Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Bargain Box

Got the bus to the transit center and met Diane across the street for the Bargain Box big fifty percent off sale. They had a lot of nice things, but luckily, I decided not to indulge in much--just got two pillow cases and let it go at that.
We had planned on lunch at Mimi's, but Diane hadn't realized it was on the other side of the mall. That's a fair distance and she said she's been unusually tired lately. If that continues, I urged her to consult her doctor, who I assume would order a blood test see if her hemoglobin is low. She may or may not do that. Diane is one of those new-agey people who takes a array of supplements because somebody somewhere said they were necessary if you want to live to be really, really old. She's the quantum-physics-and-your-thoughts-rule-the-world girl seems never to have met a wacky idea or cockamamie belief she didn't like. Of course, if it's supported by solid evidence science, she thinks it's a conspiracy.
But hey, I like her gutsy spirit. She approached the manager of the Crown Plaza (a big hotel on the beach), suggesting that she give her mediation class there, in return for living free of charge at the hotel. Strangely, he hasn't responded after she approached him (by text) three times.
I suggested Allison's Cafe, s few stores down and we had lunch there. It was okay, but nothing special. After, we boarded different buses for home. I did some household chores, then drove to various stores for grapes, Polident, and toilet cleaner.
Boy, was it hot. I actually toyed with the idea of going to the pool, but didn't feel like going to the trouble. Besides, my apartment, although it doesn't have AC, is actually pretty comfortable. Suzanne had left a paper about an Alzheimer's program coming up next Wednesday in Oxnard and I want to go to that. I stopped at her place to thank her and we chatted for a bit.
Note: I haven't mentioned here that I've had trouble sleeping for the last several weeks. I fall asleep quickly (after my half hour or so of reading), but wake for the usual somewhere between 1:00 and 3:00, then find it hard to get back to sleep. Last night, though, was better, so I hope the insomnia  siege is over.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Out And About

Out and about all day.
Cheryl picked me up for T.O.P.S.  and, annoyingly, I weighed in at 132.6, an incredible two plus pounds over what I did at the doctor's on Thursday--and I was wearing exactly the same clothes. I'm beginning to think the T. scale weighs heavy, which a lot of members believe, although it's probably fatty paranoia.
Left there and walked to the transit center, about five blocks away, to catch the 9:43 bus for Santa Barbara. Got to Betty's at the usual 11:30 and shortly after, we sashayed down to The Natural Cafe. Had lunch, then Betty and I played Sorry!, a game for six-year-olds, until Carolyn joined us. She  persuaded me to go to nephew Steve's fiftieth birthday party in L.A. next Saturday, as she had arranged for us to stay in an AirBnB and we'll share the cost. She'll drive, so sure, I'll go.
I left on the 2:20 bus back to Ventura, got in about 3:35, and home at 4:00. I quickly found a gift bag for Ellen's present (a succulent in a pretty container), then had time to walk over to Von's for salmon, which was on sale.
El picked me up at 5:15 and we went to Steven's Greek Restaurant, Greg meeting us there. Had a good dinner of stuffed grape leaves, and a Stella (beer) and, as ever, good talk with the two of them. Home at 7:00 after an enjoyable, but somewhat strenuous day.
Forgot to mention yesterday that I also got a flu shot when I was at the doctor's.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Doctor, Chores, Calls, And Challenges

Made my 8 am doctor appointment in plenty of time. As ever, Dr. Jennings marveled at the shape I'm in (mentally and physically, I guess), my activities, and my general outlook on life. It always floors me when people express things like this. What am I supposed to do--sit and watch television all day? It reminds me of years ago at Rider. I conducted exit interviews with those leaving the college  and when I asked at a soon-to-be retiree if she was looking forward to not working, she answered, "Oh, it just means you're waiting to die."  Geez, with that attitude, she may have kicked off by this time.
Blood pressure was 132/76, which seems high to me, but maybe not. I was pleased to weigh  in at 129.6 and will be weighed again at T.O.P.S. shortly; I'll see if it's the same. Got home and signed up for "FollowMyHealth." It actually provides all my medical records on-line; I think it's pretty neat; now I don't have to wade through paper after paper to find something.
That scummy outfit, Yandoo, called to tell me--yes!--the Internet outage was their fault. Damn, I knew it all along and asked if I'd get a refund of my payment. I was told they'd take ten dollars off (for two days of it being out!), but I wonder if they inform people of that if they don't ask.
I was pleased to get a load of things done that had been hanging:
--drove to the ARC thrift store in town to buy a wicker container, just right for the space next to my bureau--
--put in he container it a lot of Dudley House and other stuff I had had more or less just piled in the corner;
--called Donna M. of Readers Theatre to tell her I'd decline joining their group. Emailed Joannne M. to tell her the same;
--called the free lunch/hearing people to register Noreen and me for Tuesday;
--called Noreen to tell her we should be there at 11:15;
--e-mailed Diane to see if she wanted to go to the Bargain Box'es fifty percent off sale tomorrow, then lunch after--yes, indeedy;
--called Cheryl to ask her to pick me up for T.O.P.S. this morning; I'll get weighed, than walk to the transit center for the bus to Santa Barbara;
--emailed Fern to tell her I was withdrawing from Toastmasters;
--called Betty to remind her I'd be at her place today;
--and a few other things.
Suzanne stopped to give me some salad greens. She also gave me information on an Alzheimer's seminar at St. John's on Saturday, but I'll be oit with Diane.
Hopped the bus to go to town and meet Nancy and Carolyn at Lemon y sal for Happy Hour. It was good and we had a pleasant time. The problem came when I accepted Carolyn's invitation to drop me off at my place, as she had to pick up her daughter at Ventura College at 6:00. I should have said I wanted to go to the library or anything else to avoid it, but I didn't. Carolyn never drives much over 20 miles an hour (according to Nancy, even on the freeway; C. got a ticket once for driving too slowly) and consistently rides on the glass guides that define the lanes, so there's always a bump, bump, bump. Driving to my place is pretty straightforward, but guiding her there is always a challenge, especially because this time, Nancy chimed in, which confused things further. Anyway, we finally got here.  Called Nancy later and we commiserated over the situation.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cutting Down On Commitments

