Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pies And Flowers

After being relieved and happy that, thanks to older son, my little 'puter is purring away again, I turned my attention to the two pies I promised to bring for Turkey Day.  Finished them up by 4:00 and...
Now that trips right off the tongue--fingers--doesn't it?  In truth, it took almost the entire day to make them, starting, of course, with measuring out, combining, refrigerating, rolling, and fitting to the pan the double-crust apple.  Then there was paring and slicing up, mixing spices, adding this and that, timing the baking, and so on.  I always do the apple first, as that takes a lot more work; the pumpkin seems easy.
Anyhoo, they're both resting on the kitchen table and I'll pack them up shortly.  I found time in between to call Marla H., who lives over on Nautic, as Susan had told me she takes people to airports (for a fee, of course).  I called her, she agreed to take me to A.C. Airport for my Florida trip and, happy day, to pick me up at 11:00 pm.
Looked into flights to CA, consulted the two who would take and pick up, and they're okay with the times. Because leaving is so early, I planned to take my own car and,  possibly, stay over at a nearby hotel. However, I just found an afternoon flight and booked that instead.
Did a bit on the computer, and that was it.  Today, I'll pare, boil, and mash the taters, pack, and zip on up north.  It will be a good Thanksgiving, I'm sure.
Added Note:  Just got beautiful fall flowers from Mike!  He's all the way in Perth, but still took the time to order flowers to be sent for Thanksgiving.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful sons (and daughters)!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

E-Mail Problems

Oh, damn, damn, double DAMN!  There's something wrong with my e-mail: It won't send and when I try, it greys out the whole bar.  Nor will it save to draft or do other things.  I think it receives, but am not sure.  I don't know what to do.  This is the worse possible time for this to happen when I want to send an e-mail about the show next week to friends and neighbors, plus get my airline tickets, plus a million other things that have to be done on e-mail.  Grrrrrrrrrr!
Aside from that: Went to Acme at 8 am to get the things I need for the pies and so on.  It was somewhat crowded even then, I guess because of Thanksgiving combined with the storm that's supposed to be coming (but it was just lightly raining when we walked this morning.) 
Got my hair colored and was horrified to be billed sixty bucks.  This is just for color and blow out, no cut or anything else.  I'm going to think twice about going there.  I'm spending a lot of money, no question about that.  I've had to charge most things to the BOA credit card and I'll probably have to tap into Vanguard to pay the bill.
Stopped at the library and found we couldn't get in at 6:45 after all, so I had to send out a correction to my first message and tell the cast to come at 7:15.  Picked up Aline and we went there.  Kathy had called to say she'd be late and Louise e-mailed that she didn't want to drive from her home in Egg Harbor. That was okay; Kathy got there in time to play her guitar selection and I filled in for Louise.
More bad news: I was told last night that Hedda has been cancelled.  Desi can't find the right male lead and, even though it wasn't scheduled until April, he decided to drop it.  We have Surflight Theatre for then, so I hope we'll try another play.
I must try to get help to get this computer working--damn!
UPDATE:  All is saved!  All is well!  My darling older boy, Big K.'s Dad, skyped me and guided me through remedying my e-mail.  I can send!  I can attach!  I can turn cartwheels!  (Well, I'd like to turn cartwheels, I'm so pleased.)  What a gem of a guy is my Kyoto King!  (Couldn't think of an appropriate match for "Tokyo.")

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lunch And Etcetera

Went over to Aline's and before we left for lunch, she played for me two of the selections she'd do in the show (one with Tonya singing, one solo).  They're both  beautiful and will definitely be in.  She also played Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, a song I greatly dislike.  (I don't know why. Guess for the same reason I dislike okra and kiwi fruit: I just do.)  I asked her to hold it in abeyance, in case we need it. 
Went to The Olive Garden for lunch and both had the soup and salad--in fact, I had two bowls--very tasty.  At A.'s request, we then went across the way to Target, after which I dropped her off at work.
Intended to go to Shop-Rite after, but the parking lot was almost filled.  Why so crowded on a Monday, I wondered, then realized not only was it a few days before Thanksgiving, but people were stocking up in anticipation of the storm expected.  Didn't even stop the car and decided I'll go to Acme right after our walk.
I stopped at the library, which was a good thing.  I had e-mailed the cast to gather for dress rehearsal tonight at 6:45, but when I spoke to Maggie, one of the librarians, I was reminded we couldn't get in until 7:15, as another group had reserved it until then.  Sent out a correction.
Spent the rest of the day in honing the program for the upcoming show and in various domestic doings.   

