Sunday, February 26, 2006

Both Pat and I are about the same today. We slept all right and are just laying low. I was able to get out to the store while Pat was watching TV and got the roast chicken I'm been craving (could I be pregnant?), along with other basics.
We go to Pat's doctor tomorrow--hope he'll give me some tips on what else can be done. Think I'll get back in touch with my own doctor, as my cough has resurfaced. I'm taking the Zicam daughter Ellen recommended, but am not sure of its efficiency.
Have no idea what my weight's doing, and at this point, really don't care.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Second entry for day: I found chicken breasts in the freezer and also peas, so will have them for dinner, along with baked potatoes. Am currently eating a salad--haven't had one for days. Still inside all day except for my 10 minute excursion to the dollar store, but enjoyed phone calls from sister Betty and--surprise!--old Delaware friend, Lynne C., with whom I haven't been in touch for years.
Pat seems marginally improved; hope it keeps up.
Pat considerably better today. Made him breakfast (his usual--see yesterday and the last two years of so), he read the paper and is now ensconced in his easy chair awaiting noon when he can turn on the T.V. and see the news and weather. This morning, I ran out to the dollar store five minutes away, and am considering going to Boscov's this afternoon. I'll decide shortly if I can leave Pat for that long; will have the cell phone, and may wait until after I make him lunch.
Haven't any idea what my weight's doing. I had FF hot dogs (3) and beans last night, then wine and pretzels. Haven't been able to go to exercise since we've been sick, so may have gained. I'm just indifferent to the weight right now. Would like to have chicken tonight, but don't see any in the freezer, so I may go out and get some. Want a nice, solid dinner of baked chicken, baked potatoes, and peas--somehow, that seems very comforting.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Things have improved, although we're not out of the woods yet. Pat agreed to call the doctor and spoke to the nurse practicioner (I don't know how to spell it, but neither does Spell Check.) He has an appointment on Monday with another doctor at Ft. Dix and will see Dr. Sirkin then. The NP didn't seem to be too concerned. Pat has now been taking Tylenol and it helps. He said he slept "like a log" last night, although he had some problems with breathing when he first got up. Oh, yeah, this is a food/weight blog--I gave him his usual FF waffles, SF syrup, and o.j. for breakfast and he's now reading the paper and is comfortable. Asked what he'd like for dinner, giving him a few choices, and he opted for hot dogs and beans in the crockpot, instead of chicken or pork chops--fine by me. Brother Frank and daughter Alison just called; good talking to both of them. for my weight, I've kind of lost interest in it for the time being.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

House of Illness continues. Pat has no stamina--at 1:45, is now in bed again. He slept until 10:30 today. I made him breakfast, then went to the store. Several neighbors have kindly offered to run errands, etc., but I'd just as soon do it when I can. Good friend Leslie had invited us to dinner tonight, but I just called and said we'd have to get a raincheck. Friend Marge called to offer to help, and I know others would, too. Wish there were something to do, but there really isn't. I made spaghetti last night, which we both had, then unfortunately succumbed to the delicious cookies Barbara H. had brought over. I bought an acorn squash and will probably have that for lunch now. I'll see if Pat wants spaghetti leftovers, hot dogs and beans, or just cereal or something for dinner.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Still laying low--Pat and I still under the weather with our colds. I went to the doctor this morning (routine) and she thinks I just have a particularly tenacious one. Skipped Drama Club rehearsal and stayed in. Good friend and neighbor Barbara H. brought over homemade chicken soup and cookies which Pat and I had for lunch. If anything gets us better that will (maybe not her food, but her friendship). We're also going to skip our usual Wednesday night dinner out. I'll make spaghetti and meatballs instead. Alison called last night and at lunchtime to see how we are--our dear daughter. Pat seems a little better--his breathing is less labored--and has said he feels somewhat better, although he started to shave and was too tired to continue. I'm tired, too: so-o-o tired of feeling so lousy...sigh...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, put a bucket on my head and call me tubby! (No, that doesn't make sense, but this is my blog and I don't have to make sense.) I actually LOST 5.6 pounds this week! Can't explain it except that I've been just ignoring Weight Watcher wisdom, eating on the run, and scurrying around a lot.
