Saturday, December 10, 2016

Interesting, To Say The Least

Well, it was an interesting--to say the least--day. Took my acting proposal and cover letter to the post office and sent it off to Marsha, of SCAN. Dressed and made up for the Caregiver's Holiday Open House, but stopped at WinCo first for various. Couldn't resist two beautiful red poinsettias which are now gracing the living room. Went home and put everything away, then drove the short distance to Caregivers.
Like last year, there was a great spread of hot and cold appetizers, plus yummy desserts, and--a civilized touch, I say--champagne and wines. Had some of the former with pomegranate in it (so delish!) and watched the short presentation. I think I'll volunteer to be a phone caller; I was told one of the people who would like to be called was Eva Gabor's stand-in--I'd love to talk to her.
From there, I had a little lunch at home, went to The Townehouse, where I was to meet Doris and listen to Dr. Wordling's lecture. There were about 150 in the audience and Doris sat in between Jan, another acquaintance of hers, and me. After Doc had spoken (on normal changes during the aging process) for about fifteen minutes, Doris said she was hot and Jan and I tried to help her take off her sweater. Suddenly, Doris slumped against me with her head thrown back and her eyes open and fixed. I supported her while I threw my arm up and called, "Dr. Wordling, there's a problem here." Doc immediately left the podium and rushed down to us. He spoke to Doris and, after a bit, she responded.
Anyway, 911 was called and the EMTs came in about ten minutes. They did this and that, then bundled Doris onto a gurney and took her off. I met them at the hospital--actually, I got there first--and stayed with her in the emergency area until 5:30 when she was released. Of course, they did all kinds of tests--EKG, chest X-ray, and so on--and it seems to have simply been a fainting episode (she said she had never had one before).
I drove her back to The Townehouse to get her car and she was able to drive the mile or so home.
Although it seems not to have been caused by any serious problem, but it scared the hell out of us for a time. I'm glad she's okay.

Friday, December 09, 2016

More Done

Got a lot accomplished, although not walking at Kimball. I had on my mind the proposal about my acting class that Marsha from SCAN asked me to submit. I had no idea how to write a formal proposal--geez, I had most of the pertinent information in my letter and resume--but looked it up and at least approximated the proper format.
Changed the bedclothes, added a few towels, then trucked them down the path to the laundry place. Cleared up a lot of the stuff I had in the bedroom, namely pictures. I've finally decided I'll have to somehow get rid of the paintings that were my mother's. Only one is an original, of a bowl of flowers, and it's pretty, but it doesn't seem particularly necessary to keep. The other is the "dog awaiting his master's return" one, probably from the twenties. Seeing it was one of my earliest memories of the house on Rosborough Avenue, but I have so much else, it's gotta go. I put them and some others in my trunk until I decide what to do with them.
I put together a Christmas decoration for my front door. On the plain, but attractive grapevine wreath I got at the thrift store, I added a red velvet stocking with a gold "R" (bought after Christmas at BB &B last year for a song) and other decorations on it and put a little stuffed doll (also thrift store; 60 cents) in the stockings and it actually looks pretty nice.
Then I sat down to write the proposal which took several hours. I got most of it finished before my hair appointment at 3:30; hair looks pretty good--I had color and cut. Finished the proposal after dinner and will send a copy to Marsha in Long Beach. Maybe I'll e-mail her one, too--can't decide.

Thursday, December 08, 2016


Another busy one. Unfortunately, it didn't include walking Kimball. I drove there and it was so cold, I just couldn't subject myself to a mile and a half. If I had a warm coat or jacket, I certainly would have, but I don't. One of these days I'll buy one.
After breakfast, I worked up an invitation for the Twin Party and e-mailed it to my friends. So far, three have already responded in the affirmative and I do expect others. Actually, if they all came, it would be seventeen people, just of my friends; however, I doubt if they'll all come.
My older friend, Joyce, e-mailed me back that she was afraid to open the attachment. Since I was going to the library, which is near her place, I told her I'd stop and give her a print one. I did, she invited me in, and we chatted. She also gave me a bag of tangerines that grow on her own tree in her own yard. I'll never get far enough away from Jersey not to be wowed by that.
Got gas, picked up my RX from Wal-Mart (I was amazed it was only twelve bucks), then traveled on to the library. For a change, I picked up two fiction books--both by Lawrence Block. His have continuing characters--a hit man named Keller and a woman who arranges the hits. I know that sounds pretty raunchy, but he writes well and goes into psychological depth, and it's well done.
Stopped at Vons on the way home for more chocolate chips and chopped nuts, as I'll be making two batches of cookies for Monday. If it makes the "required" five dozen, fine; if not, the hell with it, I'm not making more than two batches.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Lots of Running Around

