Thursday, May 25, 2017

More A for A

Busy as ever with A for A. I assembled the individual critiques for each member, which I had completed after I observed the first run-through. I'm not sure if I'm going to share them or not, but I might when we meet today for another semi-rehearsal.
Carolyn M. called to ask if we could go over her lines--she has the very shortest part of all, about six lines at the beginning of the "Tootie" sketch and three at the end. Unfortunately, her acting is pretty dismal; in fact, I'd say she's about the worst of the lot. However, she's anxious to do better, so I invited her to come today with the others who will re-rehearse, and I'll work with her.
Wrote out some cues for my welcome and my intro to each playlet. I still have to be sure the room is set up as I want it. Darn, I realized yesterday I had completely forgotten about dress. Usually, I would recommend that all wear black or dark pants and white tops--I simply didn't remember that this time, so shoot me.
Went to the dollar store and got two fancy wine glasses for the When Cooks Confer sketch. I know that's the one the audience will like most, as it's pretty funny.
Called my dear friend, Marge, in Little Egg. Incredibly, with all her problems, she's now broken her arm. I know bones don't heal well when you're over ninety and I feel so bad for her. She said she wishes I could visit and so do I. I'll try to arrange a trip to Jersey one of these days. I hope I can see her before I get that call from Fred I sadly anticipate. And dread.
I called Doris to see if she wanted my friend, Linda, to take her to the show. However, regardless of what our mutual friend, Carole, told me, Doris said she plans to drive herself, as it doesn't get dark until eight or after, anyway. Quite so.
Went to WinCo for salad fixings and later to the library just to get out for awhile. It's been chilly lately--I even had the heat on for a time--and I hope it gets warmer.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I got over to SCAN by 9:30 and talked to Tony. I was pleased to hear that a large, black, kind of backdrop that was in the corner, can be moved so we can use it as our "stage."
I arranged nine chairs in the back of the room for my cast. When they came in, I asked them to put their scripts on the table. I want them to support their fellow actors and not be looking through through their scripts while others perform. I told them to laugh when appropriate and otherwise pay close attention and was gratified when they did.
As I told them we would, they ran through the whole show without stopping while I took notes on each of their performances. It actually came together better than I thought it would, although I still had to emphasize the importance of speaking more quickly, not dropping their voices at the end of sentences (a lot have a tendency to do that), and to project out to the audience without actually facing them. As for real "acting"--expressing the emotions behind the words--some are okay, some will never "get it."
Anyway, we ran through it a second time and it was marginally better. Several of us are going to meet tomorrow to go over their parts and that's fine by me. Now I have to write my welcome, introductions and windup.
Carole and Sue were going out to lunch after and asked me to join them, which I was pleased to do; first, I went home to get my tangerines. Met them, had a refreshing Chardonnay, and happily ate my citrus while they had calorie-laden lunches. I didn't get home until 3:00, at which time I had a salad and then--very unusually for me--fell asleep on the couch.
Got up refreshed and decided to go to Sprouts. Stepped out the door and found a note from Suzanne, saying she had taken a clipping from my rosemary tree and it isn't dead, after all, but will come back to life. I rang her bell to thank her and will now take care of it better.
Went to Sprouts and Barnes & Noble, then got home, relieved that the show is shaping up fairly well.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prepping the Show and Applesauce

Spent mucho time on preparing for today's A for A session. I'm going to have the group go through the entire program, then I'll critique and we'll go through it--I hope--at least once more before Friday.
Used my new apple peeler/corer, but had some difficulty with it. I know it's not the device itself that's at fault--it's the operater (that's me). I just don't exactly know if I'm doing it right or not. Oh, well, I'll get the hang of it before long and I made the applesauce, which is yummy, of course.
Drove to town and walked to the library a half-mile away (and back). Asked Branch Manager Lori if I could put up flyer about the show and she said sure. By the time I got back to my neck of the woods, it was almost 4:00. Went to Wal-Mart for a few things, then WinCo. Saw my neighbor, Don, and gave him an invite to the show. Took two more into the office to give Patti and Jim. Rang Suzanne's bell, but she was on a conference call, so she stopped over my place after. She stayed for a half hour visit and we had fun chatting about relatives and others. I told her I had received a bill for $116 from the plumber--darn, I thought Ventura Del Sol would pay it. I'll ask Patti about it, but I won't protest--the apple core/garbage disposal thing was my fault, after all.

Monday, May 22, 2017


After my usual Sunday morning, I went to WinCo to stock up on salad fixings, veggies, and a nice piece of rockfish. Got to know my new apple parer by performing on an apple. Yay--it works! Didn't have time to do more, but will today.
Got to El's at 1:00 and we spent several hours selecting and packing, interspersed with watching various house shows on T.V. Home again about 4:00 and I revised my e-mail to my A for A group. As I advised them, at tomorrow's session, we'll run through the entire show without stopping. I'll make notes, then I hope to add another meeting before the show on Friday.
Sent a separate message to the cast of Hell on Wheels. There are five, the largest group, and the little skit is in rhyming couplets. They all have a tendency to ignore punctuation and stop too abruptly at the end of a line. It needs to flow more smoothly, as it's supposed to be conversation, even if humorous.
Stir-fried ground turkey, onions, peppers, and garlic for dinner and it was good.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Organizing And Apples

