Thursday, August 31, 2006

Had a ball yesterday with lunch guests Joe, Flo, and Jack. Flo and Jack are cousins, but hadn't seen each other for about 40 years. They talked and laughed and reminisced about their mutual relatives, really enjoying their reunion.
We were delighted to see Joe and Flo again and loved being filled in on mutual friends, as well as exchanging info on recent activities. (We've gone to their Christmas party for the past several years.) I filled them in on the St. James gathering; neither attended St. James, but both went to H.S.H.S., Joe for two years before entering the seminary.
Lunch? I served roast beef and turkey breast cold cuts; green salad, in addition to potato, ham, and fruit salads; cracked wheat rolls, rye and white breads, iced tea and soda, rice pudding and coffee. Everybody seemed to enjoy it, judging from their enthusiastic comments and appetites.
Finally resumed my daily walk with Susan today--I had slacked off with all the company I've had lately--and it was good to do it. I'll meet Muckie for lunch today and then kind of veg out--I hope--until Sunday.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Went to Pat's primary at Fort Dix yesterday and--wonders will never cease--he was actually very cordial. He concurred that there's some improvement and doesn't want to see him again for two months.
Got home about 1:00 and called Pat's brother, Bill, to fill him in on the reunion, then took a shower, dressed, and left to meet Alison about 3:15. Its annoying that it's been raining off and on for several days after weeks and weeks of dryness. I keep thinking, "Well, just when we have all this company and activities...," but the fact is, we seem to have things going on all the time.
After dinner (Chinese), we went to Len's viewing. Had a great time seeing the members--old and new--of this big family and, unlike at Elaine's viewing, the mood was pretty buoyant. Followed Alison until she turned off to her house and got home about 8:00.
We're going to Alison's on Sunday for a cookout and will see Joel, Jen, and Joely there, too. That should be great fun. Will visit the cemetery first--it will be Jay's second anniversary.
Lots to do before Joe, Flo, and Jack come today; looking forward to seeing them.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Yesterday was...well, interesting. We arrived at St. James while the 11:30 mass was still going on, so stood in the back. The place was packed--standing room only, so we thought there'd be a big crowd at the reunion. After, we stood in the rain (the first in weeks around here) while Sr. Joan, the principal, went to get the key (why it wasn't already unlocked is one of the many organizational mysteries we encountered that day).
It was fun to see the old school, looking surprisingly the same aside from the bright and vivid colors of the paint. There's a dense, lumpy look to a lot of the surfaces, presumably because of so many coats of paint that were never sanded down.
We were surprised at how few people came in to the school--maybe 20 at most. Also, the building was hot--very, very hot--and humid as a sauna. We looked around for awhile and chatted with a few people, then because of the deluge outside, Jim brought the car around.
Driving to Margate where the "barbecue" was proved to be a problem. We were in Jim's brand new car and street after street was flooded. The closer we got to the place and the further we went into Margate, the worse it was. I took a picture of kids on rafts in the street.
Finally got there. The event was under a tent on asphalt. A handful of people were there when we came in, but the food wasn't and we were getting hungry. We filled out name tags, put names and phone numbers in a book, and got something to drink at the cash bar.
The food was finally put out about 3:00: sausage, peppers, and onions, a pasta dish, buffalo wings, and potato and macaroni salads. Pretty standard stuff and not particularly tasty. I had envisioned a big cake with "Welcome, St. James Grads!" or something on it. Nope, it was a bowl of fruit; just melon and grapes.
There wasn't a single classmate of mine or of Larry's there. However, there were several who graduated with, or just before or after Jim, so that was nice. We did see some people we knew: Bill C., who was a friend of Frank's, Al G., Lily McB., Patty F., and one or two others. Eileen C. came in with another woman named Marge.
There was a 50-50, but no welcoming comments or any other talks. There was electronic music (which I politely asked to have turned down) and a cleared space in the middle of the asphalt, but no one danced at all. Presumably, I was the only one with a camera, so I took some pics, but mostly of Jim, Larry, and the few people we knew.
All in all, it was--I guess--worth going to, but just barely. If I had come all the way from Virginia or Florida, as Jim and Larry did, I might have been a little miffed. However, Pat and I really enjoyed having J. and and I hope and think they enjoyed it, too.
