Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lavender Festival

The Women's Health Symposium at the Marriott started at 7:30 and I got there a few minutes after. Of course, there were the usual handouts and giveaways which I skipped, as I have enough pens, pins, notepads, and other crapola to open a store. Had coffee and a few thin slices of melon--that took care of breakfast. I ran into Carole F. and sat near her.
The morning speakers, all M.D.s, included a "hospitalist" (youngish woman with messy hair wearing what looked like cowboy boots), who acted as emcee; a breast cancer specialist (very well-groomed and articulate female doc); a cardiologist (the only male, and pretty good); and a urologist (Asian woman whose delivery was okay). Since I don't have any of the maladies spotlighted and since I already know most of what I want to about them, I found it pretty dull. After the speakers formed a panel and answered questions from the audience, there was a break at 10:30. Decided not to stay for the afternoon session, but broke for home. There, I found a message from Linda T., who lives in this complex and is in T.O.P.S. with me. She asked if I'd like to go to the Lavender Festival in Ojai, and that struck me as a good idea. We decided to leave at 1:00, then I changed clothes and drove to Kinball to get my walk in.
Met Linda and we went to Ojai. Now I've been to 16,000 "festivals" in my day and as ever, this was all vendors under tents with twenty-five dollar tee shirts and lots of overpriced items (think soap and lotion) made of lavender. We were looking at some things when I heard, "Hey, Mom!" behind me.
It was Ellen and I was so pleased to see her. She had bought some lavender and said she was going to meet Greg at a little luncheonette down the street. We joined them and had lemonade, good on such a hot day. The four of us sat and chatted for a while, then parted.
Linda and I drove home, which took at least twice as long as usual, as she chose the scenic--or something--route, but that was okay. I intended to drive to town for my usual second walk, but it was almost 5:00 and I decided against it; just went to WinCo for Swai.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Looking Up

Hey, things are looking up. Walked Kimball, then went to T.O.P.S. and had a 2.2 loss, for a current total of 24.2 pounds off. I feel good about that and, next week, I expect to be looking at 25, plus being in the next "decade" (150s), so to speak.
The meeting was as formless as ever and I didn't get home until 10:30 for breakfast. Cheryl brought in an empty pint carton of "ice cream"--only 35 calories a serving. That "serving" is, of course, minuscule--about what a ninety-pound model would eat. Also, the ingredients, which Cheryl had never read, listed three different kinds of sugar. Oh, well. I was able to keep my mouth shut and was proud of that.
Met Ellen for lunch at noon and, having eaten so recently, was perfectly satisfied with my four little Honey Belles and a glass of Chardonnay. We had a good time chatting; El is getting settled in more and more, but still has plenty to do. We parted, she to pick up some things at Lowe's and her mummy to town, to do my mile walk. Went to WinCo after to get salad fixings.
Betty called and we talked a bit. I got a lot of bills paid and other financial stuff taken care of. Now I want to pull together a proposal for Suze of the Ventura Department of Aging. Ventura College will run some classes for seniors in the fall and mine, I hope, will be one of them. When Suze mentioned it, I immediately asked if instructors were paid. She seemed a little taken aback, but assured me they are. I'll be damned if I'll do it on a volunteer basis; it's too much work and I put too much into it.
Showered and washed my hair, and will leave soon for the symposium (women's health) I'm going to today, which starts at 7:30 am. No, I'm not going to blow off Kimball, but will do my thing later today.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Usual

Walked the walk. After breakfast, I steeled myself to call Bank of America about the lousy skin company charge and was delighted--after a lot of transfers and talk--to be assured the second, seventy-nine dollar charge would be rescinded or whatever you call it. This will take 48 hours, though, and I won't rest easy until I see it reflected on my bank account.
Speaking of money, I did a lot of catching up with various financial stuff. Called Sears to be sure the scheduled repair for the washer had been cancelled and made a few other calls. Also did two large loads of wash. I was happy to see the mesh bags worked fine for the sheets, so they didn't get entangled. Ellen called to ask if I'd pick up some packages left at her old house by the gate. I went over there and got her mail, but they're not packages, they're just mail. She asked if I could meet for lunch today and yes, indeed, best offer I've had a week.
Went to the P.O. to mail some things, including a card and check for my GREAT-grandson, who will be fifteen next week (how did that happen?). Did the usual town mile, museum to library. One of these days, I'll reverse the route, just for variety.
My mood has improved considerably, although for the first time in months, I had trouble sleeping last night. I actually got up and played some computer games, which is probably not a good idea. I hope it was just a one-night stand.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Busy Again

