Saturday, April 30, 2016

SCAN And A Bargain

My niece, Joan, called and told me the good news: Her younger son, Jeremy, and his wife, artist Katherine, are going to have a girl baby in October. So good to hear; Joan and her husband, Jim, had been good friends with my friend in New Mexico and her husband; they hike and do outdoorsy things. We were all at Jer and Kat's wedding in upstate New York two years ago--on June 21, the same day I was married. So our extended family, just the direct descendants of my parents, continues to grow.
Showered and washed my hair before going to the SCAN lecture and got there early. Dr. Wording was in the break room and I asked if he was taking any new patients. He said yes, then "stay healthy." (It was only later I thought of saying, "but if all your patients stayed healthy, you'd be out of a job.")
I'm really on the fence about changing doctors, but I like Primary Medical less and less. I had called the office about getting a tetanus booster on Tuesday; I wasn't terribly worried, but I had stabbed myself with the box cutter--very lightly, but it bled--and I was worried it might be contaminated. Of course, the assistant said she'd have to ask Dr. Jennings, then get back to me, but here it is Saturday and I never got a call back. Anyhow, I'm mulling it over and I like Dr. Wording's talk. Unfortunately (for me), I'm sure, just from a few things he's said, that he's pretty right-wing. Of course, his political beliefs, I suppose, shouldn't have any bearing on it--and who the hell knows, maybe Dr. Jennings is to the right of Bush, anyway.
The lecture was on sleep and insomnia and pretty interesting. I knew Carol and Doris wouldn't be there this week and I sat with Dolly, the one whose late husband was a physician. She said they met in college--Northwestern, a good school--and we talked about how we used to smoke and so on. It was over a bit after 4:00 and I went home and changed, chopped up onions, green peppers, and shallots, stir-fried and added ground turkey. Tasty and I have enough left to put in sauce and have over pasta.
Went out after to get garlic, but wanted to listen to my talking book longer, so drove down to Ralph's near Ellen's. It's next to one of the Goodwill stores and they were having a 50 % off sale on furniture. Just out of curiosity, I stopped in and saw a floor lamp for $9.95. This wasn't a torchiere, but it was similar to one I had had in the study in Jersey and had abandoned. I had always liked it and, as I just wanted something to light up that side of the living room, I laboriously carried it to check out. I was told it was $9.95, I said no, it was half off, as I consider it furniture. The manager and I debated and he finally said if he gave it to me for five bucks, it couldn't be returned. "Agreed!" sez I and carried it out for a fiver.
Went next door to Ralph's and on the way home, who did I see but Ellen and Greg right behind me. She drove next to me and I said I'd call to explain, which I did.
Today, I was told I'd see the Tokyo Tot on Skype at about 3:00 my time. Yay, I can't wait!

Friday, April 29, 2016

This 'n' That

Time Warner and I made up, more or less. They called in the morning and here was the problem: My payment had been put on my old account from when I lived on Britten Lane because I had the old account number on my bill pay account. I don't know why it wasn't their responsibility to change it, as they knew I had moved from one apartment to another, but I didn't even ask. They applied the payment to the right place and it's straightened out, which is all I care about.
Got some housework and other computer stuff done. Put my medications in my seven divided pill containers. Ran out of sleep aid and went to Wal-Mart for more. Trader Joe's is in the same shopping center and I went there for garlic. Annoyingly, they had only already peeled, which I would have bought except it was ridiculously expensive, plus a number of them in a large net bag. I like garlic, but use it only every week or so, and that was too much. Went elsewhere and got shallots, instead, plus lettuce, then went to the P.O. to send off yet another envelope to Singapore.
Took myself to the park on Poli (Street) and sat in the sun to soak up the D. However, it's been very windy--maybe the well-known Santa Ana winds--and since the park is high up (hence the lovely view of the Channel Islands), I was almost blown off my chair. Didn't stay as long as I had planned and stopped into the downtown Goodwill just to look around. Made a real find: A wooden container, half-moon shaped, with a lid and a ship motif on the front. It's perfect for storing paper towels and I was pleased to find it.
I foolishly fell for the free offer to upgrade to Microsoft 10 and now I can't get to my Big Fish Games, my pictures, and other things. It tells me I can go back to 7, but I need my password and I've had it so long, I don't remember it. I'm afraid to try to go back, because what if it doesn't work and I'm stranded? Will have to see if El or others can help.
Got a call from Jeanne Dollard Painter last night and we had a nice chat. Her milestone (ugh!) birthday is coming up in a few weeks, mine in December. I'd just as soon skip it.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gidget and Consignments

