Monday, July 15, 2019

Down And Detergent

Caught up on my sleep and got up at 6:00, which is a good time for me. Followed the usual routine in the morning, then did a load of wash. While it was "doing," I completed some computer items, mostly just the blog, e-mail, and Facebook, and recited my lines, of course. Ellen called and we discussed my Sebastian duties while she and Greg are  in NM.
I often feel a little down on Sundays and yesterday was no exception. It's not that I'm terribly sad, but unless I have something scheduled, I get somewhat melancholy and out-of-sorts. It always seems that everybody else has things to do and people to be with; I think the fact that I didn't walk exacerbates that feeling.
However, I snapped out of it pretty well. Went to WinCo (salmon, lettuce and blueberries) and the Dollar Tree (dish detergent and body wash). As I went up my front walk, I felt something dripping on my ankle. That was odd, as I didn't have any liquid, except--damn, the detergent! Wouldn't you know, I had put it in a cloth bag and it somehow opened. I set the bag down before I realized, but soon saw I had liquid detergent on the table, a place-mat, the bag itself, and the floor. What a chore to clean up, but I finally got it done.
Had a sumptuous dinner of--ta da!--the carrots and oranges wedges I had done in the slow cooker on Friday. I didn't want anything else and since rehearsal was at 5:30, it was too early for me to eat, anyway.
Rehearsal was satisfying, as ever, although Gwen, one of six in the cast, was absent again. She has the smallest part, so that shouldn't be a problem. We went until 7:15, then broke up. This coming week will be dark, then we'll meet again next Sunday at 6, until 8:30 (well, that's better than later).
I've decided to drive to El's in the late afternoon today; will feed kitty, then drive home and get the bus to the widder dinner. Why? Because I want to enjoy a beer with my meal and I made that promise not to drink and drive. No prob.   

Sunday, July 14, 2019

A Full, Fun, Family Day

Yes, it was:
The Access Van picked me up early, so I was at Ellen's shortly after 8:00. Hung out until it was time to go to Vivian's and Violet's "Girls Rock!" camp, at Ojai Valley School. We went to the lower site first to get Violet's friend, Roxanne,* who's following the equestrianism "track," as they call it. Mike, El, she, and I then to the auditorium for the show.
It was very informal (and pretty hot, as the AC was broken and it was 92 in Ojai). Here's Viv, who was in the photography and art "track." The girls read short talks and their pics were projected to the audience.
Violet was in the music track and she played the guitar--not at all badly, either--with two other girls. 
For some strange reason, they were wearing tutus. They had composed their own song and music, although I found it hard to understand. (Having my ears cleaned didn't seem to help my hearing.) 
The show lasted an hour and a half, which was 'way long enough, but it was fun to see. After, we drove up, up, up--practically straight up, it seemed, but oddly, I wasn't as terrified as I thought I'd be--to the dorms to collect possessions. 
The girls said goodbye to their bosom buddies/lifelong friends whom they had met seven days ago (they tend to be dramatic) and off we went to El's. She served us a delicious rice dish from the InstaPot, along with tacos and all the fixings. For dessert, she brought out a cake with candles for a mini-birthday for Vivian, who turns 15 on the 29th. We sang the song and gave Viv her little presents.
Clothes were taken out of the dryer, packed, and loaded into the humongous RV Mike had rented; he's now taking the girls on a road trip for a week,  Here they are shortly before they left:
That was a bit after 4:00 and they were going to drop Roxanne off at her camp, which has another week to go. 
El  and I just chilled (see that: I know all the trendy jargon!) after that and I actually took a short nap, as I hadn't gotten my usual quota of sleep the night before. We had thought about going out to eat, but decided to just have the lunch leftovers, which were yummy heated up.
The Access Van came a little late--about 8:15 and had to pick up another fare in Ojai, so I didn't get home until almost 9:00. Watched a little T.V., had my blueberries, went to bed, and slept well.
*Roxanne and Violet, both 11, became best friends in school in Singpore, which Roxanne attended for six years. She and her parents recently moved back to their native France. Roxanne's mother is a judge in Paris and her father has his own jet; I'm not sure what he does, but I have an idea it isn't cleaning up after the elephants. 
Mike mentioned that they have a number of horses on their large property near Paris in Maisons-Laffitte. Here's how it's described on a tourist site:
Wealthy and classy, Maisons-Laffitte is a northwestern suburb of Paris where you’ll almost be tripping over mansions and châteaux. True to this image of old money, the commune is a centre for equestrianism, with the largest horse training facility in the Paris region.
However, Roxanne is anything but a spoiled little rich girl. She's well-spoken (perfectly fluent in English, of course, with no accent at all) and very courteous and sweet-natured. Violet tends to be somewhat brusque and impatient, but very vulnerable (she reminds me so much of myself at that awkward age, it's uncanny), but Roxanne was always pleasant and cheerful.  It occurred to me that I, as a chubby eleven-year-old, growing up in that provincial south Jersey town, was utterly oblivious of the big world out there. The idea that I would have granddaughters who would so casually enter, and be comfortable in, the milieu they inhabit, wasn't in my wildest dreams. It's a wonderfully interesting life and I want more of it.  