Monday, November 25, 2013

Various and Enjoyable

Cold, cold, COLD yesterday, and windy, too.  I don't know how people in the northern states stand it.  Susan and I actually cut our walk slightly short, it was so blustery.
After, I greatly enjoyed new videos of the precious baby boy in Tokyo and know I'll watch them over and over.  Put together a salad with the lettuce from my friend, hard-boiled a half-dozen eggs and put it all in the frig for later.
Met Christine R. at SeaOaks at 1:00 and we had a nice, convivial lunch, reminiscing about our Arsenic days--seems like years ago, but was only last February--and filling each other in on current activities. 
In her case, that doesn't include any stage appearances.  She works full-time as a legal secretary all the way up in Neptune and has a somewhat problematic family (from what she told me), so has her hands full anyway.  I told her about doing Hedda in April at Surflight and she was excited for me.  Gave her information on For Better or Worse and was delighted when she said she'd go and bring a friend.
Stopped at Acme after to get provisions and ingredients for the two pies and mashed potatoes I'd said I'll bring for Thanksgiving.  Must think about packing, too, because we'll be going up north the day after. 
Wrote up a tentative program for the show, but must add some things.  I'm not sure if we should provide programs for the audience or just the cast so we know (at least to some extent!) what we're doing.  I think the latter.
Got sausage out of the freezer, cooked that, added cut-up garlic and onions, boiled a pound of macaroni, and put it all together with a jar of spaghetti sauce.  Had a bowlful for dinner and I must say, it was tasty.  I have enough for the next few meals, too, so I won't have to concern my self with dinner for awhile.
Skyped darling daughter in California and had a nice virtual visit with her.  Again, Greg, her gentleman friend, was chopping away in the kitchen making dinner.  Boy, is he a keeper: good-looking, intelligent, pleasant and friendly, and a good cook besides!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trees and Target

Got up north by 2:00 and helped my friend and her husband load up a flat-bed trailer with tree limbs, stumps, and sticks they had lopped off early.  Good grief, I think the pile reached up higher than my house.  Husband tied it down and we set off to the place such things can be dumped.
This was pretty interesting.  It's next to, or part of, a hugely excavated area in the woods and there were lots of people there on similar errands.  Some had tree debris, some leaves that filled the backs of their pickup trucks, and all busily threw or swept the stuff into big piles next to a kind of Quonset hut.  I assume the wood will be chipped and the leaves turned into mulch.  As the younger, more energetic folks worked, I just stayed out of the way and enjoyed watching.
Back at their house, friend and I worked on Thanksgiving things.  She had a tray of roasted yams and I split and scooped out the meat while she made gravy, planning to freeze all until Thursday.  She cleaned out the refrig and I helped by discarding out-of-date items (still perfectly good, of course, but we must pay obeisance to the food moguls, who have dictated throwing out and buying more.  As for me, I pay no attention to expiration dates.)
All three of us then took off for Target in Hightstown.  I had given my friend a gift card from there and she bought a few items.  We then stopped a nearby golf course to try the new restaurant there; not great but pretty good.  Last stop was back to their house for the cake I had brought (not homemade, I'm afraid) and we each had a slice after singing "Happy Birthday."  Then I left for home after a pleasant day spent with the people I like most to spend a day with--on the east coast, anyway.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rehearsal and Kennedy

