Friday, September 04, 2015

Busy All Day

Met "Mary"--I never did catch her last name--the activities director at Holiday Retirement Independent Living. She's a dynamo of energy, anything but the professional type, more like Maisie the maid, but she was warm and friendly, and I liked her a lot. We sat down in the Activities Room--a large one where she has her desk, not a private office. I brought and left for her my theatrical resume, a publicity sheet from Stockton State about FELS and my acting course, and an explanatory sheet about my proposal (never assume anyone will remember a word from any meeting under the sun).
As we talked--I was there close to an hour--she continually jumped up to answer questions from residents, direct various visitors, and handle other interruptions. She kept apologizing, but I told her I had all day, which I did, and not to worry about it. I pitched my pitch about the Acting for Everyone course and she was very interested. She didn't balk at the fee I suggested--thought it was reasonable, in fact, and we talked a bit about attendance. Ten participants are ideal, I said, although fifteen would work, too. She asked how few might sign up and I'd still conduct the course--good question--and I said eight. I suggested I conduct an information meeting first--"You took the words right out of my mouth!"--and she asked if I could come on Tuesday, September 8. Sure can, I said, and I told her I'd work up a catchy info sheet by Saturday; Mary said one could be put on each table in the dining room, and they'd be posted on bulletin boards, too. She said she was taking a van of residents to The Flying H. Theatre Group on Sunday and would I like to go? Sure, and I'll meet them there.
That was a good encounter and whether it flies in the end or no, I enjoyed it.
Ellen's school is near there, so I thought I'd drive past it, not go in, of course. However, I got thoroughly lost (it's sort of out in the country), found myself on Route 126 which turns into the dreaded Freeway, got on that, didn't realize I should have taken a particular exit, and found myself all the way in midtown. If I had taken the straight route, I would have been home in twenty minutes; as it was, I drove around for an hour and a half. No matter, I greatly enjoyed it.
Spent some time ironing the bed skirt I bought when I first got here and getting some other household chores out of the way. The darling daughter aforementioned came over after school and helped me put the skirt on, set the t.v. up, got me into g-mail (which I hate with a passion), and put my new license plate on. We'll spend some time over the weekend together, also.
After dinner, finally and at long last, Aline and I got together on the phone. It was about 8:30 for me, 11:30 (!) for her, but happily, she's a little night owl. (She had assured me by e-mail she was always up until midnight and beyond--yet she gets up early, too--go figure.) We had a fine time catching up with each other's lives and are still determined that she'll come for a visit when the time is right.

