Friday, September 30, 2016

Continuing On

Really nothing new, just more of the same. Walked the usual, moved some things around, including the bookcase, which I switched to my bedroom from the living room. I have dozens of framed pictures, large ones and small ones and I'm going to have to make a decision about them. Stored the small ones in a container and put it, I'm afraid, under the bed. Oh, well, that's all I have under there, anyway.
Went to WinGo and got a fair amount of food; supply had been sparse. Talked to Doris, who may or may not go to the harp recital and lunch today. E-mailed Sherry, as she thought she might go, but didn't hear back from her.
I'm worried about my new ficus, as it's turning yellow and losing leaves. I'll ask El where she got it and see if they can give me some pointers on care.
Went to the library and engaged with one of my favorites, Bill Bryson. Got his auto-bio in an audio book and his slim book on Shakespeare and how little we know about him.
Started researching my upcoming trip on line. I'm trying to get away with a non-stop flight, but am not sure how feasible that is re timing.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


I forced myself to get out and walk at Kimball, although it's still pretty hot; as always, I was glad I did when I finished.
Finally unpacked the huge box that had been sitting in my bedroom. It was full of pictures, which are now lining the walls of my room. No must decide where--or if--to put them and the dozens of others, up.
Brother Jim called to ask if I wanted some things he has in a safety deposit box. "Money?" I said, "well, okay, I'll take it if I must." Ho, ho, he was talking about some things more valuable than cash: documents such as my parents' marriage certificate, my father's diploma from Villanova, my mother's First Communion paper, and both their death certificates. I already have my father's group pictures (formal and posed) when he was on the debating team and (in track suits) on the racing team. I'll have the new documents framed and make up a kind of "ancestry gallery." Jim said he's send them when he can get over to the bank.
Right after that, Bob, the repair guy, knocked. He came over to look at the metal bifold door on the utility closet. It doesn't quite close all the way and I had told Patti I think it should be fixed or they should install a new one. She was reluctant, but I pointed out that I pay more than others who have one bedroom (because mine is completely upgraded with all new appliances, carpet, and so on) and the owners should damn well be agreeable to replacing it. Bob couldn't fix it, but said he'd look into something else.
Kohl's is having a sale on bed coverings, so I went over there. I had wanted to spiff up my room and replace my comforter (white and lilac flowers) with brighter colors. However, I fell for the matching lamps in pale green and I guess I'll have to continue with pastel. Bought a pink, kind of tucked coverlet, which was on sale, but still eighty bucks; they had only one pillow sham, which was another fifteen or so. I have two pillows that will take shams, so will have to ask if they can have another Kohl's send one.
I then went to Macy's to look at their bedding. For some weird reason, I bought an eight-piece set that I really don't like much! Went from there to the library, but it was closed due to the heat, so I stopped at the Bow-Wow thrift store. Got a little wooden box with a painted cat on it--perfect for something I keep in the bathroom.
Before I even went home, I stopped back at Macy's and took back the bed set. Indecisive me--I'm not sure whether I'll keep the pink, either.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Usual

I'm annoyed with myself because I didn't walk yesterday. I thought it would be hot as before (but it cooled down a bit), plus I got up a little later, so I skipped it.
I did get a lot of the put-away chores done. Also, consolidated this and that and followed the best rule of the Japanese tidy-up guru: Put like things in the same place. I did, starting with a box full of batteries, lots of wires that go with various devices, and the usual linens and so on. Now I'm trying to decide what to do with the dozens of pictures--mostly family ones--that I somehow accumulated over the years and have persisted in keeping on both coasts. Did lots of computer chores, such as changing addresses and keeping track of my bank accounts. Happily, I should soon be finished that. I still have one large container filled with some of the larger framed pictures; the dilemma is, should I deface the walls extensively to put them up--or not?
I thought of going to the pool, as it got considerably warmer in the afternoon, but scuttled that in favor of going to WinCo for various. Got myself some lovely grapes, plus cheddar "Goldfish" and "caribou tracks" ice cream. Are the latter two good for me? No, but I consider myself virtuous for recording it here (talk about kidding yourself!).
Stopped at the doctor's office first to 1. change my contact info and 2. make an appointment with my primary. I have a number of what I call "skin pops"--moles and other growths of this and that--and I probably will need to see a dermatologist. The one on the side of my nose worries me, as it's been there for some time. In light of the fact that my older sister had a melanoma, I don't want to take any chances.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More of Much of the Same

Got to Kimball to walk at about 8:15. Incredibly, it was already close to 90 degrees--it got hotter later, I think up to 97. Happily, my fan keeps the place pretty much okay and I got more unpacking and putting away done. After lunch, I decided to quit and go to the pool. Did so and met a nice woman named Karen, whose granddaughters attend Balboa Middle School, which is right behind us; one of them was with her at the pool and her daughter teaches Kindergarten at a nearby elementary.
Karen and I started talking and I found she makes things out of "sea glass." I didn't know what that was, but she said it was pieces and chunks of different-colored glass that wash up on the ocean shore. She showed me on her phone some of her creations--a palm tree, a turtle, a flower--which she has in shadow boxes. That reminded me I was going to donate a shadow box for which I don't have room; asked if she wanted it and she said yes. After she left, I jumped in and swam around a bit--it was heavenly.
Later, I remembered which building and apartment Karen said she lived and, on my way to Lowe's, dropped off the shadow box. At Lowe's, where I went to get a hanging holder for several mops and brooms, I saw some beautiful succulents and picked up two quart-sized ones. Got home and put them on the patio--very nice. I also bought a cedar fence-type thing and put it around my ficus. Looked up info on how to care for same and it says partial sun, so I'll put it a few feet away.

