Thursday, September 08, 2016

BCCC And Etc.

Another pretty well-packed day. Skipped walking, as I wanted to get to the BCCC meeting early. Even so, Doris was already there and greeted me. Carole showed up shortly and so did Sue. Shelley, who had sat with us before, did so again. I put flyers out on the "information table," but was a bit annoyed when the prez was describing the various items there. She picked up one of my flyers and said, "Oh, there's an acting company." Oh, well.
We all had coffee and breakfast--a yummy array--then listened to the program. Two people who run the Grand Jury or something, spoke. If they had had some stories of particular cases or something, it would have been better, but they just more or less described the makeup of the Grand Jury and it was a snooze. Interestingly, though, Sue has served on four grand juries in four states.
After, Sue suggested we go to Mimi's Cafe for lunch; Shelley came with us. Ellen and I had eaten there about ten years and never went back. The decor was drab, the service indifferent, and the food tasteless. However, it has changed hands or something and I had an excellent "Tintanook Chicken Pasta." Sue said she and her husband go there often and I can see why. Very good.
Got home, changed, and cleaned up a bit. Went to the supermarket later and ran into Carole. She asked for a syllabus of my class. Actually, that's not a bad idea and I'll make one up--as long as it's understood I'll adapt according to how many in the class (if any!). Carole is about to leave her husband and said she's retained the best divorce lawyer in the area. She and I also talked about when we'll go to the Chumash Casino, although we haven't made a date yet.
After dinner, I went to the library, then to get gas. T.V. still out, but I watched a few things on YouTube.

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