Friday, September 02, 2016

More of the Same

Didn't get to Kimball until 8:30, so didn't get home until 9:30, so didn't have breakfast until almost 10:00. However, no prob, as my day consisted of more of the same: calling places to change my address, wrapping and packing, and so on. I contracted to hire Starving Students for the move; they have a two-hour minimum and Burger Bros., whom I used before, requires three. If I play my cards right, it can be done in two hours.
I did get out long enough to get salad ingredients and chicken. Picked up some other stuff, too, such as flocked hangers. These are such a simple--but effective--idea, I don't know why I never bought any. I have several pieces of clothing that are cut wide at the top and they constantly slide off regular (plastic or wire) hangers. The felt ones keep them on.
Wrote to my children and put on Facebook that Margie Hardman has died at 105. She was our across-the-street neighbor for many years--until she remarried (a real SOB, I understand) and we moved to Little Egg. Later, she lived in St. Mary's assisted living, where my mother had; developed dementia several years ago and went into the nursing home side. She and Bob were good, kind, intelligent people, both college-educated in the days when that wasn't so common for middle-class people.
The Hardmans had an in-ground pool and invited us to use it anytime we wanted. One warm day, I took my kids and two of their friends over for a dip. As I walked in the gate, I saw that Marge was in the water and Bob was sitting on a lawn chair, reading a newspaper. We were good friends and I called, "Want some company?" At that, Marge hesitated for a minute and Bob replied, "We don't mind if you don't." I then remembered they were committed nudists and, in their own backyard, were nekkid, as they say in the funny papers. If I had been by myself, I think I would have stayed, but I thought it was best not for the kids, especially other people's. I said, "thanks, maybe another time," and went back across the street to turn on the sprinkler.

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