Monday, September 26, 2016


I'm back, I'm home, and happy day! Walked Kimball, although the heat was incredible--as bad as Jersey, though not as humid--then followed my usual Sunday ritual. El came at 11:00, bringing me a gorgeous ficus tree as a moving gift. We put it on the patio and it looks great.
As El and I talked, I glanced over at the dishwasher, which I had turned on for the first time--aagh! Suds were dripping out of it and sloshing on the floor! We stopped it, opened it, and El asked me what I had put in as detergent. I showed her a Lemi product I had never used before and she pointed out that it said "dish soap," not "dishwasher detergent." Yoicks! I provided rags and towels and she sopped it up on the floor and in the machine. What a job and what an idiot her mother is.
Finished that, she started on hooking up the computer. We had a talk--uh, discussion--well, argument--on various electronic topics, then she wisely asked me to go in the kitchen and just let her do it. I did, she did, and my little darlin' works--yay!
We celebrated with lunch at the Hill Street Cafe, where I enjoyed quiche and an orange blossom, refilled several times. From there, it was Wal-Mart where we got a surge protector, but it proved to be too short, so I went back later and got another. Had some items in my car I had borrowed from El, so dropped them off. Went home and plugged things into the surge thing, and finally, at long last, I'm electronically sound and it's all good. Watered my beautiful new ficus and spent time on this machine catching up with various. Took time out to go to Smart 'N' Final--the stupidest name I've ever heard for a supermarket, but otherwise, I like the place.
Slept like a stone last night and will now prepare myself for my walk.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looking Up

Okay, things are looking up. Guy came early yesterday and hooked up the router; of course, computer isn't operational yet, but I hope will be this week end. Guy also showed me how to work the television, using the remote he left. Why he told me to buy a universal remote is beyond me--I didn't even ask. I had defrosted a small pork loin from the freezer and put it to slow-cook with mushroom and onion soups for dinner.
Met Sailboat Sue for lunch at Brophy Bros. at the harbor. We both had tuna melts (which reminded me I really don't like them much) and I a good Stone IPA. Long talk with Sue, who continues to have problems with her ailing (probably dementia) husband. After, she took me on an enjoyable tour of the harbor, with which she's very familiar, as they used to dock there.
From there, I took back the stupid remote to Time-Warner (oh, excuse me, it's now "Spectrum," as if I give a damn).
Got home to continue unpacking (almost finished), put more away, and rearrange. I was amazed and thrilled to open two of my kitchen cabinets and find them empty--that's how much space I now have and it's lovely! Called several people to give them my new phone number, including my three brothers; greatly enjoyed talking to them.
I actually watched T.V. last night for an hour and a half. As a novelty, it was great fun. I even enjoyed the commercials. Slept soundly all through the night and didn't get up until after 7:00. Had my first coffee, read the paper, then walked Kimball. I'm determined to resume that daily.
Now here I am at the library again, but I HOPE I'll be posting from home next time!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


AAGH--what a horrible day! That's why I'm back here at the library, as I still don't have a computer! I used to think Comcast was the worst company in the world, but then I found out differently. It seems Time-Warner (my old) and Communications Services (my new and shed a tear for me) are in competition to be the worst, both run by the devil twins, Indifference and Incompetence. To cut to the quick: I was told by T-W I had to return their modem; did so and was told I had to return their cable box; did so and found out today I have to return their remote; will have to do that tomorrow, so will make three trips to the crappy place.
Guy from Communications "Services" (they don't use the quote marks, but they should) got here about 11:00; hooked up the T.V. pretty quickly easily and the phone ditto. I had been told by C"S" to get a modem and he hooked it up. He then asked about a router. Router? I hadn't been told to get a router. Now here it gets hazy: At some point, he said I had to have a router for more than one computer. I told him I had only one, but may have mentioned I have a tablet. However, I don't generally use it now, as I have the desktop at home. At one point, he said I didn't need a router after all, but then come out and said I did. "Darn," I said, "I was never told I needed one." I said I'd go buy one and he said he'd come back later in the afternoon to finish up once I had the router. He gave me his cell number and asked me to call him once I had it and he'd come. He left, I went to the laundry place and washed and dried.
I didn't want to bug him, so waited until almost 4:00 before I called the number he had given me. Oh, gee, guess the joke was on me: A recording informed me that the mail box for that number hadn't been set up. Damn! I then called the main number for C"S"; AGAIN, there was a very annoying echo on the line--double AAGH! I told the woman ("Yvonne") the story, including the number the guy had given me and she said that was only used for them to radio their employees. I told her I didn't use the tablet and she said I didn't need a router. She asked if the computer is operational; I tried it and oh, no, of course not--screen is completely dark, keyboard doesn't work and so on.
Now, she said, she'll have the guy come back tomorrow. Okay, okay, okay, what else could I do but agree?
So here I am at 5:23 pm at the library in town, furiously angry at Time-Warner (soon to be Spectrum, says a syrupy voice when you call them), Communications "Services," and the world in general. So I say again--AAGH!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Second Day at the Library

I'm back at the library one more time, I hope, as the hookup should take place tomorrow.
I'm happy to note I walked Kimball yesterday morning. Continued my unpacking after and got a lot done, but not all yet, of course. Took the %$@!! modem back to ^&%*()= Time Warner and was asked if I had the cable box. What? Didn't know I was supposed to turn that in too, but went back, picked it up, and did so. Called Communications, Inc. to see if I need to buy a box, but no. Went to Wal-Mart and bought a modem. Went to Target and various others for this and that.
When I got home, my neighbor, Suzanne, was sitting outside and invited me to join her. I did and--just as I had told Ellen I thought this--she is indeed, a nun, a Sister of Mercy. She does counseling and other things at St. John's Rehab in Oxnard. We had a nice chat, she's 68, comes from Iowa, and is one of six siblings, the youngest of whom had Downs Syndrome and died a few years ago. I told her I was educated by nuns, but was no longer religious, and she jumped up in horror and said I'd burn in hell.
Ha! She casually accepted this, then we discussed pacifism and had a good talk. We went in, then El called to say she'd bring the duplicate key for Colony Parc back. Did so and we visited for a bit; she likes how the apartment is shaping up.
So do I, in fact, and I like Ventura Del Sol so much.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At The Library

