Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looking Up

Okay, things are looking up. Guy came early yesterday and hooked up the router; of course, computer isn't operational yet, but I hope will be this week end. Guy also showed me how to work the television, using the remote he left. Why he told me to buy a universal remote is beyond me--I didn't even ask. I had defrosted a small pork loin from the freezer and put it to slow-cook with mushroom and onion soups for dinner.
Met Sailboat Sue for lunch at Brophy Bros. at the harbor. We both had tuna melts (which reminded me I really don't like them much) and I a good Stone IPA. Long talk with Sue, who continues to have problems with her ailing (probably dementia) husband. After, she took me on an enjoyable tour of the harbor, with which she's very familiar, as they used to dock there.
From there, I took back the stupid remote to Time-Warner (oh, excuse me, it's now "Spectrum," as if I give a damn).
Got home to continue unpacking (almost finished), put more away, and rearrange. I was amazed and thrilled to open two of my kitchen cabinets and find them empty--that's how much space I now have and it's lovely! Called several people to give them my new phone number, including my three brothers; greatly enjoyed talking to them.
I actually watched T.V. last night for an hour and a half. As a novelty, it was great fun. I even enjoyed the commercials. Slept soundly all through the night and didn't get up until after 7:00. Had my first coffee, read the paper, then walked Kimball. I'm determined to resume that daily.
Now here I am at the library again, but I HOPE I'll be posting from home next time!

Thursday, September 22, 2016


AAGH--what a horrible day! That's why I'm back here at the library, as I still don't have a computer! I used to think Comcast was the worst company in the world, but then I found out differently. It seems Time-Warner (my old) and Communications Services (my new and shed a tear for me) are in competition to be the worst, both run by the devil twins, Indifference and Incompetence. To cut to the quick: I was told by T-W I had to return their modem; did so and was told I had to return their cable box; did so and found out today I have to return their remote; will have to do that tomorrow, so will make three trips to the crappy place.
Guy from Communications "Services" (they don't use the quote marks, but they should) got here about 11:00; hooked up the T.V. pretty quickly easily and the phone ditto. I had been told by C"S" to get a modem and he hooked it up. He then asked about a router. Router? I hadn't been told to get a router. Now here it gets hazy: At some point, he said I had to have a router for more than one computer. I told him I had only one, but may have mentioned I have a tablet. However, I don't generally use it now, as I have the desktop at home. At one point, he said I didn't need a router after all, but then come out and said I did. "Darn," I said, "I was never told I needed one." I said I'd go buy one and he said he'd come back later in the afternoon to finish up once I had the router. He gave me his cell number and asked me to call him once I had it and he'd come. He left, I went to the laundry place and washed and dried.
I didn't want to bug him, so waited until almost 4:00 before I called the number he had given me. Oh, gee, guess the joke was on me: A recording informed me that the mail box for that number hadn't been set up. Damn! I then called the main number for C"S"; AGAIN, there was a very annoying echo on the line--double AAGH! I told the woman ("Yvonne") the story, including the number the guy had given me and she said that was only used for them to radio their employees. I told her I didn't use the tablet and she said I didn't need a router. She asked if the computer is operational; I tried it and oh, no, of course not--screen is completely dark, keyboard doesn't work and so on.
Now, she said, she'll have the guy come back tomorrow. Okay, okay, okay, what else could I do but agree?
So here I am at 5:23 pm at the library in town, furiously angry at Time-Warner (soon to be Spectrum, says a syrupy voice when you call them), Communications "Services," and the world in general. So I say again--AAGH!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Second Day at the Library

I'm back at the library one more time, I hope, as the hookup should take place tomorrow.
I'm happy to note I walked Kimball yesterday morning. Continued my unpacking after and got a lot done, but not all yet, of course. Took the %$@!! modem back to ^&%*()= Time Warner and was asked if I had the cable box. What? Didn't know I was supposed to turn that in too, but went back, picked it up, and did so. Called Communications, Inc. to see if I need to buy a box, but no. Went to Wal-Mart and bought a modem. Went to Target and various others for this and that.
When I got home, my neighbor, Suzanne, was sitting outside and invited me to join her. I did and--just as I had told Ellen I thought this--she is indeed, a nun, a Sister of Mercy. She does counseling and other things at St. John's Rehab in Oxnard. We had a nice chat, she's 68, comes from Iowa, and is one of six siblings, the youngest of whom had Downs Syndrome and died a few years ago. I told her I was educated by nuns, but was no longer religious, and she jumped up in horror and said I'd burn in hell.
Ha! She casually accepted this, then we discussed pacifism and had a good talk. We went in, then El called to say she'd bring the duplicate key for Colony Parc back. Did so and we visited for a bit; she likes how the apartment is shaping up.
So do I, in fact, and I like Ventura Del Sol so much.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At The Library