I'm beginning to wish I could write , "Ho-hum, dull day," but that won't happen anytime soon. 
After our walk, I grabbed the shears and cut back the Japanese maple.  It had been encroaching on the front walk and I've been thinking of doing it for some time. 
Prepared lunch of turkey breast, rye bread, salad, coleslaw and iced tea in time for Ellen V.'s arrival at noon. 
We had a good conversation that ranged over LETCO, costume mishaps, and the unending tribulations of parenting.  (The last on her end, not mine.  I'm continually amazed by my good luck in how my children turned out.)
As promised, Dave got here about 1:30.  I gave him a cup of coffee and we sat at the kitchen table to go over the skit.  They're both troupers and it went well; Dave is  hysterically funny as a distraught Santa, at times using a huge red bandanna as a handkerchief and loudly blowing his nose into it.
We rehearsed the skit several times--it's very short--then chatted about show-bizzy topics.  Ellen and Dave are considerably more experienced than I am, but at this point, I have some background, too, and we shared topics of our theatre history, something I always enjoy.
They left about 3:30 and I immediately drove to Staples to get ink for the printer, then stopped at B.J.'s for other stuff. 
WIDER IN A WAY:  Settling down at 8:00 with my popcorn and wine, I came upon one of those bug-eyed Kennedy assassination programs on what bills itself as the History (should be "History") channel.  With the usual cheap-thrill theatrics, its main theme was the percentage of Americans who don't believe the official story.  Every few minutes, in between old films (Zapruder's and others) and interviews with those purporting to be in the know, a "statistic" would flash on the screen.  On a black background, large white numbers would start out low, then dramatically increase, showing the percentage of people (in this particular survey) who--oh, ugh,  gasp!--don't think Oswald acted alone and/or the CIA ordered the killing and/or Alaska doesn't really ice over--or something.  For sheer idiocy and waste of time and talent (talent? what talent?), this piece of crap took the cake.  All one needs to remember is that there's a fairly large segment of the population who believe vampires live.  That doesn't mean the official assassination story is or isn't true, only that simply because somebody--or several somebodies or twenty million somebodies--believe or don't believe, has no bearing on its truth or falsity.  I turned the silly thing off after an interminable fifteen minutes.
WIDER IN A MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT WAY:  Happy birthday to my darling older daughter!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Speedy Pace

Things continue at a speedy pace.  More computer work in the morning, notably finding, revising, and adding to my F.O.C.U.S. course on employment for seniors, then finally sending to Anita B., the coordinator.  Glad to get that off my mind.
E-mailed Rick M., who writes for The Sandpaper, to see if we can get an article in there, and maybe a picture.  It may be a little late for that, though.
Drove to Manahawkin: Staples for duplicating flyers, Target for Thanksgiving cards.  Beforehand, I took my detached tooth to Little Egg Dental and got an appointment for 2:30.  Addressed and stamped cards to the kiddies in Asia, and took to P.O.
I'll throw a veil over the dentist visit, except to say it wasn't too terribly painful, but no picnic, either.  What hurt worse was the $189 charge, but the wayward tooth seems  firmly in place now.
Cleaned up various odds and ends, then jumped in the shower and dressed.  I didn't eat dinner--worried I'd jar loose my tooth--and left to pick up Aline about 6:30.  Gave her some leaflets to hand out and one to her neighbor.
The meeting at the H.'s was fun and--I guess--fairly productive.  Tonya brought the apron for me to give Ellen when she's here today to rehearse the Santa skit with Dave.  Last night's was a board meeting, not a Hedda one (that's on December 1), and we broke up about twenty of nine.  Of course, I didn't get home until after the hour, as I had to drop Aline off.
I was pleased to get an e-mail confirming our reservations at the Canyon Motel in Wellsboro, but saddened after Joe's call (see earlier entry).  Haven't walked the last two days; skipped the second day Larry was here and Susan had to have an early medical procedure, but will today.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Joe's Phone Call

