Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm still mit the lousy cold already, and it's getting me down. Now Pat seems to have it and we spent the night hacking away. I called the V.A. to see what he can take for it, then went to Rite-Aid to get the stuff.
Yesterday, just went grocery shopping, did wash, and generally acted like the virtuous little housewife I am. Weather turned incredibly warm for Halloween; I'm still not decided to have the lights on for trick or treat or not.
Had a nice chat with Muckie yesterday. Told her I'd call when I get the hard-copy pictures I ordered of the St. James gala and have her over for lunch. She was pleased to hear I've been in touch with Pat McH. R. and would love to see her; asked for her snail mail address, which I'll give her. Other than that--nuthin' much--quiet day.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Great fun at Ray and Barbara's last night. It was so good to get together again--we see our best neighbors on Sweetwater a lot individually, but it's been awhile since we've all been together. The D.'s are still in NC with new granddaughter, Harper, but Susan and Walter, Dennis and Leslie, and Anne Mary were there, as well as Ray and Barb's daughter, John. Had a ball and Pat enjoyed it, too.
The cold's still hanging on, but is better than it was. I actually got out for my walk with Susan for the first time in more than a week. Weather is wonderfully brisk, but sunny and not icy.
Nothing scheduled until Wednesday, thank Zeus, so think I'll go to Foodtown in Smithville today, then tidy up my lovely and much-loved home. We go to the dermatologist on Wednesday.
Oops--got a call from the dermatologist's office to say Pat's growth is squamous cell and the doctor will remove it in his Northfield office later in November. Okay, scratch Wednesday.
Hmm...I was going to add to my "modern annoyances" list--it's growing--but I'm in too good a mood, so will reserve. No fear: there are plenty of things that annoy me and they'll eventually be posted here.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Had a nice surprise yesterday afternoon: Alison called to invite us to dinner with Joel and Joely, as Jen was working. We went and had a nice time, getting home about 8:45.
Cold still hanging on. When Susan stopped this morning, it was only 6:15--she forgot about daylight being over. I would have walked with her, but wasn't dressed yet; hope I'll be better tomorrow.
After I got Pat's breakfast and medication, I went back to bed and slept about an hour. Got up, cleaned up the kitchen and fell asleep on the couch during the Eagles game (a disaster). I'm a great believer in sleep therapy when I'm sick.
Got messages from Edith and Viv, both friends from Wellspouse, inviting me to lunch at Smithville Inn (E.) and a Wellspouse dinner in Manalapan (V.). I was happy to accept and are looking forward to both outings. .
Anyway, we'll go to the H.'s shortly for the pizza party for the R.'s. Hope I don't infect anybody.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My cold's still raging, but I perked up a bit after getting a good night's sleep, thanks to Nyquill (actually, a Rite-Aid knockoff). No longer have a sore throat, just lots of sneezing, runny nose-ness, and coughing.
Took Pat to Fort Dix yesterday and Dr. S. was so cordial I thought there must be something wrong with him. Not too much new--Dr. S. now takes a backseat to Pat's "community providers," that is, specialists we see around here.
Aside from Fort Dix, I didn't go out at all yesterday. When Pat went to the bay, I actually took a nap of about two hours. Had hot dogs and beans in the crockpot, served that, cleaned up, then lounged on the sofa until bedtime.
Got a message from friend Vivian asking if I'd like to go to a Wellspouse dinner in Manalapan on November 14. Yes indeed, I would and am looking forward to it.
Also got the wonderful news from sister Betty that she's to be a grandmother yet again, thanks to her son, Steve and DIL Robyn. Baby's due at the end of May.
Son Mike called and I also talked to darling little granddaughter Vivian. He goes back to Hong Kong tomorrow, then--I hope--will have some time at home.
Later in the day: A while back I posted one of my annoyance entries about being FORCED to provide my zip code to K-Mart when I wanted to use my debit card. (I feel like submitting a bill for marketing support.) Well, just now I bought some DayQuil (rather, a Rite-Aid knockoff), also using my debit card. Damned if the cashier didn't ask my birth date! What!?! She said it was a state law, presumably because I was buying something--albeit over the counter--that, I guess, could give me a high if I drank a gallon of it. This is infuriating! What does my age have to do with me being an addict or something? The cashier assured me it had nothing to do with age. What again?!? She said she couldn't sell it to me unless I gave her my birthdate. Poor woman, I know it isn't her fault, so I gave her my birthdate: January 15, 1982.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Aagh! I woke up with a bad sore throat--it's either a new cold or an extension of the old one. I have to drive Pat up to his doctor at Fort Dix, but after that, I hope to take it easy.
