Friday, March 06, 2015

Snow Can Go

Susan and I were smugly complacent as we walked our usual.  It was raining, sure, but we had umbrellas and it was relatively warm. We remarked on how glad we were it was rain, not s....
Damn.  By the time I picked up Aline for breakfast, the other thing was coming down, but gently, and I had no problem driving home after poached and scrambled.  Problem was, it continued...and continued.  At night, it was still coming, just as steadily as it had for hours.  
So I was stuck in the house.  I packed the good china, put chicken legs in the oven for lunch, did wash, talked to Betty twice, changed the date to see r.e. agent Walter, (my friend had forgotten a previous engagement on the first date), and paid on-line for our tickets to go to D.C. next week.
All that sounds super busy and efficient, but nah.  I spent the major part of the day on the computer, either looking things up in relation to Kathy's story, playing hidden object games, or digging into Craig's List for suitable apartments in California.  Sent info on five or six to daughter, Ellen, and she was able to fill me in on good neighborhood or bad, distance from her, and other particulars on which I wouldn't have a handle otherwise.      
Now the snow can go and for all of me, stay away for good.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kathy, China, and Independent Living

Kathy D., with whom I've appeared in several LETCO productions, had asked if she could come over and discuss a play she's writing. She came at 10:00 yesterday and, over tea, we talked about her project for more than two hours.
Actually, she didn't bring the script.  She said she had written very little of it--was bogged down and I got the impression there was almost nothing on paper.  She told me the story, though, and as I had suspected it would be, it was autobiographical.
I can't reveal what it's about, and I doubt if I can even adequately tiptoe around the theme, so let's just say I was startled.  We talked for two hours about what she recounted, and whether a play about it it should be partly fictionalized.  She also seemed to want it to encompass a kind of morality tale.  I can't imagine how that would work or, for that matter, if it should be a play at all, or simply an essay of some kind.  In fact, I doubt very much if she'll ever write it, anyway--if she was going to, she would have done it already.
Kathy is in her forties, but somehow seems younger.  She's very attractive in an unusual way and has a kind of other-worldly air about her--to me, anyway.  I like her a lot and greatly enjoy our intimate talk.
After she left, I packed still more, including two large boxes of my mother's china.  Just had to get out of the house after that, so drove toward Manahawkin, then just turned around after a few miles and went home refreshed.
Called blogger buddy, Pat R.,  and we discussed independent living, which I've been exploring.  I've visited Pat in the attractive, nicely laid out facility where she lives.  Very expensive (who coined the phrase "golden ghetto?") and with all kinds of amenities, the setup includes care if residents should become less than independent.  Pat's circumstances are different from mine and it seems a good fit for her.
But frankly, not for me. After discussion and after e-mails back and forth with my children, I've come to that conclusion.  I'm sure I couldn't afford it, anyway, but even if I could, I doubt if it would be my choice.  It's convenient and "safe," of course, but seems less than stimulating.  And living in such close proximity to people who may not be as active and involved as I am doesn't thrill me, either.   Anyway, talking to Pat helped consolidate my thinking about the subject, and I appreciated it.
My final acting class is next Tuesday and I spent time yesterday writing out a letter for each of  my students with advice on pursuing acting.  I'll have Aline and Sheila do The Truth, etc., then have an open discussion to wind it up.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Here and There

Walked at 7:00, of course, and went to exercise at 9:30.  Strenuous as ever, but invigorating; I'm sorry I can't be there for the last session next Tuesday.
Started packing up the good china. My mother had gotten this when she was married ninety some years ago, and I guess I can't bear to let it go.
Heard back from my children about the independent living possibility.  Mike, in particular, seems to be negatively impressed. He thinks it will be less than doable financially, regardless of what I was told on the phone--hidden costs and so on.  Also, P. researched it and is equally pessimistic.  Ellen will scout out two of the places, but I'm beginning to doubt it's feasible for me.
Went to Mastercraft to get my oil changed and at the same time, asked them to look at my wipers and see how much they'd charge. More than Dominic's $268?  Yes, by a good hundred bucks, so scratch that. I might try again at Pat's Automotive.  If his estimate isn't in the ball park, I'll just have to take it north and waste a Saturday--mine and my friend's.
First at Home Depot, then Wal-Mart, I bought some good, sturdy, cardboard boxes. What gets me is that identical ones are five cents more at HD, plus are covered with the store's name and logo, so you're doing their advertising for free.
Contacted the hotel and the train station to find out particulars about getting to Virginia next week.  Absecon to Philly to D.C. to one Metro station, then another, then a shuttle.  A drag, but I hope to enjoy the trip, anyway.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