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Went to T.O.P.S. and was okay with 128.4; stayed the same from the last time I weighed in two weeks ago. Left early because I wanted to stop at the podiatrist's and get more sponge pads for my toes.
After breakfast, I did an hour or so of food prep: sliced two pounds of tomatoes, cut up two large onions, added oil, vinegar, and seasonings and popped them in the oven. At the same time, I put an onion in and basted it with soy sauce and oil.
Walked to Von's for blueberries* Ellen called to say she'd have a little birthday party today for Vivian's fifteenth, although that isn't until the 29th. She asked if I wanted to get her something now, or wait to send it to Singapore. Decided to give it now.
After lunch, I took the bus to town, then walked to the Promenade, which felt good. I decided to call the Access van to pick me up and take me to El's this morning, also to take me home this evening. Did so and it should be here at 7:44.
Took the bus back and got off at the transit center, then walked to Target for Vivian's gift. Bused home, then drove to Smart 'n' Final for eggs and cherries. Had dinner, then showered, and wrapped Vivian's gift; also got a little additional gift for Violet.
All day, I've been practicing my lines, both out loud when I'm home and silently when I'm not. We have rehearsal at 5:30 tomorrow.
*Somebody told me the blueberry crop was particularly plentiful this year and I believe it: The price has gone 'way down most places.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Ears, Ellen, And--Damn, I Can't Think Of Another "E"

Followed my usual morning routine: blog, email, Facebook with coffee, then breakfast with more. I re-typed my part of the script, with cues, and will keep it with me.
Scrubbed, trimmed, and seasoned two pounds of carrots, cut into eighths two oranges, and put both into the slow cooker. I'll have that with dinner tomorrow. Nancy called and we had a long talk; will meet for lunch sometime next week. Ellen called to firm up our plans for an early dinner.
Went to the doc's office for my 11:00 appointment to get my ears dredged--ugh, how I hate that sensation; it's not really painful, just horribly uncomfortable. Anyway, it didn't take too long and I hope my hearing has improved a bit. I was weighed with clothes on, including shoes, and was at 129.4. I'll be interested to see what I weigh at the T.O.P.S. meeting, where I'll be shortly.
Stopped at the store on the way home and was happy to see they finally got in the Forelli rice cakes; bought five packages, along with onions, tomatoes, and blueberries. I'll roast the first two today and have it for salad.
El got here at 5:00 after her hair appointment and I suggested a fairly new restaurant called "2686," which is its address on Loma Vista Road.  (That sounds like a good name for a business, but I don't think it is; it's too easy to forget the exact numbers and their sequence.)  We enjoyed it, of course--I could dine in Upper Japip and have a good time with my D.D.--but it because it was so early, we both ordered only appetizers with our drinks (El a soda, her mum a Chief Peak). I was pleased when I was charged only at the Happy Hour price, so the tab was less than ten bucks.
Home and got ready for 7:30 rehearsal. That was, as ever, fun, but very intense. Jeff changed some  blocking and we pretty much followed a stop-and-start mode to work out some glitches. Although that's necessary, it's always tedious for the performers. Didn't finish until 9:30, so didn't get home until almost 10, or to bed until--yoicks!--almost 11. However, I slept like a stone and feel good this morning.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

H.H. And Rehearsal

Good grief--yesterday, I slept until almost 8:00. I think I know why--because I was wearing a sleep mask. Any light at all bothers me, and I usually wake up at the dawning of it. When I wear the mask, it doesn't. This morning, I didn't wear it; set the alarm for 7:00, but awoke a 6:00. I'm going to see if I can take a nap today, as rehearsal starts at 7:30 and it's going to be a long evening.
Stripped and re-made the bed, then did a load of bleached clothes with the sheets. Attended to making some routine doctor appointments, including one for my annual physical (ugh!) and to have my ears dredged; I was able to get one for today at 11:00. Handled yet more financial crapola and, of course, rehearsed and rehearsed my lines.
After lunch, I showered, washed my hair, and set off for Happy Hour. Diane is in Chicago and Nancy is either under the weather or didn't want to come--not sure why, so I'll call her tomorrow. That meant it was just Carolyn B. and me at Rumfish.
We had a good time, just the two of us, as Carolyn looks forward to H.H. as much as I do. Talked and talked, of course; Carolyn and her daughter are leaving for San Diego early today, to attend "Camp Widow." We were there at Rumfish for more than two hours, but it was pleasant on the sun-lit patio.
I walked C. to the museum, where she had parked her car, then hopped the bus home. Got in about 5:30, cleaned up a bit, then drove to rehearsal.
It was a good session and Jeff is a strong, innovative director. Last night, he spoke to us privately, and asked that we add something foreign to our characters. In my case, instead of my character being a warm, benign, loving grandmother who's being ignored by the young people, he asked me to make her angry and stern. We went through the whole play with these changes; after, we revealed what they were.  For instance, the young mother, Jennifer, played by Janelle, said that the young husband, Justin, really wasn't the baby's father; Justin, Ben's character, said he had gambled all their money away; Ariela, who's character is presumably heterosexual, said she actually pinned after Amanda--and so on, These were not, of course, permanent changes to characterization, but going through the play in these new modes made us stretch and think.  Even when we reverted back to the original, it helped to make our characters less one-denominational, plus we might be able to use some aspects of the differences.
Ellen called during rehearsal; I called back afterward and was pleased to be asked if I wanted to meet for lunch or dinner today. Yes, of course, I'd love to. We'll talk later about when and where. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Santa Barbara, Gail, And Panic

