Saturday, February 06, 2016

Lunch With Diana

Niece Carolyn called in response to my message and we made a date for lunch on Monday. I'm happy to say she agreed to accept my unopened bottle of vile Gatorade; she doesn't like it, but her kids do.
Spent the morning on this and that, then washed and dressed for my lunch date. Diana and I met at Macaroni Grille (that strikes me as a stupid name for a nice restaurant with really good food). I had sausage rigatoni and was able to take half home for dinner, plus a Blue Moon. They bring a nice little loaf of bread to the table, too, along with the obligatory olive oil dish.
We talked and talked and talked for two hours. I got to know about her siblings, deceased parents, and ex. About the latter, I was interested to hear he teaches at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where my daughter-in-law, Paula, got her master's. Mike and Paula lived in Savannah for several years.
Diana is probably about 65, but looks younger and is very attractive. She's tall (well, compared to me), blonde, and slender. I'm always in awe and envy of these types who seem to have little attachment to food. She's a native of Rochester, NY, but has lived in California since she graduated from NYU. She's still a practicing psychologist, but only on a on-call basis for the court system.
I told her a bit of my family story--not all of it, as we didn't have three days--along with my acting background and my hope to resume teaching my acting course. We finally left after 3:00, assuring each other we'd keep in touch.
I then drove directly to the post office to mail off yet another forwarded document to Mike, and stopped at the library after. Picked up a few books on or by George Carlin, one of my heroes--I wish he was still around, as he'd surely act as a bracing antidote for Politician Worship Disease (Sanders, Obama, Trump, or Ish Kabibble).

Friday, February 05, 2016


Continued clearing up various "business" business--that is, financial, medical, and so on. These are the mundane things most adults have to do, so I won't go into particulars. Sent the little girls in Singapore their Valentine cards, and made up two for the two (big and little) boys in Jersey. (I tucked a bill into each of theirs.)
Called Betty to tell her the results of my ordeal and we had a good chat. Called her daughter and my niece, Carolyn, to see when it would be convenient for us to get together. Continuing cousin Diana's challenge, I had a big salad for lunch, with hard-boiled eggs I had had in the fridge. Heated up the delicious pork roast I had made the other day for dinner.
I got a nice e-mail from Dave Perry, who was our Information Systems Manager at Rider when I was there; he retired last year or so. He didn't know I had moved and I got a Christmas card forwarded about three times. I wrote him a snail mail letter to tell him he and his wife may want to take me off their Christmas card list. I always liked Dave a lot--we could happily bitch about others together and we shared some of the same spiritual--read "non-spiritual"--ideas and beliefs. I'll write back shortly.
Finally wrote back to Grey about his mother with the brain tumor. He's another guy with whom I seemingly have nothing in common--he's 54, younger than two of my children, gay, and Jewish--yet we clicked and are as open (and irreverent, our language being sometimes downright lewd) as teenaged besties. I met him several years ago at Players & Playwrights, which he's more or less abandoned as an interest.
Ellen's car was in the shop and she had a meeting at a different school, so asked me to pick her up there at 4:00 and drop her at the garage. Just as she called, I got a message from my Two Guys in Tokyo asking me to Skype and I did, but we could only talk for a few minutes. I'll try to catch them another time. Picked up Ellen, dropped her off, then zipped home.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Busy Day and Diana

Very busy, productive day. I like to wash bed clothes soon after they come off, so did a wash early. Made a multitude of phone calls I had been putting off, including to Time Warner so they'll come and put my computer outlet on the other wall when I decide if I want to. Got a bill from Community Memorial for when I got the transfusion--charge was $5,192, which made me laugh. I called just to be sure Medicare and Horizon had kicked in. They had and my portion is $238.70--okay, not too bad. Called Horizon to ask them to send me a check for the double payment I accidentally made for January. They will, but it may take 30 days. Very funny, because if it does, I might as well just have them keep it for the February payment. Signed up by phone to attend an "Aging for Women Symposium" in June. Funny name--as if women will be instructed in how to age. (Could you decline and decide not to age?) Called Diana N., whom I had met at the seminar on Saturday and we made a date for lunch tomorrow. Made a few other calls in between the laundry runs.
My cousin, Diana Figenshu S.,* has a clutter control business in New Hampshire and she issued a challenge, to wit: To resolve not to buy food for the month of February, but to "eat down" what was already in fridge, freeze, and pantry. Well, I accepted that and found a nice small pork roast in the freezer. Put it in the slow cooker and added a can of cream of mushroom soup and envelope of Lipton Onion, set it to simmer and went out, hoping for the best.
Stopped at DMV to ask how many times you can take the written test if you fail the first (two more--goes to show how confident I am). Went to a glass company on Market Street to ask how much to cover my desk ($51 plus tax; I'll shop around). Saw a nearby auto collision place and got an estimate for fixing the scrape on my rear bumper from when I back into it at the library ($425--ouch, but that may be a good price). Got gas, then say they had a car wash and got mine done. Last stop was WinCo, where I got ONLY Romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, oranges, and bread, things that don't keep.
Home, I had the aforementioned pork for dinner. It was delicious, wonderfully tender and flavorful. I ate half (that's all I wanted for dinner) and will have the other half tomorrow.
Called Nancy after dinner and we chatted for some time. She's had yet more problems, now in the dental area. The bridge in her mouth split or something and, considering it was anchored to a tooth with a root canal, that could be a major problem. Also, she continues to battle the insurance company to pay for her infusions for anemia.
Called Ellen. She had to take her car in for service and had asked if I might be able to pick her up after work (Greg will take her in). One of the other teachers may be able to drop her off; if so, she'll text me, otherwise, she'll call me.
* Actually, Diana is my first cousin, once removed. Her Dad, Tom, was my first cousin on the maternal side.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Oh, joy, and hip, hip, hooray! Unpleasant as the prep was, the colonscopy went fine and the great news is that I have an ulcer! I was deathly afraid of a malignancy, of course, little Miss Sunshine that I am, and this was the best I could have heard. Doc prescribed Omeprazole, one a day, which I assume heals the ulcer. Anyway, I'm over the moon about it.
Ellen was with me the whole day. She picked me up at 8:40 (the place is only about six minutes away) and stayed while I had the procedure. Luckily, the nurse had the foresight to suggest she be with me when the doctor was telling me the result and instructions because I don't remember even seeing him after. I was given a written summary, of course.
I was ravenous when we left, but patients are cautioned to eat lightly after the procedure. Usually, I follow medical instructions to the letter, but that one? Forgettaboutit! We immediately went to the Two Trees Cafe and I had scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, and three cups of coffee. (It may have been unwise, but I'll die happy.)
We then went to Ellen's, said hello to Greg (who was on his way to work), and started watching Annie. However, it's pretty dated and I didn't care much for it to begin with, so I asked El to come over to my place and help me with laundry and re-do my bed with the new bedding. On the way there, I called my friend in New Mexico and told her the good news. Later, I e-mailed my boys to let them in on it.
El and I got my clothes washed, changed the bed, and handled a few other chores. We also moved the settee (a bench my Uncle Frank made for my cousin, Judy in 1963, and which I cherish) to behind the table, which my DIL, Paula, had suggested. Good idea, as it frees up more in the living room.
El left about 5:00 and I settled in to enjoy my relief and happiness at escaping what I feared most. Went to bed at my usual 9:00, read for forty-five or so, and slept soundly until 7:30.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cold and Concoctions