Thursday, September 03, 2015


I fell into the honey pot! (Or however that silly saying goes.)
Arrived at the Museum Pavilion--a huge room; ceiling must be forty feet high--for the BCNN (Beach Cities Newcomers and Neighbors) gathering, not sure what I'd find. Would this be a bunch of old ladies who sew? Society matrons who would look down their noses at me? Forty- and fifty-year-olds who would have no interest in a biddy?
But no! As I approached. I was greeted by several women with name badges on. They couldn't have been more welcoming, even as more and more women were filing in. There was a membership table with the chair and an assistant at it, and when I explained I was a guest, they also were delighted I was there. Did I want to join? Yes, yes, and again yes.
Got the membership papers and another woman named Midge said she was having a new member meeting at her house on Friday and wouldn't I like to come? Yes! And I signed up.
A nicely decorated table was spread with coffee, tea, and so on and another had all kinds of yummy munchies on it--made by members. On the side were more tables with what I discovered were books and magazines members no longer used. Even better, attractive baskets held tomatoes, lemons, zucchini, and other produce they had grown in this Garden of Eden. Anyone could take anything wanted.
There were probably 200 woman there (I understand there are 300 members), at round and rectangular tables with tablecloths. I sat with the woman--Rose Buckley*--I had "met" on the phone, along with other nice people, including a woman named Maria, who will be at the new member meeting tomorrow, too.
The program was the color one--depending on your skin and hair color, everybody, it seems, is a winter, spring, summer, or fall and should wear only certain colors. Interestingly, about thirty-five years ago, I had written up for American Jewish Life, an article on this same color idea. I'll try to dig that out. Eventually, I think, I'll get around to volunteering to do the Dionne Quintuplet program for the group, but I have too much going on right now.
The meeting lasted until almost 11:00, then broke up. I understand anyone who wants to goes to lunch after and about ten people raised their hands. I thought I might, but had a lot of stuff to do, so decided to wait. Anyway, I sent in my dues and membership info as soon as I got home--I know I'm going to like this group.
Did a big wash and disposed of trash, then started to pull together my presentation for when I see the activities director at The Palms today. (I wasn't impressed with her manner when I talked to h er on the phone; seemed a bit unprofessional, but we'll see what happens.) That took several hours, but I got it done. While I was working on it, adorable little almost-two Mr. K. Skyped and we had a learned conversation involving colors; he knows not only boo and geen, but held up a block of clay that he announced was purple. It was.
Made myself an onion/garlic/mushroom/ground beef stir-fry in my new pan. Yummy. Went for a drive after, as I often to, glad to be so busy and glad to be here.
* Coincidentally, on audio books, I just finished listening to Christopher Buckley's Losing Mum and Pup. It's a wonderful book and he's a better writer than his Dad ever was, sez I.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Picked up my book at the library and had a nice chat with the pleasant man on the desk. He has a slight accent, which I thought was German, but no, he said, he's from Iran. It's funny, he seemed just as human as anybody else--but no, Iranians are not humans at all, but monsters that want to annihilate us, our government implies. Must remember that.
While in town, I took a dry run to the museum pavilion, where the coffee for Beach Cities Newcomers and Neighbors will be held this morning. It's easy to get to and I happened to see a young man with a nameplate saying he was manager of something or other. Anyway, he was very cordial and said I'd like the group.
Tidied up a bit, then went out and bought two more each of mugs and tumblers. I want to have enough to be able to put them in the dishwasher every week or so, and not have to wash them by hand at all. Oh, I'm a lazy slob, all right, but I see no reason not to be.
Went out and bought a larger fry pan; I had had only the small one and I like to stir-fry and otherwise cook up more than one serving for next-day meals.
Called the activities director of The Palms Holiday Independent Living and made a date to see her tomorrow at ten. I'll pitch my acting course--have decided to ask $60 for the six sessions--reasonable, I think, considering how much participants seem to enjoy it. We'll see if "Mary," the activities director, goes for it. Also called the person in that position at Cypress Point Independent Living, but she's out until Thursday. Will call her back.
It occurred to me my hair looked less than gorgeous, plus it needed a touch up, so I called Regis Hair in Pacific View Mall a few miles from here. Asked if I could get an appointment in a few hours and I could, in fact, there were several open. That should tell you something.
There's just no point in elaborating on the crapola I endured, but think bad color and worse comb out. But hey, it looks better than it did and I won't be going there again.
Got home to find an e-mail from Jeremy Coleman, the guy who read my blog about my antecedents and is interested in my grandparents' Domino Lane farm in Roxborough. Wrote him back just to acknowledge, but he has a lot of questions and I'll have to address them a more length later. Will also get in touch with my cousin, John, who's really the (extended) family historian, and much more knowledgable than I am.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Lots of more getting things done. I went back to Target and got two more three-drawer containers; put a lot of the office stuff in them. Put the ugly orange one in the walk-in closet. Haven't decided I'll keep in there, but I'm sure it'll be something. I had been doing all my business/paper work in the dining room, as I had no other table, but now I'm transferring stuff to the study.
I want to start looking at desks soon, but in the meantime, am using one of the long folding tables. I put the other one under the windows and it's holding the rest of my office supplies. Moved the smaller table into the living room, although I think it will ultimately go in the guestroom/study.
I listed the free packing materials (a huge box of them) on Craig's List. Said whoever wants them has to get in touch within a week, otherwise out they go. I've gathered a fair amount of stuff to donate to the thrift store and will take them to do shortly.
I often eat dinner fairly early, but get lonely and bored around six or so. Yesterday, I went to the nearby Barnes & Noble and hung out there for a bit. Saw a bio of Johnny Carson on sale for $6.98 and dipped into it. I can't stand the movie-mag type stuff wherein everything is sweetness and light, and you would think show biz exclusively attracts heteros and home bodies. Clearly, this isn't one of them, so I decided to get it. Of course, I wouldn't dream of spending money on it, so went into the library site when I got home, put a reserve on it, and will pick it up today.
Called TIAA-Cref and was told I don't necessarily need to have withholding taken out. Considering both parts of my pension have decreased as of August, that's a good thing.
Yesterday marked my one month anniversary moving in here and overall, things are progressing well.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Desktop Delight!