A pretty full day. I took the usual bus/bus/bus. At the transit center, I fell into conversation with a nice woman and impulsively, sat with her on the way to SB. We chatted and found we're compatible. Her name is Gail, she lives with her ex-husband (these arrangements are common now, I believe), and has two daughters, one in SB, and one granddaughter. I thought she was my age and was startled when I found she's only 69. (I never thought I'd see the day when I'd precede "sixty-nine" with "only.") Anyway, we found we're both enthusiastic walkers, exchanged information, and I said I'll contact her and we'll get together.
Got to Betty's door, as usual, at 11:28 and was pleased to see Carolyn and Finn there, too--they were cleaning the apartment. I had told Betty I didn't want to go to the monthly birthday party at 2:00, so wanted to leave after lunch. However, Carolyn had to pick her husband, Dana, up at work at 1:30, so we went to lunch at a place in town, then she dropped me at the library (the Coastal Express stops there, as well as at other places).
I viewed the art in the Faulkner Room--I think he lived in Santa Barbara at one time--then read for a bit. Decided to walk to where I usually get the CE back to Ventura, as it's the first one and I'd have my choice of seats. Did so, and we took off at 2:20.
As I usually do,  I got off the first stop in town an walked up Main a mile or so. I then discovered I couldn't find my drivers license, which I need to drive and oh, yes--to ride the bus home. When I told the bus driver, though, he just asked what year I was born and I got on.
I was in a panic because I have rehearsal tonight and while I could get there on the bus, it's scheduled  to go on until 9:00, at least, and I didn't want to get on the bus that late. I called the Access van and arranged to be picked up and driven home. However, when I got home--after 5:00--I emptied my purse and found my license stuck in some out-of-the-way place--whew! 
At that point, Suzanne stopped in to give me an update on her painful right side. She called her brother, who's an internist in San Diego and he said to go to an orthopedic doc who is familiar with shoulders. She did and found that the problem isn't her fibromyalgia,* but bursitis. Luckily, the doc gave her good advice, which includes therapy and exercise. Steroids are an option at some point, but they're considered a last resort.
* Those illiterate techies at Spellcheck don't know how to spell this. Of course, neither do I--had to look it up.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Happily, I slept soundly all night until I got up to use what was sometimes genteelly called "the necessity." Stayed up, as it was almost 5:00 and I felt fine.
After coffee, I took about a mile walk around the neighborhood--I had been neglecting that early session and want to get back to it.
I've been having a busy summer and I love it that way, especially being with Ellen and the girls. At the same time, that means a lot of everyday stuff is neglected and yesterday, I was able to attend to  most of it. Had to sign and send something certified to my home insurance company and look into the new AAA contract. There's an office nearby and I think I'll stop in to firm it up.
After lunch, I drove to the P.O., then to WinCo and two small stores for fresh spinach, blueberries, and other goodies. I somehow managed to lose eight dollars, which annoyed me no end; I think I dropped the wad in the 99-Cent store.
Called Betty to tell her I'd be there today and we'll go to lunch. I was glad to hear she wanted to go to the monthly birthday party they hold at her place, as I don't want to go, That means I can leave early enough to get the 2:20 bus back to Ventura.
Went to town on the bus and dropped my book off at the library, then walked Main up and back. I stopped back into the library to take out a huge and heavy book on Fellini films. Am I interested in Fellini or, for that matter, Italian films? No, but my character in the play is a devotee of foreign films and even says, early on, "I just love Italian films." Since Director Jeff decided I'm not going to be knitting (yay!), but will be reading a book, I thought that would be appropriate. Possibly, Jeff will want me to hold it so the audience can see it.
I had bought a nice piece of tilapia and had that for dinner with acorn squash and the rest of the zucchini/onion casserole I put together the other day. Yum.