Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Changed my bed and did the wash-y dry-y thing right after breakfast, glad to be finished by 10:30. I had a large cauliflower, so cut it into florets and put it in the slow cooker with lemon pepper.
I'm continuing to go through some of the pictures I brought from Jersey to try to get them in some kind of order. Did that for several hours, then went to nearby Thille Park and walked--I think the route was about a half mile, maybe three-quarters. That's not much, but it's better than nothing and consistency is important. I'm determined to walk every day, steadily, for at least a total of a mile.
Had lunch, then took a dry run to check the route from Milano's to Regency Theatre, where Nancy and I are going today.
I was pleased to get an e-mail from Susan confirming our date in L.A. We made it for Thursday, June 9, and will meet at Union Station, probably just for lunch, as she and her friend, Pat, have to get back at 6:30 for a meeting. I'm going to check the train schedule; if I'm able to get back in daylight, I'll leave my car; otherwise, will ask somebody to take me and for Ellen to pick me up.
Got a call from Doris T. to tell me she's not going to the YMCA for the health and fitness thing tomorrow, but may to the SCAN Health Walk. Actually, I hadn't planned to go to the Y thing, anyway. I will see her and Carole the next day at Milano's for lunch, then for music at The Townehouse.
Went out to pick up a few things at the dollar store and, I must admit, to continue to listen to an audio book. I was so interested, I drove around a bit to hear more.
Home, I was about to sit down for early dinner, when the phone rang and I heard "Rosemary? This is Gabrielle." Gabrielle? Who's Gabrielle? The young woman who lives here whom I see at the laundry? It didn't sound like her and I was stumped until the person said she knew me from Golden Girls. Oh, of course! I had run into her near Ellen's the other day, we chatted and decided to meet for lunch; I gave her my card, but--I didn't remember her name! I didn't tell her that, but I apologized for my initial silent reaction and we made a date for Saturday--lunch at a Chinese place not far from me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Marge and Margaritas

After my usual Sunday morning rituals, I called Marge at the appointed time of 11:00. I was dismayed when she answered the phone in a slow, barely audible voice. "How are you doing, Margie?" I asked and she replied she wasn't well. She had been taken to the hospital on Saturday, although not admitted, because of pain in her ribs and other places. I'm not sure about the source of the pain and didn't want to ask. She said she's taking Tylenol with codeine, but it wasn't helping. I asked if she felt up to talking for a minute, but she said she was afraid she wasn't able. I ended the call after I told her I'd get back to her in a few days. I e-mailed her son and daughter-in-law to let them know. I'm afraid my friend is closing down her body and her life. So very sorry for that; I just hope she doesn't have to suffer much more.
Doris T. called to suggest that after Carole, she, and I go to Milano's for lunch on Friday, we stop at The Townehouse independent living place. They have music and wine every week, which is free for visitors. I told her I had been there once and would love to go again, so we will.
Aside from Marge's sad situation, it turned out to be a good day. Ellen called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch. Well, sure, I did, and she came over at 11:30. She left hammer and nails, as she'll be hanging my pictures the next time she comes. We went to Santa Cruz Mexican Restaurant and I had a good shrimp salad.
After, we stopped at Bed, Bath, 'n' Bodacious prices, as El wanted to look at something, but didn't buy. We then went to her place and took a lovely walk by the dry riverbed in the glorious sunshine. We went about a mile, all told, which isn't much, but better than my usual nowadays.
When we got back, she made us both yummy Margaritas. We drank out on the patio and I happily sat and watched her pull weeds and water plants. (Well, I offered to help, but maybe a tad half-heartedly.) She took me home a little after 4:00 after a lovely day. In fact, much as I enjoy my new friends here, spending time with Ellen beats any other activity. I feel as if we're not only mother and daughter, but good friends at the same time. I'm so lucky to be here now and to spend time with her.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Messages and Marge