I'm in! Slept in my new place last night. Now I'm at the library at 6:27 pm; they close at 7:00, so I'll make this fast. It's been wild the last few days. El came over Monday to get the nails out of the wall and take the boxes she had lent me. We then went to dinner at Macaroni Grille. After that, I asked if I could watch T.V. at her place, which I did until a little after 8:00. Went home, unpacked a little more, then hit the sheets.
Today, Tuesday, I did a lot more unpacking and putting away (I'm far from finished, of course). Met picture hanger, Ryan H. at the Colony Parc place and he took my cherished A.C. pics off, then transported them to Ventura Sol and put them up there. It cost me 200 smackers, but was well worth it--they look great.
Rushed around trying to find Time Warner's local office so I can return the modem, but will go back tomorrow. Have to buy a new modem, too.
Went to WinCo to put a little bit in the larder (fridge and cabinets) and now the library is closing, so must do the same.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Last Full Day

Whew! It was a really busy, physically challenging day, but I got a lot done and I'm happy with that. I didn't walk Kimball, but more than made up for it. Went back and forth three times to VDS, first packing up my cart, then rolling it the short distance to the car, unpacking, driving to VDS and reversing the process. With time out for lunch and dinner, this took most of the day. The mover guy called to say they'll be here at 8:30 and I hope to have everything ready for them.
Took the bathroom rugs to the laundry place--the last time I'll be using that one--washed and dried and put them in the car. I kept out the absorbent mat so I could take a shower later. Did so, washed my hair, and feel good. Ellen called and asked if I'd call her at 4:00; she'll come over to get the boxes she lent me that I didn't use.
I still have the Colony Parc place until tomorrow at, presumably midnight, and I'll finish up a few things after the movers leave. Also, Ryan, the picture hanger, is coming at 2:00 to take down, then put up the pics at VDS.
Happily, I slept well my last night here. Just got up at 5:30, as I have a few more things to do. So far, so good, but I can't wait until the move is complete!
NOTE: Communications, Inc. won't be hooking me up until Thursday, so I may or may not suspend this blog for a few days. Depends on whether I have time to get to the library's or El's computer.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moving and Meds

My sloppy, lazy, naughty self tried to argue me out of it, but virtuous Mimi won out and I walked Kimball. El got here, as promised, at 10:30, bringing boxes, and we proceeded to fill a lot of them, pack up the cars, and go off to VDS.
She loves the place--well, it is all newly renovated, including carpet, appliance, paint, and fixtures, and it does look nice. The woman next door was on her patio reading and we introduced ourselves. Her name is Suzanne, she's probably in her sixties--maybe older--and seems very pleasant and refined. She's lived here 15 years, which is a good recommendation, it seems.
I was concerned over the shower fittings. At Colony Parc, my shower is equipped with grab bars--in fact, the apartment has some other accommodations for the disabled, I guess, for instance, doorways wide enough for a wheelchair. I definitely feel more secure with grab bars, so we went to Bed 'N' Bath and got one with a very powerful suction. We put it in--or on--and it works fine, but I may get another for the other end.
Finished up for the time being, we went to lunch--very enjoyable, especially with a schooner of Blue Moon. We went back to pick up most of the clothes in my closet--I don't think I'll need them before Monday and have others in my bureau. El went with me to deliver them, then left for home about 4:00. I stopped to buy more packing tape, then called it a (moving) day.
A snag: I was in my pj's and ready for bed as usual at 9:00. Went to take my medications (mostly for BP) and realized I must have already taken them to the new place. I considered getting dressed and going back for them, but I was too tired. Got to sleep, but woke up at 2 am and had a hard time getting back. I finally did and feel pretty much okay now (6:55 am).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Politics and Packing

I didn't walk, but did go to T.O.P.S. Stayed about the same, which is what I expected. Again, chatter absolutely unrelated to weight loss started up--grr! After the meeting, though, Lenny (I can't remember her real name), Louisa, and I stood in the parking lot for a good 45 minutes talking politics. Lenny's husband is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church here in town. She's a really nice person whom I like a lot, not at all dogmatic. Louisa calls herself "liberal" and had all kinds of aspersions to throw at Trump. She assumed, she said, that I was for Sanders. (Imagine a deep sigh on my part.) I said no, I'm a pacifist, and I resolved some time ago never again to vote in a federal election. Great consternation from Louisa, who spouted the usual cliches and honest puzzlement from Lenny, who brought up the lesser evil thing re Clinton. However, we actually had a pretty good discussion, notwithstanding that they're both religious, Lenny seeming to lean more toward Jesus-the-Peacemaker than the mighty Lord God Jehovah. It's refreshing to be able to talk with people whose ideas--and ideals--are very most opposed to yours, yet be able to do so civilly and with respect. They have the right to their beliefs as much as I do.
Anyhoo, that was the high point of the day, the rest being all packing and transporting. Didn't have breakfast until almost 11:00, then packed up items in both cart and hand truck and trekked over to VDS. I got some of the stuff put away so the movers will have room for the furniture, and El and I will continue to bring stuff in tomorrow.
Called Ryan H., the picture hanger, and sparred with him a bit over taking them down and installing at the new place. We settled on $200 (which is fifty bucks more than they cost me, but let's not go there) and he'll be over on Tuesday to get them.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Moving One