Left for Virginia on Sunday morning, stopping only long enough to get coffee (with cream) and a roll with butter for breakfast. Arrived at the motel, found I had left both makeup and jewelry at home, ran out to buy something to put on my face, so didn't eat until the party.
And what a great time I had! Darling niece Chrissy has a fabulous house, wonderfully interesting with its artifacts from her stays and travels all over the world, its structure and paint perfectly in keeping. It's not at all pretentious, just a treat to see and learn about. Her decoration practically defines the word "eclectic"--an intriguing mix of new and old, familiar and foreign, large and small. It's impossible to describe here except to say it's the antithesis of cooky cutter.
Had a great time at the birthday party for big brother Jim. Lots of people there, including cherished niece Joannie and her Jim. Was so pleased, also, to see dear nephew Michael, in from the left coast for his Dad's big day. I had a chicken salad sandwich, several devilled eggs, two beers, and a luscious slab of birthday cake, so was hardly toeing the WW line.
The next day, met Jim, sister-in-law Therese, Chrissy and her gentleman friend (that's the little old lady in me coming out), Paul, for breakfast. Had poached eggs, toast, o.j., and hash browns, but who's counting points? After, at Joannie's invitation, I drove up (down, over, sideways--who the hell knows?) to her truly lovely home in Leesburg. Boy, I'd move right in there, too. It's got soaring ceilings, a loft, three comfortable bedrooms, a two-car garage, a wonderful deck that Jim built, and a spacious basement, plus more. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love the place. To top it off, it backs up to woods and a running path, a wonderfully serene and pleasant backdrop.
After an all-too-short visit with dear Joan, I drove back to God's Country (well, they don't make us pump our own gas, do they?) and said to Pat, "It's so good to be home."
And it was. Much as I love travel, and even after the wonderful time I had in Virginia, it was with a deep sign of contentment that I poured myself a glass of cream sherry, nibbled some pretzels, and watched a little of the Olympics. Turned in at 9 and, although the lousy cold is back with a vengeance, slept like a log. Pat seems to have contracted my cold and for him, it's not an annoyance, but a serious matter. He seems better today than yesterday, so we're keeping our fingers crossed, but I'm still laying low and staying close to home.
So-o-o, 5.6 pounds. That brings me to 182.8, which is 21.2 pounds off from my highest. What's ironic and makes me wonder what in the name of suet I'm doing, is the fact that I just ignored the whole WW dogma this past week. What will I do now? Dunno, but whatever comes down, I'll record it here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Still sick and with a bad cough, but feeling somewhat better. Have just been eating this and that--not even sure what all. I believe in sleep therapy, so I've been hanging out mindlessly watching daytime T.V. (lawbreakers should be sentenced to that, although it would probably be protested as cruel and unusual punishment) and dozing on and off. Talked to sister Betty and daughter Ellen. Promised Ellen I'd take Zicam and will stop for it on my way to Virginia tomorrow for Jim's party. HOPE I'll feel better--I think I may be coming out of it, but am still very tired and dragged out. (WHY am I so crazy about that expression?)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Second post for Thursday. Had the dump soup and a few little odds and ends. Still feel so sick. Went to the meeting, the Pat got home about 4:15; doctors are resonably okay with his health. Hope he'll get to go to Kessler instead of all the up in Philly and Fort Dix; says he'll call tomorrow.
Dinner cooking. After we eat, I just want to see if I can go to bed early. Think I'll just try to recover before I leave for Virgnia on Sunday morning.