Things went along well yesterday, aside from an annoying blip: I was just about to leave for the Wellness Expo at Cypress Point Independent Living when the electricity went off. It was only for a few seconds, but I thought it was Time Warner getting back at me for a late payment. (That's such a boring story I won't go into it.) Anyway, I went to my car and pulled out my cell, called TW and they didn't know why--. At that moment, the phone went dead. Aagh--it's a TracPhone and I had forgotten to buy minutes! Vons Supermarket is near Cypress Point, so I drove there to get a phone card. As I tried to walk in, a clerk told me the electricity had gone out, so nothing was working. Oh-h. Here, I maligned Time Warner unjustly, but I'm sure they're guilty of something.
The wellness thing was the usual: Tables set up to remind one that one is getting older, maybe frail and nutty, and will need caregivers, of which the area seems to abound. I was amused by the fact that there was also a guy there selling grave plots--geez, they don't have to be quite that graphic. Anyway, I picked up the usual giveaways--pens and stuff--and met up with my pals, Carol and Doris.
At 11:00, we went into the great room and heard--believe it or not--the original Gidget, who is now 75-years-old. Her real name is Kathy Kohner (now Zuckerman) and when she was 16, she started surfing in Malibu. She was one of the few females in the sport and she did it, of course, for the same reason we used to go down the Ventnor beach: to meet boys. Her father, a screenwriter, wrote a little book about it, which was picked up by the studio who made the movie starring Sandra Dee. Later, it was turned into the T.V. show with Sally Field as Gidget. I hadn't known it, but Kohner wrote a number of sequel books, such as Gidget in Hawaii, Gidget in New York, and believe it or not, Gidget Goes Parisian. Several of these were turned into B movies, starring various teen actresses, all of whom seem to have disappeared without a trace.
"Gidget" just spoke off the cuff, in a somewhat disjointed way, but that added to the charm. She had brought a number of blowups of herself surfing, on the beach, talking to Sandra Dee, and with her father; these were shown around by others. Anyway, it was quite entertaining and I enjoyed it.
Lunch was served at tables in the courtyard and it was very good. I thought it was genius to skip the buffet and give everyone a covered plastic container with the entire meal in it. That included a turkey wrap (with pesto--yum!), a very tasty salad with walnuts and raisin, and a napkin, knife, fork, spoon, salt, and in sealed plastic. It was an excellent lunch, and much less messy than the usual.
I cut out before the drawing for the room-sized (or whatever it was) T.V., as I hadn't filled out whatever it was you were supposed to. Went directly home to get out of my "going out" clothes and change into summer stuff, as it had gotten quite warm. Went to the library and took back Arthur Schlesinger's and Jackie Kennedy's oral history disks and looked for a bio of A.S. They had none, which didn't surprise me. Picked up one on Sergeant Shriver by his son.
On the way home, I impulsively stopped at One Mo' Time consignment shop. I had had a number of items in my trunk (in bubble wrap and cloth) for some time, but had never gotten around to showing them. This time I did, to the proprietor, a very nice person, nicknamed "Bobbi," maybe 70 or so, with lots of golden curls on her head and, unfortunately, tears in her retina. (We chatted a lot.) Anyway, she skipped a few of my things, but took seven items, including that damn huge picture of boats in Vienna or somewhere. (At the consignment shop in Manahawkin, where I sold a number of things before I left Jersey, the owner specifies what she or he wants for the item, but also is asked to give a lower figure for what they'd take, if a full offer wasn't forthcoming. Incidentally, I sold almost everything in Manahawkin, most but not all at the higher price. At that shop, the split was 60/40, but I just don't remember who got what.)
At One Mo' Time, Bobbi sets the price and it's a 50/50 split, which is fine by me. What's left I'll first see if one of the historic houses wants them; last resort, I'll reluctantly donate to Goodwill.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I think I developed a few muscles yesterday. I was determined to get at least started on all my shifting/changing operation. To that end, I first moved everything off the bookcase in the bedroom. It's incredible how much I had on it. Only the top shelf and parts of the second held books; the rest stored all manner of small electronic components, note paper and greeting cards, a paper cutter, and so on and on. Little by little, I carried all that into the living room, then collapsed the bookcase and leaned it against a wall. Vacuumed where it had been and now came the hard part: getting the new bureau into the same space.
Of course, I took out all five drawers first. It was still too heavy to carry (I could barely lift it), so I inched--or "walked"--it, slowly into the bedroom.
Now I met with an obstacle--literally. The bed and the computer desk form a space maybe 18 inches wide, big enough for me to get through, but not big enough for the bureau. What to do? I finally hit on hoisting the bureau (sans drawers) onto the bed and sliding it over, then carefully guiding it down to the floor.
It worked! I put the drawers back in, then had the delightful task of transferring my clothes to them, from the pipe-and-canvas shelves arrangement in the closet. Took the latter out, put the bookcase in its place, and continued the yet another forever job of putting all the stuff somewhere.
I had had winter hats, scarves, and gloves hanging in the closet in a kind of canvas divided--well, hanging thing. Wha' fo'? I probably will never need them here, but I'm not ready to get rid of them. I hit on the expediant of storing them in my suitcase, which is stored in the closet on the patio. Put my shoes in the hanging thing and that worked out fine. I switched a lot of other items around, too. At that point, I decided to quit for the day. I had had a folding TV table in the closet, plus some books with which I decided to part. Put them in the car and dropped them off at Goodwill.
I'm far from finished. I'm going to have to decide what to do with what's left on practically every flat surface in the place. I also have to somehow get the pipe shelves to El's. I'll try to do it myself, but am not sure if I can. I know she's okay about helping, but I don't want to ask unless I have to.
In a few hours, I'll be off to a "Health Expo," where the original Gidget, now a 75-year-old, is the featured speaker. That strikes me as hilarious. Will we be encouraged to take up surfing? Ha!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Busy, busy, but with domestic stuff.
Did two loads of wash at the laundry place, with the usual back-and-forth routine. I'm so used to it now, it doesn't even faze me. After, I was just about to vacuum (little scraps of things were still on the floor from unpacking the box the other day) when the doorbell rang and darned if it wasn't my new bureau! I tried to persuade the delivery person to wait 'til I opened it to see if it was damaged, but he wouldn't. However, I unpacked without too much problem (I have experience) and it's okay. I very laboriously moved it off and away from the broken-down box and, taking three trips, took box, foam, and paper to the dumpster.
Right now, the bureau is in the dining area, but at least is out of the way. To get it where I want it, I have to move several different things--some to Ellen's, some to other places in the apartment, and so on. It's a big job; I'll start it today, but who knows when I'll finish.
I screwed the drawer pulls in, which is all it needed, as it comes assembled. It sure isn't fancy and is anything but the beautiful antique highboy I got from my Aunt Claire. Unfortunately, that became damaged, so I left it on the curb in Jersey before I moved. I still regret not having it fixed and keeping it, but I just couldn't handle that with everything else going on at the time. My new bureau is just a plain, white-painted wood, utilitarian chest with five drawers to which I won't form any sentimental attachment, but will serve its purpose.
Vacuumed and cleaned up here and there, then went to Michael's and got another over-the-door wreath hanger. I transferred the red wreath I had in the kitchen to my bedroom door, and put the round, rustic wooden thing (that's the official name, "thing") in the kitchen. Looks good.
I e-mailed my new friend, Leatrice (it rhymes with "Beatrice"), then we talked on the phone and made a date for early dinner at Jasmine Thai for Friday, May 6. My New Mexico friend returned my call; I knew she and hubby were taking off with their RV yesterday. Yes, they had just started off when she called. They won't get to Jersey until September, as they have a long list of places to see and things to do in the west, mid west, and middle of the country. What a fabulous adventure they're starting and how I envy them! I'm so happy for her and so proud.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lunch and a New Friend

