Thursday, May 28, 2015

Malfunction and WW II

Yoicks, what a morning!
I had a mammogram and bone density test scheduled, starting at 7:15 am yesterday, so wrote up a bit of this blog the evening before.  I planned to leave the house at 6:30, which would get me there with time to spare.
Woke up, stretched, and looked at the clock to see--what?  It was 6:15!  Don't know if the alarm malfunctioned or what, but I scrambled up, washed my face, brushed my teeth while I rushed to turn the coffee on, dressed, gulped, and was out the door by twenty-five of.
Just made it to Atlantic Imaging in Galloway, even with going-to-work traffic, school buses, and so on.
I was out of there by 8:00, then met Betty for breakfast on Tilton Road.  Had a good one, said goodbye--she's going to Chicago on Sunday, then California after that--and I took off for Boscov's to return what I had bought last week.  Saw a nice purse--on sale--and bought that, too.
Nothing much but housework and a few errands the rest of the afternoon, until time for Dinner With the Crazies.  Changed, picked up Aline and went to the Chinese restaurant next to the lake.  It was a pretty congenial group and at first, I thought my right-hand neighbor was a great guy. "Billy" told me he's 92 and lives in Beach Haven West.  We had a good talk until, apropos of nothing, he remarked that he had been in the navy during World War II, and for ten years after, and he was sorry all the gooks--meaning the Japanese--hadn't been killed.  When I--rather mildly, for me--expressed disapproval and remarked that I have family in Tokyo, he became furiously angry and ranted loudly about the sins of that country 70 years ago.  Hey, I don't care how old he is, he wasn't senile, and I told him that was f-ing bulls-t and thereafter turned my attention to the rest of the crazies.
Other than that, it was a fun evening.      

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flyers and the Farm

Spent most of the morning posting flyers for the big flea market on Saturday.  I put them up at the Little Egg and Stafford libraries, the post office, the break room at K-Mart (long, boring story, so I'll skip it), and on the doors of the community center, where the event will be held.  We have 61 sellers, now let's HOPE we have ten times that many buyers.  If it rains--oh, no, I can't even contemplate such a catastrophe!
Bought a new dish drainer and rack and a few other items.  Home, had lunch and did various until it was time to leave for my friend's. Got up there just minutes before she did, transferred my pickin' equipment to her car, and we drove off.
Got yet more lettuce (I just finished last week's) in the barn, then set out to pick more strawberries and snow peas.  My friend took the former, as the berries are way out in the north forty (or wherever) and I was the pea picker.
I'm afraid not a very effective one, either.  Peas just hide under the bushes and it's terribly difficult to find them because they're the same color and virtually the same shape as the plant.  Besides, the rows where you had to walk were very uneven--bumpy and with weeds and vines, all poised to trip me up.
We were entitled to only a pint, anyway, but I had picked only about ten pods (I'm serious) before my friend, came up, having already picked two quarts of berries.  She took over and quickly and efficiently, filled the small container.
I reflected that I'm considerably less agile and more awkward than I was last summer at the farm.  Makes me sad, resentful, and bewildered all at once.  How could I find so difficult things I did with ease such a short time ago?  Depressing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Barnes & Nada Plus Lunch

A very pleasant day, notwithstanding a battle with Barnes & Noble regarding the gift card I got for Christmas. Tried to order a book on-line, put the card number in, had to add the pin number, and when I scratched off, the number came with it.  Called and spoke to Mr. Idiot Person, who advised me they couldn't supply the number and I should go to the nearest B & N, which is--oh, only a hundred mile round trip.  I asked to speak to "someone else" (his supervisor), was put on hold, then cut off.  Dialed again and got a semi-idiot, who finally agreed to send me new info via e-mail I could use on-line.  Factoring in the interminable "press this and that" recordings, the ordeal took almost an hour. Geesh! 
But things improved after that: Picked Aline up at 12:30 and we went to Panini Bay for lunch.  Food good, service indifferent.  We then drove to the water right down Green Street and ran into Marge and Fred.  At A.'s request, went to Wal-Mart, then to Gravelling Point--very windy, so lots of white caps and spray.  Naughty girls that we are, we stopped at Jeffreeze for ice cream, but at least got "baby cups." Arrived home close to 5:00.
Ellen called in the evening from Burt's Books in Ojai and we had a good talk, which included a discussion about my house.  She suggested I keep trying for a rental until the end of June and if no go by then, put it on the market.  Will mull that over.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Nothing Much and Pat Tillman

