Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I've been running my tail off (another of my husband's genteel sayings). After walking Kimball and breakfast,* I spent a lot of time packing, mostly fragile stuff. Why in the world do I have all this fragile stuff, anyway? Dunno. I did get some things out of the patio closet, including my London Fog raincoat, which I was sure I'd need and never even once had to wear since I got here. Put it with some glasses and other things to take to Goodwill.
Finally got everything out from under the bed and collected all my acting paraphernalia in one place. I'm now actually hoping my class won't happen--at least this time. I plan to go to lunch at the Center today and if I don't have at least six sign-ups by tomorrow, I'll cancel. Later, I'll look at why I think it didn't draw participants. My friend, Sailboat Sue, called to say she wanted to be in the acting class. She'll call to register today; I did tell her it will be cancelled (by me) if I don't get at least six.
Went to Michael's and picked up three more of the scrapbook-style plastic cases they sell. I find these ideal for my theatre items; I have two others.
Showered and washed my hair after lunch and finally, at long last, went to get it cut and colored. That took an age, as ever, and I'm not sure I'm that nuts about the result, anyway, but at least it looks better than it did.
At the hairdressers, I leafed through a People magazine. What did I see but a page devoted to Stranger Things, which I could surmise is a T.V. show (since I watch so little, I didn't know about it). I was thrilled to see that Gaten Matarazzo is one of the five kid stars. He was born and bred in Little Egg and I've met him; he's a neat kid, not bratty or conceited at all. His mother and I appeared together in Steel Magnolias for LETCO several years ago. I was so excited about it, I put it on Facebook.
After the hair appointment, I took the stuff to Goodwill, then went home to call Time-Warner to end my service here and Communications, Inc. to hook me up at Ventura Del Sol. They come out only on Mondays and Thursdays (I guess they turn into pumpkins the other days), so I picked Thursday. I'll already be in the place on Monday, but I need time to decide where I want the T.V. and computer, so I'll be without electronics until then. Guess I'll live. Anyway, the t.v. still isn't working and I don't mind.
Annoyingly, after weeks of good sleep, I tossed and turned last night. I'm sure it's about the move, the class, and juggling it all together, but I'll live through this, too.
*Ha--looks like I'm saying I walked breakfast, as well as Kimball.

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