Jack B. came over yesterday to give us two copies of a marvelous picture of the St. James baseball team, circa 1944. This is a casual, informal snapshot, probably taken by somebody's parent outside the back door of the school Pat's in it and so is Jack, plus Matt G., Pat's cousin Joe D., and others I don't know but Pat does. I took it to Staples to get copies for our kids, plus Joe, and will add to the photo archives at St. James when I have a chance to get over there.
Enjoyed a nice, chatty e-mail from Pat McH. R. bringing me up to date on her life. It's interesting to see at how many points our lives touch--she was a friend of, and worked with, sister Betty, for one thing. I'll write back to her soon.
Must go have breakfast. Sigh--wish I could just go back to bed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Had a drama club meeting in the afternoon yesterday (although our show isn't until next June). As one of the four directors, I try to get appropriate material from various sources and was able to come up with some. I'm also writing two skits. Fellow director and founder Marge and I chaired the meeting and it was okay.
Aside from that, just went to the store and "putzed around" (Pat's expression). Had barbecued ribs in the crockpot for dinner--delish!
Today, big news: Pat agreed to go to the movies to see "The Departed." Will check out where it is to decide if it's doable for him. One of the theatres is out, as it has steps outside and another has too long a walk inside.
Was pleased to hear via e-mail from both Edith W. from Wellspouse and Pat McH. R., an HSHS grad; she saw my message on "I Love Atlantic City, Memory Lane." Also, sent the pics from the St. James Gala to Liz A.
Hope son Mike is back from China; he was due in today. Also hope he doesn't have to travel more for awhile. I asked him if the house he bought in Hawaii was damaged in the recent earthquake (it's in Kona on the Big Island, which is just where the quake was), but haven't heard back from him.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The "Diversity Your Palate" gathering at Little Egg Library last night was fun, but not what we (Barb H. and I) had expected. It was actually part of the "Friends of the Library" meeting (I think I'll join) and, after a short business meeting, various dishes of things were put out. A lot of them were not ethnic, such as hot dogs and beans in a crockpot and "Spanish Bar" cake, but were good, anyway. Barb was pleased to see some Hungarian foods her mother used to make. I'm sorry I ate first because we could easily have made a whole meal of the items. We had expected some kind of background or history of various foods, but it didn't include that. Anyway, it started at 7:00 and we were home by 8:00.
Earlier in the day, Susan brought adorable little granddaughter, Sophia, about 9 months old, over to visit. The baby is so precious, she made me yearn for another grandchild; I didn't get my share!
Made a loaf of banana bread yesterday, then wrapped it and put it in the freezer for Thanksgiving. Just gave Pat (homemade) pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, along with a serving of bread pudding. There's one other portion, which I'll give him tonight. Not sure what main dish I'll have, maybe barbecued ribs, as I have a Drama Club meeting at 1:30 today.
Barbara and Ray H. are having a little "going-away" pizza party on Sunday for Leslie and Dennis R., who are again going to Mississippi to help Katrina victims there. Pat said he thinks he can go--it'll be nice to be out somewhere with my husband again!
This morning, was pleased to get e-mails from Elizabeth/Betty/Liz H. A. and Edith, a friend from Wellspouse. Will get back to both and arrange to meet for lunch.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Barb H. stopped yesterday to get my check for the Sunrise Bay Christmas party. I reluctantly wrote out a check for just me, as it seems unlikely that Pat's going to be able to go. Just in case he can, I'll work out something to fit him in, but it's impossible to know at this point how he'll be in December.
We went to the endocrimologist yesterday and he's satisfied with Pat's sugars, so Pat will continue the same regime of insulin. Doc recommended Special K with strawberries rather than the cereal Pat usually has in the morning with a banana.
Had ham steaks for dinner, plus I made a delicious bread pudding I served warm. Pat had two servings and so did I--probably not the best thing in the world for either of us, but at this point, I'm not too concerned.
Going to a talk at the library with Barb H. tonight--on "Diversity Your Palate." Will report back tomorrow to my tens of thousands of readers on how it was--and what it was, as I don't really know.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I've decided, once and for all, that I'll probably update this diary--that's what it is, after all--in the morning.