I guess I could have walked yesterday--I was up at 6:15--but I skipped it, figuring I'd get plenty of exercise--and boy, did I.
I wanted to get to my new place early to get all my ducks in a row with Ventura Del Sol, so I was there at 8:30. Jim was somewhere else, so Patti went over all the documents which we discussed and signed. I handed over the first month's check and Patti then took me over to the place to show and explain this, that, and the other. I knew most of it, but was still pleased to see the new appliances, fixtures, paint, and carpet. There are a few items that I have at Colony Parc I won't here; for instance, the refrig doesn't have an automatic ice maker, but I'll just buy a few more ice cube trays and periodically expel them into a container. There is a double sink and garbage disposal, but there's no spray attachment. There are a few other items I would have preferred, but they're all minor and certainly, the assets outweigh the liabilities.
Went home and had breakfast, then called Sue. She got here about 11:00 and we commenced loading up our cars--she has a spacious Cruiser--then drove over to leave the stuff off. We went back and forth many times and it took us a good three hours, but boy, did we get a lot in. Sue has a terrific hand truck, not the big, heavy, and rigid old-fashioned kind, but one that quickly folds and collapses. She insisted on lending it to me for the weekend when El and I finish off the small stuff. We got most that I had packed in by about 2:00 and I told Sue I wanted to take her to lunch, but she wasn't hungry and asked if we could make it another time. Sure, and we will. After she left, I packed up the two table lamps from the living room and took them over, as well as my doll, Linda (who's older than Sue), and her trunk. Tomorrow, I want to go back and put things away, as far as I can.
I had to get out--and out from under moving chores--so I drove up Foothill Road and stopped at Ellen's school. It was after 4:00, but she (and evidently, a lot of other teachers) were still there preparing for Friday and next week. We chatted for a bit, then I left. Stopped at Smart & Final and picked up mixed nuts and ice cream, so shoot me. I worked my little boodie off all day and I deserve a treat. Hey, it's not booze, anyway.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lots of Various

Walked my walk. After breakfast, I spent a fair amount of time packing. Called City Hall (they were taking reservations for the course) to find that only two people had signed up. That included my friend, Sue, so the course is cancelled and I actually breathed a sigh of relief. I may or may not offer it elsewhere, but for me, having this on my mind with the extensive prep and so on involved, was a drag at this particular time. Ironically, Betty Berry has a column for seniors in the Ventura Star and she mentioned my course yesterday under "Happenings." Too little, too late, and just as well.
I called Sue to tell her she won't be able to challenge Meryl just yet and she was disappointed, but okay with it. She again offered to help me with the move and this time, I told her I'd take her up on it. Told her I'd call after my meeting with Assistant Manager Jim.
Took several more things to Goodwill, then spent more time packing this and that. I got everything but the hanging clothes out of the closet and packed them, a momentous undertaking. It was heavy stuff, too, as my bookcase with a lot of books, albums, and "other" were in there. I went back and forth to my car and loaded it up with the first shipment.
Betty called. She goes to the urologist today and after that to various other places and doctors for test and appointments. She says she still has pain and has been told she has a kidney infection, but she doesn't think it feels like that. I asked her to keep me informed, of course.
After dinner, as is my wont (sorry), I took a drive. Went to town on Foothill Road, which has wonderful view of ocean and hills. Got minutes for my phone (yes, I still have that kind, but will catch up with the twenty-first century soon) and got gas.
Today's the day! That I take possession of my new digs, that is. I want to go over to Ventura Del Sol early--the office opens at 8:00--so I can get the nitty-gritty done, then put some of my stuff in the car away before I call Sue.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Around and About