Developed a bad cough last night--don't know if it's an aftermath of the cold I had a few weeks ago or something new, but I hardly slept. Had Eggbeaters breakfast for 4 points and am defrosting a bowl of dump soup for lunch (2 points). That and a sandwich with WW bread, turkey breast, and FF mayo will total about 7. Will have oven-baked pork chops for dinner, then we'll see. Pat at V.A. for three appointments and I have a meeting at 2:30, but may not go, as I feel lousy. Must get better so I can attend brother Jim's 80th on Sunday in Virginia.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've been thinking hard about the weight thing. For one thing, I'm considering the report that a low-fat diet doesn't really protect you against heart disease and cancer. Also, I've looked at lots of family pictures recently. For all my continual efforts to diet, I've clearly been overweight for at least 30 years, if not longer. When I was on Opti-Fast about 15 years ago, I lost 90 pounds, but the program no sooner ended when I put it back on. Of course, I had been overweight before that, too, even when I smoked. In fact, as near as I can remember I started putting on weight as soon as my children became old enough to walk. Another clue is looking at my relatives. With one exception, my siblings all either have or had weight problems; almost, but not all my aunts and cousins do, too, as do some nieces and nephews. Maybe that's just par for American families, but I'm a great believer in the influence of genetics and my mother was short and chubby. I remember reading or seeing information to the effect that overweight physically fit people--that is, who regularly exercise--are healthier and tend to live longer than thin people who are sedentary.
Food for thought. In the meantime, my literal food today included a cottage cheese breakfast and I guess I'll finish up the Slymphie Stew for lunch. Maybe more significant, I attended the 3-mile exercise and walked to the clubhouse twice. I want to increase my exercise considerably and maybe, just maybe, skip obsessing about what I eat. We'll see...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well, I blew it--blew my 2.4 loss of last week by gaining back 2.2. With all my brave talk of yesterday, I over-indulged with all kinds of things yesterday afternoon and night. Today, just had my Eggbeater breakfast, which was fine, but after spaghetti squash for lunch, I had myself a bowl of Slymphie Stew, which I calculate cost as much as 10 points (ouch!) then pretzels--maybe 5. That's a total of 19 excluding dinner, but maybe I can still pull this off.
Pat's niece, Donna, is coming over after work to drop something off and I'll invite her for dinner. I made a beef stew in the crockpot--it smells wonderful--which Pat likes a lot. If Donna doesn't stay, I'll just freeze the rest of it, but I'll have some, too. A cup is 5 points, not bad at all, so that'll come to 24 for the day, the total points I'm allowed. HOWEVER, I have a 35 weekly points allowance and I can use them for my wine and popcorn tonight (I'd rather skip dinner than that).
Okay, that should work--let's see if I can stick to it.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow very pretty and annoying as hell. I understand it hit a record in NYC where Mike is--over 26 inches. But never mind--yesterday and today were such fun. Yesterday, Larry and Helen came over for lunch instead of dinner (made sense so they didn't have to drive in the dark) and we had a wonderful time together. Served the shrimp, plus cold cuts and salad. Later, I just picked here and there and, I'm afraid, treated myself to the dried jackfruit, guava, and mango Mike brought from Singapore, the rest of the rainbow sherbet, and various and sundry other goodies--all the height of foolishness for a WW member, especially one who has to get weighed tomorrow.
Today: Pat and I just got back from meeting Larry, Helen, and friend Jack for breakfast at Dynasty Diner. Angelic Rosemary had oatmeal (albeit with whole milk, but only about 4 ounces), grapefruit juice, and coffee with two half-and-half creamers. Altogether, it totaled 6 points, 2 more than usual, but not bad at all.
Saying goodbye to our Florida family was hard. Larry is a wonderful brother and friend and Helen a super sister-in-law. Hope to see them again before too long. Incidentally, Jack is leaving for Fla. tomorrow and will spend a week with L. and H. while there.
Today, I intend to stick pretty much to the program. Must do a lot of wash, go to the post office, clean up, etc., so will be plenty busy. Will try to think of something for dinner both good for me and agreeable to Pat--not as easy as it sounds.