So here's what happened after I posted yesterday: Aside from talking to Ellen and watching "60 Minutes," nuthin' much.
Gotta go over to Susan's and take our walk.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

We're enjoying a quiet Sunday. Went to Acme this morning and have a Banquet Foods pot roast slowcooker dinner simmering. We'll see if it's as good as my "made from scratch" beef stew. I'm not too crazy about the fact that you have to first liquefy the sauce, then put the meat and most veggies in, then wait until 35 minutes before serving to put the potatoes in. Oddly, too, the directions keep telling you to wash your hands between steps--wonder why.
Heard by phone from sister Betty and daughter Alison, and should get a call from daughter Ellen later. Alison and Mike went to a wedding in Ban Salem last night; said they had a great time. Was also happy to get e-mail messages from son Patrick yesterday and brothers Frank and Jim today, as well as one from friend Lynne C. in Delaware. Oh, gee, I just realized I've heard from all my children except one, who's lounging around yet again in Beijing.
Suffered with Pat over another Eagles loss--with seconds to go, they scored a touchdown to be winning by one point, but with even fewer seconds to go, the damn Buccaneers got a field goal to win!! This is terrible and we'll remember it for the rest of our...until the...as long as...hmm--what the hell were we so upset about now?
My knee was bothering me, so I finally took the Celebrex. The leaflet that came with it scared me so much ("...risks of heart disease, stroke, death...) that I was holding off. However, my knee actually feels much better and I think I'll continue. I do want everybody to know, just in case I suddenly drop dead, that I took the stuf--Pat can sue Upjohn for millions.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Had a terrific day at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival. The weather was perfect: brisk, cool, but brilliant with sunshine. We had to park about a half mile from the tents, etc., but that was okay. I bought apple dumplings with cranberry sauce, several toys for Joely and Vivian, "diabetic socks" for Pat, kettle corn, a birthday gift for Alison, and, of course, cranberries, which I put in the freezer for Thanksgiving relish. We left at 9:30 and got home about 3:00--good thing because, as we were leaving, hordes of people were just getting there.
Anyway, a lovely day with Susan and Barbara. I'm defrosting the leftover chicken pot pie I made last week and will also bake the apple dumplings for dessert.
Nothing scheduled for tomorrow--fine by me. We have the endocrinologist on Monday and the primary on Friday.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cleaners here this morning and the house looks so nice, neat, and clean. After lunch, we both went out: Pat to the bay and me to Habitat for Humanity and several other thrift stores. I'm looking for sofa pillows in a more fall-like style--wouldn't dream of paying for new ones.
Rained heavily this morning, then cleared. On my way home from my errands, I went down the bay to see the water; I often meet Pat there. Boy, was it windy with all kinds of whitecaps. The wind was and is unbelievable--exciting to see, but my plants and leaves are blowing around.
Dinner? Chicken Marsala, but the bought kind, plus scalloped potatoes and peas.
Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to going to the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival with Ray and Barb H., and Susan.
Okay, I have lots of other things to complain about, too. I bought the apples for the pork chops and apples dish (and it was delicious--another star to add to my dinner list), and had to spend time removing those infuriating little stickers they put on every piece of fruit. This, of course, is for the convenience (read "bottom line") of the grocer, the hell with the customer. Oh, sure, I could put them in the basket and just leave the damn things on, but it looks crappy, if you ask me.
Yet another complaint: Since when did "have a nice day" replace "thank you" in stores? That "have a nice day," of course, necessitates an automatic "thank you" from the customer! So essentially, what you're prompted to say is "thank you for allowing me to shop here and letting me give you money"?
I thought of another complaint: the packaging of everyday items that practically force you to use a tool (scissors, a knife, a screwdriver) and/or break your fingernails to get it open. This includes the inner lining of cereals, intimate apparel that, believe it or not, are rolled into little tubes, then taped so they fit in the package, and a multitude of goods that have a cardboard backing, but are covered with heavy plastic, impossible to penetrate, it often seems, by anything short of an atom bomb. Naturally, all this is to benefit the manufacturer, to suit its space requirements or whatever, not, NOT EVER to make life easier for the poor sap who bought the stuff.