Got some interesting messages--two good, one not.
1.) My New Mexico friend wrote a good, long e-mail to bring me (and other family and friends) up to date on their travels. She included several web sites from that area--I didn't really know how very beautiful the state is until I saw them. She calls me every week or so, also, and I'm happy about that.
2.) Susan G., my across-the-street neighbor in Little Egg, walking partner, and friend of 13 years, wrote me to say she'll be near L.A. in a few weeks to visit a friend and wondered if we could get together. I was delighted to hear that and immediately wrote that I can take a train there (it's only 65 miles, but I'd never dare drive it) so we could meet. Her friend, Pat, will come, too; I've met her, as Susan had me over for dinner a few years ago when Pat was there. This will be great fun.
3.) I wish the third one was as good: I received it from the son and daughter-in-law of my dear friend (in Sunrise Bay), Marge. They wrote that they were worried about Marge, as she had started staying in bed for long periods, too exhausted to get up. Marge is exactly (to the week) ten years older than I am, so she's--well, pretty old. Of course, I immediately called her, but the message machine was on. I said I'd call her again in an hour, but in the meantime, got another message to the effect that she might be being taken to the hospital. An additional message asked if I'd call her tomorrow (now today) at 2:00, east coast time and naturally, I said I would. I assume she wasn't hospitalized after all, but I have an uneasy feeling about her condition.
Aside from that: Because I want to increase my walking and active time, I drove to town, parked the car, and went to various shops several blocks apart. Stayed about an hour, on my feet all the time. I didn't buy anything, but enjoyed being out and about on a beautiful day, in a bustling town full of people of all ages and all walks of life. I passed a woman about to get in a a shiny black Jaguar, young couples chattering in Spanish, children and babies, old people with canes, and teenagers prancing along, sublimely confident they'll live forever. What a fine day.
Home, I oven-heated the already-cooked chicken and root vegetables I had defrosted for dinner. Betty called and we chatted for a bit.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I decided to bite the bullet--or the hypothetical salad--and join T.O.P.S. ("Take Off Pounds Sensibly") at SCAN. Got there at 8:45 and Carol introduced me to some of the other members. (She didn't stay for the meeting, as her son is visiting.) We were weighed--hell, no, I'm not telling, although at least I wasn't back up to my highest weight of 204 pounds--then sat around a table. Eileen was on my left and "Lennie" (given name Eleanor) on my right. There were nine other women there, including Lolly (not to be confused with Dolly who goes to the lectures), the leader. I liked all of them, with the possible exception of Colleen, the weigh mistress or whatever she's called. Reminds me of a bossy and not-too-bright nun. She sat at a small separate table, laboriously totting up the poundage with a pencil and paper.
It was pretty standard: Some hoary homilies and words of encouragement, then Colleen announced the pounds lost and the pounds gained in aggregate. The biggest loser was announced--somebody who lost 2.5 pounds. She got to pick from a box with little odds and ends and trinkets donated by others in the group.
Anyway, I'll go back. It sure beats Weight Watchers, especially as no special diet is dictated and the other members are friendly and welcoming. It's only $32 a year and includes a magazine. Hey, what do I have to lose? (WEIGHT, that's what!)
It was over at 10:00, so I went home and made a large salad with Romaine, tomatoes, olives, beets, and raisins--all the fixings I had at the moment. Had a big bowlful for lunch, adding a hard-boiled egg. Got a call from Nancy, who said she couldn't go to the play on Sunday in Santa Paula after all. Actually, that's fine by me, as I wasn't anxious to go, anyway. She suggested we go elsewhere one day next week and we decided on lunch and a movie on Tuesday.
Called my niece, Carolyn, in Santa Barbara and we had a good chat. Then called brother Larry, in Florida. I was surprised and glad to hear he and Helen will move closer to two of their children. Their younger daughter, Jeanne--the one with all the money, married to Doc Vic--bought a house for them within walking distance of her sisters, Elaine and Nancy. Larry and Helen have lived in their present home for at least fifty years, maybe longer. Even when they moved to Indonesia, they retained it. It's not a bad place, quite large, five bedrooms and four baths, plus pool, of course. However, the neighborhood has "changed," as the saying goes (a euphemism for "a lot of darker-skinned people have moved in") and I was surprised at how low their asking price was. Well, location, location... I was sorry when Larry told me Jack Bihlmier had called to tell him Matt Gallagher has died. I had a major crush on him a hundred years go.
Went back to SCAN for the lecture, this one on palliative care and end of life issues. I was pleased to see Sue had come, although she had to leave early, as Mac needed her at home on the boat. Of course, Doris and Carol were there and since there won't be a lecture next Friday, we three decided to meet for lunch on that day.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sue and Blue

Met Sailboat Sue at Milano's for lunch. Sue and her husband know the owner, Bruce, who has a boat near theirs and they eat there a lot. Bruce greeted Sue warmly and they commiserated with each other about how high the dock fee has gone up. The restaurant is under, and in front of, Brophy Bros. and I like the location better. The part overlooking the harbor has a nicer view than B.B.'s; not sure about the food. I got a "chicken caprese" sandwich, which didn't thrill me, but of course, the Shocktop was delish.
Sue is a big talker and went on and on about how she met her husband and when she used to take her Siamese cat when she drove the semi. She also drew me a sketch of their 50 foot boat where they live, which interested me mildly. She's very worried about Mac's neuropathy (AAGH! This idiot computer doesn't know how to spell it! Thinks it's incorrect, but it isn't. Illiterate nerds!) which started in his feet, but has now spread to his leg and even his arm. She's also very worried about his increasing dementia. However, we had a good lunch. I invited her to the SCAN program today--end of life issues--and she's going to go.
After I went home, I felt, for some reason, kind of blue. Didn't feel like doing anything and lay down--not a good idea if I want to lift my spirits. Took a short nap, but made myself get up and go out. I went to Five Points Car Wash--they're the best in the area--and paid twice as much as I do elsewhere to get my little darlin' spiffy--boy, does she look good. Took a drive after and found myself back on an even keel.
Betty called when I got home. She had taken Helen C. to the hospital, as she had fallen outside in her garden. She wasn't badly hurt and they didn't admit her, but she needed a possibly-broken wrist treated, as well as other things.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Meeting and Acorn Squash