I spent several hours in the morning organizing things for the show. Got my copies of the scripts in my binder and looked again at the order of performance I had made up. I'm not entirely happy with it, so may tweak it, but I guess it's okay. I then acted out all parts of all playlets, keeping time to see how long the show will go. I want to do this again to be sure I'm close to its length; must also add time for a welcome from Tony and intros for each from me. In addition, I'll go through to see what props should be used.
Called El to see if she could use me to help in her coming move. She said yes, so I went over about 1:00 and did some minor packing at her direction. Took time out to go over to Goodwill and pick up the small table I had seen Friday. I'm very pleased, as it turned out to be just as I had hoped: perfect for hiding the ugly computer wires in my bedroom. It has a rectangular space on the top, which looks as if it used to hold a tray or something. I'll look around for something that fits into, or fits over it. Back at El's, we continued packing; I left about 3:30, but will go back today to help tackle the garage.
I still haven't put together the peeler I bought. I'm just hopeless with mechanical things and haven't even read the instructions. Actually, it's mostly assembled already, so I just have to add a few component. Must do it soon, as I have several pounds of apples waiting.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Another varied day. Went to T.O.P.S. and found--no surprise--I had actually gained a bit: four tenths of a pound. I chalk that up to Mothers' Day and the fact I haven't been walking as much, and it doesn't worry me. Met with Bob after and we went over his role in Hell On Wheels. I know he'll be fine with it. We then fell into talking politics (he's a lefty) and religion (neither of us indulge). His--well, wife in love, I guess you'd say, as he and Michelle aren't married--called and the three of us continued talking politics. We don't agree, as they're neo-libs, but so what? It was a good, vigorous session and Bob invited me to join them for brunch, but since I had a lunch date with Nancy, I said another time.
Didn't get home until after 11:00, so I sort of combined breakfast and lunch by having two pieces of chicken and half an orange. I had just time to slice some summer squash and onions, add garlic and olive oil, and stoke up slow cooker before I left to meet Nancy.
We went to the Paradise Pantry and, as ever, enjoyed ourselves. I had brought my Honey Belles and she ordered the cheese plate. Hmm...I had the wine sampler, which is all I ordered, yet my total bill was over twenty bucks. The sampler was sixteen, there was tax, and I left a tip, but still....
After that, we browsed here and there; Nancy loves broaches (is that still a word?) and bought six of them at three different thrift shops. I didn't get a thing, but enjoyed looking around. Unfortunately, even though she had gotten her regular infusion on Thursday, Nancy got very tired just walking a few blocks. We sat down for a bit, then I walked her to her car.
Went home to check on the squash--it was done and I had a bowl--then took off for the Goodwill near Ellen's, just to get out again. I came across a darling little girl on a bench, made of some material that resembles marble. This is a nice size, about a foot high and I couldn't resist it. I bought it, put it in the patio under the rosazlea, and it looks great. I also saw a small wooden table; I measured it and think it would fit well under my bedroom window to hide wires and things. Maybe I'll go back and buy it today.
Stopped to get paper from Staples, then saw a wine-tasting sign at BevMo nearby--samples for a nickel each. Went in, was given little glasses of Brut and two other nice wines by a very pleasant and knowledgeable sommelier (that's correct; the idiots at SpellCheck don't know how to spell it!), and even learned a bit about them. Next door at Trader Joe's, I was served a sample of a lettuce salad, so that took care of dinner. Gee, if I could figure out where to get samples all over town, I'd never have to cook.
Happily, I slept well last night, so I hope the restless siege is over.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Varied Day

Darn, I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. Over Tuesday and Wednesday, I woke up for the usual about 4:30, then couldn't get back to sleep. I'm constantly fretting over this show coming up--why didn't I make it for a later date?--and worrying how it will turn out. Gave up trying to go back and got up at 5:00. I always feel better after I have my coffee, but after that and the computer stuff I do, it seemed a long time until breakfast.
However, I revived and set off for the Pierpoint Hotel about 9:30. I had seen an ad that appraisers would be there and I took my coins and paper money. There were only two appraisers and there were about ten people ahead of me. That was no problem, though, as a woman took names at the door and there were chairs to sit on while waiting. Ice water and coffee were provided, too, so although I was there almost an hour, it was pleasant and I enjoyed it.
As I was approaching the entrance, I fell into conversation with a woman staying at the hotel. I was amused when she said she recognized my Jersey accent and she told me she was from Vineland, although she's lived in San Diego for years. We exchanged ages--she insisted she couldn't believe mine and asked me to guess hers. I thought she was probably in her late sixties and told her that, but nope; she was eighty in March. Anyway, it was enjoyable and I gave her my card and asked her to keep in touch.
It turned out I don't have any great treasures. The 1880 quarters are worth only about twenty bucks each, so I decided not to sell them. The appraiser--a really nice guy--and I laughed together about most of my coins--face value, only. There was a half dollar worth a dollar, I took it--whee! a dollar!--and left giggling.
Went from there to the library and got a few things. I'm in the middle of a new bio of Elvis, but I also picked up one of Stephen King's--not a new one--and a small book on Ventura. Stopped to get a binder for Bob's script and some veggies. Once home, I spent several more hours on a program for the show and a few other "Acting for Amateurs" chores.
Nancy had left a message, I called her back, and we made a date for today. We'll meet at Paradise Pantry, have a glass of wine, then shop on Main Street. El sent an e-mail saying her GIANT FANTASTIC MOVING SALE will be June 10. Great; I'll handle the classified because if you put it in the Ventura Star, they'll give you signs and stuff. I have plenty I want to sell, too, and it's such fun to do. Somehow, the idea of getting actual cash money for things I can't use anyway, just thrills me to death.