Anyway, quiet day yesterday. It was very warm and after my morning walk with Susan, I drove to Atlantic County, picked up Pat's file at Dr. J.'s office (sad talking to his nurse practiciner), plus his x-rays at the hospital, then dropped them off at his new pulmonologist's. I did several loads of wash, ran the dishwasher, and puttered around, then assembled, baked, and served the pork chops and apples dish. Exciting times in Little Egg Harbor!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I hate K-Mart and I hate Wal-Mart and I hate Acme, too. All three of them have been renovating recently with the attendant dust, noise, and workers all over the place, but of course, they won't have the stuff done at night or just close up for a few days. No, that would shave a dollar's worth off their profits, so they shove the inconvenience onto the customers and let them stumble around and try to find the stuff on their shopping lists.
To add i. to i., yesterday I bought more than fifty bucks worth of stuff at K-Mart (tissues, antibiotic ointment, coffee filters, and so on). I used my debit card to pay for it, and before I could continue, was required to provide my zip code. That absolutely infuriates me! Why in hell should I do their marketing crap for them? Of course, when I protest, I get a puzzled response from the cashiers--why would I have a problem with entering my zip code? Because I don't work for K-Mart, that's why! What I do now is to put in just a series of numbers--"55555," say--but I tell you, it drives me crazy (doesn't take much). By the way, Bed, Bath & Beyond has the same arrogant demand.
We went to the dermotologist yesterday and were told the growth on Pat's neck is squamous. He'll go to the other office in two weeks to have it removed under local anesthesia. The doctor also noticed the basal cell cancer (which crops up often) on Pat's forehead and told him to resume putting the ointment he had used before on it.
We took two cars so I could stay in Manahawkin and do my shopping and Pat could go home. When I got back he had gone to the bay and when he got home, he told me he had fished after one of his cronies offered him bait.
Alison called from the gas station and we had a nice chat while she was getting her tank filled. However, when she was ready to leave, the car wouldn't turn over. She had to call Mike to pick her up. I'll try to call her before they go on their Friday night hike tonight to see if the car's fixed.
She said DIL Lisa had invited all of us for Thanksgiving, but Pat doesn't want to make the trip to Rancocas, so we'll have it here.
Had beef tips for dinner last night. I want to get some apples to make pork chops with apples for tonight. I just came across the recipe and it looks good.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm going to have to start posting on this blog about the same time everyday. What happens now is that I intend to do it late in the afternoon, then I forget, then I might update early the next day--it gets complicated.
Anyway, it's now early (6 am) and nothing much has happened since yesterday because I posted late. The big news is what I had for dinner: spaghetti and meatballs--ha!
Actually, I got calls from brothers Frank and Jim to get a report on the St. James Gala. Told them more or less what's on Sunday's post.
It was chilly yesterday--we had the heat on--but Pat went down the bay, anyway. Today is much warmer--annoying, as the crickets have revived.
Well, I hate bugs and we've had crickets in the house a few times.
The garbage disposal is on the blink. Good lord, now what? Guess the house will just fill with garbage. (Hmm...I lived for 45 years without a disposal, so how come I feel it's a major problem?)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another quiet day yesterday, aside from a big mix-up with jury duty. I had to go to Toms River to straighten it out, but all is well now. Stopped on the way back at Shop-Rite and, among $45 worth of other stuff, bought eleven pounds of pork chops--!! Well, it was on sale at 89 cents a pound, what a bargain.
However, I got so sick of breading and individually wrapping each chop, plus I ran out of room in the freezer, that I gave four to Frank and Barbara next door.
Today, we went to the vascular surgeon, who said Pat's veins are a result of hardening of the arteries, but are not too bad. He wrote out a prescription for stockings, but Pat isn't sure if he wants to wear them. We also stopped at Community Surgical, as we're contemplating changing oxygen suppliers, from Apria, who have been very unresponsive lately.
When we got home, Frank had left a message, but was out when I called him back. Jack B. also called to say his golf date had been rained out and he had stopped over. He left a picture in the mailbox and it's just priceless. It's of Mom, Betty and me when we were about a year old, in the backyard at Newport Avenue. I had never seen it before, and when I called Jack back, he said it was in "the archives"--presumably, his mother had taken it. Anyway, I love it, and will make a copy for Betty.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Quiet and comfortable day yesterday. I had mounds of laundry, which I washed and folded, plus other chores. It gives me a good, satisfied feeling to be caught up on all the enormous load of duties I so selflessly and uncomplainingly perform every day--I'm just a saint, I guess.
