Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"I Feel Pretty" And yondoo

Did all the morning stuff, walking Kimball is pretty cool temps. I'm looking forward to the weather heating up soon.
Called Sheri O., the Dudley House person, and made a date to go to her place on Friday afternoon to view various props. I better start getting serious now about researching and writing my talk as Caroline Dudley.  Got my plane tickets for New Mexico; I leave on July 16 and return on the 24th. I have to arrange to get to the Sheraton for the shuttle to LAX, then reserve a place on the shuttle. I'll ask Nancy for the former, as she gets up early.
Met Nancy at the Regency at 11:50. We saw I Feel Pretty, which was goofy fluff, but fun. We then repaired to The Cave and had their excellent Chardonnay and yummy/ delicious goat cheese plates. Nobody does appetizers as well as The Cave.
We sat and talked so long it was 4:30 before we left. I went to the post office from there to mail a birthday present to Tokyo, then drove directly to town for my second walk. I reversed it by parking at the library and walking to the museum in somewhat cool weather.
I was pleased on the way home to get a call from niece Carolyn, inviting me to a birthday party on Sunday for Claire, who will be twelve. Sure, of course, I'd love to, especially as Carolyn already invited Ellen, who will go and she'll drive. (Claire will actually be twelve tomorrow, my sixtieth anniversary.)  I told her I'd bring some clothes for Betty which I can't wear anymore.
After dinner (just veggies this time), I sat down at the laptop and was annoyed to be told there was  no Internet connection.  I called yondoo (that's exactly the way they spell it, and with no capital, the illiterate nerds) and was told "the engineers are working on the problem." Damn it, this is the second time in a week this happened with the new outfit. May they be strung up on their own wireless crapola. (I know that doesn't make sense, but it makes me feel better.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Two Washes And The Widows

Saw Carolyn at Kimball (it was barely 6:30) and we had a talk. Her adult daughter is causing her a lot of worry and I sympathized. I said I may go to Lunch Munch on Thursday, but may not. I really have to turn my attention to the Caroline Dudley thing.
Speaking of which, Connie K. sent me some web sites where I can find Victorian costumes. Good grief, their blouses are fifty bucks, skirts the same, and I'm not getting paid for this gig, so will try to find my own.
I had a busy day. Did a load of wash, ran the dishwasher full of company dishes, and otherwise put things in order. Betty has jokingly accused me of being compulsive and maybe I am, but so what? After I have company, I want to get everything back shipshape as quickly as possible, so shoot me.
It was a little after three before I had finished what I wanted to do and had lunch. I went to a few places for this and that, including Wal-Mart for my ome-? (can't spell it), the acid reduction pill. Think I'll see if I can get an Rx for it, as it would be a lot less expensive. Since it was that late and I was going to the widder dinner, I decided not to drive all the way to town and just went back to Kimball for my afternoon mile-and-a-half. Home to shower, wash my hair, and change, then it was off to Sizzler for dinner.
I found it jammed when I walked in, but Nancy, Carolyn,* and another Soaring Spirits attendee were half way up in the line to order, so I stood with them. About fifteen of our group were already eating, so we sat at the end, I next to Vera. Happily, she mentioned we might switch to Stone Fire Grill, which just opened in the Barnes & Noble Shopping Center. I hope it works out. I don't eat much or their menu, so just had a glass of Chardonnay and sauteed spinach. Home by 7:30.
*The three Carolyns I mention in this narrative are my niece, the one I met during my morning walk, and the one in Soaring Spirits, the widder group.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Lunch Party

