Sunday, August 28, 2016


Walked Kimball. After breakfast, I did some pre-packing chores. My method is to crumble up newspaper and toss in a box, so it's ready when I start to actually pack. Wrapped in bubble wrap and packed a few pictures. Ellen called and we made a date for lunch today.
Went to the library, then to Smart & Final for provisions. It occurred to me that this area is now actually my place because I ran into two people I know at the supermarket. One was Donna, who's in the widder group and is the daughter of Joe La Rocca, the 91-year-old graduate of Rider and resident of The Townehouse. Joe wants to have a little get-together for his pals (he has a nice cottage on the grounds), but Donna said the last time he did, he invited 30 people. She put her foot down and he promised he'd ask no more than twelve.
A few minutes after I left Donna in the produce section, I saw Sheila Lowe, the hand-writing expert and author, in bread and rolls. She remembered me, as I had kept vigil with her for domestic violence victims not long ago. She had a book-signing for her latest, Outside the Lines. (All her books have punny titles: Last Writes, Poison Pen, Written in Blood, and so on.) She said about eighty people were at the signing. Wish I could have been, but I had another commitment. One of these days, I'll buy one of her books and read it.
I called two moving companies and got quotes by the hour. I figure on roughly $600 for that and other moving expenses, and possibly more, but I'm okay with it. Called Humana for more drugs--I'm not sure if they'll send automatically or not--but their computers were down; will call later.
Went to Ventura Pictures to get the name of the guy who hung my large A.C. photos; couldn't remember. Got his card--it's Ryan Haslam--and will call him Monday. Called J.C. Penney's to have a new card sent--I lost my old one--and it was a great hassle due to their cockamamie phone system, but I finally did it.
Went to Target just to look at various and saw a small microwave on sale. Looks good and I bought it. It's small, which I want and don't want it for anything but to heat things up. Plus, it's white and it was so inexpensive, even if it conks out after a year or two, it's worth. Put it in my trunk, where it will rest until I get into VDS.
Back home, I saw Megan, the nurse practitioner who leaves tomorrow for her new job in Arizona. She was with a friend, Nate, who said he had just moved into Ventura Del Sol. Seemed like a nice guy. Found a message on the cell from my Suffern, NY niece, Joan; she called just to say hello and I'll get back to her. I don't always have my cell with me (or don't hear it), so I'll tell it's better to use the landline. However, Time Warner doesn't operate in VDS for some reason, so I guess I'll have to use Communications, Inc. and won't have my same number. Come to think of it, maybe I should just get a smart phone and use that exclusively. Hmm...

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Dizzying day!
Skipped Kimball to go to T.O.P.S. and found I had lost a pound and a half. Sounds good, but considering I had gained more than two last week--well, we won't go there.
Went directly to Ventura Del Sol to drop off my tax return. I then realized I had only one check left. Went over to the bank to see if I could just pick up blank checks or something, but no, I'd have to get a cashiers check and screw that. I decided to use a Vanguard check for the VDS deposit and I'll use the last BOA one for Bill. Ordered more checks and had put my new address on, as I'll be there shortly. I was running around around so much, I didn't have time for breakfast.
No prob, as I met my friend, Joyce, early for lunch. (To me, noon is early to have lunch.) We went to Romano's Macaroni Grille, one of my favorites and we had a good one. Joyce brought me a bag of avocados from her backyard tree--what a treat--and told me all about her other life as a travel agent and her experience in Toastmasters/mistresses. We stayed talking for almost two hours, after which I high-tailed it back to VDS.
I asked Jim if I could look again at my new digs; did so, and like the place a lot--especially the storage, which will be heavenly after the dearth of it here. Gave Jim the deposit and we discussed when I'd move in. I wanted to get Ellen's take on this, did so, and will go in the fifteenth, so I only have to overlap five days.
Betty called and we chatted. She told me John Garrity has died; she went to his funeral this morning. He was a nice guy and I'm sorry; another HSHS '54 gone. Betty mentioned that Joanne Eisle died about a year ago and I was shocked. I hadn't known that.
Got a call from Elaine Hughes, the one with the (large) apartment at Ashwood Gardens. She said she's leaving on September 30 and wanted to let me know, as I had expressed interest in her apartment. However, I told her I had decided on VDS, but thanked her for calling--it was nice of her.
Now I have another annoying problem: I had told my tenant, Eileen, I'd send her a renewed lease. Found the lease and it's so faint I don't know how it'll come out when I duplicate it. Come to think of it, I don't know who has the original: the real estate office; Walter; or Eileen herself. Must call Walter back.
After dinner, I decided to clear my head and drive to the library. Got there before it dawned on me they're not open late on Fridays. Oh, well, it's a nice drive, it relaxed me, and the hills are still there.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Palms