Got calls from brother Larry and sister Betty, wanting to know how the gala went--I filled them in (see yesterday's post for details). Later, I took it easy, napping on the couch while Pat watched the Eagles get stomped. I then made a delectable chicken pot pie from the recipe I got from Mary Ann Van O. I'm thrilled to find something new that Pat likes and that isn't too complicated.
My cold's much better, although not completely gone. Boy, was that annoying, but at least Pat seems not to have gotten it.
Got a nice e-mail from daughter Ellen--I always enjoy hearing from her, either electronically or by phone (hey, maybe that IS electronic). Also got an e-mail from Alison with great news: She placed third in her category in the Seaside race yesterday--yay!
Today, I want to go to the big city--Manahawkin--to buy stuff. I'm a little worried by the fact that I'm on the jury duty list. I called last night and found I wasn't chosen, but have to do the same today. Pat has doctors' appointments tomorrow and Wednesday and I'm not sure what to do if I get picked. Think I'll call today and ask about that.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, I went to the St. James Gala last night and there were some positives--but lots of negatives, I'm afraid. The bottom line is I'm glad I went, but it could have been so much better.
A.C. was incredibly crowded. I hadn't been "uptown" on a Saturday night for years and, boy, was the traffic heavy and the going slow. Got there about 6:45--cash bar and appetizers were to be at 6:30--and stood in line another 15 minutes. Instead of dividing the alphabet into A-F, F-L, M-Z or something, there were three woman with the same list, a typically less organized system. Got in, found my table, and saw the F.'s weren't yet there, so I went to get a drink--that took at least 15 minutes, too. At that point, the only one I had seen that I knew was Lily McB. and Alice W. The F family got there and it was good to see Margaret, Irene, Eugene, and Tom, both of whom are monsignors.
The food was mediocre: a bag-type salad, about 3 oz. of chicken with phony grill marks, a teeny, tiny scoop of mashed potatoes and so-so frozen string beans. No rolls or butter or any other sides. Dessert was a little muffin-like cake with some kind of sauce. Well, the coffee was good. Of course, what I was looking forward to was seeing and chatting with my classmates and others I had known some 56 years ago; unfortunately, as far as I know, there was only one other '50 grad, George W. I did see--fleetingly--several of Frank's '48 fellow grads, but there was almost no time to talk. Only an hour was allotted to Happy Hour and by the time I actually got a drink (a Coors light, which was $5.00 and I gave the guy a $2 tip), dinner was being served. Accompanying it was an incredibly loud live band, so it was impossible to talk much even with the F.'s. The idiot musicians finally left for a break--not soon or long enough--when we were almost finished the main course. Okay, we could circulate and chat with people, right? NO! The program of presentations, talks, speeches, and jokes then took place and it was interminable--they introduced everybody but the wait staff, and it took more than an hour. Even worse, the sound was so bad, you couldn't hear every third or fourth word--well, maybe that was a good thing. By the time the talks were over, it was about 10:30 and the horrible band started again for dancing. I was exhausted, what with the hour and the bad cold I've been fighting, so I left, walking out with the Halpins.
Today, I read the program and found that I was listed as a member of the gala committee--geez, I didn't know that. I also didn't know they were selling ads and would have asked my sibs to go in with me. The program was--I'm beginning to wonder who in hell writes their stuff--full of both grammatical errors and errors of omission (they listed pastors and priests at St. James over the years, and neither Monsignor Moran, THE FOUNDER, and Father Duffy were mentioned!). Don't know if there were errors of fact, but I wouldn't be surprised.
It was really disappointing not to know who was there. I wish they had printed some kind of attendance list and/or asked people to gather under a banner for certain decades of graduation, maybe. They also might have recognized who had come farthest, and so on. The problem was, I guess, that the whole thrust here wasn't "reunion," it was "fund raiser."
But okay, I'm still glad I went. The other bottom line is that everybody I saw whom I had known at St. James looked so damn old! It's funny that I don't look any different at all, but the rest of them--wow!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unfortunately, not only is my cold not gone, it's worse. Hope I won't be dragging for the big St. James gala tonight.
Lunch at the Van O.'s was so nice. Mary Ann served a delectable chicken potpie she made herself (I got the recipe), plus salad and banana cream pie. We had a good time.