I'm in! Slept in my new place last night. Now I'm at the library at 6:27 pm; they close at 7:00, so I'll make this fast. It's been wild the last few days. El came over Monday to get the nails out of the wall and take the boxes she had lent me. We then went to dinner at Macaroni Grille. After that, I asked if I could watch T.V. at her place, which I did until a little after 8:00. Went home, unpacked a little more, then hit the sheets.
Today, Tuesday, I did a lot more unpacking and putting away (I'm far from finished, of course). Met picture hanger, Ryan H. at the Colony Parc place and he took my cherished A.C. pics off, then transported them to Ventura Sol and put them up there. It cost me 200 smackers, but was well worth it--they look great.
Rushed around trying to find Time Warner's local office so I can return the modem, but will go back tomorrow. Have to buy a new modem, too.
Went to WinCo to put a little bit in the larder (fridge and cabinets) and now the library is closing, so must do the same.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Last Full Day

Whew! It was a really busy, physically challenging day, but I got a lot done and I'm happy with that. I didn't walk Kimball, but more than made up for it. Went back and forth three times to VDS, first packing up my cart, then rolling it the short distance to the car, unpacking, driving to VDS and reversing the process. With time out for lunch and dinner, this took most of the day. The mover guy called to say they'll be here at 8:30 and I hope to have everything ready for them.
Took the bathroom rugs to the laundry place--the last time I'll be using that one--washed and dried and put them in the car. I kept out the absorbent mat so I could take a shower later. Did so, washed my hair, and feel good. Ellen called and asked if I'd call her at 4:00; she'll come over to get the boxes she lent me that I didn't use.
I still have the Colony Parc place until tomorrow at, presumably midnight, and I'll finish up a few things after the movers leave. Also, Ryan, the picture hanger, is coming at 2:00 to take down, then put up the pics at VDS.
Happily, I slept well my last night here. Just got up at 5:30, as I have a few more things to do. So far, so good, but I can't wait until the move is complete!
NOTE: Communications, Inc. won't be hooking me up until Thursday, so I may or may not suspend this blog for a few days. Depends on whether I have time to get to the library's or El's computer.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moving and Meds

My sloppy, lazy, naughty self tried to argue me out of it, but virtuous Mimi won out and I walked Kimball. El got here, as promised, at 10:30, bringing boxes, and we proceeded to fill a lot of them, pack up the cars, and go off to VDS.
She loves the place--well, it is all newly renovated, including carpet, appliance, paint, and fixtures, and it does look nice. The woman next door was on her patio reading and we introduced ourselves. Her name is Suzanne, she's probably in her sixties--maybe older--and seems very pleasant and refined. She's lived here 15 years, which is a good recommendation, it seems.
I was concerned over the shower fittings. At Colony Parc, my shower is equipped with grab bars--in fact, the apartment has some other accommodations for the disabled, I guess, for instance, doorways wide enough for a wheelchair. I definitely feel more secure with grab bars, so we went to Bed 'N' Bath and got one with a very powerful suction. We put it in--or on--and it works fine, but I may get another for the other end.
Finished up for the time being, we went to lunch--very enjoyable, especially with a schooner of Blue Moon. We went back to pick up most of the clothes in my closet--I don't think I'll need them before Monday and have others in my bureau. El went with me to deliver them, then left for home about 4:00. I stopped to buy more packing tape, then called it a (moving) day.
A snag: I was in my pj's and ready for bed as usual at 9:00. Went to take my medications (mostly for BP) and realized I must have already taken them to the new place. I considered getting dressed and going back for them, but I was too tired. Got to sleep, but woke up at 2 am and had a hard time getting back. I finally did and feel pretty much okay now (6:55 am).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Politics and Packing

I didn't walk, but did go to T.O.P.S. Stayed about the same, which is what I expected. Again, chatter absolutely unrelated to weight loss started up--grr! After the meeting, though, Lenny (I can't remember her real name), Louisa, and I stood in the parking lot for a good 45 minutes talking politics. Lenny's husband is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church here in town. She's a really nice person whom I like a lot, not at all dogmatic. Louisa calls herself "liberal" and had all kinds of aspersions to throw at Trump. She assumed, she said, that I was for Sanders. (Imagine a deep sigh on my part.) I said no, I'm a pacifist, and I resolved some time ago never again to vote in a federal election. Great consternation from Louisa, who spouted the usual cliches and honest puzzlement from Lenny, who brought up the lesser evil thing re Clinton. However, we actually had a pretty good discussion, notwithstanding that they're both religious, Lenny seeming to lean more toward Jesus-the-Peacemaker than the mighty Lord God Jehovah. It's refreshing to be able to talk with people whose ideas--and ideals--are very most opposed to yours, yet be able to do so civilly and with respect. They have the right to their beliefs as much as I do.
Anyhoo, that was the high point of the day, the rest being all packing and transporting. Didn't have breakfast until almost 11:00, then packed up items in both cart and hand truck and trekked over to VDS. I got some of the stuff put away so the movers will have room for the furniture, and El and I will continue to bring stuff in tomorrow.
Called Ryan H., the picture hanger, and sparred with him a bit over taking them down and installing at the new place. We settled on $200 (which is fifty bucks more than they cost me, but let's not go there) and he'll be over on Tuesday to get them.