The fact that the Internet is suddenly back on when I did nothing to change it (the innumerable times I unplugged and rebooted did nothing) and the fact that I had done nothing when it went out, makes me believe the fault lies with Yondoo, the crapola kings of the world.
Anyhoo, Linda, from Senior Theatre, picked Teresa (who's a newby, also)  and me up and took us t Sacred Heart School for the reading/play. The other guest, Beverly, also arrived, and we sat on chairs behind the second graders, who sat on the floor.
As at the rehearsal, it was very well done. Consisting of three "mouse family" stories, it was read and acted out expertly and the children loved it. I asked a little more about the group, which has been in existence for twenty years.  I'll definitely see if Ellen is interested.
Interestingly, there was a treasurer's report at the Tuesday rehearsal; their balance is over two thousand dollars. This accumulation presumably comes from the fact that they charge the school--I hope the teachers don't pay it!--fifty dollars per performance. Now why would they need so much in the treasury, when the props and costumes are minimum? Doesn't seem to make sense to me, but that wouldn't keep me from joining. However--and it's a big caveat--what would and will is the time and commitment, which is formidable. They rehearse every Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:00, then perform at least once a week and often more. So-o-o, I've decided not to join.
I also finally galvanized my resolve enough to tell Fern that I am not going to continue Toastmasters. I have little interest in it and it's a hell of a lot of work. I wrote out an email which I haven't yet sent, but will today. It outlines the major reasons for not continuing: because I want to search out auditions, continue working on my plays, and do other things in which I have more interest. In truth, I also find the meetings boring and some of the members ditto.
Noreen and I made a date for lunch on Tuesday. We're going to attend an "educational hearing seminar" and a free lunch at Mimi's restaurant.  I actually want to look into an aid and might has well get the lowdown this way.
I have a doctor's appointment for my annual physical in an hour--UGH!  At least, I can look forward to Happy Hour this afternoon at Lemon y sal.
So far, the Internet is still up; let's hope it stays that way.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Incredibly, the Internet is now back on. I have no idea why or what happened, but I suspect it's the work of the black-hearted bastards at Yandoo Communications who are at fault. Anyway, I hope to resume my morning entries now.
It's now 8:41, though, and I want to have breakfast. I'm gong to Sacred Heart School this morning to witness the Senior Readers Theatre people in action. More tomorrow IF THE INTERNET STAYS ON!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I'm back in the library at 4:25 pm and this is the way it will be for a while. What a drag.
This morning, I changed my sheets and did a load of wash. Had lunch early, showered and dressed, then left for the 1:00 "Ventura Senior Readers Theatre" at the adult center.
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. As the members gathered--three men and about twelve woman (a common ratio at this age), I noticed they were all in their later years--a few sixties, maybe, but mostly seventies and maybe eighties. I prepared to listen to a labored drone, while they read the storybooks in turn.
Wow, was I surprised! They were really, really good! They had some rudimentary props and costumes, which worked very well and they all, actually without exception, put the stories over with great zest and animation. There were two other visitors, Beverly and Theresa, there and we were all very enthusiastic. The readers acted out three stories, Chrysanthemum, Owen, and something about a pansy.
Today, at 10:30, I'm going to an actual performance of this group at the third-grade class at Sacred Heart School. One of the members lives nearby, as Theresa does, and will pick both of us up.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Internet Out

I was on the phone this morning for 39 minutes trying to get Internet access. I'm now waiting for a technician to call to come here, I guess. Why I'm able to be here on the blog, I can't understand. Actually, I don't think it will last or I'll be able to post, anyway. Frustrating., AT
Now, 2:37, I'm at the Hill Street branch of the library. I hardly remember what I did yesterday, Sunday, aside from take the bus to town, visit a few stores there, then take out yet another book from the library. Home to stir-fry my ground turkey/onions/peppers dinner.
The only notable event: Ellen called and we made a date for Friday for her, Greg, and me to go to dinner at Steven's the Greek restaurant. I also got her a little present. Send nephew Steve a check for his birthday; he's having a big party, but it's in L.A. and I'll love to attend, but don't see how I can.
Okay, I don't know when I'll get into my computer at home, so this could be the last for a time.