I'm afraid that from start to finish, the "reunion" (I wasn't reunited with anybody) was just a slap-dash--or, as I remarked to friend Susan--a half-assed affair. There seemed to be little planning, it just kind of ran itself (and that usually translates to "ran off the tracks"). A dinner dance is scheduled for October 14 and it was mentioned on a sheet left on the tables. Typically, it said it was at the House of Blues, but the person who wrote it neglected to put the location on. This reflects the truly horrendous St. James web site, about which see an earlier entry.
With all that said, I'm still glad I went to the gathering and still feel fond nostalgia for my grammar school alma mater, St. James.
Jim and Larry left this morning after breakfast and we then moved on to our next activities:
Went to the pulmonologist and Pat took a series of tests. Although he is far from well, of course, his condition has improved. The doctor and nurse practitioner were very pleased and he doesn't have to to back until November.
The baseball game I was going to tonight was cancelled, which is all right by me, as I'm ready for a little rest. Tomorrow, Pat has an appointment with the primary doctor at Fort Dix, then I'll meet Alison for dinner in Ewing before attending the viewing for Len. We're having Joe, Flo, and Jack for lunch on Wednesday, and I'm meeting Muckie for lunch on Thursday.
And the beat goes on...well, I like an active life!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

On our morning walk, I told Susan how much Larry enjoyed the muffins and she sent her husband, Walter, over with 3 more. After breakfast, Larry asked if I wanted to take a walk and I did. We went down Center Street, but then onto a dirt road that led us to Cranberry Creek. Long walk, I think about 4 miles.
Jim got here a little before noon, then Larry took all four of us to lunch at Mama Mecurio's. After, we went to the Tuckerton Historical Society to find out more about the 820 foot "Wireless" antenna. They had lots of material and a knowledgeable volunteer; the men liked it, but I prefer the schoolroom attached.
Later, we enjoyed the priceless memorabilia Jim had brought. Niece Joan lent it to him and he's guarding it with his life: Sister Gene's baby book (she was born in 1924), high school yearbook, and--best of all--her diary from 1939 to 1942. I loved reading about her young life--it's so funny and poignant and it includes references to so many friends and relatives, almost all of whom we knew. Pat's brother, John, who graduated with her from Holy Spirit (class of '42) was mentioned several times. I hadn't realized they knew each other. Gene tells about taking "the babies" (that's Betty and me, folks) to the beach, and buying Jimmy a birthday present that cost her a whole dime, and goes into great detail about her crushes on various boys. There are pictures of her in the yearbook of course, including one on the cheerleading team. She was so young and fresh and buoyant then, so eagerly embracing life. Time is a thief.
Jim and I had a glass or two of wine before dinner. Larry went to Jack's for dinner and I just served salad and cold cuts, as none of us were hungry after our big lunch at Mama's. Took a shower, sipped another product of the grape (my favorite cream sherry), then went happily to bed, looking forward to the reunion.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Larry arrived before lunch yesterday while the cleaning people were still here. (When they come twice a month, Pat sits in the garage to keep out of their way and I retreat to the porch.) No problem: The guys just chatted out there until they finished, then we had lunch--easy because I served what was left over from Tim and Eileen's visit.
Later, Jack B. came over and we all just hung out and talked. Jack asked Larry over for dinner today, for his son's birthday, so Larry will go to Manahawkin. (The son had attended Larry and Helen's 50th anniversary party with Jack in June.)
Had "fried" (baked) chicken for dinner, after which Patrick called, then Alison--always a pleasure to hear from both of them. Friend Susan had given me two lovely muffins she had made herself, so I served them for dessert. Larry ate both and assured me they were delicious.
After dinner, Larry and I (Pat was going to go, but changed his mind) drove down to the Radio Road bay. Thought I'd show him Atlantic City over the water, but there was cloud cover and it was obscured. Did point out the massive blocks of concrete right in the middle of three streets--they used to hold the antennae for which Radio Road is named.
When we got home, Pat and Larry settled in to watch an exhibition (or something) Eagles game and I took a shower. Just as I stepped out, the phone rang, and it was my eccentric--and often distraught--neighbor, who asked if I had company. I told her I did, but being oblivious to others she asked if I could "just come to the door for a minute." Sigh...yes, sure, I'll come to the door, just give me two minutes to dry off. Of course, I had to ask her in, although we stayed in the study. She gave me a little candle, very pretty, but very unnecessary, which followed the note of thanks she had sent earlier for my "care and concern" when I tried to calm her down after her hysterical reaction to recent setbacks. Aagh!