When we got home, I ran a few errands, then fell asleep; Pat woke me about 6:15. He had just made himself a sandwich and I had for dinner half a butternut squash and a glass of cream sherry. (Well, I thought it was good.)
I did sleep well last night, and hope I might revive a bit today. I have to take my car for an oil change at 8:30 and am trying to decide whether to go for our walk with Susan or not.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gorgeous sunny day. I had lunch with Marge at Dockside, and we talked and talked about a range of subjects: family, the Drama Club, and our aching knees, among other topics. She stopped in after (Pat was at the bay) and I showed her the joke book SIL Mike had lent me--I'm actually getting some funny bits out of it.
Barbara and Ray invited us to dinner on Saturday to meet their friends from LBI, but I'm going to the gala and Pat probably won't go by himself. We discussed our New Year's Day progressive dinner, plus the Christmas parties coming up--it won't be long!
I made pea soup in the crock pot yesterday and boy, was it good. I froze some and will have it tonight, too.
Tomorrow, we go to lunch at the Van Oostendorf's; hope my cold is completely gone by then.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rain, rain, rain all day. I stayed in most of the day, only venturing out in the morning to go to the post office and store.
Pat now has a growth on his neck, behind and below his ear. I didn't notice it, but he pointed it out this morning. I made an appointment with a dermatologist in Manahawkin for next week. Geez, could he get anything else?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not much went on yesterday (Monday). We went to the hemotologist, who said Pat's blood seemed okay. Had beef tips for dinner. Today, I took Pat to Lab Corp. to get his blood info taken and sent to the endocrinologist. The gardner guy, Ben, is due at 10 today, then we go to Pat's (new) podiatrist at 11:00.
After lunch, Leslie and I are going out to get some decorations to surprise Barbara and Frank. They'll be back from North Carolina about 7 pm, where they went to welcome to the world their first grandchild, little Harper Vernell Smith; we want to have "It's a girl" banners and stuff in their house when they walk in.
At the request of Celeste, I sent an e-mail to Jean G., trying to persuade him to attend the St. James gala (he asked for a refund when he found out few from his class were going). He sent back a message asking for my phone number, then called me and we had a nice chat. However, he isn't going to the gala; he lives in Maryland and has three dogs, plus has some lingering effects from a stroke. His sisters, Elva and Marianne, aren't going either.
Yoicks, I wonder if the Fitzsimmons family and I are the only ones who are going to be there!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Had such a great day yesterday: Got to LBI in plenty of time to cheer Alison on as she neared the finish line of the race. Mike was actually a little behind her--very unusual--as he had a cold and sore leg. Both finished okay, but A. lamented the fact that she wasn't a month older; if she had been 45, she would have won first prize in her age category!
After the race, I drove them back to St. Francis Center where there was a nice buffet and the awards were presented. I bought two tee-shirts (race ones, but from previous years), then drove home. Gave Pat a T.V. dinner, Ellen and Patrick both called, friend Susan left two little pumpkins or the porch, following the cranberry bread she gave me earlier, the Eagles won, and I went happily to bed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nothing much going on yesterday (Saturday); I more or less lazed around all day. Weather was miserable, dark, dreary, and chilly. Today is beautiful and I'm going down to LBI to see Alison race. She called last night and said Mike has a cold (so do I), so he may not run, but will go down for moral support. Pat decided not to go, as he really doesn't want to.
Precious Vivian called last night through her Daddy. She's talking more and more and sounds like such a sweetheart.
Most get ready to go to LBI as I'm going earlier than I thought I would--still want to try and find the "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" tee-shirts.

Friday, October 06, 2006

It has rained all day. After the cleaners left (they didn't come until 11:00), I went to Dr. Jayne's service in Mays Landing. Long story, but enough to say I didn't get off at the right exit and it took me a good hour to get there. It was so jammed with people I stayed only about fifteen minutes then, because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get out, I left. People were parked all over the lawns and backyard--it would have taken an hour to get out. I then drove right home; wish I had gone earlier, but I'm sure they didn't miss me anyway.
The house looks good, as usual when the cleaners are here. We'll have spaghetti for dinner, just leftovers, but tomorrow I'll make something more elaborate.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thanks to friend Marge's suggestion, I got an appointment with a podiatrist for Pat for next week. Aside from that, yesterday was quiet. The exception, in a manner of speaking--or writing--was the dreadful news we found in the morning paper: Pat's pulmonologist, Dr. J., died suddenly at home on Monday. He was only 56 and we both like him so much; we were stunned at this news. He's the one who flew to London on the same plane I did in June. I assume it was a heart attack, as he seemed perfectly healthy every time we saw him and "suddenly, at home" suggests that. The funeral is on tomorrow in Mays Landing, and I'll go to pay my respects.