I guess as you get older, you understand better and better that old "time is fleeting" line.  I got a call from Joe L. this morning. 
Joe and his wife, Flo (really!) throw a Christmas party early every December.  I always think of it as the event that kicks off the season.  They've been doing this for maybe 50 years, but my husband and I just started going about a decade ago, when we moved back to south Jersey.  I've never missed one since.
The L's have interesting backgrounds: Joe is one of thirteen children and spent years in the seminary.  Flo's parents never married, as she doesn't mind telling people.  They invite the same couples--six of them--and singles--now three of us--to the party every year.  They serve drinks and appetizers, then a nice dinner in their beautiful home, after which we exchange five dollar gifts amid great hilarity.  Joe always wears the same vintage (circa 1960) outfit: red and green plaid pants, a white shirt, and a red sweater.  They fit; he hasn't gained an ounce since he was a boy.  
Over the years, the group has dwindled.  My husband died, and so did Rita's.  Kathleen has Alzheimer's now and her husband, Danny, was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Barbara and Frank J. have heart disease and diabetes (I can never remember who has what).  Jim suffers from a variety of ailments; his wife is much younger, so doesn't, but she and I are about the only ones still healthy, I guess. 
I don't have a lot in common with this group; they are the age or older, than my husband would have been, seven years older than me.  Plus, they tend toward political conservatism--but once a year, we get along fine.
Joe is in his middle eighties, has had heart disease for some time, and now must get a knee replacement. Flo's a bit younger, but not by much.  She was at therapy as we spoke to try to improve her chronic osteoporosis.  The reason for Joe's call was, of course, to tell me that this year, they aren't up to having the party.  
I said, "Oh, don't be silly, Joe.  Just get up off your sick bed, tell Flo the same, and let's party the night away."  I told him it was wrong and unfair to disappoint their friends, some of whom they went to grammar school with, and who would usher in the Christmas season if they didn't?  And what about the gift exchange, Joe?  What am I going to do without another Santa Claus dish or rainbow scarf?  And who's going to serve me the fancy wines you always have, pomegranate and licorice and all kinds of other revolting stuff?  Darn it all.
Here's another oldie:  "Say it ain't so, Joe."


It was wonderful having Larry here, but there was a downside:  I neglected everything else.  Had to spend yesterday catching up and didn't walk out the door most of the day. 
I spent most of the time at the computer doing things involved in the show, dress rehearsal (in six days!), and other "paper" work.  Was glad to hear from Dave that he can be here tomorrow with Ellen to rehearse the Mr. and Mrs. Claus skit.  Related to that, I asked Frank if he had a thin saw to enlarge the slit in the wooden box I'm using for the couple's correspondence.  He does and took the box to do it himself. 
Went to the post office, too, but aside from those short excursions, it was all nose-to-the-grindstone for Mimi.  I still have plenty to do and we have a meeting tonight; I think--I'm not even sure--it's a board meeting, but it could be about Hedda.  Guess I'll find out soon.
I was treated to a delightful diversion and that was little K. and his Daddy on Skype.  Now two and a half months old, the baby is just adorable and we had such an enjoyable virtual visit.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Larry, Betty, And Rehearsal