Walked as usual. It was Thursday, so the nurse from Community Memorial was there to take BP before and after. I chatted with her and she that an arm of the hospital has a heart assessment program, as well as yoga and other offerings. She asked for my contact info, so I gave her my card. When she saw the "Acting for Everyone" blurb, she asked if I'd get in touch so she could hear more about it. The might possibly be interested in having me do a course for her program.
Met Doris at The Palms where the "Salute to our Firefighters" took place. It was outside and they had a very nice lunch; besides the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, they had bratwurst, potato and pasta salad, green salads, and an array of yummy desserts. We ate, then listened to the (white-haired) Elvis impersonator I had seen last week at Bonaventure.
Went here and there to pick up a few items, then to the library to turn in some audio books I didn't like. Got a different one and even spent a half hour looking over a bio of Nikola Tesla. Stopped at a thrift store after and found a nice metal wine rack, which I bought. I already have a wooden one that holds nine bottles, but this holds only four and will take up a lot less space. Besides, it has a more modern look and I'm leaning toward that for my new digs.
When I got home, I had a call from manager Patti at Ventura Del Sol, asking for a copy of my tax return. I frantically looked for it, couldn't find it, so called, e-mailed, and texted Michelle, my accountant, asking her to send me a copy as an attachment. Luckily, I finally found my copy and called, e-mailed, and texted Michelle back to ignore the previous.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Got to Kimball to walk at 7:30; stopped after at Wal-Mart for bubble wrap. Called Walter and left a message asking if he could recommend a mold removal outfit. Coincidentally, Eileen, my tenant, sent me an e-mail asking if I was going to send her a new lease; the old one was up in July. Oops--I thought I had told her Walter had said if a new lease isn't written, the old one stays in effect. Since I wasn't raising her rent, I thought we could just go that way, but I guess I forgot to tell her. Well, it's okay by me to have a new one.
Went to Lowes and got more bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. I want to start packing soon.
Drove to the library and got two books with plays. I might use parts in my class, which I guess is illegal without permission, but la-de-dah. In the meantime, I chose one of them and acted--out loud--all three parts, a practice I always recommend to students. Enjoyed it and greatly admire the spare, but perfectly apt dialogue. The play? Agnes of God.
Called some mold removal companies on my own. It was recommended that I call the health department, too, for a list. It was too late yesterday--3:00 here, but six there--so I thought I would today. However, first Susan called me back and we had a nice chat, then Walter got on the line. He said Bill Galway, my old neighbor, a contractor, does the mold thing, so I'll call him.
Meeting Doris and Carole today at The Palms for a "thanks to our fire fighters" thing and lunch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I got up about 6:15 entertaining the weird idea that somebody was going to rush in and get the apartment I wanted before I had a chance to get the application in. I walked at Kimbell, then instead of having breakfast, filled out the form, added some financial info--then looked for my 2015 tax return.
Couldn't find it. I found all my other returns, from 2000 right up to 2014, but the one I needed? Why, no, it was nowhere. Went on the IRS site and took a good twenty minutes filling in everything; finally got to where you can order a transcript and--it wouldn't come up. Said I should disable the ad blocker, I did, and it still wouldn't. Damn!
I went over to Ventura Del Sol with what I had, anyway, and Jim asked me to just list my income with sources. I did--frankly, I was surprised it added up to that much--and took it back. He accepted the $25 fee for the credit check (I know mine is excellent) and I seem to be okay. Patti, the manager came in and said I could have it on the tenth, which means I'll be paying rent on both apartments for ten days. That's not too bad, actually, and I'm okay with it.
By the time I finished at VDS, it was after 11:00, so I zipped over to the Adult Center for lunch. I sat with Neil and four women with whom I have little in common, but it was okay. Receptionist Beverly told me a woman had called asking if she could sign up for the acting class, but skip the first session, as she had a commitment. I told Bev to have her call me.
This little dynamo ("I've been married five times and have seven children") from Iowa said she wants to start a singles group, mostly for older people who just to talk because they're often lonely. AAGH! I hope she wasn't hinting I might want to join. I surely don't, as I have no intention of listening to people who didn't have the initiative to go out and find companions and activities. Mean as it sounds, I'm afraid they tend to be babyish clingers, pathetic and boring in the extreme, so sorry.
One of the maintenance guys came over to explain the logistics of leaving the complex. I know I'm going to have to leave a fair amount of my deposit, but I won't know for sure what needs to be done until the furniture is actually out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ventura Del Sol

