Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Finger and The Toilet

I was amazed when I got up to see (and feel) that my sore little finger was much better. The swelling was down a lot, the redness was gone, and it hardly hurt at all--great! Now, this morning, it's as good as it ever was. I must have just hit it on something and now it's healed. What's more is, my stomach feels fine--no prob there, at all. Annoyingly, I had trouble sleeping last night; hope it doesn't continue.
Walked Kimball in morning fog that lifted later. After breakfast, I started looking at some material I'll use in my "research speech" at Toastmasters. I've decided on neither Emily nor acting; I'm going to speak on the history of the toilet.
Went to Dudley House to look  for Cece's bag and chimes. However, I didn't find them and I'm hoping  she left them in the storage room.  Jan didn't have an extra key for that, but will give it to me later. I'll be seeing her this evening, anyway, at the covered dish gathering for docents.
Called Betty, whose court case against the guy who took her money and didn't do the work, is today. She was very relieved that she doesn't have to be there.
Picked up some blueberries, tomatoes, and broccoli before lunch, then did the town walk after lunch. At the library, I ran into Diane there, dressed to the teeth and in full makeup, of course. We chatted for a bit, then I went upstairs to the children's section and picked up a "young adult" (whatever the hell that means) book called How The Toilet Changed History. Also got info on the Internet, of course.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toastmasters and Finger

Not one of my better days.  It started off okay with Kimball and breakfast. I then took a load of wash to The Place and that was okay, too.  However, my little finger on my right hand had started getting sore on Sunday; yesterday, it was worse.  I assumed it was just arthritis, but it hurts when I bend or press on it and just below it on my hand is slightly swollen and red. I don't remember hitting it, but maybe I did.
Aside from that, my stomach is bothering me. Not sure if it's a holdover from dinner on Saturday--that's hard to believe--but I'd just as soon it was that, as I'm afraid it could be a recurrence of the ulcer. I had been told to take that ome-something, but stopped after a time because the bottle says to take it for only two weeks. I've resumed it now, so I hope that helps.
Corresponded back and forth a lot with my fellow Toastmasters and did a lot of other computer stuff. Went to Jessica Nails and got a manicure--bright red and it looks good. Drove to town after for my walk, but I just
Didn't.  Do. It.  For the first time in more than a year, I made a conscious decision to skip it, even though I didn't have to. I did drove to the Ventura Avenue branch. Picked up a bio of Maxwell Perkins, editor of lots of my favorites, notably Wolfe, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway.
Got to Dudley House early, as usual. Jan came to give me the key and the meeting was pretty good, although only eight people attended. I was grammarian, but found no criminal uses of the language. Fern told me I have to do a "research" speech next. I'm mulling over whether to give Emily or acting the nod. Cece called after I had gotten home to say she had accidentally left something there. Since I have the key, I'll zip over today and got it.
I had decided to call the doctor if my finger was no better. However, I'm relieved that it's improved; isn't as sore and the swelling and inflammation have lessened, although some is still there.  I have no idea what it could have been.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Walks and The Pledge

I resumed my usual schedule yesterday, now that Mike is gone (sob!) and I have no happy reason not to. I actually walked Kimball early and was home by 7:30. No prob, I waited until 8:00 for breakfast, then did my favorite crossword, natch.
Spent time typing out the minutes of the boring T.O.P.S. meeting, which I covered in Bobbi's absence last time.  Tidied up a bit, went to WinCo, and cut up some onions and sweet peppers. I'm feeling a little down, but not a lot and I'll get over it.
Did the town walk and stayed in the library for an hour or so. I didn't feel like any heavy reading, but am perusing a huge book--I actually had difficulty carrying it--which includes New Yorker cartoons from its first issue in 1926 to the publishing date of 2004. Fun to see in part, but I'm only about a quarter way finished and getting tired of it.
I was annoyed to see via email that Sue again put me on the Toastmaster agenda as "leading the pledge." I had sent the mail below to her last month, when she did the same.
Coincidentally, Cece, who's membership chair of Toastmasters, called me last night to ask if I'd consider running for office in the Poinsettia group. I wanted to scream, "no, no, a thousand times no!" and gnash my teeth, but I just responded gently that I'm involved in so much as it is, I really don't have the time. She's nice, though, and after we discussed my refusal to act as pledge master, she asked if I'd be grammarian tonight and I agreed.
Here's what I sent Sue yesterday:

