Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lots of Various

Walked my walk. After breakfast, I spent a fair amount of time packing. Called City Hall (they were taking reservations for the course) to find that only two people had signed up. That included my friend, Sue, so the course is cancelled and I actually breathed a sigh of relief. I may or may not offer it elsewhere, but for me, having this on my mind with the extensive prep and so on involved, was a drag at this particular time. Ironically, Betty Berry has a column for seniors in the Ventura Star and she mentioned my course yesterday under "Happenings." Too little, too late, and just as well.
I called Sue to tell her she won't be able to challenge Meryl just yet and she was disappointed, but okay with it. She again offered to help me with the move and this time, I told her I'd take her up on it. Told her I'd call after my meeting with Assistant Manager Jim.
Took several more things to Goodwill, then spent more time packing this and that. I got everything but the hanging clothes out of the closet and packed them, a momentous undertaking. It was heavy stuff, too, as my bookcase with a lot of books, albums, and "other" were in there. I went back and forth to my car and loaded it up with the first shipment.
Betty called. She goes to the urologist today and after that to various other places and doctors for test and appointments. She says she still has pain and has been told she has a kidney infection, but she doesn't think it feels like that. I asked her to keep me informed, of course.
After dinner, as is my wont (sorry), I took a drive. Went to town on Foothill Road, which has wonderful view of ocean and hills. Got minutes for my phone (yes, I still have that kind, but will catch up with the twenty-first century soon) and got gas.
Today's the day! That I take possession of my new digs, that is. I want to go over to Ventura Del Sol early--the office opens at 8:00--so I can get the nitty-gritty done, then put some of my stuff in the car away before I call Sue.

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