatting with her. This time we talked mostly about 1.) the credit card industry, godforsaken creeps that they are, and what the criminals in the White House let them get away with (what did Christ say about the moneychangers?) ; 2) politics in general. Ellen attended a meeting for Obama in Thousand Oaks and may get active.
Okay, Ellen--maybe he can win. He's sure as hell better than Hillary, who's in denial she doesn't have a prayer.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I lost another 2.2 pounds, I'm happy to say. Counting from March 18, that's 7.4 pounds off. I have a long way to go, but now I can look forward to getting into the 180's, as well as the 10-pounds off milestone. I do have to remember that this is after 10 days, not 7. I'll resume going on Thursdays and have to be reconciled to not losing then.
Told Pat I'd like to have fish more often and he's okay with it as long as it's flounder for him, so I gave him that and I had my usual salmon .
I rented the DVD "The Queen" and we watched it last night. Enjoyed it--I hadn't realized it revolved around Princess Diana's death.
I'm now thinking about buying sleeping pills. I've developed a horrible sleep--or non-sleep--pattern recently: I fall asleep easily, but wake up between 1 and 3 am to go to the bathroom, then can't get back to sleep. I toss and turn for several hours, finally drop off, then when I wake at my usual time (5 to 5:30), I want to stay in bed. What's worse is that when I'm awake in the middle of the night, I start worrying and obsessing over things and I get depressed and unhappy.
I think this is part of what I see as my unfortunate emotional cycle: I reach a high when things go wonderfully well and all seems the way it should be (see yesterday's entry), then I slide into a low and start regarding mine as a wasted life. I'm an old lady, my husband is sick, Mother's Day is coming and 3/4ths of my children won't be here, I haven't gotten the income tax done, I have to deny myself food, I don't like having the cleaners here, I still haven't finished clearing the weeds out of the flower bed, and so on and on.
Of course, it doesn't matter that nothing is different from when I was marveling over how lucky I am--attitude is everything*. The one saving grace is that I know this will pass, and I'll be able to bring myself out of it before too long.
*Look up "Richard Cory," one of my favorite lesser poems.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Great, terrific lunch with David! Just as Betty and I have a commonality of memory (we don't have to explain to each other who was who and what was what in our shared childhood), there's a lesser one with David about our Rider careers.
At Katmandu, we were happy to be seated on the deck. It was extraordinarily pleasant to sit outside in the sun next to the river in the midst of young professionals looking forward to the weekend. New state office buildings are in the same large complex (my son-in-law, Mike, works in one of them), and Katmandu is an easy walk away, so there were a lot of people there. I live in a wonderful over-55 community, and I love being retired, but there are times when I want to feel as if I have a career again, with the office, and the decisions, and most of all, the gossip, which David happily supplied.
How we talked and laughed! I got all the news--who had left (my successor, for one), who wants to leave, but can't, who should leave, but won't, plus what ill-fated projects and ventures are planned and doomed to fail, and so on.
David and I were always on the same wave-length--kindred spirits, as they say--and at one point, he said, "I miss you, Rosemary, I have nobody to bitch to," which made me feel good.
David earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in organ from Westminster Choir College, which was bought by Rider several years ago. He worked at Westminster for several years, then came to our office at Rider. He and his wife had had a nice summer home on Long Beach Island (we held several office retreats there) a hundred yards from the beach and sold it for 1.2 mil last year, so I let him pay for lunch.
After, I went to Penney's at Quakerbridge, sure I'd be thwarted here as I was at Hamilton Mall, but no!--I was able to get two outfits in black and white for the fashion show, and I like them both. Even better, I can wear the one with the dress to Chrissy's wedding.
Great day in every way.
Must go to Weight Watchers now, as I missed on Thursday because of the stress test.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm happy to say the stress test was a piece of cake. The only bad part was the waiting around between procedures; the whole thing took about 3 hours. I was most apprehensive about the sensation of my heart racing after I got the medication, but no such thing happened. After one technician put in an IV line, she took pictures of the heart at rest. Later, she did it after the exercise part. In between, you drink several glasses of water (have no idea why), and the nurse does an EKG. The doctor comes in for the actual recording of the blood flow, presumably because you're then injected with "the stuff." I was surprised when they asked if I could walk and I'm still puzzled as to why my doctor ordered the chemical, not the treadmill, test. When I mentioned that to the cardiologist, he had me do what I think was a modified version, putting me on the treadmill for a few minutes. However, it was set at a very slow pace. Susan and I go at a brisk clip during our morning walk and this was glacial.
Anyway, they were all very nice at Cardio Diagnostics. I bemoaned the fact I wasn't able to have my coffee that morning, and Karen, the tech, even made a pot and brought me a cup in the middle--guess it's the first part that disallows caffeine.
Went back to Penney's after and had no more luck at finding anything for the fashion show. After I meet David for lunch, I'm going to the one at Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrence. If I can't find a decent dress or skirt there, I'm going to tell Bea I'd rather not do it this year. Next year, I'll be able to shop in the misses department and will climb back on the runway!
