Sunday, August 02, 2015

Running Like Crazy

I've been running around like crazy the past few days, just getting this and that, such as a large bowl, a can opener, a frying pan, and folders, and so on.  My furniture consists of my bed, which I bought new--very comfy and I sleep like a log--two kitchen chairs Ellen lent me, and a small folding table Greg lent me.
Lots of new car (and I like it a lot) stuff: insurance (car, tenant, and landlady), banking obligations, and so on--drags, one and all, but they have to be done and I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Laid all my incredibly varied paperwork out on the bed, put it in piles, stored in folders, and otherwise got it more manageable, a big load off my mind.
Drove "downtown," which I was pleased I was able to do, and visited several thrift shops.  Bought some baskets and two pretty tumblers, plus some storage items.  Enjoyed that a lot.
I'm writing this at Ellen's, as the tablet--while it's useful otherwise, is more difficult to type with, plus balky at certain times.  She are Greg are going away for tomorrow for overnight, so I'll come back to feed Sebastian, and will probably add an entry then.

Saturday, August 01, 2015


Got a car, a 2013 Hundai Accent.  It's identical to the one I rented--even the color--and I like it a lot.   Pretty good deal on it, too, I think.  Bought it from Hertz Rental Cars.  This is the second time I've done that and I hope it turns out as well as it did the last time.
Had a business day with business matters and picking up this and that.  I may not post for some time, as I have a problem using my tablet; also, my Comcast e-mail will expire soon.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Movin' in day--yay!
Well, semi-yay: We got some of my stuff in, then went to lunch, then waited for the Time-Warner guy to set up the electronic stuff, then the bed guys to set up--of course, the bed.
Went out to buy this and that, put it in the apartment, then went back to Ellen's and I spent my last night here.  Just too much going on and too complicated--and boring to anyone else--to add much, except:
Ellen and I are going out shortly to look for a car for me to buy.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

All Over Creation

Today, I take possession of my new digs--yay!
As for yesterday, Ellen and I went all over creation--well, all over Ventura--to various thrift stores and other places so I could pull together a few essentials for my apartment.  Lunched Mexican, then jumped into the fray again.  Home, we got some financial stuff done, then I was pleased to see an e-mail from Colony Parc advising me that I could come see the apartment after 3:00.  We zoomed down (up?) there and were taken to my new place.
Funny--I was entirely wrong about the location.  The few times I had driven there earlier to look at the outside, I had thought it partially overlooked a parking area.  That was disappointing, as they aren't very pleasant views.  Happily, I was mistaken. My windows look out over the pool area, a shaded path, and some other nice area.
The apartment itself is pretty nice.  The dining area is anything but spacious, but the living room and bedrooms are adequate.  The two identical baths are fine and the kitchen, though fairly small, is laid out in the "galley"style, very efficient and easy to be in.  Of course, there are all the amenities, including a dishwasher and ice maker.  There are balconies outside the living and guest room and it's bright and cheerful.
All in all, I'm very pleased with my new digs. What I'm not pleased with are the overwhelming--to me, anyway--demands of the financial end.  I just talked to the new insurance guy (for my house) and all the stuff about switching from Allstate has to be run by the mortgage company and so on.  Hope I can put this behind me soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Goodbyes, a Bed, and Chinatown

We left at 9:00 for LAX and boy, the traffic was extreme.  Made it by 11:00, though, and met Mike there.  Of course, Vivian rushed into his arms and they had a fine reunion.  We waited, chatting with them, for about an hour, then Ellen and I said goodbye to our darling niece and granddaughter.  Parting was eased a bit by the knowledge that Mike and his whole family will be back in December.
El and I stopped at a restaurant for lunch, then at several mattress stores on the the way home.  After comparing deals, I decided on a double bed at Sit 'n' Sleep and got a good buy on it.  It'll be delivered tomorrow, which is--ta-dah: move-in day!
We stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a mattress cover, then home about 4:00, which seemed so quiet in the absence of vivacious Vivian.  Puttered around until dinner, which consisted of Gregg's fabulous pasta/pesto, left over from our little dinner party on Monday.  El and I watched Rachel Maddow until said chef came in at 7:00 after work; I asked if I could see his DVD of Chinatown, about my favorite movie and, I think, close to perfection of that ilk.
Gregg put it in, then he and Ellen went out for a walk in "Charterville,"* even though it was practically the middle of the night (about 8:30).  I contentedly watched Jack, Faye, and that little rat, Roman Polanski, and the two were back in time to hear those deathless words,"forget it, Jack--it's Chinatown."
*They like to walk in a certain area of Ventura near where Ellen's friend lives.  Her last name if "Charter," so Gregg dubbed it in her honor.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rolling Along at the Rink

What a neat day!  El, Viv, and I met Carolyn, Finn, and two of his friends at the Roller Plus rink at 1:30 and we all donned skates to whiz around the wood!  Okay, Viv, the boys, and Carolyn did. After an hour or so, Ellen was going to give it a try, but decided against paying the entrance fee and rental. We all had a ball together, although Vivian and the boys--brothers aged 14 and 11--studiously avoided each other, as kids tend to do at that age.
We stayed several hours, during which I was pleased to get a call from Elva B., my longtime friend (of more than 70 years that is; we started and finished at St. James together).  She had known I was planning the cross-country move, but wasn't aware I was already in California.  The two boys' mother picked them up as the rest of us left for El's.
When we got there, Greg was laboring over pots and pan and the kids changed into bathing suits.  I went out to pick up a few things while they went to the pool.  Met them there after, and we sat and chatted for a few, then headed back.
Greg served up a wonderful dinner of salad (cashew dressing) and pasta (pesto sauce, my favorite), accompanied with red wine.  He doesn't put serving bowls on the table, but presents on individual plates, as they do in restaurants.  Both salad and pasta were truly delicious and several of us had second helpings.  By the time we finished, it was after 7:00.
Said goodbye to Carolyn and Finn, Ellen cleaned up, and I went to bed at my (used to be!) usual of 9:00 pm.  Now we're waiting for Ellen to come down and we'll start the long drive to L.A. to meet Mike and put my precious granddaughter on the plane back to Singapore.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Yesterday was low-key, aside from a dreadful ordeal I had to suffer:  pumping my own gas! All right, Ellen helped--stayed with me every minute--but it was still something I had tried to put out of my mind until my tank read "E."  Guess I'd better get used to it.
I stopped for a few items at various stores while El, Greg, and Vivian went off to Peet's Coffee to meet friends who have a six-year-old daughter interested in gymnastics. They went to a park where Viv demonstrated various flips, dives, and other moves.  I contentedly stayed home reading Hemingway's Chair.  
I'm not a big fiction fan--much prefer bio and history--but this is absorbing.  I'm enjoying the fact that the setting is a small town in England, but a visiting American character lives in Trenton, teaches at a college there (College of New Jersey?  Rider?) and mentions Quakerbridge Mall.
Housemates got home about 3:00, then Ellen and Gregg went for a long walk and back for coffee at Peet's. When they got home, they proposed that we eat at an Indian restaurant in Camarillo, owned by a friend of Gregg's.  We did--I had been there the last time I was here--and it was good once I emphasized little spice for me.
Today, Carolyn and Finn are coming and we'll take the kiddies roller-skating.  El invited them, plus the friends mentioned above for dinner.  Haven't heard back if they'll come.