Tomorrow? Well, it can just take care of itself.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Update after the entry below: Mike just called from Newark Airport. When they got there, they found Patrick's flight has been postponed--to 6 pm! Aagh--they could have stayed several more hours. Oh, well, they made it and are safe.
Spoke to Larry and Jim. L. and Helen will stay over until tomorrow. I invited them for dinner and, if roads are okay, they'll come. I'll serve the shrimp I didn't have last night and have plenty of other stuff. Jim (he, Therese and Chrissy at B and B nearby) said they'd play it by ear to see how roads are. Called Joannie and Jim. They made it home to Virginia all right, although the last hour was through snow; said they had 13 inches down there. Not sure what we had--maybe that much; the Weather Channel said 8 to 12 inches total. It seems to have stopped now. Talked to Alison, who said they had a lot. Ellen won't get in until 3 am after her 6 pm flight, so probably won't try teaching school tomorrow. Alison and Mike are off tomorrow, due to Washington's birthday--why isn't Ellen?
Good news: Pat's birthday party yesterday turned out to be a great success and we all had a wonderful time! After my usual histrionics, with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth because of the predicted snow, I was overjoyed when it held off. The most regretful part was that brother-in-law Bill and his family were unable to be there, as Regina's surgery was postponed until yesterday and naturally, Bill and their daughters needed to be with her. A few of the out-of-towners were not able to be with us, but most came, and what a great bunch.
The party was terrific. Daughter Alison decorated the room, and included a "story board" of wonderful old pictures of Pat from childhood to present. On the walls, she hung huge enlargements of newspaper articles concerning his Holy Spirit H.S. football exploits and other items. To top it off, she showed a wonderful CD on Pat's life that she projected from Mike's laptop onto a big screen. The food was very good: sandwiches of ham and cheese, roast beef, and turkey, each on a different bread; delicious chicken rice soup, two kinds of green salad, plus pickles, chips, and drinks. After the singing of "Happy Birthday," the cake was cut and served by staff (it wa excellent) along with coffee. Judging by what the guests commented, and by observation, everybody had a wonderful time.
We then hosted the party after the party back at the house. Our immediate family (remember, that's ten people right there) plus brother and sis-in-law Larry and Helen and friend Jack came in, along with Pat's nephew, Pat, and my niece and husband, Joan and Jim. Larry and Helen left to go to mass, then continued on to their overnight accommodations, but brother Jim, wife Therese, and daughter Chrissy came in after the later service, and we had a terrific time together. They're staying at a bed and bath in Tuckerton, less than 2 miles away. We were so pleased and relieved about that when the weather forecast got more and more ominous.
Oh, yes, this is a food blog: Well, I served chili and what I used to call "slymphie stew" (long story; it's just macaroni with ground meat and sauce), both in crockpots. Had three kinds of rolls, banana bread, and a big salad, and Alison contributed a rice dish and corn pudding, about which everybody raved. Of course, we also had wine, soda, and so on. For dessert, I served apple cake, amaretto cake, and chocolate-covered pretzels from Pat's niece, Donna. There was plenty of food, and the chili made a big hit. We had the best time talking, laughing, and joking together and--happy day!--next week I get to do it over again. I'll see my lovely extended family in Virginia when niece Chrissy hosts an 80th birthday party for her dad, Jim, my big brother.
Today? We got up to a blizzard, with several inches on the ground already. Ellen's flight back to California from Philly had been scheduled for this morning, but was postponed to 7 pm tonight. She stayed at Alison's, who will drive her there. The boys left at 6:45, about an hour ago, as (incredibly!) Patrick's flight back to Tokyo (from Newark) is still on for 11:00 am. Luckily, Mike had rented a big, 2006 Land Rover and is now driving his brother there. He'll then continue on to Manhattan for the business portion of his trip. He just called to say they were on the Parkway and driving conditions were okay.