More, more, more of the same, along with some deviations.  Made a date with Walter G., who will be my agent, to come over on Thursday.  My friend will join us and we'll go into the ins and outs of renting my house.
Called the guy at the antique place and he expressed interest in my mirror in the hall.  Said he wants to come down and look at it and will call me back so we can arrange it.
Betty called to remind me to contact the train station and so on for our trip to Virginia.  Damn, I'm really not even enthusiastic about going at this busy time.  Guess I'll enjoy it when I get there, though.
Took my car to Pat's Automotive, only to be greeted by a guy with a cigarette hanging off his lip.  He looked remarkably like those mug shots of crazed mass murderers.  Said he was too busy to come back later.  No, thanks.
Went to Mastercraft and explained the wiper thing.  Will bring it back in today and have them estimate the cost; if it's $268 or less, I'll have it done and presume car guy will pay half.
I had e-mailed my children re an independent living facility.  They seemed interested, but cautious.  Mike, in particular, was darkly pessimistic.  Ellen called and we talked. She'll try checking out The Bonaventure and Cypress Point, two possibles.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Purim and Independent Living

One of those annoying days.  I had intended to go down to the Purim show at Beth El in Margate, as some of my friends from Players & Playwrights were in it.  However, I got not one, but two advisory e-mails from the Ocean County Sheriff's Office containing the usual bug-eyed hysteria.  There would be HAZARDOUS conditions with SNOW AND ICE, creating danger to life and limb, and everybody should hide under their beds.  And yes, most was in caps, indicating extreme urgency.
First, I ignored it, as I usually do, but it started to snow--lightly--about 10 and like an absolute jerk, I began to take the silliness seriously.  About noon, I went to Acme, which was, of course, jammed.  It continued to drift down and I reluctantly decided I'd better skip the Purim thing, as the roads might be slippery.
Damned if it didn't stop snowing by 12:45 and I don't believe there was any slipperiness at all.  I could kick myself for being so easily led for such a flimsy reason. Instead of supporting my friends and enjoying a festive occasion, I spent the day packing up some frames and knick knacks--and sulking because I had missed the Purim celebration.  What a jerk I was.  I've now unsubscribed from the advisory list.  If actual threatening weather is actually about to occur, I know somebody will let me know.  Otherwise, if I plan on going any distance, I'll look it up on-line.  I won't be manipulated like this again.
The day wasn't a total loss: I did contact a rep in  an outfit that acts as agent between clients and independent living facilities. Soon, as I asked to be, I was called by reps from two of the places themselves.  I'm not absolutely convinced I want to go that way--thanks partly to my friend, Pat, I know some of the drawbacks, but also some of the draws.  I'm well within the appropriate age bracket, but I'm also healthy, engaged in various activities, non-religious, and politically progressive.  I may not find any kindred spirits there, but I can always look outside for them.
What appeals to me is the idea of major expenses being covered, as well meals and house-keeping.  Then, there's the difficulty in trying to find a "regular" apartment which is livable, plus what I can afford--a major consideration.  Could I adjust to living at "The Bonaventure," for instance?  Quite possibly and I may give it a try.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Wipers and Dominoes