Still enjoying having brother Larry here, but he's preparing to leave now.  Yesterday, he came with Susan and me on our walk, and also chatted with Frank-Next-Door.  We went to breakfast at John & Sonia's and, as I knew he would, he enjoyed the little luncheonette.  He wanted scrapple and glory be, they had it.  With eggs, toast, and great coffee, we had a yummy, albeit calorie-laden, breakfast.
Drove down to Betty's after and we sat and talked, then went to the breakwater at Longport.  There had been piled concrete and so on along the water, now replaced with more formal stone pilings.  Ocean was fairly calm, but beautiful as ever. 
Back at Betty's, we had good sandwiches (I had brought turkey breast and some coleslaw and grapes) for lunch.  When we stopped at the corner store, Larry insisted on buying us all subs, which we saved for dinner.
After lunch, we drove to Ocean City over the soaring, two-and-a-half mile bridge.  Just looked around at various and drove back, dropped Betty off, and went home.
It was after 5:00 and I jumped in the shower, then hastily prepared for rehearsal.  That  went well, although there are still some snafus that have to be worked out.  Ellen had called to say she was unable to be there, but I hope we can get together with Dave on Friday.  Dave didn't show up, but I got an e-mail from him this morning saying he had forgotten.  That wasn't too much of a problem, as he more or less reads in his Santa skit with Ellen and his part in Hell On Wheels is just a few lines.
I'm sure the show will come together--it had better, as we have only dress rehearsal next Tuesday, then the show the following week.
Took Aline home, then arrived back here about 9:30, for me practically the middle of the night.  Sat with Larry and watched Little People, Big World, while eating my sub and drinking my wine.  Didn't get to bed until after 11:00, but that was okay, as I had told Susan I wanted to sleep late and wouldn't walk.
I was interrupted just now by Larry saying goodbye.  He likes to get an early start and will probably get to Jacksonville tonight and stay over at daughter Jeannie's.  Had a wonderful time with him, and will see him and a lot of his gang when we all get together next month in Kissimmee.
As I'm well aware, I am so very lucky to have no only such a wonderful immediate family, but a terrific extended one, also.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Now things are really poppin!.  Larry blew in about 1:00; Betty had come over earlier and we had a fine sibling time talking.  We then drove over to Capenelli's (or something) Garden Café and Larry treated us to dunch (or linner), a combined meal between two. 
We parted from Betty after much good food and more good talk, and Larry and I went down to the bay to see a lovely sunset.  Home, we--well, what else, talked and talked until time for me to go to a Hedda Gabler preliminary meeting at the H.'s
Jim and Mary were there, of course, and I was thrilled to find that Kevin B. (who murdered me in Night Must Fall a few years ago) has been cast.  So has Ellen V. (as my housekeeper, which she was in Night, too), Neil G. and Kathy D.  We had a great time, especially after hearing this news: We have Surflight Theatre in April AND November!  I don't know how we pulled it off, but it's thrilling.  We'll do Hedda in April, and November will be announced.  We set up times to meet, discuss the characters, and start readings--happy day!
Got home close to ten and Larry and I sat up pretty late gabbing.  I'll walk today, but don't know if Susan will. 
I have a slew of e-mail I haven't read, except for a very welcome one inviting me to go to upstate Pennsy the day after Thanksgiving. 
Lots of other stuff going on, but I want to close this and get ready for our walk.  Rehearsal tonight for For Better or Worse.

Monday, November 18, 2013

P & P And The Damn Tooth

Picked up Aline (hmm...I wonder how many of my entries start with "picked up Aline"--lots, I'm sure) at 12:15 and we traveled to Margate in fairly dense fog.
Players & Playwrights meeting was at Grey's, a large (six bedrooms) relatively new and clearly worth big bucks, home a literal stone's throw from the ocean. 
Grey is a big, good-looking gay guy, often irreverent and always amusing.  Lives with his mother.
It was a good meeting.  Four plays were read and discussed, including the only one I'd like to see staged, a funny one by Sondra M.  I didn't think she had it in her.
We broke up at 4:00 and Aline and I went to Dynasty for dinner.  Had an open-faced Reuben--mediocre.
Home, I got a message that Betty had called and she called back just as I walked in the door.  Will let her know when Larry comes in.
"Visited" with Ellen and Gregg--he was busily making dinner--and, as usual, had a delightful time.  She mentioned that maybe she and Gregg could meet the rest of us in New Mexico in June.  That would be wonderful.
Only "down" thing to record:  The damn tooth I had had re-anchored last month came out again last night.  Now I have to decide whether to go all the way back to Dr. Lyons or to Little Egg Dental.  And I have Larry coming today, plus rehearsal tomorrow--double damn!   