I didn't get up until 7:45, I guess because I had had trouble sleeping. I was going to give myself a pass from walking, but forced myself and was glad I had.
Went to the Center for lunch. Sat with Marie, Chuck, Sergio, Steve and a guy I hadn't met before, Barry. I liked him a lot (no, not that way) and he invited me to join the lunch group he and Marie are in, called "The Clueless Club" or something like that. I said I'd be delighted, but couldn't this Monday, as the movers are coming. Hmm...this may conflict with the widder group, but I wouldn't mind just alternating or something.
Home, I changed into everyday togs and took the wash to the laundry room. Went back, of course, to put it in the dryer, then fold. Went to Wal-Mart to get a drop cloth; I'm thinking the moving people will don booties, but when El and I take things over, I don't want the carpet soiled.
After, I drove to Ventura Del Sol, as I had a few questions for Assistant Manager Jim. He answered them, then asked if I'd like to see the apartment. Well, sure, and he just gave me the keys without going with me. It still looks good, but I'm glad I saw it again as I have a bad tendency to imagine it as more spacious than it actually is. I still like it, though. Ran into Manager Patti and she showed me where my parking spot will be and so on.
After dinner, never wanted to stay in, I drove to the library. Got an audio for the car on the sinking of the Lusitania (yes, I have weird tastes) and the new Stephen King book.
I forgot to mention in my last post that my brother, Larry, called from Miami on Monday. He asked if I would be coming to their big family gathering at Christmas. I've gone before, but won't this time. It was great to talk to him--he and Helen are in new digs, also--but he's 84 now and seems to have slowed down a lot, even in his speech. He always was a deliberate type, but that saddens me. He said that Helen, two years younger then then is, does little but sit. She's had hip and knee replacements and is also very heavy.
Time is a thief.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I've been running my tail off (another of my husband's genteel sayings). After walking Kimball and breakfast,* I spent a lot of time packing, mostly fragile stuff. Why in the world do I have all this fragile stuff, anyway? Dunno. I did get some things out of the patio closet, including my London Fog raincoat, which I was sure I'd need and never even once had to wear since I got here. Put it with some glasses and other things to take to Goodwill.
Finally got everything out from under the bed and collected all my acting paraphernalia in one place. I'm now actually hoping my class won't happen--at least this time. I plan to go to lunch at the Center today and if I don't have at least six sign-ups by tomorrow, I'll cancel. Later, I'll look at why I think it didn't draw participants. My friend, Sailboat Sue, called to say she wanted to be in the acting class. She'll call to register today; I did tell her it will be cancelled (by me) if I don't get at least six.
Went to Michael's and picked up three more of the scrapbook-style plastic cases they sell. I find these ideal for my theatre items; I have two others.
Showered and washed my hair after lunch and finally, at long last, went to get it cut and colored. That took an age, as ever, and I'm not sure I'm that nuts about the result, anyway, but at least it looks better than it did.
At the hairdressers, I leafed through a People magazine. What did I see but a page devoted to Stranger Things, which I could surmise is a T.V. show (since I watch so little, I didn't know about it). I was thrilled to see that Gaten Matarazzo is one of the five kid stars. He was born and bred in Little Egg and I've met him; he's a neat kid, not bratty or conceited at all. His mother and I appeared together in Steel Magnolias for LETCO several years ago. I was so excited about it, I put it on Facebook.
After the hair appointment, I took the stuff to Goodwill, then went home to call Time-Warner to end my service here and Communications, Inc. to hook me up at Ventura Del Sol. They come out only on Mondays and Thursdays (I guess they turn into pumpkins the other days), so I picked Thursday. I'll already be in the place on Monday, but I need time to decide where I want the T.V. and computer, so I'll be without electronics until then. Guess I'll live. Anyway, the t.v. still isn't working and I don't mind.
Annoyingly, after weeks of good sleep, I tossed and turned last night. I'm sure it's about the move, the class, and juggling it all together, but I'll live through this, too.
*Ha--looks like I'm saying I walked breakfast, as well as Kimball.

Monday, September 12, 2016

This And That

Moving right along, I walked Kimball, then settled into my usual Sunday routine. Crossword and coffee finished, I spent the rest of the morning contacting various places to change my address--what a drag and I have plenty more to go. What's monumentally annoying is the fact that I won't have the same landline phone; well, I'll have to use the cell and soon, I hope, get a smart phone.
Made a big salad, had some for lunch, then out I went. I drove into town--which was jammed and no wonder, considering it was a beautifully sunny Sunday. I went to the library--I'm always pleased that it's open on Sundays--picked up a "tell all" JFK book and the new (huge) one called Sinatra about--well, yes.
Bought myself a hat, after which I walked into another store and everything went black. When I came to, I had bought two smashing throw pillows for the sofa--just couldn't resist. I already have two sofa pillows, but I think I might use those in the bedroom. Anyway, these are going to make my new place look elegant. I also bought a kind of fancy stool like you'd have at a makeup table. It'll come in handy, I fervently hope, even though I don't have a makeup table.
Got an invitation from Golden Girls for a cocktail party on October 1. I responded in the affirmative right away, as it sounds like great fun. We'll again each bring a bottle of something and an appetizer--my cocktail meatballs went over very big last time, so I'll probably make those.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Birthday Lunch

A delightful day. Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then El called. Her birthday is today and I had said I'd like to take her out to eat over the weekend. She suggested lunch, as she and Greg were going to Santa Barbara after he finished work.
Where to? She thought of the Aloha Steakhouse, a good idea. I was there last Sunday and really liked it, but she had never been. She came over and I gave her her present, then she looked at my T.V., still unoperational. No luck there, but so what, I'm okay with You Tube.
It took a considerable time to park; the building is right next door to the restaurant, but was filling up fast. The area was so festive, with lots of people enjoying the beach, the ocean, and the music and beer.
I couldn't resist my usual hamburger and Blue Moon, El had a beef sandwich that I wish I had ordered. I mentioned to the waitress that it was her birthday and she brought out a big mound of ice cream with chocolate sauce and almonds, plus two spoons. We enjoyed that together--and yum.
After, we strolled down to the pier. It was very windy, though warm, and the ocean--so beautiful and a kind of bottle green--was choppy. We saw two preparations for weddings on the beach and there were plenty of doggies around, of course; Californians take their pooches everywhere. Somebody had also brought two little goats that were up on the half wall. Everybody oohed and ahhed over them, naturally.
By the time we got back, it was almost 4:00, so El dropped me off, after which I went to WinGo for salad fixins'.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Active Friday

I had skipped my walk for two days and was determined to get back in the groove. Did so; in fact, I got to Kimball just a bit after 7:00. Walked, then was able to stop at Wal-Mart for corn pads before T.O.P.S., which starts at 8:45
Got there and found that Carole F. was, too. She hasn't come for several months, and I was glad to see her. As for my weight, I stayed about the same, which is okay, I guess. The meeting itself was, as ever, an exercise in--if not futility, maybe uselessness. Sharon held forth on her daughter being a mail carrier and didn't get to see the baby, her great-nephew for weeks, and baby cried and blah, BLAH! Lolly, the sweet-natured "leader" is too damn sweet-natured to tell Sharon and all the other blabbers about anything but weight loss to shut the hell up. Carole and I talked about this after--it's so annoying. However, we also talked about going back to the Chumash Casino--she'll drive--and made a tentative date for next Wednesday, the twenty-first.
Went home for breakfast and discovered that yet again, my morning paper wasn't complete. Called the Ventura Star and was told by machine it was too late to have it re-delivered, so did I want it with tomorrow's or did I want credit? Aagh!
Did lots and lots of prep work for the course--I'll be surprised if it ever comes to fruition this time out--and made up a course description that Carole had requested. Actually, it was good for me to lay it out, too. However, when I send it to her, I'm going to emphasize that it isn't hard-and-fast and I can and will modify to suit the size of the class, gender makeup, and so on.
Betty called to say she was yet again taken to the ER. Another bad pain in her abdomen, which docs think is a kidney infection. Anyway, it eased up and she has a primary doctor appointment on Monday and will see a urologist a few days later. My tenant, Eileen, called to say the garbage disposal was on the blink; plumber said it had to be replaced to the tune of $135, so I said go ahead. Considering the house is fourteen years old, you have to expect some replacement; I'm just glad it wasn't the furnace or something.
I hadn't intended to go to The Townehouse wine and music, but Doris called and said she was and that she had invited Shelley, so I decided to. Met them there and we had a nice session. I saw Joe LaR. after and he gave me a hug. Said his flaking leg seems to be slowly improving, so that was good.
Now I must turn my attention to the nitty-gritty of financial affairs and moving work.