I went to bed at my usual time on Saturday and slept like a log. Got up at 5:15, left for Kimball less than an hour later, and got back home by a few minute after 7:00. Betty got up soon, but said she had  had an uncomfortable night with her stomach.
She left for 9:30 mass with Suzanne and I sped around taking the sheets off the couch, putting the massive amount of things Betty brought out of sight, and straightening up.  After running the dishwasher, I set the table, made the salad and turkey breast sandwiches, and assembled the brie, crackers,and grape plate. By the time Betty got in, everything was shipshape.
I had asked Nancy and Noreen to call me when they drove into the main entrance (in separate cars; they didn't know each other before meeting here), then I drove through the gate to get them and bring them back. Each of them brought me a bottle of wine and Noreen added a bouquet of flowers--how nice! I had a bottle of Chardonnay chilling, as well as Corona and iced tea, and we sat and talked for a full hour before lunch. Noreen also brought a oleberry (?) pic and real whipped cream. It was actually the best pie I ever tasted--almost all fruit.
Lunch was great fun--yum, yum and gab, gab. Nancy and Noreen didn't leave until almost 4:00, shortly before Carolyn, Finn, and Claire came to pick up Betty and take her back to Santa Barbara. They sat and chatted for a bit and I gave the kids the last of the excellent pie.
As soon as they left, I drove to town and did my afternoon walk.  It was a good visit, but now I'm back to the life I made here and that's fine by me.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Around And About With Betty

Slept until 6:30, so walked Kimball late. I did run into Carolyn and told her my twin sister was here. Betty and I had breakfast, then went to WinCo and the Dollar Tree for lots of stuff. I got various for our little luncheon today and Betty got all kinds of small things she needed.
We got home and put things away, and just made it to Ellen's in time. Since it was Saturday, always a busy day on Route 33, it took a while, but we go there a bit after noon.
El had a lovely summer meal of a green salad, chicken, and deviled eggs, plus a plate of crackers, cheese, and grapes. She kindly had Blue Moon in for me, which I enjoyed. We had an great time sitting out in her patio and talking, then walked down to the quaint little church turned book store.Betty bought a book for her granddaughter, and I bought one of Emily Dickinson's poetry for young people for granddaughter Violet.
We sat again on the patio after, then left my darling daughter's. Drove to town and parked, then walked to various shops and bought a few things; home by 5:00.
I called Nancy, whom I'll see today. Made a stir-fry for dinner, as well as fresh spinach, then Betty and I had a quiet evening.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

T.O.P.S. And Twin

After Kimball and gnashing my teeth about the Internet loss, I changed and went to T.O.P.S. I was prepared for a gain--maybe to 130, considering all my meals out--but happy day, have stayed at 128. The meeting itself was better than most, as Michelle did the program and had brought a "chair exercise" video on her tablet. Now, I walk a consistent three miles a day, but I liked this because I think I should do some upper body work. Anyway, it was good.
El and I had an enjoyable time at lunch (and I was eternally grateful at her handling the Internet crisis), then said goodbye, and I drove to town for the usual afternoon mile and a half. I walked to the library, but didn't go in; instead, I deviated down a side street and went back to the museum via Santa Clara Street. Home, I got out my good ol' chopper and did two big green peppers and two big onions. I'll have them ready for a stir-fry tonight for Betty and me.
The aforementioned got here about 9:30 with Steve, Robyn, and Dexter.  Of course, they called from the entrance and I met them to escort them here (a gated community is such a pain). Dex thanked me for the graduation card and modest amount of cash I had sent, they stayed for just a few minutes, then off they went to Big Bear, where they were vacationing.
Betty and I stayed up with iced tea chatting for another hour and a half, at least, then went to bed. I slept late--to 6:30--and now want to dress and go to Kimball.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Internet Prob And Lots of Other Stuff