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ups And Downs And Dominoes

Talk about your up-and-down (or in this case, up, down, down and up) day. 
Up:  Got a call from brother Larry to say he's in Washington and will stay over at my place Monday evening on his way home.  Spent some time tidying up the guest room, no prob and I'm looking forward to his visit.
Down:  Jeanne S. called to say she has been diagnosed with cellulitis (a systemic infection of the skin) and a few other things and can't be in For Better or Worse.  Oh, damn, now what?  Although the person has only a few lines, I have to find a mature woman who's willing to do it in only a bit more than two weeks.  Otherwise, I'm probably it and I really don't want to perform as well as direct.  I offered to pick up Jeanne's medication at Rite-Aid, did so, and chatted with her for a bit in her crowded, but interestingly decorated, tiny apartment.
Down:  Took a big comforter to the Tuckerton Laundromat and put it in a machine that took some of my coins and wouldn't return them when it didn't start.  Tried another machine and it did the same.  Nobody there to help and the place was filthy.  Tried to call the "help" number and no answer.  Gathered up my quilt and went to the other Laundromat. 
Up:  Went to Barb and Ray H.'s for dominoes.  Had a good, convivial time with them and other great neighbors, Dennis and Leslie R., and Frank and Barbara D.  These are the people--we all live on the same side of the street--I always think of as "the inner circle."  We live in a row on the same side of the street and I like and trust them the most of all my neighbors in the community.
Down:  Didn't get home until almost 11:00, so haven't gotten much sleep.
Well, I want to end on an "up" note: 
Up:  Got up in time to walk and now, at 6:30, am glad I did.
Players & Playwrights meeting today. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Well, the play turned out well-done and well-received.  The preliminaries and aftermath happenings, though, were exhausting.
I assembled the multitude of articles I was taking, including, script, loose-leaf book that included the layout for the "stage" (really just the upper part of the room), and last minute admonitions to the cast; plus water, extra scarfs, tissues, camera, my mustache and large hat, a dozen pink roses, and lots of other stuff.  I then took everything out of the trunk and loaded in--very laboriously because it's so awkward and heavy--my late husband's walker for Mary-Jo. Picked Aline up at 11:45, then drove to Ventnor to get Mary-Jo.
Geesh, this poor soul.  She slowly and cautiously came out of the house and down the five or so steps--my heart was in my mouth during this maneuver--and was already distraught because, she said, she had put $600 in a paper bag and her cleaning lady had accidentally thrown it out. 
WH-A-T?!  Leaving aside the question of why you'd put $600 in a paper bag, I think I'd examine the cleaning lady very closely about that.  After commiserating with Mary Jo--and suggesting she call public works as soon as possible--I finally got her in the car and we set off for Shalom House.
Luckily, I was able to stop and unload both women fairly close to the back door.  Again laboriously, I got the walker out of the truck and helped Mary-Jo out and up the walk.  Bobbi, who lives there, was supposed to be at the door to let us in, but wasn't and I had to tap on the pane.  Finally, we were admitted and I got Mary-Jo and Aline situated.  Ran back to the car to move it and then was able to turn my attention to the reason we were all there.
Got everybody together, gave them last minute instructions, checked costumes and props, had the chairs moved slightly, and did the myriad other things attendant on a performance. 
More woes from Mary Jo: She forgot her script, so didn't know when to come in.  I hastily crossed out some of the things I was having her say and gave her the copy I had typed out for myself.  Luckily, she didn't have many lines; mostly just introduced the play and we improvised for the rest.  Oh, and she also suddenly set up a cry that she had lost the pin that matched her earrings--aagh! 
Moving right along: The audience filed in--about fifty of them, which filled the room--and we dove in.  With a few snafus--and if the audience isn't aware of them (they weren't), they don't matter--it went pretty well.  Applause and congratulations at the end and all went well.  Betty, Muckie, and Kay were there and I chatted with them for a few, then we all packed up and shipped out.
I presented each member of the cast, plus Aline and Rachel K., who attended, with a rose, for which they were surprisingly pleased.  We talked for a time, then packed up.  It took me an age to get everything back in the car, including, of course, Mary-Jo and Aline, but I finally did, once more lugging the walker around and hoisting it into the trunk. 
We met the others at Ventura's off-shore and just ordered appetizers--but they were plentiful and yummy, actually more satisfying than a whole dinner, it seems to me. We paid with our half of the proceeds from the play (we changed $2) and greatly enjoyed the meal.  I added a Samuel Adams Seasonal--richly deserved, sez I--for which I paid myself, of course.  Had a good, convivial time and, happily, had asked Bobbi to take Mary-Jo home, so we said our goodbyes and left about 5:00.
It was already dark and annoyingly, I missed the entrance to the Parkway (I usually get it at Galloway--it's a longer merge) and blundered into Port Republic.  I got back from there all right, but had to take the Smithville entrance and that's always nerve-racking.
However, got back okay, dropped Aline off, and finally reached home safe and sound.  Boy, speaking of "sound," did I sleep soundly last night.  A good, satisfying day overall, but exhausting and I'm glad it's over.  Now, I must turn my attention to For Better or Worse, a much more challenging project, and coming right up.