Friday, September 09, 2016

More Fun

If I experience any more of these fun days, I may collapse.
Didn't walk, as Nancy came over at 9:45 and we left for the movie. I drove--nervously, because it was all the way in Oxnard, a good five miles. Aside from passing the exit, it was okay; the next exit got us there, too.
We saw Florence Foster Jenkins and both loved it. It developed at a leisurely pace, so was a little slow at the start, but soon blossomed. Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, and the other players were all just superb and the story line--based (probably loosely, as these things usually are) on a true story--was both touching and funny.
Nancy's son, Richard, had invited us to see his "Silkworm" shop, so we went there after back in Ventura. I had envisioned a little store front operation, but no--this is in a very large warehouse-like space, with huge machines for duplicating all kinds of signs, logos, legends on paper, wood, tee shirts, and so on. Richard is pretty large himself, probably at least six foot six, and a very personable nice guy. Anyway, it was great fun to be shown around and see his business.
By the time we got to The Cave at the Ventura Wine Co., it was 2:00 and we were hungry. We both got the assorted cheese plate and boy, was it good. It included five kinds of cheese, several kinds of breads and crackers, various mustards and dips, plus grapes, figs, and nuts. Nancy had her usual split of champagne and I, heritic that I am, passed up the wine for Stone IPA, very "hoppy" and very good. After a long, leisurely lunch, I drove home and dropped Nancy at her car. By that time, it was almost 4:00 and I had a message from Betty, telling me she had again to go to the hospital with pains in her upper abdomen.
This is really scary, but at least she had had the colonoscopy just a few months ago and, although there were some pre-cancerous growths, she seems not to have a recurrence of colon cancer. We had a good talk and no sooner hung up than the Tokyo Trio Skypped me.
Adorable Mr. K. is three years old today (yesterday in Japan); he opened and partly put together the sort of rolling balls gift I sent him. He's so bright and curious and talkative and happy--a joy to his parents and grandparents, including this proud Nana.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

BCCC And Etc.

Another pretty well-packed day. Skipped walking, as I wanted to get to the BCCC meeting early. Even so, Doris was already there and greeted me. Carole showed up shortly and so did Sue. Shelley, who had sat with us before, did so again. I put flyers out on the "information table," but was a bit annoyed when the prez was describing the various items there. She picked up one of my flyers and said, "Oh, there's an acting company." Oh, well.
We all had coffee and breakfast--a yummy array--then listened to the program. Two people who run the Grand Jury or something, spoke. If they had had some stories of particular cases or something, it would have been better, but they just more or less described the makeup of the Grand Jury and it was a snooze. Interestingly, though, Sue has served on four grand juries in four states.
After, Sue suggested we go to Mimi's Cafe for lunch; Shelley came with us. Ellen and I had eaten there about ten years and never went back. The decor was drab, the service indifferent, and the food tasteless. However, it has changed hands or something and I had an excellent "Tintanook Chicken Pasta." Sue said she and her husband go there often and I can see why. Very good.
Got home, changed, and cleaned up a bit. Went to the supermarket later and ran into Carole. She asked for a syllabus of my class. Actually, that's not a bad idea and I'll make one up--as long as it's understood I'll adapt according to how many in the class (if any!). Carole is about to leave her husband and said she's retained the best divorce lawyer in the area. She and I also talked about when we'll go to the Chumash Casino, although we haven't made a date yet.
After dinner, I went to the library, then to get gas. T.V. still out, but I watched a few things on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Walked my walk, which I know I won't be doing today because I'm going to the BCCC breakfast meeting shortly.
Made up some more flyers for my class and went to the Center to put them out. For lunch, I sat with Steve, Penny, Chuck, and Sergio, who was born in Chile, plus a new fellow. His name is Leland and he has a--not sure what it's called--tracheotomy opening? in his neck. To talk, he has to hold his finger over the opening. Seemed like a nice guy; said his family has bought a site in Oxnard in 1870 and still owns it--interesting. The company was good, the food mediocre. It was called "turkey marsala," but seemed to be just gravy over mashed potatoes and a small piece of turkey. No matter, the conversation was interesting.
Went from there to Five Points Auto to get my little blue darlin' washed. Of course, it was jammed; I was there an hour at least. That wasn't bad, though, as I sat outside in the sun. After that, I went directly to Target to get a card for precious Mr. K., who will be three years old on Friday. Of course, the card will be late, but I ordered a gift through Amazon Japan and that will be delivered tomorrow, I think. I had taken my address book when I left in the morning, so filled out the card at the P.O. and sent it off. Got home, changed, then took clothes to the laundry room; washed, dried, folded, put away.
I wanted to put some clip art on the flyers I made, but for some reason, couldn't do it at first. Went over to Michael's and looked for stickers, but then remembered I have lots of them. Went home and couldn't find them. Finally was able to get some clip art on and I prepared the flyers.
Sailboat Sue called to say she'll see me at the BCCC gathering today and did I want to go to lunch after? Yes, and I'm also going to see if the prez will announce about my class; that's why I'll take the flyers.
T.V. still isn't working. I was so busy all day I didn't have a chance to call Time Warner, but didn't miss it; just continued watching the Ethel Kennedy bio.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day and the Kennedys