Good grief, it was freezing yesterday--down to 58 degrees. I actually wore my all-weather coat, which has a warm, zip-out lining, to go to the library. Had the "light breakfast" (what I have everyday, one slice of toast with cottage cheese and half an orange; coffee, too, of course)but started the regime at lunch and had just chicken broth and soda.
Then, to keep my mind off my stomach, I went though my financial papers--receipts and so on--for income tax purposes. Must find an accountant soon.
I suddenly decided to get a manicure to match my toes. Drove to "Jessica's Spa" and had to take off my shoe and sock to look at the color. Couldn't find an exact match, but the manicurist was able to come up with something close. Had them done and they look spiffy.
El called to say she had fulfilled her jury duty obligation, so we don't have to worry about that anymore. She'll be here at 8:30 to take me to THE ORDEAL PLACE.
Stopped at my mail box before I went in and found an envelope marked "fragile" from my friend in New Mexico. Hurried in to open it and found a beautiful, handmade necklace. I love it and called her right away to thank her.
As for my activities after 6:00 pm, when I had to take the first of the vile "prep" concoction for THE ORDEAL, I'll leave that to the imagination. It's now just after 6:00 AM, and I've downed the second horrible sixteen ounces. Ugh, ugh, double ugh, and now I have to drink 32 ounces of water by 7:00. No coffee, either--can't wait until this is over.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Rain and Pedicures

I was startled to see rain in the morning--it's so unusual here, it seems almost unnatural. We surely need it, though, and it felt cozy as I happily hunched over coffee and crossword puzzles for several hours. My dear brother, Jim (the guy who will be 90 in less than three weeks), called and we chatted for twenty minutes or so. Later, my electricity blinked on and off several times and when I went back to use this computer, it was out. Darn! I knew if I tried to get on the floor to manipulate the wires, I might not be able to get up, so I didn't.
Hopped in the shower, then met Ellen at Jessica's Nails for our joint two o'clock appointment. Both got pedicures, both in a pretty mauve color, but while we were sitting there, the lights went out. There was much laughing and chattering about that, just as there always is when electricity first goes out. After a time, though, it's no long a fun, novel occurrence, but a total pain in the rear. Luckily, it was out only for about a half hour, so that was okay.
Dear El came back to look at my computer, unplugged a wire, we waited a few minutes, then she plugged it in again and it worked. I hope the next time, I'm not such a boob about it and can do it myself. We chatted for a bit, then said goodbye. I'll see her tomorrow, of course, when I start with The Ordeal.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nice Day With Dotter*

Turned out to be a very enjoyable day. Early on, I texted Ellen to see if her cold was any better and she wrote back asking if I'd like to go to lunch after she showered. Well, sure, and we did. We went to Two Trees Restaurant, where neither of us had been before. It's just a little luncheonette, but served beer, which always blows my mind (you can take the girl out of Jersey--etc.). I had a patty melt and a Corona and incredibly, it was served with a lemon wedge. I asked for lime and the cheery server said they had none. This is the second time this scenario played since I've been here; I always want to say, "This is California and you don't have limes?" However, it was no big deal and they gave me frosted glass, so all was forgiven.
After, we went back to Ellen's and did a few housekeepy things. We speculated whether my antique table would fit anywhere in her house. After a lot of back and forth, we reluctantly--well, I was reluctant--decided it wasn't feasible. Now the damn table, which I thought would be snapped up by a dealer for three or four thou is starting to seem like an albatross--or at least, a seagull--around my neck. Must deal with it soon. In the meantime, I listed it on Craigslist for $1500 or b.o.
We went to Wal-Mart and El shopped for this and that while I got several things I've been wanting, including a timer (can barely hear the one on the stove). Went back to El's and we made a date to meet at the Nail Spa to get pedicures today. Will meet at 2:00, so I can be all spiffy for my colonoscopy on Tuesday. (AAGH! Let me erase that from my mind!)
*That's California-ese for female offspring.