Walked Kimball, then spent most of the rest of the day running errands and straightening out snafus.
Humana sent three letters saying my doctor had refused providing a new RX, so I went to Primary Medical and discovered the original RX was from Jersey. Doc here finally faxed RX to both Humana and pharmacy.
Picked up a little birthday present and card for Greg at Barnes & Noble, then stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond for microfiber cleaning cloths. I saw these on YouTube and had to have them; I want to use them on the bathroom sink.
Started working on the invitation to Betty's and my joint birthday, but haven't heard from Carolyn which phone or e-mail she wants to use. Got a reply from Marsha Meyer, director at SCAN, about my letter offering my Acting for Amateurs class. She wants to see an outline and further explanation, which I'll have to pull together.
Went to p.t. and, as ever, Tori really gave me a workout. I like it, though, and like her, and I think my balance is improving. I canceled my appointment for Thursday, as I just have too much to do; substituted a date with Amanda to have her color and cut my hair.
Went to Meineke to have my windshield wipers changed--to what purpose, I'm not sure, as it never rains--and called El while I was there. Said I wanted to give Greg his give and she invited me to come over after dinner.
I did so after I had wrapped Greg's gift. At their place, Greg offered me some of his newly made apple/raspberry dessert, something like a crisp, but not as sweet. It was very good and he liked my modest little gift (two Christmas tree ornaments about three inches high, with "diamonds" shaping "G" and "E").
I just finished Augusten Burroughs' new book Lust and Wonder and impulsively wrote my gay friend, Grey, to say hello. Somehow, although he's gay, Jewish, and younger than my older child, we bonded when we were in various shows together. Heh, heh, some of my childhood friends would have the vapors if they knew of our discussions--or sprinkle me with holy water, maybe.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Walking and Widder Dinner

I'm happy to report I'm back at Kimball. Walked the mile and a half and am glad of it.
After breakfast, I took a deep breath and contacted Horizon of NJ to say I was dropping them as of 12/31. Was told I had to send a FAX. Called Humana (RX) and got that dropped. Went to UPS and sent the FAX. The preceding took the entire morning--what a hassle!
Lunched, then drove into town to a few of the thrift stores I like. Got a decorative box for the closet and a basket, but mostly just looked around.
Niece Carolyn called to tell me more plans for Betty's and my joint birthday party. If the guest list isn't too large, it will be at her house; otherwise at a rented place on the beach. We had a long talk after that about various family things. I'll invite the friends I have here and they can respond to her.
Jumped in the shower after that to get ready for the widder group dinner. It was okay, but the service at Marie Callender's (not exactly a high-toned restaurant in the first place) was, as usual, abysmal. There was only one server for twenty-something of us and it took an age to place orders, then get our meals. I know they have Blue Moon on tap, which is my usual, and ordered that--server came back to say they were out of it. That's the second time in the last few months this place has run out of Blue Moon. Either it's a lot more popular than I thought or the bar master doesn't know how to order. I then switched to Shock Top and shortly, server came back to tell me they had run out of that, too. What the--! My third try was a Modelo; this is a Mexican beer that I used to order at Yolanda's and I like it okay. Server brought it and there wasn't even the hint of foam on top. I complained, she asked if I wanted to send it back, but since my meal (mediocre fried shrimp) was in front of me, I decided to drink it.
Anyway, a so-so dinner, but fun with cronies. We had the ornament exchange and I ended up with a candle. Since I won't have my own tree, that was okay, but I could have given an ornament to El. The candle is in a silver holder and when I got home, I discovered it's badly tarnished. Obviously, Pam and Chuck, who brought it, didn't buy something new--pretty tacky and I may just toss it.
It was fun to see everybody, though. I gave Vera the ornament of the white cat tied up in lights, then recited the little verse I had written for the group. It went over well and Vera was touched. I think I'll invite her to the party--I already invited Donna, but will send invitations via e-mail.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Fun On A Sunday