Another helluva busy day. I called Anchor Appliances shortly after I got up, as it was almost 10 am there. I was told they couldn't get somebody out to look at the washer until the 29th--more than a week later! I skipped that, then called Sears. They'd come out, but it's $159 just to have them walk in the door, with parts and labor over there. I decided I might just as well get a new washer and that's what will delivered Monday.
Got to the Ventura Council for Seniors on time--just--and sat through the fairly mundane meeting, then the director of the Alzheimer's Unlimited, or whatever it was, spoke. A young and attractive blonde, she was about the must inane speaker I've ever endured. Her delivery was on the Kindergarten level, with all kinds of gestures and facial expressions and big smiles with big teeth. Idiotic. She also, of course, talked about Alzheimer's prevention, as if there was any. She listed exercise, eating right, socialization, and brain games, exactly what's recommended for good health in any context. It was a freakin' waste of time.
Went home to get some calls about my wedding anniversary, which was yesterday, including from my niece, Joan, whose mother, my sister, was one of my bridesmaid. Called Rob, who was supposed to fix my brakes today, but found he didn't have it scheduled. Instead, he asked if I could leave it on Sunday and he'd work on it on Monday. Okay, I guess.
Had some lunch, then changed into capris to go to my second meeting of the day, for the Senior Strategic Plan. This was just Suze, Hans, Debra, and me, plus Councilwoman Cheryl H., whom I admire more all the time. Anyway, it was decided we hire a (paid, of course) consultant, if we can get the county to cough up the dough.
Went from there the short distance to town, parked, and walked my walk. Stopped at a few places for various and got home about 5:00. Rang Suzanne's bell, explained about the car and she said she'd take me to pick it up on Monday. I'll still have to get it there on Sunday; guess I'll have to ask someone else.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Another "varied and interesting" day, but not necessarily in a good way.
My landline was still dead, so calling those black-hearted rats at AT & T, I used the Tracphone. Looked, and noted it had only 8 minutes on it. Drove to Kimball and did the walk, but on the way home, I kept hearing a kind of subtle bumpy noise. I assumed it was the damn brakes, but hoped it would go away. Went directly to Vons to get phone minutes and saw it was actually my back tire--flat. Called Triple A and happily, the guy came in about 20 minutes. He looked and said there was a nail in it. He put air in, but couldn't say if I could drive it to my doctor's appointment at 9:30 before getting it fixed. Drove to Pep Boys and was told I could make my appointment, so went home and changed and got there on time.
Dr. J. was thrilled at my weight loss, especially in light of my very good blood work. She asked me how I did it and we talked a lot about it. I said I'd drop off a copy of the regimen I devised and follow.
Went from there directly to Pep Boys and was informed after a wait that the tire couldn't be fixed. Therefore, I shelled out $83 for a new one, damnit. That took an age and I called El to say I'd be late. Home, I just quickly changed tops, sliced some hard-boiled eggs into the big salad I had already prepared, and left for Ojai.
Boy, was it hot there. However, Ellen's house was comfortable, although she didn't yet have the AC on. Her place, especially the living room, is shaping up nicely, although there are still a lot of boxes here and there. Two men were putting the new roof on in that 90+ degree heat--wow.
I ate my salad, then El took us on a drive through the tonier parts of Ojai, beautiful with the lush foliage and towering mountains. I left about 3:30 and made my stop at the museum. It was about twenty degrees cooler in Ventura and pretty windy. Walked to the library, sat and read for a while, then walked back.
I had left my phone in my purse in the trunk, got it out and saw I had a text from my tenant, Eileen, to the effect the washer had stopped. I called her and said I'd call Anchor Appliance this morning--damn, just one more thing to handle.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Varied and Interesting