So---it all worked out! The party was wonderful, the food was great, and the company was superb. I should never forget what a lucky woman I am.

Friday, February 10, 2006

About 8 last night, son Mike blew into the house after an 18-hour flight from Singapore. He rented a car at the airport and he and Patrick went to the supermarket today (they have bizarre tastes, if you ask me), then to a few other places. They came back in for their dad and are now on their way to Atlantic City where they'll go to a casino, then to Sacco Subs for lunch. It's good to see my three men enjoying themselves together.
Ellen comes in tonight; am anxious to see her, of course.
All that is the good news. The bad news is that Pat's sister-in-law, Regina, wife of his only surviving sibling, Bill, fell and broke her arm badly last night. She's to be operated on this morning--we fervently hope the procedure will go well. Bill will be unable to come to the party, and we're still not sure about their daughters. If they can't come, that's a total of 7 people we had expected who won't be there.
The other bad news (although it certainly isn't on a par with the above) is that snow is expected tomorrow--I hope not until evening, but that's bad enough, as I invited family (31 of them) back to the house and have prepared a whole other meal. As for the major party, if out-of-town guests feel they can't chance the trip, it will sure put a damper on it. Must play it by ear, but boy, it's upsetting after all the planning and anticipation, etc. Well, the important people will be here: our children and grandson and his family--must concentrate on that.
As for my diet: Had the salmon, etc. last night and regular cottage cheese meal for breakfast. I'll just have some leftovers or something for lunch.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

We're enjoying having son Patrick here and younger son Mike comes in tonight. Today, we went to the big city--Manahawkin--on various errands and Patrick saw a sub shop and ordered one for lunch. He asked if I wanted one and, mightily tempted, I almost said "yes," but my WW angel intervened and I shook my head--I'm a real heroine. Instead, I had spaghetti squash. Just a good as a sub (NOT!).
When we got home about 9 last night, I treated myself to a glass of cream sherry, a hard-boiled egg sandwich, and a handful of spice drops. Orthodox WW? Certainly not--but not criminal stuffing, either, so I'm okay with it. Must get to the supermarket to get flounder for Pat and Patrick for dinner--I'll have salmon.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Second entry for Wednesday: Want to mention that I went to exercise at 8--"Walking Away the Pounds, the Three-Mile Walk"--as I do three or more days a week. Will either walk through the neighborhood tomorrow or follow another strategy to get the exercise in. My doctor often repeats, "Exercise is the fountain of youth," and I heartily agree. I'm convinced that a strong factor leading to my mother's long and healthy life (she died at 97 after 95 good years) was SHE NEVER LEARNED TO DRIVE. That means she walked often and everywhere and not just around the block either. Regardless of weight, diet, or other variables, exercise is key to good health and long life. Naturally, there are no guarantees. Genetics count and if you smoke and drink a lot, or are 80 pounds overweight you might have a problem. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow or have a piano fall on you, but other things being equal, exercise is going to help a lot...
Busy and productive day. Finished up everything I could so far to prepare for Pat's party, plus got everything in readiness for Patrick's arrival. For breakfast, I reverted back to my two pieces of WW toast slathered with a cup of cottage cheese, and orange juice. Of course, my day begins with coffee--full, robust, caffeinated, strong, dark coffee. It is the staff of life (forget bread). I cannot function without it. I drink my first mug (the equivalent of two cups) sitting at the computer reading e-mail, the NYTimes, other people's blogs, and so on. I then go to exercise at the clubhouse. When I come home, I have my reward: breakfast, with another cup of java--ah! Am I addicted? Oh, yeah, sure I am--so what?
Lunch was a big bowl of dump soup, followed by some extra-dark pretzels. Now I'll prepare Pat's dinner (hot meatloaf sandwich) then drive up to Princeton to get son Patrick. Can't wait to see him--it's been two years. (To "meet" Patrick, see my early entry in September, 2005, describing my family).