What a fun Sunday! I got to Ellen's at 10:00 and shortly after, we left for Ojai. We had an early lunch at the Hip Vegan--yum! Of course, no meat or meat products, such as cheese, eggs, or dairy products are used, but it was very good. I had a "burger" made, I think, with ground cashews and lots of other things, on a vegan roll and with a good salad. El had an avocado wrap and I intend to try that next time. Avocado, tomato and other veggies were wrapped in what I think is called "nori"; it's very thin--in fact, you can see through it. Greg had a "burrito" made with rice, beans, and so on.
The place itself is very basic, almost spartan, with simple wood tables and chairs; one wall consists of a giant blackboard and menu items are written there. I was intrigued to see "Vietnamese coffee" listed and I just had to ask if it was authentic. The young woman server said yes, but then I explained that I had brought coffee back from Vietnam. It was very good, but some of my friends wouldn't drink it after they found out its rich flavor is achieved by feeding the coffee beans to weasels, then harvesting them when they're--uh, ejected in nature's way. The girl laughed at this, but assured me that wasn't the case with the Hip Vegan's coffee.
After that, we drove to a lovely park. Gregg, who recently has had back problems, rested in a pavilion while El and I took a short walk. Later, we stopped at another park to walk and talk, then went to The Rainbow Bridge, a pricey supermarket where I've been before. I'm always bemused by its name, considering that "crossing the rainbow bridge" is a euphemism for death.
We drove back to El's and Greg went out while I sat with iced tea in the patio and watch Ellen plant two new jasmines in her garden. They look nice and I'm toying with the idea of actually planting something in my patio instead of having pots. However, I'm not that enthusiastic about gardening if it takes a lot of work, so may not.
Today, Mike my youngestchild, is fifty years old. It's incredibly hard for me to grasp that.

Bonaventure Again

Got up a little after 5:00 and had time to make a big salad before I was due at Bonaventure. Got there at 10:00 and found that I was mistaken about the activity: This wasn't the North Pole thing, it was the holiday boutique thing. I bought a few overpriced little goodies, some for presents. Also bought for myself a great fluffy scarf in one of my favorite colors, deep, deep rose. Sherry, Doris, and Carole got there and we browsed around. Lunch--hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, soda, brownies--was served outside. It was a bit windy, but okay. I asked the three if they'd go to Santa Barbara for my birthday party on the 29th. They all enthusiastically said they would, so I'll have them sent invitations, along with Nancy, Sue, Gabrielle, and maybe Joyce and Donna.
After that affair, I went home to change, then to run the multitude of errands that somehow accumulate when my back is turned. I exchanged the sneakers--oh, I forgot, they're called tennis shoes now--I had bought last week for a half size larger. Also bought two pair of fleece-lined tights (although, come to think of it, I haven't wore a skirt for about a year, so when will I wear them?) and got other stuff. I must remember to get new windshield wipers at Meineke and make appointments for the new blood work and doctor's visit.
Gabrielle called in the evening, agonizing over whether to go to the Golden Girls of Ventura next Sunday or not. It's supposed to be a cookie exchange and we're supposed to bring five dozen--gawd! I already have the ingredients for one batch of my chocolate delight bars, but maybe will have to make two (or maybe just cut them smaller). She also wanted to chat, which we did. She's a very "down" type; I think she's chronically depressed, but I try to be patient and friendly and never, never, give her any unsolicited advice. Anyway, she's daunted by the cookie situation and may or may not go to the luncheon next Sunday.
Ojai with El and Greg today.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Holiday Party

Showered and dressed and got to the BCNN Holiday party before 11:00. I was determined not to wear red, so put on my deep purple top with matching jacket in purple and black, along with the necklace I bought several years ago right off the neck of the artist who made it. I was the first of our group to get there and staked out a table for Sue, Nancy, Carole, Doris, Sherry, and me. Two other women sat with us, but they arrived very late.
The party was at the Wedgewood Country Club and was nice enough, if not particularly memorable. Champagne flowed freely and you could add orange juice to it for a mimosa--or not. I had two glasses with and two without. Four glasses might sound like a lot, but of course, they held only a few ounces and I was eating, so just got a slight enjoyable buzz.
The entertainment consisted of a young comedian, a guy named Brian or Something Love. He was okay, but this took place before lunch and we were all hungry at that point. Finally, we ate--buffet was roast beef and the usual sides; carrot cake for dessert, not one of my favorites, but of course, I ate it anyway. After that, the president (can't remember her name) took it on herself to go to the microphone and read selections from two hoary and tedious Christmas tales--the Wales one by Dylan Thomas and the southern one by Truman Capote. Why she couldn't come up with something more original and less tedious than those two, I don't know. Anyway, it was finally over.
The high point for me was from Sue: a shawl--in purple because she knows I like that color--which she knitted and gave me as an early birthday present. She also gave me one of the Christmas balls for which she knits a kind of wrap; she had several with her and let me pick out my own. I chose a pretty red one with gold beads.
It broke up about 3:30 and I went home to change, then to a few places to get a few items, including some Christmas stickers to put on the little card with the verse I wrote. I'll put it in with the ornament for the exchange on Monday.
I had gotten a PM from niece Carolyn inviting Betty and me to ask any of our friends to our joint birthday party on December 29. Called El, who couldn't remember exactly where it will be (in Santa Barbara), but Carolyn will let me know. El was at Greg's mother's house, also in SB and I asked to talk to her ("Roz"). I invited her to the party, and will send an invitation, too. El, Greg, and I made a date to go to Ojai tomorrow for lunch and whatever else.