Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Usual

I'm annoyed with myself because I didn't walk yesterday. I thought it would be hot as before (but it cooled down a bit), plus I got up a little later, so I skipped it.
I did get a lot of the put-away chores done. Also, consolidated this and that and followed the best rule of the Japanese tidy-up guru: Put like things in the same place. I did, starting with a box full of batteries, lots of wires that go with various devices, and the usual linens and so on. Now I'm trying to decide what to do with the dozens of pictures--mostly family ones--that I somehow accumulated over the years and have persisted in keeping on both coasts. Did lots of computer chores, such as changing addresses and keeping track of my bank accounts. Happily, I should soon be finished that. I still have one large container filled with some of the larger framed pictures; the dilemma is, should I deface the walls extensively to put them up--or not?
I thought of going to the pool, as it got considerably warmer in the afternoon, but scuttled that in favor of going to WinCo for various. Got myself some lovely grapes, plus cheddar "Goldfish" and "caribou tracks" ice cream. Are the latter two good for me? No, but I consider myself virtuous for recording it here (talk about kidding yourself!).
Stopped at the doctor's office first to 1. change my contact info and 2. make an appointment with my primary. I have a number of what I call "skin pops"--moles and other growths of this and that--and I probably will need to see a dermatologist. The one on the side of my nose worries me, as it's been there for some time. In light of the fact that my older sister had a melanoma, I don't want to take any chances.

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