Lazy Maisie that I am, I told Susan I would skip our walk, as I was leaving early to go up to my friend's.  In truth, I could have done both; just hankered for sleeping later and, indeed, didn't get up until 6:15.
Put my sampler, antique platter, and a few other things in my trunk and took a folder of pictures of those items too heavy to lift.  Got to my friends about 10:00 and she followed me to Dominic Roselli's, the guy who was to look at my wipers.  Left my car there and went to Red Barn Antiques, a wonderful place in New Egypt.
We were greeted by a (very) elderly lady in a wool cap and flannel shirt, who seemed a bit befuddled.  She asked a man behind her to take care of us and he groused that he was too busy, we don't open until 11, what time is it, oh, 11:15, but take them up to see Judy, I don't have time...
We saw Judy, wife of the owner and she came out to my car to see a few things.  Said she wasn't interested in my ethnic dolls, but thought her husband might like the sampler.  However, he was at an auction and I'd have to call to find out when he'd be in.
Judy was very friendly and talkative and confided that she had been born and brought up in Roswell, New Mexico; she knew the town where my friend and her husband might settle and said it was a lovely place. I left my pictures for her husband to see and we took off.
Got lunch meat and stuff at the supermarket, then stopped at the First Baptist Church of Allentown.  Why?  Because they were having a soup sale--homemade, of course--and we picked up some delicious black bean vegetarian.  Great idea for fund-raising.
As we were preparing lunch, brother Frank called and we had a good talk.  After, we walked the few blocks to the lovely little library, which used to be a church.  Looked around, read a bit, then walked back.
Dominic called to let us know he's have to order a part and cost for all would be $268, not too bad, considering Chuck, the car creep, would pay half.  However, he suggested I may want to see if somebody down here would do it for the same price and he'd confirm it to Chuck.  Good idea and that's what I'll do.
Showered, dressed, and strolled to the D.'s next door for dominoes. The R.'s were not able to come, but the H.'s did, and the five of us had much fun.  I dislike most board and other non-physical games--come to think of it, I dislike games in general, I guess, as I find them boring, but dominoes is fun. It's mostly luck, but just a bit of "skill" here and there.  Of course, the company and congeniality is a draw.
Didn't get home until after 11:00 and went right to bed.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lunch and Cousin Sally

Pleasant day.  After our walk and breakfast, I plunged right in again sorting, saving, tossing, packing right up until time to change for our lunch date.
Walked down the Barb's and we drove over to pick up her sister, Pat, in Mystic Shores. Pat is moving in just two weeks to Seattle and has been embroiled in the same battle I have: how to go through every possession you own without collapsing from either physical or emotional stress. She has it somewhat easier than I do, though.  For one thing, she's moved across country several times before; for another, she doesn't own, but rents; for a third, she has only three children, not four.  Even so, she could relate and we commiserated with each other about the difficulties involved in such an endeavor.
Pat is moving to Seattle to live near her daughter, who is 39 and expecting her first baby in May.  Pat will care for him (his name is Noah) when her daughter goes back to work.  How lucky she is!
We had Cuisine On The Green's signature sesame chicken, good as ever, but the service was perfunctory, inept, and slow. We enjoyed good talk and laughs, though.
Got home a bit after 2:00 and, almost immediately, the phone rang. It was my cousin, Sally B., with whom I haven't been in touch for years.  We talked for  more than an hour. Sally is just two weeks older than my brother, Frank (they're 80),  lives in San Diego, and will soon have a knee replaced.  She was a marathon runner until two years ago when she finally hung up her running shoes.  Her husband had a stroke awhile ago and is somewhat infirm; older son has a fatal illness; but Sally's one of those buoyant types, for all that.
As soon as I hung up, I jumped in the car and drove up to Staples for printer ink, then to K-Mart for--well, for--that is, I got--okay, I bought cheese puffs and gum drops, so shoot me!
Before dinner, I packed up the car with my sampler, four ethnic dolls, my antique platter, and a folder of pictures of the other items too big to carry.  This was in preparation for my visit (with my friend) to Red Barn Antiques in New Egypt to see if they want to buy any of it.  I doubt it, but nothing ventured, etc.