Friday, June 24, 2016

So On And So Forth

Got a late start to Kimball Park for the walk, but made it about 9:15. Nurse took me BP before I started, but she had left when I got back--no prob, though. Aside from that, I did a bunch of computer, bill-paying chores and some housework.
Went to the eye doctor for my 2:45 appointment. He saw some evidence of beginning macular degeneration and had me make a appointment with his colleague, a retina specialist. Damn, that makes me nervous, but I'll try not to obsess on it until after I see the guy on July 15.
Went home and changed, then to the store for stuff. Doris called; she said she was pretty sure she knew the answer, but wanted to know if I wanted to go to a "Honor Veterans" gathering at Cypress Point. She guessed right--that I couldn't in good conscience for that. (I didn't mention that not only I'd turn it down for moral considerations, but it would bore me to death.) Doris is a good, kind person and sensitive to others' beliefs.
I told her about our visit to The Townhomes and we chatted about that. She asked if she'd see me at the music/wine thing today and I said yes, but forgot I have an appointment with the Ventura Breeze guy at 3:00 at the harbor. Called back to cancel.
I just got up at 8:15 and not yet dressed--darn! Will I rush go to T.O.P.S, which starts at 8:45 or follow my natural inclination of lazy slobism? Tune in tomorrow.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


El and I went to several possible rentals, plus Ventura Townhomes, an independent/assisted living facility. The latter has some wonderful views--on a clear day, you can see the ocean--from the sixth and seventh floors, but you'll pay an extra 400 a month for them. There are also "cottages" in the gardens in the back and they're very attractive. The usual--dining room, hairdresser, gym, medical staff, and so on--are provided and even, incredibly, Mr. Rosen, a tailor. Of all the similar places I've seen around here, this is probably my favorite. However, I have no desire to live there at this point and couldn't afford it, anyway.
We also visited apartment complexes: Pacific Views (very nice, but I'm not crazy about the location) and Ventura Del Sol. El liked this a lot, and I do, too, but there are some negatives. One is the electric stove, another is that the carpeting extends not only to the dining area, but incredibly, into the vanity part of the bathroom (toilet and tub are separate). Also, one would have to provide one's own microwave--odd, but no big deal, really. I loved the storage space and the fact that the bedroom has a regular window, not a sliding glass door. However, since my lease isn't up until September, the whole thing is moot right now, although I want to feel the Colony Parc office manager out about the possibility of moving without a fee.
Re fees: I just got my July rent bill and am again amazed and infuriated that the water and sewer charge is an extra $38 a month. Add that to the $12.80 for trash removal, dollar for pest control (what pests? There are no pests in California except the ones who own apartment complexes), and the one that makes me bang my fist on my head: $3.85 for the company that makes up the bills! These extras vary only very slightly month-to-month, and come to roughly $668 per year, highway robbery by anyone's reckoning. Of course, I pay electric, gas, and cable directly.
Very significantly, at Ventura Del Sol, not only is the actual rent $105 less per month, but the owners pay water, trash, and sewer, bringing the tab down to more than $160 or close to two thou a year. Hey, that should settle it--I'm moving!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 21 and July 15

First thing--well, second, after coffee and computer, of course--I drove to Kimball Park to walk my mile and a quarter. This time, the nurse was there and she took my BP before (132/70) and after (144/80). I'm not absolutely sure that's good--that is, whether there's supposed to be such a big jump, but the nurse said it was okay.
Happy day, my tummy seems to have recovered. Had a salad and what was left of the spinach/shallot/carrot dish I had made the other day and had no problem. Went to Ralph's and got a pork loin; ran into Carole F. there and we had a good chat. Home, I put the pork (I could never turn Jewish or Muslim) in the slow cooker with an envelope of Lipton onion and a can of mushroom soup, plus water. When I got home after being out, I had myself some slices of it. Absolutely delish!
Mike sent a beautiful picture of my girl--and her guy--with his two girls at the door of the RV. I love the picture--tried to get it on here, but it didn't work, for some reason, darn it. It seems I have to enable cookies to get pictures on here and I "asked" Microsoft 10, which I hate, hate, hate, and wish to consign to hell, wrote down what it said (three simple steps), but wasn't able to follow.
I was thrilled to get a phone call from the aforementioned girls who are now in Wyoming and will be for six days. Talked to Vivian and Violet, both of whom wished me Happy Anniversary at their Auntie's urging, and heard that they saw buffalo roaming free and were having a fine time. What I would have given to have an adventure like that at their age. Also was told that my dear grandson and his dear sons had gotten an apartment in Bordentown, and will move July 15. That happens to be the same day I moved here last year--auspicious date!
Got a note from the publisher of the Ventura Breeze that he'd like to meet with me and work up a story about my acting "career." I disabused him of the notion that it's a career (I wish) and said it's a fun activity, but I'm okay with a story, as it may be good publicity for the class I'll conduct at the Adult Center.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tummy and Dinner