She finally left and I poured myself a nice glass of cream sherry (figuring I deserved it) and settled down with a book while the guys watched the game.
The phone rang again at about 8:45 and I was surprised to hear Joan H.'s voice. Joan, who lives in North Carolina, is the daughter of my dear friend, Elaine M., who died two years ago. The M. family and ours had been across-the-street neighbors on Lower Ferry Road for 41 years. Joan told me that her father, Len, had died a few hours before--ironically in the same hospice Elaine did. It seems ironic because they had a troubled 60-year marriage that produced seven children, but no harmony. I think Elaine always wanted to get away from Len and he followed her to St. Francis Compassionate Care.
Well, I'm sorry--I'm always sorry to hear about anyone's death--and will try to get to the funeral unless it's on Wednesday, which is when we're having more company.
Aside from the last, it was a wonderfully enjoyable day and I 'm looking forward to another today when brother Jim comes in.
Note: Lots of lightning flashes and thunder going on right now--will we finally get rain?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tim and Eileen came over yesterday and we had a delightful day. Talked a lot, catching up on their beautiful new home (they moved in only three weeks ago), and discussed family matters, past and present. Among dozens of other topics, we were filled in on Cal's present schooling (he had been home-schooled) and the myriad forms of wildlife T. and E. have out there in the Vermont woods. We discovered that Eileen has antecedents who were dwarfs and lived on Long Island in the late 1880's. Eileen is going to be starting nurses' school shortly--what a pleasure to get to know her better!
I mentioned that I had attended their wedding AND those of all the other members of Tim's generation who had married: Steve, Ken, and Joan, PLUS his parent's (my sister's) wedding in 1947. How I regret not being able to go to Joey's wedding in June.
We had a casual summer lunch of cold cuts, devilled eggs, and salad, plus several kinds of bread, soda, and beer--what an enjoyable day!
Brother Larry called last night to say he was in western Pennsylvania and would be here this afternoon. Jim will arrive on Saturday, then we'll go to the St. James gathering on Sunday. I hope the weather holds out for the barbecue. Of course, it hasn't rained for the past three years (it seems), so I should be optimistic.
Jim will leave on Monday, and I'm still planning to go to the Surf game that night, so Pat and Larry can shift for themselves for dinner. We'll have Joe, Flo, and Jack (they still sound like a comedy trio) for lunch on Wednesday--Jim can't stay but maybe fancy-free, travelin' man Larry can. Pat has doctors' appointments on both Monday and Tuesday, so we're in a busy period right now--just the way I like it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visit to vascular doctor yesterday resulted in three more appointments in September: tests on two different days, then the doctor again after them. What a drag.
Lots of company coming up. Just got a call from nephew Tim, of Vermont; he and wife Eileen are visiting in Cape May and will come over to visit tomorrow. Brothers Jim and Larry come in Saturday and we go to the St. James reunion barbecue, then we're having Flo, Joe, and Jack (sounds like comedy trio) for lunch on Wednesday. I invited Jim and Larry to stay for that, too.
For the first time in weeks, I missed my walk with Susan this morning. Had insomnia, got up at 1:30 and foolishly went to the computer to play "Bookworm" until about 3:00. Back in bed, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost 8:00--practically the middle of the afternoon for me. Well, I'll get back on track tomorrow morning.
Must go off to Manahawkin and get back in time to get horrible hair cut at 3:00.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Had a great day yesterday. Alison and Joely came down about two and we went first to Parkertown beach--a disaster--then to Bass River to swim, then out to dinner.
Pat went with us to Parkertown, as you can park right at the beach and he could sit under the pavilion. Besides us, there was only a young woman and a little boy there, and they left shortly. So did we, after about 20 minutes, as 1. the beach and into the water were so rocky it hurt our feet to walk on it (we kept our shoes on--and mine were just regular shoes); 2. in the water, it felt like quicksand because our feet sank into it if we stood still for two seconds; and 3. worst of all, the flies were horrible. There were hordes of them, little black stinging flies that left welts on all of us. They clung to our feet and legs and the rest of our bodies. I hadn't thought to bring OFF! but Pat said he had some in the trunk. Well, yeah, he did, but it must have been manufactured in 1902--when I tried to spray it on, it barely just spit out and, far from repelling the flies, seemed to attract them like sugar water. Anyway, we soon left, Pat going down the bay, and the rest of us to Bass River where we had a wonderful time playing in the sand and water.