A whole lotta nothin' went on yesterday.  Did several loads of wash and other housework.  Contacted Fran Z. to see  where she advertised the flea market coming up on Saturday.  In the Atlantic City Press and The Packet, she said--aagh!  Those rags have a total readership of about fourteen and where are the flyers that should be all around town?
Well, I didn't actually say that to her, but asked her to send me what she had posted.  She did and it was nothing but print, soliciting vendors.  B-o-r-ring, non-creative, and easy to ignore, so I made up a jazzier one, with catchy words and a colorful picture.  Put it up at the clubhouse and will post it elsewhere on Tuesday.
In truth, I was a bit out of sorts yesterday.  Guess I was more disappointed at the no-show lookers than I had thought.  I lay down on the couch for a nap--always a sign that I'm feeling down--and had some unpleasant--well, what?  Dreams or half-awake reveries? Not sure, but I got up and determined to shake myself out of this. Had a bite to eat, then got in the car and drove to Manahawkin. Took something back to Kohl's and bought toothpaste, a rib eye steak, and four Father's Day cards; by the time I got home, I was feeling chipper again.
Back from Manhattan, Aline called and we'll do something together today.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

No Show and War Crimes

Well, the excitement proved to be a flash in the pan.  Went to the pool opening party with Susan and Walter at 10:00.  We sat with Bessie and Bob F. and had a discussion--a bit tedious and, of course, dominated by the men and me--about computers, computing, and nature versus nurture.  The food was good and the mimosas better, but I was itching to get home and vacuum, which proves worldly wonders will never cease.
Did so, but vacated about 12:45.  Ran errands in Manahawkin, then drove around in a desultory way.  Called Aline, but I think she's still in Manhattan.  I finally came home about 4:00 and didn't see any evidence the lookers had come; I was sure the agent would have left a card or something.
So-o-o, just as I suspected, they had changed their minds. Walter called about 6:00 to say the other realtor said she sent him an e-mail to that effect, but it didn't go through.  Seems the possible people decided not to move to Ocean, after all.
It was disappointing, but I guess the world will go on turning and I remain optimistic.
WIDER:  "...not one person has been held accountable for the war crimes committed based on lies about WMDs, terrorism camps and the doctrine of "pre-emptive war." 
It's this kind of thing that makes me shake with rage.  The unholy monsters and morons who populate the political class duck and weave, and twist and turn, and serve up their falsehoods and weasel words to adoring adherents who swallow it again and again.  Hey, golly gee oh gosh, guess we made a boo-boo when we slaughtered innocents left and right, but we gotta move on, so vote for me anyways and durn tootin' the next time we'll--well, do it all over agin."

Saturday, May 23, 2015

House and a Little Railroad Engineer

A stir of excitement: Walter called to say an agent had contacted him about the house.  His/her clients wanted to see pictures of the outside, so W. came over and took a few of the front and back.
That galvanized me to clean the master bath: washed the rugs, scrubbed the floor (well, I Swiffered it, first dry, then wet), and cleaned the vanity.  Did a fair amount in the kitchen, too, scouring the top of the stove, sweeping and mopping the floor, and generally tidying up.
I'm glad I did, because when I got up just now, I found an e-mail from Walter; the people want to come see the place today, between 1 and 5.  Yoicks!  At ten, I'm going to the pool opening party at the clubhouse (with Susan and the very same Walter, in fact), so I'm glad I spruced up a lot yesterday. Will still vacuum throughout, but I think it looks as good as it ever will.
Had a wonderful virtual visit with Mr. K., in Tokyo, who was his usual charming self.  He's now starting to talk in both languages and, at only twenty months, seems remarkably alert and aware.  I watched him playing with his train set--they hook together magnetically--and he's so adept.  What fun and how I wish I could hold and hug him!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Breakfast and The Farm

After our walk in surprisingly chilly weather, I putzed around, then picked up my pal at our usual 9:15.  Over omelets at John & Sonya's, I asked if she wanted to go to the next Early Bird Dine Around (or whatever it's called now--maybe "Dining with the Crazies") next Wednesday and she did, so that will be fun.  Down to Graveling Point after, of course--the waves were satisfactorily rough--then I dropped A. at the library for work.
Did whatever until about 3:00--at this point, it was raining in earnest--and left for my friend's.  Made it up there, transferred my pickin' stuff to her RV and we set off for Honey Brook Farm.
Geesh, it was a sea of mud!  I had to take it slow and easy and hold onto my friend's arm at times.  Luckily, the lettuce (two varieties) and bok choy were in the barn and we skipped the herbs, which had to be picked.  So did the strawberries, far out in the field; my dear girl volunteered to pick for us both, leaving me safe and dry in the car, reading a very interesting history of Jamesburg and Monroe Township.*
She got back in a half hour or so, dripping and muddy, but cheerily sanguine, carrying two quarts of big, beautiful berries. I popped one in my mouth immediately--it was luscious, although a bit sandy--and we rode happily off.
I refused dinner with thanks and drove home.  The rain was supposed to be over by five, but I guess it hadn't read the forecast, because it poured steadily the whole way.  
No matter, I got home fine and in good spirits.
*My friend and her husband had been given the book by the author, who has written several of these booklets about the histories of Jersey towns. He is the person who accepted my friend's husband's material concerning his own (Norwegian) antecedents, a huge trove.  Incredibly--and regrettably, it seems to me--the Minnesota Historical Society decided against receiving it.