Walked Kimball.
I somehow screwed up the television--too long and boring to go into why--and now I don't get anything. Called El and she guided me through getting the "box" working again, but I still don't have T.V. This isn't too big a deal, as I only watch Forensic Files and I don't even know why I do. It's completely formulaic--somebody murdered, often in a particularly gruesome way, then various suspects examined, then we find out the husband just took out a big insurance policy on wifey, plus he's playing around. Yep. I think I like it just because it is so perfectly mindless; I much prefer that to programs that pretend to carry great import and are supposed to make viewers THINK. They don't.
Nancy called to see if I wanted to go to the Ventura Wine Co. (a restaurant) on Thursday, and yes, indeed, I do. She then proposed a movie, the Meryl Streep one, and we decided to go there to the 3:55 show and have dinner after, instead of lunch. Sounds good.
Went to the widder lunch. Forced myself not to order a hamburger, so got a French dip, which was actually pretty good. Gayle held forth on various topics, including politics which, heaven preserve me, I can't stand. Talk about mindless...
Went from there to the Adult Center, forgetting it was Labor Day, so it was closed. Stopped at a few stores. Went home to continue a little of the minor wrapping and packing. Since I couldn't watch my hour of T.V. at 8:00, I went onto YouTube. Found a five-year-old documentary on Ethel Kennedy and watched half; will continue later. Sounds boring, but actually, it's pretty interesting. It was produced by her daughter, Rory, the one who was born after her father was assassinated. In the car, I'm listening to a fairly new, very extensive bio of Joseph Kennedy (The Patriarch), which is thoroughly absorbing.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Golden Girls Lunch

Walked Kimball. Gabrielle called to suggest we go together to Golden Girls of Ventura County's first anniversary lunch; great idea, especially since she said she'd drive. I showered and washed my hair--wish I had had it colored and cut--and met her at Starbucks at 12:30.
We were both a little worried about town being crowded, as we heard there was an "Aloha Festival" at the waterfront. However, we were lucky: We got a spot in the parking garage right next to the restaurant, which is called, coincidentally, "The Aloha Steakhouse." Organizer Cheryl was just coming and soon, others arrived. I was happy to see Michelle, my accountant, who used to live in Colony Parc, and we had a fine time catching up.
Cheryl, who also lives in Colony Parc will be 60 in November--looks a good ten years younger--and Michelle is about 55,I think. When I'm with them and others in the group, I realize I enjoy being with people my age, but not exclusively. There were about ten women altogether, a nice sized group, it seems to me. Isabelle, who is also in the widder group, sat next to me.
I liked Aloha Steakhouse a lot and hope to go back, not least because it includes a lovely view of the beach and the ocean beyond.
Got my usual: a rare hamburger and beer. (For a change, I treated myself to two beers since I wasn't driving.) They were good and even better, of course, was the talk and laughs we shared. Gabrielle is very quiet and somewhat somber, but I think she enjoyed herself in her subdued way. We left about 3:00 and got home fifteen or so minutes later. I immediately changed into shorts and a tee-shirt; I'll wear the other outfit to the widder lunch tomorrow and, possibly, the BCNN breakfast on Wednesday.
Got on the computer to Amazon Japan to have a gift sent to Mr. K., who will be three years old on Friday. It was so frustrating because I first had difficulty finding what would be appropriate, then in getting the pages translated into English. When I finally did, I discovered the "translators" were surely Japanese--hard to make out what was meant. Also, I thought I had left my credit card at Aloha, but found it later, luckily.
Got an e-mail from Carole F., whom I'll see at the BCNN breakfast and meeting the day after tomorrow. She asked if I'd like to go back to the Chumash Casino; said she'd drive. Darn right I do, so we'll go one of these days. Took a drive late in the day, just because I wanted to get out.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Nice One

Got up at 5:30, a little earlier than I like, but I was rested. Walked Kimball and after breakfast, did some straightening up. Called Betty, as this is the anniversary of her son, Jay's death--and after a few tears, caught up on everyday doings with each other. I hope that storm isn't too tough on Absecon Island.
Revised my course flyer and took it to the library to see if they'd allow it in their handout area. Lori, the branch manager, whom I know and who is a very nice person, regretfully said no, as they kept only non-profit info. I pointed out that they had a flyer from an acting company which charged admission, but there was some reason why that was allowed. I thanked her and left.
Actually, I'm not upset about it. I honestly won't mind if I don't get any participants; I have plenty of other enjoyable things to do.
I was just finished lunch when El called. She has a cold and actually called in sick with it on Friday--very unusual for her. She wanted to go into school to prepare for Tuesday and asked if I might want to go with her. Sure, I would, and I did. She cleared up a lot of stuff and I helped. I love being with her and in her classroom. We were there about two hours and got lots done. By that time, it was 5:00 pm and I left for home. Got in to find a message from niece Carolyn; called her back and we had a good chat.
Nice day in every way and I enjoyed it.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Away Day