I wasn't quite sure I wanted to go to the Golden Girls lunch, but decided that, since I had responded in the affirmative, I would. Got there at the stated time of 12:30 to find Cheryl (the organizer, plus my neighbor at Colony Parc) and several other women. By the time everybody had come, there were 23 of us. I sat next to Gabrielle, whom I've been with before and Isabelle was there--she's also a member of the widder group. As it turned out, I was glad I had come; there was good talk and good food. More important, there was something I've been looking for: a new good friend: Leatrice.
Leatrice is originally from Boston, is vegan (very slender, natch), was divorced twice, has no children, and lives in town. I'd say she's in her early seventies and she has very short, salt and pepper hair. When she heard I"ll be conducting an acting class in the fall at the Adult Center, she expressed great interest in it. She is an occupational therapist and still works two days a week. We walked out together and starting talking--and talked, and talked, and talked. Almost immediately, we realized we liked and understood one another. We exchanged quite a bit about our lives and pasts, not smoothing over anything or covering emotional turmoil. We stood outside talking for a half hour or so, and exchanged phone and e-mail information. I know I want to see her again and she feels the same. Brought up Catholic, she is no longer religious. (I'm not sure how close I could be to someone who is.) However, she follows Buddhism, which is more a philosophy and way of living, I guess. Although she's very articulate and certainly very intelligent, she told me she fears speaking in public and hopes my acting course might help. I hope so, too. I'm going to send her a message now and suggest we get together.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fashion Show