Damn! I got up this morning (Friday) to find I had no Internet. Tried to fix, couldn't, called yondoo, they said it had been out, to reboot, but still couldn't get it working. Happily, Ellen called to say she's be over this way and was I available for lunch; if so, she'd bring hers. I was, she did, and after all kinds of problems and calls to the service and so on, she got me back on. However, it doesn't extend to my phone, so I'll have to get another router or something.
This is what I wrote Thursday night about Thursday:
Another good day in the glorious summer. Carolyn and I greeted each other at Kimball with "see you at the museum!" and that's what we did.
I went a little early to find that the Lunch Munch and music event was in the outer, larger courtyard, rather than the inner one. This actually works out better--more room and there are shade trees. Nancy came shortly after I did and while we were chatting, an attractive woman came and and asked, "Rosemary?" Yes, indeed, and she turned out to be the friend Carolyn had invited. Shortly after, Carolyn came, and we sat down and opened our lunches.
Nancy immediately noticed I had brought my little bottle of wine and said she would have, but didn't know it was permitted. Neither did I, but it's my policy in such a situation is to do what you want first and ask questions later. Good point, Nance agreed and she'll do the same next time. I had invited Noreen, also, but she didn't show. I called her twice, but there was no answer and the recording said she hadn't set up voice mail.
The four of us had a great time. Carolyn's friend, Beth, happens to be a widow, also-her husband died very suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 57 nine years ago with no warning at all. Anyway, I liked her a lot, plus it turned out she and Nancy have a mutual acquaintance, so that was fun. Beth lives with "her boyfriend," as she called him; she has no plans to marry and doesn't want any.
We stayed for about an hour and a half, mostly talking over the music. Carolyn said she's like to start a women's group, just to meet over lunch, say, chat and enjoy each other. Great idea; I'm in several and most I enjoy immensely.
After we parted, Carolyn and I walked the few blocks to Patagonia, as she wanted to show me the place. I didn't realize they had such a big campus besides the retail store--very outdoorsy and very expensive--and we looked around here and there, then walked back.
Carolyn left and I walked to the library, read about Prince Charles for a bit, then left for my car and home. Got in about 4:00 and took a load of wash to the place. When I got back, I glanced at my calendar and saw that my Japanese daughter-in-law's birthday was a week away. I quickly found a card and drove to the post office amid lots of graduation traffic from the nearby high school, and mailed it. Whew!
Betty called and said Steve will drive her here tomorrow (Friday) night. Then she called to say it would be Saturday. Later, she switched it back to Friday between 8 and 10 pm, so she should be here tonight. She'll stay until Sunday, when Carolyn will pick her up between 2 and 5.
I called Noreen and invited her for lunch on Sunday, too. Also asked Suzanne if Betty could go to  mass with her; she can, at 9:10, so that's okay.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Park Versus The Brewery

My Earlier Than Before Kimball walk has now become an entrenched habit. I used to leave for the park between 7:00 and 7:15; now, I'm always home by 7:20 or so. I don't mind, though, so see no reason to revert back.
Saw the regulars yesterday: Ed with Lola, Carolyn and Bob with Hazel and Sophie, Irene and Diane, along with the dozen or so others whose names I don't know, but greet each morning. Diane gave me an article about "Wild and Scenic Film Festival" to take place in August. Looks like fun and I think I'll go.
Did a few minor chores after breakfast, then left for town.  Went inside the museum and talked to the docent to see if more tables and chairs could be set up for Lunch Much today, as I'm expecting five people. I then walked down to Plaza Park to meet Diane for our Wednesday lunch at 12:30.
We had a fine time talking and talking, of course, and surreptitiously drinking our wine. She suggested we might vary the formula by attending Happy Hour somewhere and we discussed where. Figuring she didn't drink beer, I diffidently asked if she knew of The Brewery, just a few blocks away. She didn't, but hey--she loves beer!  Now yer talkin', sez I (well, not really). We then walked down to that establishment, looked around, and chatted with the bar keep. It's not a dimly lit bar, but a large, bright place, with plenty of windows and high ceilings. Happily, we decided to bring our lunch and meet there next Wednesday.  (Thanks for the memories, Plaza Park, but from here in, it's The Brewery.)
We parted and I drove home. Got a welcome call there that concerned my July trip to New Mexico; must make reservations soon. I had time to kill before dinner, so drove to Santa Paula and stopped in a Dollar Tree for a few things.