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy day--I lost 2.4 pounds!! That brings me down to 186.2, not excactly svelte, but a helluva lot better than the 200 + I started with. It also means I have 4.4 pounds less to lose to reach my interim goal of twenty pounds to London. Okay, 15.6 to go--I can and I WILL do it in the next 17 weeks. After all, that's less than a pound a week. This assumes, of course, that I continue to point in the right direction. (Must remember: the idea is to go down, not up.)
Yesterday, I had lunch with Marge at Perkins': salad, broiled chicken, and broccoli, so very good, very healthy, and very much WW. Then ran a lot of errands and didn't get home until after 5. Just prepared soup for dinner, as we had a meeting. After we got home, I had a long, delightful chat with my darling niece, California Carolyn, who had called while we were out. The happy family will welcome a precious little girl in June to join 4-year-old Finn. After, I enjoyed my glass of cream sherry and a few pretzels, then climbed happily into bed.
After WW today (and my good news), I had a delicious late breakfast of scrambled eggbeaters, two WW toasts, and o.j. I made a meatloaf for both Pat and me for dinner--a 5/8" slice is 6 points--and will add oven-"fried" potatoes and broccoli for a nice meal at a scant 8 or so points. I plan to have butternut squash for lunch, then popcorn and wine later.
Must go to the mall shortly to get a few more things for Pat's party. Tomorrow is a red-letter day: I'll pick up number 1 son at the airport, who's coming in from Tokyo for his Dad's party. That's even more a happy day!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Skipped an entry yesterday--just never got around to it. It was a good day in Foodland, though--at least until the Super Bowl party at Ray and Barbara's. Had a great breakfast of Egg Beaters, WW toast, and O.J., then acorn squash for lunch after getting home from shopping about 3. We arrived at the party at 5:00 and then--o.k., o.k., caution deserted me. I had artichoke/spinach dip, cheese and crackers, and lots of barbecued kielbasa, as well as sausage in a roll. There was a nice salad and virtuous veggies, too, so did I add them? Heh, heh, what do you think? Indulged in dessert, but with reasonable restraint, limiting myself to a cookie and two small cream puffs. Forgot to mention, I also had two glasses of wine--but after that, stuck to diet soda.
So what was the damage? Not too bad, actually. I didn't stuff myself to the point of bursting and considering this was dinner, probably came close to a high, but legit number of points.
Meeting Marge for lunch today and will ask if we can go somewhere I can order a Caesar salad--shouldn't be a problem.
Yoicks! It just occurred to me tomorrow is weigh-in day! Funny how it seems to sneak up on me every week. Am I confident I lost? No, I never am, but actually, I think I probably did. Won't speculate as to how much, but all will be revealed here soon.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Had a fun day with Jen, Joel, and especially little Joel (3 1/2) yesterday. We went to Tootie's for lunch and, because there just isn't anything they serve that's not slathered with fat, I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. It came with soup (all loaded, of course), so I asked to substitute a salad. It was pretty bad--iceberg lettuce, two thin slices of anemic tomatoes, and blah shredded carrots--but I felt virtuous. I ate half the sandwich and saved the other half, which I ate about 5 pm. Took Joely to the park, so got at least some exercise with that.
Joel came in from work about 5:15 and we chatted for a while, then Pat and I drove home. We had no sooner walked in (about 7) than Mike called and very shortly after that, friend and next-door neighbor Frank came in to give Pat his birthday present (he and Barbara will be away the rest of February, so can't come to the party). He left a little after 8 and I had some pretzels (I'd estimate about 4 points) and a glass of sherry (maybe 5 more), then my Jello/yogurt dessert with FF topping (2 or 3). I didn't follow the program completely (skipping dinner in favor of wine and pretzels isn't recommended) but all in all, a pretty good WW day.