We quickly changed when we got home (without bothering with showers), then went to Dynasty Diner for a lovely dinner (I had a buffalo burger and a Coors Light). Pat was able to get up the incline of the diner all right and we left his walker in the car.
It was such a nice day. I hadn't seen Joely since his birthday party in June and, of course, it's always wonderful to be with our darling daughter. Four years old, Joely is a delight with the usual four-year-old love for silly jokes and word games. He's shy and hesitant in new situations, but is usually able to adapt fairly quickly. He starts pre-school in a few weeks and I got him a Spiderman backpack and notebook, etc. which he enjoyed, after initially being somewhat indifferent.
Pat goes to the mysterious vascular doctor today, so back to the medical grind, but yesterday was super.
Getting my HORRIBLE HAIR cut tomorrow, so hope I'll soon look less like Wolfman's woman on speed.
Lots more stuff coming up soon, but will comment in another blog.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good news: Brother Jim may be able to come to the reunion, too. Hope so. Bad news: For some reason, when he clicks on this blog, he gets only my entry of sometime in June. Not sure why, but I'll keep trying to get him access.
Just talked to Muckie, who said she saw my cousin, Bill F., on T.V. It seems he used to room with Rush Linbaugh--not sure if it was college or what. Bill is actually my first cousin once removed; his Dad Bill is my first.
Hung out today. Went to Shop-Rite, then met Pat down the bay. Have barbequed ribs simmering in the crockpot and will serve along with corn on the cob, good Jersey tomatoes, and tater tots.
Tomorrow, Alison is coming down with Joely--happy day! I hope it doesn't rain so we can go to the pool.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Went yard-saleing (or is it "saling"?) today and got some candles, glasses, and a gingerbread man ornament for the kitchen. Now I wonder WHY I bought this stuff! Well, I enjoy shopping and it's a lot cheaper than buying new and paying full price for things.
Tokyo son Patrick called yesterday--talked to his Dad and me. It was Saturday for him and he said he was going to the zoo.
Pat just went to the bay and I think I'll go out, too, maybe to Port Republic. Alison is taking off on Monday and is bringing Joely down. Hope it doesn't rain so we can go to the pool.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Went to Pat's eye doctor today, and luckily, the scratch on his cornea is healing. He has to see her again in ten days and we have the vascular doctor on Tuesday, then the pulmonologist and primary the week after. Otherwise, quiet day--just went to store, did wash, chatted with neighbors, and so on. Was pleased to get an e-mail from brother Larry that he might be able to come to August 27 reunion.
Sister Betty (that nun again!) called from Chicago where she's enjoying little Miranda May.
Time for dinner: Beef stew in the crockpot, although that strikes me as a "winter dinner."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Had an great day today. In the morning, after my walk with Susan and her adorable little granddaughter, 7-month-old Sophia, I talked to Mike. He's in in Hong Kong, and he told me some inside info on a famous murder case--I can't be more specific than that. Later, I was on my way to Boscov's when I decided instead to go down to St. James in Ventnor to get the tickets for the August 27 reunion. Walked around the school, met the secretary and principal, mentioned their badly-done web site, and bought the tickets.
I then went across Atlantic Avenue to the new and spectacular Library/Cultural Center building, which opened in June. It's really beautiful AND it contains the Ventnor City Historical Society museum--what a great find! The old pictures and memorabilia were so absorbing. It isn't too big, so you can see it all, and it isn't so terribly professional that it loses you--the displays are just wonderful. The temporary exhibit is of the lifeguard squad and I knew a lot of the ones pictured, including Bill McB., now Lily McB., George W., and lots of others. Some of the pictures were of four lifeguards on a lifeguard stand taken in 1953, then the same people in the same pose taken in 1992. That was great to see, and maybe they should continue to the present day.