Dear Sue, I'm a little confused. Maybe I should have checked to be sure you received this when I sent it on March 20. If you didn't get it, please accept my apology. Here's what I sent you::
Please remove my name as pledge/inspiration leader on April 23rd. I am a pacifist and I can't, in good conscience, lead the pledge.  I don't recite it at Toastmasters meetings--or anywhere else--nor do I put my hand over my heart.  It would be hypocritical of me to pretend allegiance, symbolically or otherwise, to a flag representing a government that is presently bombing five countries. In Afganistan alone, civilian deaths total 31,000, with 29,900 wounded.  Both these numbers include, of course, children.
I'll be happy to be assigned in another capacity for Toastmasters or, if you wish, simply do the inspiration part.Thank you.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

With Some of my Favorite People

For the first time in months, I skipped both the Kimball and town walks. Slept, but fitfully, until 6:15 or so, got up for coffee and computer, but not breakfast, as I figured we'd all eat together.  Got back to Ellen's a little late (a bit after 8:00), but that was okay. El, Greg, Mike, and I walked to The Farmer and The Cook, less than a mile away.
Now this is one of those quintessentially California establishments--semi-vegan, totally organic, and with the obligatory Himalayan salt on the table. It's fun once in a while and I didn't care if we ate at The Greasy Spoon, since I was with some of my most favorite people in the world. The guys got something or other, but I wasn't at all hungry--I had had some problems during the night--and begged off ordering anything but coffee. I accepted a small portion of Ellen's egg burrito (a burrito for breakfast--aagh!), which was edible--barely--and greatly enjoyed being with my gang.
After, Greg went to Santa Barbara to hang another of his paintings at his mother's and El, Mike, and I went to the Krishnamurti Center up in the hills.  I've been there many times before, but always enjoy it. We just walked the trails and stopped into the pavilion. On the way home, we stopped at a yard sale and I bought a pretty picture frame.
Once we got back to Ellen's, Mike had to pack up and leave for LAX, as he had booked a plane to  Phoenix. We said goodbye--I'm hoping he'll come back in the summer, which is possible--and off he drove. After Arizona, he'll meet up with his other sister in New York, I'm happy to say.
El and I sat in her lovely back yard with iced tea until it got too hot. We then went to the park, where Earth Day was going on. This was mildly interesting and I was glad we had to park the car away from the park, so I got a walk in.
Left El's with hugs and "love yous" and drove home. I washed and cut the carrots I had gotten at the farm stand and put them in the smaller slow cooker, along with tangerine quarters and cinnamon. Pared and cut the golden beet and cooked that in the microwave; ate it, along with a small salad--I didn't want much.
Called Betty and we chatted. Went to Wal-Mart, took back the key I had made that didn't work, and made my own. Haven't tried it yet, but I will.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