Things are looking up: It turned out to be a varied and interesting day, but with one clinker: My landline is out again.
Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then discovered my damn landline was dead. Called about it, then called Bank of America. I was told I could go to my local bank to get a temporary debit card. Did so and, of course, had to wait a good half hour. It was okay, though, because I got a phone call I enjoyed. Finally was ushered to a desk to talk to G.S., whose title is--get this--"Relationship Manager." Good grief, it sounds as if she's a marriage counselor--stupid.
Anyway, I explained my plight and got a new (temporary) debit card. Will get the perm one in the mail. I was relieved to hear none of my recurring payments have to be modified, as they all come out of my accounts.
After that, I was determined to find Wild Birds Unlimited, a new shop. I had cut a coupon out to the effect that, as a grand opening promotion, they were giving away bird seed and a feeder. Finally found it and it was charming, as were the people in it. The free things were much more substantial than I thought they'd be: a pound of seed and a small, but nice feeder. In the same strip mall, I stopped into a Cricket cell phone place. Talked to the rep and am considering telling both AT & T and Tracfone to go blow and just get one of those. Went from there to town for my extra mile, now simply routine. Stopped at WinCo for fish. In fact, I bought salmon patties, rockfish, and swai. I now have several varieties, most in the freezer. I also found some nice pears, just soft enough, and bought them, too.
Went to the widder dinner. There were only six of us, with one newbie, a woman named Rose, who was widowed only four months ago. I knew Vera's daughter had cut her hand in shop class a week before she graduated high school, but was not aware until last night she had actually amputated her thumb, poor girl. Had a good time with this group, as ever, but skipped my plan to go to the stamp collector meeting after. I will later, to get me old stamps appraised. Several have Hitler's picture on them; presumably, they're from Germany--duh!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not Neat Day

Saturday was great fun, but Sunday was anything but. At 7:00, as usual, I had finished most of my computer stuff, including putting a Fathers Day tribute on Facebook, and was about to leave for Kimball, when I thought I check my e-mail. I found a message from Bank of America to the effect that my debit card had been charged a total of $176.73 by two skin care companies--WHA-WHA-WHAT!?!
Yes, it had to do with that stupid wrinkle cream, for which I thought I was paying ten bucks and change. Without going into the long, long saga of calling BOA, plus the company, plus all the interminable wait times, plus so on and so forth, I can say I'm not sure if it's resolved or not. I'll pursue it today, also.
Anyway, I walked in a foul mood. Got home and did the Sunday stuff. Had to get out, so I went early to town to get my mile in, arrived at the library at noon, to find it didn't open until 1:00, so went home for lunch.
Called El with my tale of monetary woe and she talked me down--or up--somewhat. Besides, we made a date for me to go over tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to (yeah, yeah, to which to look forward, but that sounds stupid).
Went to Bed Bath & B to try to find a mesh bag to put my sheets in the washer and dryer; by themselves, they seem to tangle up a lot, especially the fitted bottom. Didn't exactly find what I wanted, but got two smaller ones that I hope will serve. Stopped to get veggies and fruit, too, and that was more or less my anything-but-sterling day.

I should probably wait until my anniversary next week (5/21), but why? Here we are; unfortunately, all but three are gone now

Neat Day

Saturday was pretty neat:
After walking Kimball, I went directly to WinCo for veggies and shrimp. Because I eat almost everything fresh, I go to the supermarket a lot, but that's fine by me.
Suzanne rang my bell to say she had called the artist place where we planned to go and their lecturer couldn't make it, so the talk was cancelled. She suggested we go to Camarillo, instead, and she asked me to choose whether to tour the Adolfo (an early settler) house or the small museum. I was fine with either, but chose the museum, as I was at the house a few years ago while I was visiting. Jumped in the shower and dressed--luckily, it wasn't quite as hot as it had been--and we drove the short distance to Camarillo.
This is a thoroughly upscale area and its busy main drag is nicely configured with adobe buildings and so on. We had lunch at a place called "2088" (the street number) and ate outside, which I greatly enjoy. I was able to order off the Happy Hour menu, which meant the Chardonnay was only five bucks and I got a small Caesar salad with it, so I didn't horribly sabotage my diet.
Suzanne and I talked and talked and talked; in fact, we talked all day long and really got to know each other. She is nothing--nothing!--like the nuns I grew up with, let alone the Sisters of Mercy I knew at Holy Spirit. Boy, did we confide in each other and was I surprised, but also gratified and relaxed. She seems not terribly different from infidel me, rather than like my daily communicant twin sister, that's a cinch.
Anyway, we went to a charming little historic museum and learned a lot about Camarillo. Suzanne actually works at St. John's Hospital there and in Oxnard (it was founded and is run by her order) as a counselor. We chatted with the guy there who was the Director of City Planning for Ventura itself. Suzanne also took me to the garden at St. John's, a lovely place, as well as here and there to minor attractions.
We got home about 4:00 and I immediately changed and drove to town so I could add my mile. It was jammed, as ever on a weekend, and I greatly enjoyed it. I sat on a bench to tie my shoe lace and fell in to conversation with two elderly women and a man. I doubt if they were one of the sad homeless, as they had no baggage, but they were a little odd. One of the women kept speculating that I was from English or Scotland "because of your accent" and the other was surprised to hear New Jersey "has an ocean, too." It was fun to talk to them, but off I went back to my car, stopping at Ralph's for swordfish (nobody else carries it around here), then home to my little place.