In the hall is a "Honor Roll" that lists veterans of WW II from Ventnor. It includes my brother, Jim and Pat's brother, John. On the other side is the library and down the huge center hall is an activities room and a dance studio (I was a little puzzled at that one.) The building has big windows and was flooded with sunlight; you could see the beach and the ocean beyond the little park that was built a few years ago (Pat and I have a brick in it with our names on it). The whole place reminded me so pleasantly of the old library on the boardwalk that went down in a storm (I think) about 40 years ago.
Anyway, I hope my siblings can get down to see this and spend some time there; I'd hate them to miss it. I told Pat about it and we're going to go down. I think if we park in back and he takes the walker, he can get to it, as he can sit down when he needs to.
After, I called Mary H. for lunch, but she was baby-sitting. I stopped over and we chatted for a half-hour or so. Pat was at the bay when I got home, so I went down there, then to our mayor's produce market to get fresh JERSEY tomatoes, peaches, potato salad, and a key lime tart. All in all, a very nice day...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pat and I took his car to the Ford place for the recall repair. Other than that, just putzed around all day. I called Bill and Regina and found they're not able to go to the St. James Reunion on August 27. Called Muckie D. and she does want to go, I'm happy to say, so I'll pick her up. It includes a tour of the school and a barbeque. However, the web site is truly terrible, replete with misspellings, cliches, and--get this--the wrong phone number for the school! I called it four times and got a message that it's been disconnected. Also, it lists graduates, but there are only two hundred or so, and the place has been turning out graduates for 75 years. They've gotta have a few thousand grads, so where are the others? There's only one listed for 1950 and I don't recognize the name, maybe because maiden names don't seem to be included. The "events coordinator" I've spoken to seems a nice enough guy, but is a volunteer and, I guess, has plenty to do with his working and personal life. Well, am still looking forward to a good old St. James function.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aagh! I just made an entry and accidentally put it in the "Uncle Frank's Farm" blog instead of this one. Hmm...maybe it wasn't so important anyway. AND maybe, if I knew how, I could have cut and pasted it into this one. Well, I don't and I didn't, so the hell with it, I'll recap:
It's been a quiet, but pleasant weekend. Have been in contact with Jim, Betty, Frank, and Larry. Betty's on her way to Chicago (today) to meet her adorable little granddaughter, Miranda--lucky her. She had sent pictures of adorable little other granddaughter, Claire (Miranda's about a week old, Claire about 6 weeks); both babies are beautiful.
Frank's been working a fair amount (accounting), family's fine, and we discussed the women's ordination he and Marybeth attended. Larry and gang in Florida okay--he chatted mostly with Pat--and he said it was 80 there. Jim will consider coming to the October St. James School reunion--hope other sibs can, too.
It's been delightful here. Susan and I walk every morning and we're enjoying the coolness and balmy breeze. I have the A.C. off and all the windows wide open. It's great to hear the bird chirping and feel all is well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just got back from Ventnor and the house tour. We had a good time, first picking up the best subs in the world at Sacco's, taking them to Betty's, and enjoying them with soda and beer. On the way, I gave Barb, Susan, and Kathy a little tour of my former stompin' grounds: Rosborough Avenue, St. James Church and School, and so on.
I really wasn't nuts about the decoration of the house--"Windswept" on Atlantic Avenue--as every room was in a pretty extreme modern style, not at all in keeping with the era in which it was built, 1906. However, some of it was interesting and it was all fun to see. After, went down the Newport Avenue boardwalk to see the ocean, then home.
The plays last night were wonderful. The juxtaposition of Chekhov's "The Boor" with the contemporary spoof "Babel's in Arms" was so inventive and members of the cast of the entirely different comedies were just superb. Friend Frank D. was stage manager and "prompter," although he had few duties in that area. I sent Desi, the founder and director of the Little Egg Harbor Community Theatre Group, a congratulatory e-mail message.
Got a nice note from friend Lynne, of Rehobath Beach. She and Bob just adoped a kitten they call "Doodlebug"--love that name!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My friends (Barb H., Susan, and Kathy) and I are going down to Ventnor tomorrow for a "Designer House" tour. Sister Betty suggested we get subs for lunch, then eat them at her house. Great idea and that's what we'll do. I went down again yesterday to get the key from George, get new ones made for myself and check out the house. It looks great; Frank and family were last in it and they made it spotless (I imagine Susan's mother had plenty to do with that). I put some soda and beer in the refrig and picked up a menu from Sacco Subs. I'm going to bring down our fan, as I couldn't get the one in the closet to work. (Only drawback in house is no central air and window units are in bedrooms.)