Quite a day again. Got to Penney's at 9:00 where I met up with Chris, who had agreed to come in an hour early to color my hair. I greatly enjoyed talking to him--young and energetic and full of good cheer. I think he did a better job on my hair than others--anyway, it looks good. Got home, had lunch, changed, and set off for The Avenue a little before 1:00.
Geez, what a disorganized outfit they are. I was told the fashion show was from two to four and had been asked to be there at 1:00. Why? I have no idea, as I just hung around a bit, then went out and looked around the rest of the shopping center. When I went back, a few more models were there (there were seven of us all together), so I chatted with them. I secured a dressing room--they have only four--and asked if my purse could be put in the back somewhere, maybe the employees' break room. It occurred to me that if customers were trying on clothes, I didn't want my purse out. I was assured customers wouldn't be using the rooms during the show--absolutely untrue, as a woman did indeed, come back during the show. However, a salesperson did take it and put it in a locker, so that was okay.
It finally rolled around to 2:00. I was the first one to go out and show off my outfit. It consisted of gray Capris, a turquoise shirt, and a white jacket, with off-white, studded canvas shoes. It made quite a hit with the--very sparse, I'm afraid--audience. I pirouetted around and got a hand of applause, then went back to put on my dressier outfit. This was very nice: white, jeweled-neckline top, black pants, and a terrific blue and white over-blouse. I also wore turquoise and silver earrings and a silver bracelet.
The "fashion show" really didn't last from 2 to 4; I think it was over about quarter of three. I didn't see Ellen there, either, so changed into my own clothes, decided not to buy anything, as it's pricey and, in truth, the only thing I liked enough to buy was the dressy outfit--but where would I ever wear it? Okay, maybe I'll go back another time and get it.
I was getting in my car when El drove up. She had thought the "fashion show" would be on until 4:00, as I had told her, and was sorry to be late, but no biggie. We went back in, as she was looking for something to wear to the Cinco de Mayo festival at school, but didn't find what she wanted and decided to look in a shop in Santa Paula. I went with her to a small shop owned by the parents of one of her math students. The little girl was there--very cute. El found a beautiful blouse, with large and colorful flowers embroidered at the scoop neckline, and bought that.
We went back to her place while she folded laundry, then to the Two Trees Cafe for dinner. We both like the place, although it's very noisy and sometimes, is so crowded, we leave. This was early, though, so we got in with no waiting. Had a nice meal, then El drove me back to get my car.
Today, I meet for lunch the Golden Girls of Ventura County at The Spaghetti Company. After that, I'm going to be glad for some down time!