Huzzah, hooray, and happy day! Ellen connected up my desktop and now I'm back in business! She came in the afternoon and besides that, she dragged my mountain of knocked-down cartons to the trash place, and took most of the items she had lent me away. Boy, I can hardly believe how huge, clear, and bright this screen is, compared to the tablet. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm eternally grateful for the tablet, as otherwise, I would have had no way of communicating for two months. (Phone, mail, simply opening my mouth and talking? Nah, too old school.)
El and I also moved some of my lighter furniture to make more room in the guestroom/study. She asked if I wanted her to hook up the t.v., also, but I had a lot of stuff on the table where I'll put it and decided to wait. I was pleasantly surprise at the pittance Time Warner charges for the Internet and am not sure if I want to add the T.V. and phone. I could easily get along without cable; I miss a lot more the land line phones, as my cell often seems problematic at best.
El removed the T.V. screen, box and wires from the huge carton in which they had been packed and I filled it with the packing materials (bubble wrap, bags of "peanuts," and so on). I hate to waste it, so I'm going to put it on Craig's List as "free, if you pick up."
On the downer side, I got a communication from TIAA-Cref, to the effect that the state of California wants to take withholding taxes out of my pension! They have some damn nerve, but I guess I have to see what that's all about. (Hmm, maybe it's about California wanting me to take withholding taxes out of my pension.)
Earlier in the day, I went to Target to get sizing and came across those three-drawer plastic cart things. Bought one in neon orange because I thought I'd put it in the walk-in closet. Instead, though, I put paper, envelopes, and related stuff in and left it in the study. However, my darling daughter thinks it's hideous, and suggested I put it in the closet. No room there and it is pretty ugly, so I'll go back and get another for the study and put this in the closet where it won't offend delicate sensibilities--heh, heh.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Well, I admit I fudged a bit: wrote what appears as a second post for Saturday late last night. I should have hit "save," then posted it now, on Sunday morning, but accidentally hit "publish." No matter, it's about as interesting as the presidential "race." which so many take so seriously. Guess I was just tired, as it was at least 9:15--as I mentioned, late last night.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A mess of nothing much went on yesterday: the usual, which are now chores surrounding the guestroom/study. Drove here and there later to pick up a few uninteresting items. Called El, who was on her way to Ojai with Greg; said she'd call today and come over. Got an e-mail from Susan, who saysshe misses walking with me every morning. Got an email from the person interested in the old Domino Lane blog; said he'd write more later.


Continuing to work my little booty off, I filled several large trash bags with packing material, loaded up my cart with collapsed boxes, and hauled it all to the trash enclosure. Invigorated, I then gathered clothes to be washed and took them to the laundry room. While I waited to go back and put them in the dryer, I unpacked the stuff from my study at home, as I want to get my desktop and land phones up and running. Actually,I've gotten pretty far in setting up the guestroom as my office--that'll be a relief.
Once the clothes were dried,folded and put away, I had lunch, then went out to buy two more mugs and a few other things. Had a dishwasher full, so ran that while I pulled together the things Ellen lent me, plus donations for the thrift store.
I'm feeling pretty good generally. except my knee is still bothering me. Also, I've been waking during the night; usually I can go back after a short time, but Thursday night was an exception. I was awake, it seemed, almost all night--what a drag and I hope it doesn't happen again. Last night was a lot better: got up once for the usual reason, but went right back.