When I got home from Kimball, Mike texted me to say he'd be here considerably earlier than he had thought--about 10:30. That was good news, but I still had to go to T.O.P.S. I would have skipped it for once, but I had agreed to take minutes in Bobbi's absence.
I weighed in the same:128 point something (I may have gone down a fraction of a pound), so maybe that's where I should be.  Some of the meeting was ok; Michelle was fill-in leader and did exactly what I had a few weeks ago: what foods trigger your over-eating most?  It's funny how many people don't respond to the actual question, but to a related one: Several mentioned the time of day when they were most tempted (3 pm), but that wasn't what was asked.  Anyway, I rushed out when it was over, made breakfast, and was just finishing up when Mike rang my doorbell.
What a joy to see him and I'm about to leave to see him again, so will rush through the day:
Naturally, there was lots of chatter and laughs. He looks great and brought me up to date on Vivian and Violet. There's a secret treat in July for the former pending and the latter finished her triathlon in good position.  I hadn't bought anything in particular for lunch--thought we might go out--but Mike decided he'd make egg salad and that was doable. I hard-boiled eggs, he peeled and chopped them, and did the same with onions, as I had no celery.  With mayo added and on Dave's Killer Bread, the sandwiches were good.   
He wanted to go to a farm stand and I took him to one. He bought strawberries for Ellen and bought me what I chose: carrots, golden beets, and lemons. We then took a drive 'way up in the hills. Saw some spectacular views, plus some evidence of the fire.
He had a conference call at 3:15, so I left him alone and walked my town walk. Got home and barely had time to pick up a few things when we had to leave for El's. Got there a bit after 5:00 and were greeted by her and Greg. She showed Mike around--he likes her place a lot--then we went to Sea Fresh, a terrific restaurant. Luckily, we got there about 6:00 and though it was crowded, it wasn't nearly as bad as it got right after we arrived--jammed.
We sat outside, which I always like, as the weather was just right. Mike told us to order anything we wanted and boy, we did. I had not only swordfish and a side, but raw oysters first, plus two Chardonnays and creme brulee for dessert. Ellen (two pomegranate Margaritas) and Greg also ordered with abandon, and Mike had two lavish salads brought for us to share, in addition to his own entree.  Yoicks, the bill must have been staggering, but I'll never know, as my baby boy paid for all of it.  Back to El's for just a few minutes, then off to home I went, getting in about 9:15.
Must rush, as I'm due back over there at 8:00.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Chores and Toastmasters

After my morning routine, I got a lot of pesky little chores done. Older son had told me I didn't need to pay for Avast ($49.99) Avira is just as good and it's free. I refused the payment to Avast and got the other. Patrick also told me there was no reason to pay Skype for anything; I, in my idiot phase, had given them $30.50 for whatever, which I'll never use. I "chatted" with them and they agreed to a refund. I then took my used magenta ink cartridge to Office Max, found I had a "rewards" program was up to eleven something, so paid only about ten bucks for a wide black ink one. To top it off, I had a gift card for Barnes & Noble (which I got for my eightieth and hadn't used yet), took it in, and found I had $18.50 left. Bought the Roz Chast book and paid only $3.65.  Gawd, with all the money I saved, I could get a new hat or something.  If I wore hats.
Hey, I was cookin' with gas, as we used to say. Inspired, I filled in various dates and appointments on my calendar, filed some stuff, and otherwise completed lots of crapola I should have done weeks ago.  Did the museum, library, and back thing, then sped home to shower and dress for Pointsettia Toastmasters at 7:00.
This turned out to be a good session. I was Joke Master and my pun-ny funnies went over big. Also participated in a "tell or die" session (five people have to keep a preposterous story going) and otherwise had a great time.
Mike here this afternoon--yay! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Usual

The usual in the morning, then I cleaned up a bit in here.
I was delighted to get e-mails back and forth from my two younger children and here's the plan: Mike will come here first at about 2:30.  He has a conference call on his laptop at 3:00, which will take about an hour and I'll  leave while he's doing that. When he's finished and I'm back, we'll go over to Ellen's in separate cars. El will show Mike her new digs, then he'll take her, Greg, and me out to dinner. I'll drive home, he'll stay over there, then I'll drive back Saturday morning. It'll be such a short trip, but I'll take what I can get in seeing my boy. Yesterday he left on the long, long non-stop flight of Singapore to San Francisco.
Otherwise: Checked my blood pressure at Wal-Mart.  It was 111/66, which I guess is okay, but seems higher than usual. Went to the Hill Street Library, got gas, picked up blueberries and a few other things, had lunch, drove to town, walked, came back, and that was it.