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Senator's Response To My Protest of Drones (And See My Comment Below)

Dear Ms. Molloy:
Thank you for contacting me to express your thoughts regarding military drone strikes.  Your opinion is very important to me, and I acknowledge your concerns about this critical issue.
As you may know, it is the Administration's view that U.S. targeting practices, including lethal operations conducted by means of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or military drones, complies with all applicable laws, including the laws of war.
The United States is in an armed conflict with al-Qaeda, as well as the Taliban and associated forces.  As a result, it is acceptable under international law to use force, including targeted drone strikes, against targets operating within these groups. 
The process of determining appropriate and legal targets includes a review by top National Security officials within the administration in collaboration with the Administration's legal counsel.  If, after legal review, there is a determination that the individual or group in question is not a lawful target, the operation does not proceed.  Furthermore, individuals or groups are only targeted if they are determined to pose a significant threat to the country's national security, such as those who are operational leaders of al-Qaeda or one of its associated forces.
Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of further assistance.  I invite you to visit my website ( to learn more about how I am standing up for New Jersey families in the United States Senate.


 For sheer, cold-blooded rhetoric designed by advertising hacks and political "advisors" to justify murder,  it seems to me this takes the cake.  I think my decision never again to vote in a national election is sound.


Got back to Comcast and after all kinds of drama, just too long and bo-o-ring to even outline, I got my monthly bill back down, this time to $117, quite an improvement.  I do think Comcast was put on this earth by the gods of disarray in order to drive me stark, raving....
Went over to Bam! (which stands for "Books A Million," the stupidest name imaginable, rivaled only by the "'R' Us" chains) to find I have nine bucks left on a gift card.  Must get over there when I have more time.
Met Betty at Red Lobster at 1:00 and we had a nice lunch.  We both ordered shrimp and I a Sam Adams seasonal.  I was very tasty, but after a few gulps, I noticed there was a piece of paper floating in it.  Management, properly contrite, gave me another and didn't charge.
Went to Boscov's after, to try to get shoes.  It was a madhouse---big sale on shoes--and very hot in there; didn't find any.  I ran into Dayle, from Players & Playwrights; will see her Sunday at the meeting.
Went to Canal's for wine, then to Produce Junction and got twelve beautiful, long-stemmed pink roses.  Stopped at the cemetery on the way home and put a rose on Pat's and Jay's graves.  Will give one each to my cast after the play today.
I didn't get home until almost 5:00.  Talked to Bobbi, who agreed to take Mary Jo home after we go to Ventura's (off shore) following the show.  Now I must pull together all the myriad items I have to bring.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comings and Goings, Comcast, and Isolationists