Stopped at Catherine's, a shop that specializes in larger sizes, and got a great black and red shirt, which I'll wear today over a red shell and black pants. Their sizes go way up to about 5 or 6x and I'm in 1x, but they usually have a nice array of tops in the "smaller" (all things are relative, right?) sizes. They're pricey, but have terrific stuff there. Even better, they're styled for chubs--for instance, the sleeves on my new shirt go to the elbow with nice little cuffs on them and the shirt is a bit longer than the skimpy ones the size 10s wear. Of course, I always have problems with pants, all of which have to be hemmed, but otherwise, I like this place.
I like it so much, I hope never to have to shop there again after a few more months of Weight Watchers.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Went up to Fort Dix to see Pat's doctor and, as we assumed, there's nothing new on the health end. It was actually a pleasant drive, up through the farmlands and small-town outskirts of rural Jersey, and we enjoyed it.
Had a nice long chat with Betty, who sounds good and is feeling great. So glad her ordeal is over.
E-mailed Alison to ask if she wanted to go with me to the tag sale at the Sands Casino over the weekend. (It actually costs $10 to get in--what new wrinkle is this, anyway? Ten bucks to look over a bunch of high-priced, second-hand junk? But I'm going to pay it, aren't I?) Alison worked at the Sands for several years and met her first husband there, so I thought she might enjoy it.
I wanted to sleep later today (asked Pat to set the alarm for 6:00), but woke, as usual, at 5:00. I can't have coffee or anything to eat, so just have to wait it out until I leave for the stress test about 6:45. I'm supposed to be there at 7:45, but know I'll probably be early, which I'm notorious for being.
Made stewed chicken in the crock pot and it was so good. Had chicken left, so I sliced it down for the sandwich I'm taking to the stress test.
I may seem cool and collected about today, but I'm not--I'm very nervous. Will tell all tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I just had a dreadful, horrible, heart-stopping experience and I'm still shaking. When I walked into the study just now, I found an huge, enormous, gigantic spider sitting there under the chair just looking at me. Tried to get it with a magazine, it skittered away--and this thing was fast!--behind the bookcase. I got the Raid, sprayed into the gap, and fervently HOPE I got him. I HATE THOSE THINGS!
However--living here in the woods, more or less, guess we have to share space with them.
Enjoyed seeing Mary Jane H. yesterday. We were going to meet at Panini Bay, but she called me to say she was there (early) and it was closed. Changed it to Debra's Dreamboat (or something) at the Tuckerton Emporium. We both had the crab cake platter, which Debra herself recommended as appropriate for Weight Watchers: Excellent, no-filler crab cakes, arugala salad, and steamed vegetables.
Mary Jane and I hadn't seen each other for a year or so, but easily fell back into the roles of women who have a lot in common in the husband/children and "moved to Ocean County" sense. We stayed talking at the restaurant until almost 2:00, then she came over to the house and we did the same until she left after 4:00.
We go up to Fort Dix today at 1:00 to see Pat's primary for no reason whatever; nothing is new and Dr. S. won't do anything but go through the motiions. It's okay, though, because it's a nice day for a drive...
A nice day?! That's what revives the spiders around here, ugh, ugh, ugh! Okay, my Raid's handy, right on the desk, and I'm ready for um! However--if I don't post tomorrow, you know I was too slow with the spray and they got me...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Well, it was just a wasted day yesterday. I went to Penney's to try to find something to wear for the fashion show on May 23rd--do you think I could? Ha! Unfortunately, I've had to shop in "Women's" in recent years because this tubby little figure has somehow replaced my long, lean, svelte, goddess-like...oh, the hell with it, I'm short and fat.
Anyway, I rediscovered why I never go to Penney's: Their styles are ugly, their fabrics cheap and flimsy, and all their stuff is designed to make you look bad. I tried on outfit after outfit and they were horrid. Finally decided the best of a bad lot was a skirt and two matching tops in black and white. Made a mental note to go back and try them on again (we're not supposed to give the salesperson our selections for the show until next week) and left in an annoyed mood. Now I still haven't gotten anything to wear for Chrissy's wedding AND have to search out something for the show.
The rest of the day was nice. Just puttered around, went to Acme, ran into some neighbors and chatted, and enjoyed the incredible summery weather. It must have been 80 and so sunny--my favorite kind of day. After dinner, I went to Manahawkin and got a few things at Wal-Mart, but was disappointed again when I got home to hear that Patrick had called. Pat said he'd call again Wednesday night.
The rest of the week and most of next week are almost filled. I'm meeting former colleague, Mary Jane H., for lunch today at Panini Bay, and tomorrow, we have to go to Pat's primary at Fort Dix. Thursday, I'm taking the infamous stress test--ugh!-- and on Friday, I'll drive up to the Rider area to meet David P., former fellow manager in HR (he's info systems), for lunch. I'm planning to go to the Penney's up there in Lawrence to see if they have anything better than the crap in Hamilton Mall, but I'm not too optimistic.
But you know what? I'm actually in a buoyant mood.