Monday, September 05, 2016

Golden Girls Lunch

Walked Kimball. Gabrielle called to suggest we go together to Golden Girls of Ventura County's first anniversary lunch; great idea, especially since she said she'd drive. I showered and washed my hair--wish I had had it colored and cut--and met her at Starbucks at 12:30.
We were both a little worried about town being crowded, as we heard there was an "Aloha Festival" at the waterfront. However, we were lucky: We got a spot in the parking garage right next to the restaurant, which is called, coincidentally, "The Aloha Steakhouse." Organizer Cheryl was just coming and soon, others arrived. I was happy to see Michelle, my accountant, who used to live in Colony Parc, and we had a fine time catching up.
Cheryl, who also lives in Colony Parc will be 60 in November--looks a good ten years younger--and Michelle is about 55,I think. When I'm with them and others in the group, I realize I enjoy being with people my age, but not exclusively. There were about ten women altogether, a nice sized group, it seems to me. Isabelle, who is also in the widder group, sat next to me.
I liked Aloha Steakhouse a lot and hope to go back, not least because it includes a lovely view of the beach and the ocean beyond.
Got my usual: a rare hamburger and beer. (For a change, I treated myself to two beers since I wasn't driving.) They were good and even better, of course, was the talk and laughs we shared. Gabrielle is very quiet and somewhat somber, but I think she enjoyed herself in her subdued way. We left about 3:00 and got home fifteen or so minutes later. I immediately changed into shorts and a tee-shirt; I'll wear the other outfit to the widder lunch tomorrow and, possibly, the BCNN breakfast on Wednesday.
Got on the computer to Amazon Japan to have a gift sent to Mr. K., who will be three years old on Friday. It was so frustrating because I first had difficulty finding what would be appropriate, then in getting the pages translated into English. When I finally did, I discovered the "translators" were surely Japanese--hard to make out what was meant. Also, I thought I had left my credit card at Aloha, but found it later, luckily.
Got an e-mail from Carole F., whom I'll see at the BCNN breakfast and meeting the day after tomorrow. She asked if I'd like to go back to the Chumash Casino; said she'd drive. Darn right I do, so we'll go one of these days. Took a drive late in the day, just because I wanted to get out.

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