Went to Manahawkin this morning, then made lunch, then Ray stopped in to chat. Made an appointment for Pat at the vascular doctor for the 22nd. After a while, all these doctors just run together and I can't remember who's who. Aside from those things and everyday chores, have been more or less vegging out today. Will have chicken for dinner and tonight, will go to the play at the library for which Frank is the stage manager: "The Boor," by Anton Chekhov and "Babel's In Arms," by David Ives.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Went to Boscov's yesterday after stopping at the cardiologist to clarify what Pat needs to do for him (call the vascular doctor for an appointment and get blood work in three months). Since I was in the area, decided to drive down to Ventnor and scout out some restaurants, as Barbara H., Susan, Kathy D., and I are going to tour a "designer house" there on Thursday. Looked at Betty's house and saw mailbox was full of stuff for former tenants. I called her, then saw George W. across the street and asked if he'd throw out or forward the mail. Didn't get lunch until I got home about 3, then had a turkey breast sandwich and icy glass of beer--yum! Pat got back from the bay about 4:30; I wasn't hungry for dinner, so just gave him leftovers from the shower on Saturday.
Mike called last night from Jeannie's in Jacksonville where he's staying over. He met with the contractor doing his house down there, and was satisfied with the work. He flies back to NYC at 5 today, then to Singapore from there.
I've been pursuing information from a letter brother Jim shared with me, written by our uncle to our father (don't I sound pious?) in 1938. It mentions selling big stones from the Roxborough farm for a WPA rock garden at a school. Will elaborate in a later entry when I find out more.
Went to Boscov's yesterday after stopping at the cardiologist to clarify what Pat needs to do for him (call the vascular doctor for an appointment and get blood work in three months). Since I was in the area, decided to drive down to Ventnor and scout out some restaurants, as Barbara H., Susan, Kathy D., and I are going to tour a "designer house" there on Thursday. Looked at Betty's house and saw mailbox was full of stuff for former tenants. I called her, then saw George W. across the street and asked if he'd throw out or forward the mail. Didn't get lunch until I got home about 3, then had a turkey breast sandwich and icy glass of beer--yum! Pat got back from the bay about 4:30; I wasn't hungry for dinner, so just gave him leftovers from the shower on Saturday.
Mike called last night from Jeannie's in Jacksonville where he's staying over. He met with the contractor doing his house down there, and was satisfied with the work. He flies back to NYC at 5 today, then to Singapore from there.
I've been pursuing information from a letter brother Jim shared with me, written by our uncle to our father (don't I sound pious?) in 1938. It mentions selling big stones from the Roxborough farm for a WPA rock garden at a school. Will elaborate in a later entry when I find out more.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Busy and enjoyable several days: Yesterday, Pat and I went next door to the baby shower for Frank and Barbara's daughter. It was good to be there and, especially, to have Pat enjoy an outing. Mike opted not to go and drove down to Bass River instead. He said he liked the hike with Alison and Mike and group on Friday night. They walked ten miles through the pines, then went out for ice cream.
This morning, Mike and I went to the shopping center near Hamilton Mall where Mike bought several things to take back to Singapore. Alison came in shortly after we got home, bringing our little granddog, Lulu. As dogs go, cockapoos a nice little creatures, very affectionate or at least Lu is, so she was okay to have here.
Mike and Alison cleaned out the patio, throwing away stuff I've had back there for a few years and pulling weeds around the new trees. I then hosed it down and it looks good.
We had been invited to a gathering at Bill and Elaine's, five doors down, and Mike and Alison went with me to check out whether we thought Pat could manage it. Unfortunately, none of us thought so, as the party was in the basement (a lovely apartment) and he would have had to negotiate a steep incline to get down there and--worse--try to get up to street level again. Alison, Mike, and I went. The two of them went home in about an hours, but said they'd be back. I stayed for a few hours. A. and M. did come back to make Pat back a platter and bring their own back to our house to eat with him. I ate at the party, but went home shortly after that. Had a good time talking and eating--most of our Sweetwater neighbors were there.