Attended the monthly Council for Seniors at the Adult Center. Suz greeted me with her usual almost overwhelming enthusiasm and a hug and a kiss. She's just back from Sacramento where she met with state politicians to push the elder agenda. My friend, Doris, came, but had to leave before the speaker really got started (lucky her: see below). The meeting was pretty sparsely attended in contrast to the full house that's usual when it's held every other month at Silvercrest.
Maybe non-attendees knew something I didn't: The program, Identity Theft, was so intensely boring, I almost got up and left. However, as I'm a member at large and was in the front row, I stuck it out. Steve, whom I know from lunch, came to tout next week's something-or-other for seniors at the YMCA; he sat next to me and we both threw out some--well, maybe gratuitous remarks.
I've done a fair number of workshops, seminars, and presentations and this hit all the no-no points for such things. First of all, the speaker, an earnest young woman from the credit union, opened by announcing that this talk usually takes an hour and a half, but she'd try to cut it down. Hey, I'd barely sustain interest that long for the Second Coming, let along identity theft, one of those trendy topics that's been done to death. Speaker handed out a big bunch of papers stapled together. She then started up a power point presentation which contained the exact same material. To top it off, she proceeded to read every point one-by-one. So there were three identical methods by which she presented the same material. Incidentally, it was written on about a sixth-grade level and there were grammatical errors here and there, but I was so benumbed, I didn't even point them out.
The topic itself is mundane and is one of those designed to keep the populace frightened out of their wits, the better to be fleeced by the powers that be. Also, it seems to me that anybody stupid enough to fall for some of the scams mentioned wouldn't be in a meeting like this, anyway.
Steve suggested I stay for lunch, but I didn't, as I didn't see Marie, whom I like, that day. Went from there to the library; took a few back and requested a certain book, which will probably come in next year. Stopped to buy grapes, cherries, lettuce, and tomatoes, then went home to chili for lunch. It was after 3:00 by then, but I took a load of wash to the laundry and, as required, did the back and forth thing.
I used to eat acorn squash a lot, but haven't for some time. Bought a nice one the other day and decided to have it for an early dinner. Roasted it and ate half; took a drive later.
I'm looking forward to lunch with Sailboat Sue today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Real Estate

How was my day yesterday? Here's a truncated version of my review on Yelp:
I had seen a sale sign on a mobile home and was interested in being shown the interior. Monday, 5/16, I called the name and number on the Superior Realty sign, an Anna U. was the agent I got a message machine saying her mailbox was full. How accurate that was I don't know because I was able to leave a number. When Anna called back, without any preliminaries at all, she blurted, "Did somebody from this number call me?" Duh--she wouldn't have had my number if I hadn't called. We made a date for yesterday, Tuesday, 5/17, for 11:00. I got there a few minutes early---and waited...and waited. I finally called her at 11:15, only to be again told her mailbox was full. In the meantime, I saw on my cell that she had called me. I immediately called her back and she said she had been in an accident in Oxnard; someone had rear-ended her. To be perfectly honest, I didn't believe her. However, she asked if she should try to get somebody else from the office to show me the place. I agreed and she said somebody would call. Well, they haven't yet a day later and if they do, I'll tell them to go blow. I don't know if this crappy outfit is some kind of front for something or what, but I would advise everybody to STAY AWAY FROM SUPERIOR REALTY!
Things improved later in the day. The high point was a call from my friend in New Mexico. We had a good talk and are looking forward to Vivian and Violet visiting in June and July. After, I went out and bought grapes, to which I've become addicted.
I was at loose ends, so I drove to Goodwill just to look around. Saw a cute half-mask in gold with feathers and a "diamond." Naturally, I had to buy it--I'm very judicious with my money, but conisder this an essential. Will wear it at Halloween.
This is in the same shopping center as Ralph's Market and as I walked out, somebody driving a car in the parking lot called, "Hi!" It was a woman from the Golden Girls group and she stopped to chat. I told her about my recent misadventure above and she commiserated; we decided we should meet for lunch and I gave her my card and asked her to call me. Now I cannot, for the life of me, remember her name. Oh, well, I'll find it out later.
Home, I got out the onions, peppers, and garlic I had chopped before, plus the meatballs I had made. Put the former to stir-frying and the latter to simmering in a pot of spaghetti sauce. I had planned to have it over pasta, but instead just ate it the way I cooked it. I have some left for a later meal and will put it on spaghetti then.