Friend Marge e-mailed me and we want to make a date for lunch; may go out today. In the meantime, I'm going out now to take a brisk walk.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Good day yesterday. I parked my car at the bank and walked down to the shopping center to return a tape; there and back is about a mile. After dinner, I walked to the Clubhouse and back--maybe 3/4 of a mile. Did have the fish (actually, it was shark, not salmon) and oven fries for dinner, preceded by a big salad. Later, had popcorn, but with diet soda, not wine. Topped it off with Jello and Jello/yogurt dessert and FF Redi-Whip.
Had a nice change for breakfast today: Egg-beaters (only 60 calories for a continer, the equivalent of two eggs), two pieces of light bread toast, and o.j. That's actually less than my usual cottage cheese on toast breakfast.
Today, we're going up to take Jen and Joely to lunch and will then baby-sit when Jen goes to work, until Joel gets home. I know from experience that Tootie's, the restaurant we go to (right across the street from J. and J.'s) has little that's WW, but I'll try to improvise.
I have a meeting now at the Clubhouse; it's raining, unfortunately, or I'd walk down, but probably won't. I DO want to get in the habit of walking there every time I go to the Clubhouse.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Second entry for Thursday: Saw the doctor and most tests came out fine, but with the dex-scan, she said there is a slight thinning of bone in the spine. It's NOT osteoporosis (spelling?) yet, but could develop into that. She emphasized the importance of calcium, exercise, and a multiple vitamen and as I don't want to take medication, I went out and bought yogurt, FF milk, and egg beaters, as well as my usual veggies. I took a one-mile walk and am DEFINITELY resolved to increase my exercise to every day.
Had shrimp alone for lunch and am poaching salmon (oven-baked flounder for Pat) for dinner, along with "French fries" (actually oven-baked potato) and broccoli. Made jello/yogurt and will eat tonight. May have popcorn, but have decided to skip the wine.
Gee-e-e-sh! Yesterday, I re-read my blog entries from beginning to end. NO WONDER I've been flirting with the same 2 pounds or so, on and off (more "on" than "off," I'm afraid). When I read over what I've been eating, especially at night, it's a wonder I'm not back up to well over 200. I must break this cycle--must, must, must concentrate on 20 pounds to London!
Now, yesterday was a good day. Had my standard breakfast of a cup of cottage cheese on two pieces of WW toast, then just broccoli and a handful of pretzels for lunch. Went to Boscov's (got elegant boots to wear with my gaucho pants, plus a pair of flats--they were having a sale), then to Party City (disposable tableware for the party after the party for Pat) and ran a few other errands. Stopped at the new Shop 'n' Bag that just opened in Little Egg and found FF Redi-Whip; naturally, I bought it. Got home in time to make sugar-free Jello and put pork chops in the oven to bake. I had a small one with a medium potato, with about a half cup of peas and spoonful of applesauce. I then went out to Actor's Workshop and got home at 9:15. Here's the big news (well, for me it's big, I don't live a very exciting life): I had the Jello with FF Redi-Whip when I got home, NOT wine and popcorn or pretzels! Hey, that's good, not bad and, even with this lousy cold--yes, it's STILL hanging on--I felt great when I got up this morning. It may not be evident from the above, but I think this is key: to have enough before the evening danger period so I don't instantly want to scarf down the wine and carbs.
I have an EKG (just routine) scheduled for 11:00, so must jump in the shower now. After the doctor's, I'll go to Shop-Rite and will get stuff I need to KEEP ON TRACK.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The spaghetti dinner was good last night and fun, too. I ate only half the pasta, but did enjoy the two meatballs and, I'm afraid, part of a roll with butter and a glass of wine. At home had my cream sherry and some pretzels, which was okay. For lunch, I had had only broccoli, so I was probably pretty good for the day.
Cold still bad, but I asked Leslie to stop for me to go to exercise, as I don't want to drop that. It's too easy to start skipping it often, then just to stop going.
Have Actor's Workshop tonight; hope I feel better.