Fridays have become most-of-the-day-away days, which is fine by me and yesterday was no exception. I walked, but not at Kimbell; drove to Thille Park, which is nearby and went around twice. I don't think it's as far as Kimball's mile and a half, but I wanted to get to T.O.P.S. on time. Did, at the start time of 8:45 and told Colleen I wasn't going to weigh in, as I was sure I had gained. However, she persuaded me, I did, and I maintained, which was better news than I had expected.
Dietician Margaret sat in for the meeting and told about how she thought she was fat when she was younger. She is barely five feet tall, small-boned, and if her weight tops a hundred, I'd be very surprised. However, we all like her and enjoyed having her there. After, she expressed interest in my class and I gave her a flyer on it.
Got home with barely enough time to change and went to Silvercrest for lunch. This is where they have the $3.00 lunch, as they do at the Center; just thought I'd try it. It was okay--a turkey sandwich and salad--but what I enjoyed most were the people I met. There was a Thelma and a Mary and a married couple named Frankie (her) and Frank (him). I chatted with them and Frankie invited me up to see their place. It's on the third floor and has a nice balcony overlooking the garden on the side. It's probably about the same size as my present place, except they pay a third of what I do. I left to go home and change into a third outfit for the wine and cheese at The Townhouse.
This was a particularly good one; the singer/entertainer, David Gilcrest, was about the best I've seen at these affairs. He's probably in his sixties, Australian, and has been in a lot of musicals. He did songs from Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler On The Roof, Pal Joey, and a number of others, each time donning costume props of hats, capes, and so on. Chatted with him after and he gave me an autographed picture--lots of fun.
I sat in my usual spot near the door spot and met a couple named Moni and Al. They're friends of Joe L. and I saw him after the affair. He introduced me to others and showed me his leg, which is in bad shape, but I think is healing. I'm not sure what the condition is, but the leg is bright red and raw and the skin seems to be peeling. He had been in the hospital while they treated it, but now it just has to heal, I guess.
So it was quite an enjoyable Away Day.

Friday, September 02, 2016

More of the Same

Didn't get to Kimball until 8:30, so didn't get home until 9:30, so didn't have breakfast until almost 10:00. However, no prob, as my day consisted of more of the same: calling places to change my address, wrapping and packing, and so on. I contracted to hire Starving Students for the move; they have a two-hour minimum and Burger Bros., whom I used before, requires three. If I play my cards right, it can be done in two hours.
I did get out long enough to get salad ingredients and chicken. Picked up some other stuff, too, such as flocked hangers. These are such a simple--but effective--idea, I don't know why I never bought any. I have several pieces of clothing that are cut wide at the top and they constantly slide off regular (plastic or wire) hangers. The felt ones keep them on.
Wrote to my children and put on Facebook that Margie Hardman has died at 105. She was our across-the-street neighbor for many years--until she remarried (a real SOB, I understand) and we moved to Little Egg. Later, she lived in St. Mary's assisted living, where my mother had; developed dementia several years ago and went into the nursing home side. She and Bob were good, kind, intelligent people, both college-educated in the days when that wasn't so common for middle-class people.
The Hardmans had an in-ground pool and invited us to use it anytime we wanted. One warm day, I took my kids and two of their friends over for a dip. As I walked in the gate, I saw that Marge was in the water and Bob was sitting on a lawn chair, reading a newspaper. We were good friends and I called, "Want some company?" At that, Marge hesitated for a minute and Bob replied, "We don't mind if you don't." I then remembered they were committed nudists and, in their own backyard, were nekkid, as they say in the funny papers. If I had been by myself, I think I would have stayed, but I thought it was best not for the kids, especially other people's. I said, "thanks, maybe another time," and went back across the street to turn on the sprinkler.

Thursday, September 01, 2016


Walked my walk at Kimball. After breakfast, I taped some boxes together and crumpled newspaper. Called a few more of the multitude of places you have to when you move. The real stinker is that Ventura Del Sol doesn't have a contract with Time Warner, which means I'll have to switch everything over. Called Communications, Inc., the designated company, and they don't do phones, except "through the Internet." Damn, I don't even know what that means. T.V. and Internet would be $89, less than Time Warner, but it doesn't include the phone. Called Pacific Bell, which is really A.T. & T. and found the damn phone will be $26, plus tax PLUS fifteen bucks for long distance. Who in the hell isn't long distance, fer cryin' out loud, except for Ellen? This makes me think I'll just get a smart phone and the hell with a landline--GRR!
A nice interlude between two annoying happenings (see later): I went to the Center for lunch and to put a few flyers about my course. Sat with Barbara--I like her a lot--and talked to Noel, whom I always called "Neil." Don't know why he didn't correct me.
After, I chatted with Beverly and Steve. Early on, Beverly seemed to me somewhat reminiscent of the old-time actress, Spring Byington: a sweet, slightly fussy, somewhat limited old maid. That's deceptive, though: Beverly actually does have a very pleasant nature, but she's smart and well-read and no pushover. Steve is a bright guy with an edge to him and great fun to talk to. He is, however, a dog person, but I won't hold that against him.
Went to Target to get the dimensions of my new microwave. Why, yes, it's still in my trunk but small as it is, I can't lift it, so one of their cart-handlers did. They opened the box, I measured it and yes, it's smaller than others, which is why I want to keep it. Still haven't decided.
As I was driving out, I saw Cheryl G. and said hello. Told her I was moving and she said she was looking, too, for the usual reasons: very small place at a ridiculously high rent. Counting Meghan, Sandra, and me, that's the fourth person I know who's leaving Colony Parc. Good--let the bloodsuckers get what's coming to them.
As I often do in the evening, I went into my Big Fish hidden object games--I have about 60 of them--and couldn't get them to come up. First, I clicked on the icon and it simply went right back to my screen saver. I finally got a list of what I've purchased, clicked "install" (although they were already installed), and nothing happened. Darn it all! I'll have to get in touch with Big Fish.