Nice talk with Ellen this evening, who called shortly after Alison left.
Mike leaves at 5 am tomorrow--sob!--when he'll go to Jacksonville to see his houses there, then leave on Tuesday for Singapore.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yesterday, Mike and I went to the big city, Manahawkin, first stopping at Skeeter's for lunch. We ate on the porch over the water--very nice, although hot. Mike got socks and shorts at Kohl's, then we went to My Three Sons produce (owned by council member and former--they take turns--mayor of Little Egg, Ray G.) and got Jersey tomatoes and peaches, corn on the cob, brownies, and a gorgeous blueberry pie. We then stopped at the bay at Green Street where Pat goes every day and chatted with him for a while. He was contendedly sitting under the pavilion with his cronies.
At Mike's request, I was going to have flounder last night, but deferred it to today because Mike joined Alison and her Mike and their group for their Friday evening hike through the pine barrens. He's still asleep, but he got back so I guess he survived the walk (they sometimes go 12 miles).
There's another addition to our great big extended family: Wes and Katy had their beautiful little girl on Thursday--pictures already posted by proud papa. That makes four new babies in the last eight weeks: Betty's two granddaughters and Larry's two new great-grands. Geez, I should figure up how many descendents our parents now have; a mess of them, that's for sure.
Pat and I are both enjoying having our baby here, of course. Pat goes to the eye doctor today and I think I'll ask Mike to take him, as I was invited to a baby shower for Frank and Barbara's daughter at 1:00.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Years ago--probably 30 years or so--there was a "Twilight Zone" show about the world heating up. A young woman lives in the city, she has an encounter with a man who wants to steal her ice (or water or something), there's a middle-aged landlady, and a doctor, and the mercury in themometer is shown going up and up and finally, it shoots out the top of the themometer, and the girl collapses. Fade out.
Well, THAT'S what it felt like today. Actually, in the T.V. show, the ending had the girl waking up in bed after her collapse, being tended by the landlady and the doctor. Doc says sadly he won't be coming to see her anymore, as he's taking his family and moving to Florida.
Florida!?! Yep, the payoff is, the world is really going into a new ice age! The camera pans over to the window and we see ice and snow piled high, the ultimate blizzard...
What's that got to do with this blog? Well, it's incredibly hot out. Not sure what the temp is, but it's extremely humid. Oh yes, there's a breeze, but it's a hot one. (I just read a NYTimes blog to the effect that Al Gore is controlling the weather and he set this up just to get to the White House, re "An Inconvenient Truth.")
Pat went to the cardiologist today, who didn't contribute much. He thinks his heart's okay and he's probably right, but wants him to get yet more blood tests and see a circulation doctor (I didn't know there were any.)
After, we had lunch, then Pat went to the bay and I went to Kohl's, where I got new sneaks, a bath rug, and a pack of ten white wash cloths. (I like to change them every day.) I then went to Shop-Rite and got lots of stuff, including things I hope Mike likes for dinner, as he'll be here tomorrow--yay!
Brother Jim just sent me a copy of a letter Uncle Tom sent our father in 1938. It concerned the sale of some of the Domino Lane farmland. How touching and poignant it was to read. "Oh, lost, and by the wind grieved/Ghost, come back again." That's by Thomas Wolfe, and is one of my favorite quotes. Just yesterday, I saw another, which immediately became one of my favorites, ,too: "You think their dying is the worse thing that could happen. Then they stay dead." (Donald Hall in "Distressed Haiku.")

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nice lazy day, but is it hot?! Listen, you could fry an egg on the grass, let alone the pavement. After my morning walk with Susan--and it was hot and humid at 7 am--I chatted with some neighbors, ran a few errands, then incredibly for me, stayed home in the cool and even took a nap. Washed whites, ran the dishwasher, and generally acted like the contented little homebody I am. We go to the cardiologist tomorrow and we'll see if he has anything to add to the opinions of the legion of other doctors.
Got a call from Singapore son, Mike, from Manhattan and, happy day, he'll be here on Thursday evening. Anxious to see him, of course, and I hope and expect Alison and Mike will come down.
Have hot dogs and beans in the crockpot and will serve with potato salad and tomatoes--just a casual summer meal.
Just went out to get the mail and geez! It must be over a hundred--what a marvelous invention is air conditioning!