Went to Long Beach Island to do a dry run for Alison's and Mike's race on Sunday--Pat's going and I like to find out ahead of time where parking is, etc.
LBI is so depressing when the summer's over. Actually, I find it pretty depressing during the summer--just don't like the place for a variety of reasons. Anyway, I stopped at a 7-11 and picked up a so-called "half sub"--ha! When I got home for lunch, I unwrapped it and found it contained salami, cheese, and ham PERIOD. No oil, seasoning, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion--damn! Ate it anyway after slathering it with mayo.
Well, if that's my worst experience in my life...
Jack B. stopped in about 2:00, stayed to chat awhile, then went down the bay to see Pat.
I have chicken and baked potato in the oven and will serve up peas with it for din-din--yum!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Got my perm yesterday and it looks great already. Asked April to cut it shorter than I had it before. I won't wash it for another day or two, then will color it before the gala on the 14th.
Went down to St. James after, still telling myself it was the very last time. I checked out the Ventnor library, but didn't go into the Historical Society section, although Dr. M., the president was there. I then went down to Betty's house, went in, and saw that whoever rented it last left in absolutely immaculate condition. I called her this morning to tell her that and we had a nice chat.
Last night, brother Jimmy called just to see how we were doing. It was Therese's birthday and few days ago and they went down the Potomac on a boat, then had dinner, and floated back--what a nice thing to do!
Talked to Marge and she'll come over after her doctor's appointment this afternoon to discuss the Drama Club show. I also asked her for information on a podiatrist she got at the health fair. Pat asked me to make an appointment, which he desperately needs, as his feet have a fungus on them ("There's a fungus among us!").

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cousin John came down yesterday and I served up a nice lunch, all the components of which I already had. They included a green salad, three kinds of bread, ham and cheese cold cuts, hard-boiled eggs, and delicious cold chicken, sliced down from the roast I cooked on Sunday. We finished off with fruit salad (sometimes I serve this with the meal, sometimes for dessert).
After he left, I jumped in the shower and dressed for dinner with Vivian and her daughter, Vanessa. What a great time we had! We went to Makato and had hibachi, marveling over the expertise of the cook who, of course, performed all kinds of tricks with his knives and spatulas, preparing the meal in front of our eyes. I had teriyaki salmon and fried rice, vegetables, and sauces came with the meal. (Hmm...I wonder if they actually do this kind of cooking in Japan.)
Anyway, we had a wonderful time talking and laughing--and groaning--over our lives with ill spouses. Vanessa just got her master's degree and is a special ed consultant for the school district. She's a delightful and interesting young woman and is here, for the time, with her parents to help out at home (her father, Vivian's husband, has severe MS).
Today, I'll get my perm at 9:30, then run down to Ventnor and St. James; will hand in my $75 for the gala.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Swimming on Saturday seems to have helped my arthritic knee. It actually felt better when I got up yesterday and I even went for our walk with Susan, who's back from Cape Cod. Stayed for dinner at Alison's and enjoyed so much being with her and Mike.
Yesterday was quiet. I went to the store and talked on the phone to Betty, Ellen, Marge, Alison, and old friend and St. James classmate, Pat M. She's going to come over to measure the closet for the "office in a closet" I want. Pat has worked for a kitchen place in Ocean City for years. While I was out, Larry called and talked to Pat. Helen needs more surgery and other treatment for the growth under her eye, which is worrisome.
Got an e-mail from cousin Marifran with a wonderful account of her (and daughter Ilona's) recent trip to Ireland. It sounds fabulous and I can't wait for the pictures she'll send.
I roasted a six-pound chicken for dinner last night and had all the trimmings. It was good, but of course, we have about five pounds left. No matter: cousin John is coming and will stay for lunch, so I'll cut the chicken down for sandwiches. Uh-oh, John is vegetarian. Well, I'll serve hard-boiled egg sandwiches and salad, too.
Tonight I'm meeting Vivian and her daughter for dinner at the Japanese restaurant in Manahawkin. That should be great fun.