Wowee, I guess I'm moving, all right! Walked Kimball, then came to a decision: I decided to pass up Ashwood Gardens. It's not only for financial reasons, but because I'm not crazy about the location (not that it's tacky, just not very convenient), plus they allow dogs, plus I'd probably be paying close to what I do here. True, it's a whopping 300-some square feet bigger, but do I really want a place that much bigger? Actually, I don't think I do.
Anyway, I called Jim, the assistant manager at Ventura Del Sol, yesterday as requested, then went over and saw the two vacant apartments. (The one I saw last week is no longer available.) I liked both, but one is forty-five dollars more than the other. Why? Because it's been upgraded with new carpet, hard flooring extended under the dining area and the bathroom sink (which is separate from the toilet and tub), and it has some new fixtures and paint.
Called El and based on her ideas and that of my friend, Pat, I've decided on VDS and the upgraded place. It's still ninety a month less than what I pay here and one of the major pluses is that the hard floor covering in the kitchen extends to the dining area and the bathroom sink area.
Re the sink: I'm not crazy about the setup, which I guess some hotshot decorator thought of years ago. It's in a kind of alcove before the door to the toilet and tub area. I've seen similar configurations with the toilet alone being separated off (in a "water closet," at the Brits say). I know the idea is that somebody washing his or her hands won't interfere with somebody showering or using the toilet, but I think it's stupid. However, it's not a biggie and I can live with it. Got the application from Jim and will return it to him today. I have to overlap rent, as the VDS one is available in two weeks and Colony Parc lease isn't up until the twentieth.
On the subject of housing, I got an unwelcome letter from Sunrise Bay Homeowners Association, telling me I have to have my house siding cleaned of mildew. This is a common problem in southern Jersey and I know a lot of my neighbors have experienced it. A relative power-washed it for me before I rented the house, but I guess it's back. What irritates me no end is that--the last time, at least--it was on the back where it couldn't be seen, anyway. This time I'll have to hire somebody and I know others have paid two to four hundred smackers.
I was pleased to get an cordial e-mail back from Tish, Pat's niece. She's the one who sent me the infamous certified letter re my sister-in-law's death. I'll write her back.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fine Day

Walked Kimball. Spent time packing things I haven't used since I've been here (so why do I still have them?) and did some housework. Drove into town and stopped in a few places. The streets and stores were jammed--that always makes me feel festive unless they're fleeing an earthquake--and it was sunny and warm, but pleasantly so and not at all humid.
Called El to see how her first days of school went. She and Greg were at the Kristimundi Center in Ojai, so called me back about 5:00. She invited me for dinner--best invitation I had all day.
Greg had made a delectable Indian dish containing dal (red lentils) with other ingredients just enough curry. Curry is one of my favorite spices, but if it's added with too heavy a hand, it's terrible. This was so good. On the place, he added roasted tomatoes and broccoli, so it was colorful, too.
We had a good talk over dinner. I told them about my apartment dilemma about which I'm still on the fence, and I heard about El's new third grade. After, we watched a few episodes of Twilight Zone, a great novelty for me, as I have only white-bread T.V., without all the fancy accoutrements others do.
Left as it was getting dark--I was dismayed to notice it wasn't 8:00 yet--after a fine day.