Went to the laundry place about 7:15, but it didn't look as if the machines were operating--or something. Could it be they're turned off until after a certain hour? Don't know, but I went back later--had only one load, anyway. Aside from that, I didn't do a lot except financial stuff, organizing files, and similar boring chores. I still don't feel absolutely tiptop, although I haven't had to take any more Pepto Bismol. Actually took a nap--unusual for me--for about an hour on the couch. Got up and felt better. Went to WinCo for a few things. Showered and changed to go to the widder dinner. There were only seven of us this time, as opposed to more than twenty last. That could say something about the food and/or service at Marie Callender's.
Because my stomach was still having some "issues" (if I ever use that word again to describe problems, please shoot me), I just ordered an appetizer of what was billed as an avocado and shrimp stack. Of course, I had a Blue Moon, too. It was an okay gathering or would have been if obnoxious Gayle hadn't done her thing of nonstop and nonsensical talk. Got home a bit after 8:00 and had no further troubles with my tum, aside from--which just dawned on me--not being able cleaning it out.
Just now when I got up, I thought of asking my guru--the Internet--if iron supplements could cause constipation. It seems that they can, and although my last blood test showed no deficiency, I had continued to take them, figuring they wouldn't do any harm. I'll stop them as of today and step up my fiber.

Monday, June 20, 2016


I thought Sunday would be a dud, considering I still had an on and off stomach ache. It wasn't as bad as it had been, but was still there. I toasted the bottom half of a white roll (the top had seeds), added cottage cheese and had that and my usual half orange for breakfast. That seemed to sit all right, but I was still tentative about whether I felt better. I thought I'd baby myself for the day and, of all things, did something at 11:30 am I havn't done for years in daylight: turned on the television. What was on was a new show, The Hunt with John Walsh, and it actually seemed interesting. Watched for fifteen minutes, then El called. We discussed the wedding she went to yesterday (and the bride gave her the bouquet), then El asked if I wanted to go to lunch at the Hill Street Cafe. Well, sure! The HSC has FREE mimosas if you order off their brunch menu and I thought champagne and orange juice were just the thing to soothe my tummy. El also suggested I bring my bathing togs, so we could go to the pool.
I got over there about 1:00, but we didn't get to Hill Street Cafe until quarter of 2:00. We found that the free mimosas ended--and, in fact, the restaurant closed--at 2:00, so we quickly ordered. I had delicious eggs Benedict, El a huge tuna salad, and the mimosa was great. The waitress came back several times to add champagne after I had put the O.J. in the glass--fine by me.
After, we stopped at an open house and saw a gorgeous place, the price for which is probably within El's range. The kicker is--as happens so often here--the maintenance fee was almost five hundred a month, more than she pays now. However, I liked it better than she did and she isn't that anxious to move right now, anyway.
We changed and went to one of the pools where Ellen lives (there are four or five of them, only two where I am) and it was delightful. We stayed in for forty-five or so, chatted with other residents and luxuriated in the clear water. When it got a little chilly. we topped it off with a soak in the spa.
Suddenly, I realized my stomach didn't hurt at all; I was incredulous. El and I agreed it was the mimosa that must have done it--ha!
Just half redressed, said goodbye, and left for home.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Symposium and Stomach

It would have been a good day except for an ungood--in fact, double plus ungood*--factor: I woke up with a stomach ache. This is practically unheard of for me; in fact, I honestly don't remember the last time I had one. The cause? Beats me, but it may have been the cherries, followed by raisins and walnuts I ate before going to bed.
Even so, I was determined to follow my planned activities. The "Aging for Women" (sounds like instruction for...) symposium started at the harbor Mariott at 7:30 am. I actually got lost, annoyingly enough, because I took a route I never had before, so I was about fifteen minutes late. Found Carole and Sue looking for me, as they know I'm usually early.
The program consisted of power points and talks by various physicians and included a very nice breakfast spread of bagel, fruit, yogurt, juices, coffee, and so on. All this was provided by Community Medical and usually, would make a big hit with me, but although I had chewed some TUMS, I was still uncomfortable. I didn't have breakfast before I got there, so just had half a bagel with butter.
The presentations were scheduled until noon, but I left when they were winding up, about quarter of. Stomach still hurt and when I got home, I took some Pepto Bismo. That helped for a time, but I had to keep taking doses through the day.
Even so, I wanted to follow my plan to see Open Meeting Closed, an original one act at the Elite Theatre in Oxnard. My acquaintance, Angela DeC., is one of the six women in it, so I drove there and paid my fifteen bucks. It was in the so-called "south side room" of the theatre and was very makeshift. There's a stage of sorts and ordinary--I think kitchen chairs--set out for the sparse audience. (The "north side," which I assume is spiffier, will be staging Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, one of the most produced plays in history, until the middle of July.) The playwright/director of Open Meeting Closed bounded onto the stage and welcomed the audience, said a few words and on went the show.
Boy, was it bad. To put it kindly, the script stank (the comedy part wasn't funny and the dramatic part wasn't interesting), the set was mediocre (the pretend door kept shaking and wobbling and threatening to fall, although it was supposed to be locked), the actors were lousy (several times, not just once, somebody clearly forgot her lines and there was a deadly silence), and it was a chore to sit there for the whole crappy thing.
I think I can take pride in performing with the Little Egg Theatre Company; we would never have put on something like that. Anyhow, I suffered through it, my stomach still hurting, until it was finally over--the show, not my stomach. I greeted Angela after, said hello to the other actors, then made my getaway.
Went home to change, then to El's to feed Sebastian (she and Greg were at a wedding of one of her colleagues in Santa Barbara). Stopped at Ralph's to get some things I had read on the web were good for a stomach ache, including bananas, applesauce, and white bread. I ate half a banana, but it made me feel worse, not better.
I was able to sleep most of the night, but had to take another dose of Pepto Bismol once. Tummy is quite a bit better now, although I still can feel something just vaguely uncomfortable in that area.
Addendum: Well, goes to show how good my memory is: I put "stomach ache" in the search engine and this blog immediately came up with about ten instances when I had a stomach ache. The other times were never explained either, but went away before long. Hope this one does.
*With apologies to Eric Blair.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Went to T.O.P.S. and stayed for the meeting. For the third week in a row, I was the big loser--but I had lost only 1.2 pounds and that'll tell something about the rest of the group. However, I enjoy them and it and if they're not seriously committed--hey, that's their thing and it's none of my business.
Called former neighbor Ray H. to ask if I could send him Walter's present and he and Barb could take it to the party on the 25th. The 25th? Yes, the surprise party for Walter's eightieth. No, the party's tomorrow, Ray told me--aagh! However, no prob, I just addressed it to Walter and he'll get it a few days after the party. Enjoyed catching up with Sunrise Bay doings, anyway.
Home for breakfast, then over to Michael's to look for a box for that very present. I found nothing suitable, but remembered that I had a high, square box at home with "Happy Birthday" sentiments on it. I had had it for years and kept cotton balls in it, but I emptied it, lined it with cushioning, and it was perfect for the present. When I took it to the P.O., I was horrified that the postage was $12.40--good grief, the bookends cost only sixteen bucks! But the hell with it: After ranting and raving, I paid the king's ransom and it's on its way to Jersey.
Went from there to The Townhomes and found Doris already there; Carole didn't show, but we were okay with that. We enjoyed the duo--old guys with hats, one on keyboard, one on guitar--and the appetizers and wine, too, of course.
El had called to ask if I wanted to come over after and share her Bistro, M.D. dinner. Yes, sure, and I got there about 5:00. She came soon after, having had her hair trimmed--it looks great--and her nails, hands and toes polished. She showed me the dress and shoes she got for the wedding she's going to today, and oh, they're beautiful. The dress is black and white with sparkles--subtle ones--at the top in an empire style, with a matching jacket. She got a pretty rose shrug to wear for the daytime wedding (3:00 pm) and will put the matching B/W sparkle top on for the evening reception. It's really a gorgeous outfit.
We had dinner--pork with mustard sauce for me--and enjoyed Margaritas before and with it--yum! Good talk with my daughter, of course--it's always a great pleasure. I promised to feed Sebastian about 5:00 today and she promised to go to Ventura Del Sol with me on Wednesday to give me her take on the apartments.