Susan had an early doctor's appointment and didn't walk, so following my natural bent--utter shiftlessness--I slept until almost 7:00.  Worked up a flyer for our show on December 3, along with others to hand out at the Players & Playwrights meeting on Sunday.  Called Mary-Jo, about whom I'm a bit worried, to remind her I'd pick her up tomorrow.  Think I'll bring my husband's walker, which I still have; it might be easier for her to get into Shalom House that way.
Put the flyer about the LETCO shoe up on the library bulletin board and on the one at the post office.  Went to Shop-Rite and got a few things, made an appointment to get my oil changed tomorrow, and did additional odds and ends for both shows.  Most important: There's a new nail salon in the Center Street strip mall.  I stopped in and found it's only twelve bucks for a manicure.  What a find and I'm determined to start getting my nails done on a regular basis.
As I was pulling into the garage, Frank D. came over to tell me he had found horns for the show (he's the devil).  He doesn't have enough hair to attach them to, so will put them on a baseball cap and wear that--funny!  Dennis and Bill came over to chat outside, too.  It's going to be so hard to leave them when the time comes. (I don't mean when I die, I mean when I move west.)
Well, Comcast has vindicated itself at long last.  I had them relegated to lowest of the low and today, thought they deserved it when I opened my bill and found it was $24.80 higher than last month.  Called, of course, and raised hell--but was reasonably calm and polite--and was told the "courtesy discount" had run out after 12 months.  After some back and forth too boring to record. the lovely young woman on the other end--Ashley--asked some questions ("I watch only channels 55 and 37, as a rule," I told her), she actually got me a monthly charge for thirty dollars less!  Hey, not too shabby and Comcast sweetie, all is forgiven.
Wait a minute, hold the phone: After my conversation with Ashley, I got an e-mail from Comcast, saying my fee has gone up, not down.  Now what?  Will have to call again today.
Later note:  Called Comcast again and if all kinds of run-around, succeeded in having the bill lowered to considerably less, plus tax.  But is it worth the time, effort, and aggravation for a device I watch only forty-five minutes a day?  Maybe not.
WIDER:   In today's Counterpunch, Bill Kauffman observes, “An isolationist is simply one who wishes the U.S. government to refrain from military involvement abroad. I never could figure out why this is an epithet.  Why are isolationists, who oppose killing foreigners, considered xenophobes, while those who favor killing foreigners are humanitarians?  Most Americans are instinctively isolationist.  They don’t want their kids and their taxes sent overseas to bomb or bribe people they’ll never meet.”  (Kauffman is correct about the instinct, but patriotic Americans—especially white southerners—override this instinct in response to elite-managed flag-waving.)  This excellent article "Hillary Clinton's Burden" can be read here:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holgate, Long Beach Island

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"Sparklers" Dinner

Decided to try to sell my dolls (but not Linda, never Linda) on Craigslist and, to that end, went to the site.  It's true, as Ellen said, that it's easy to use, but I tried to reset my password, and for some reason, haven't been able to do it.  I'll try again today. 
Had a surprisingly (see yesterday's entry) nice time at the Sunrise Sparklers' (truly idiotic name, but it is what it is) Culinary Arts dinner last night.  However, I came very close to disaster, to wit:
I hate to drive at night but, at the same time, don't like to drive with a lot of co-members of the group because I know they can't see well at night, either.  Therefore, I craftily conceived the notion that I'd tell our leader, Josephine, I had to be in Atlantic County earlier in the day, and I'd meet them there.  True, I'd have to drive at night, but at least I wouldn't have anybody with me. Went to Stockton State's site and was annoyed that I couldn't find any location for its restaurant.  I toyed with the idea of just going there, assuming they'd have signs, but finally phoned the college catering service to ask where it was and she said they had no catering service.  What?  But I was there last spring, I know I was.  Nope, she said, you must be thinking of Atlantic Community College.  Oh, no, of course not, I know it was Stockton...
It wasn't.  Oh, it's a damn good thing I called or I would have been twenty-five miles away waiting for the rest of the group.  Anyhoo, long story short, etc., we gathered at the clubhouse, Lee S. and I went with Pat and Dolores P. in their new car, and I had a very nice time.  Selected "crispy pork shank," which was excellent and I even had some to take home. 
This is the one time a year spouses are invited to come and it was fun with the guys, all very congenial.  It was a long, long evening--for me, anyway--as it started with fancy appetizers and progressed through soup, salad, entrée, and dessert at a rather slow pace.
But I'm always impatient to get there, do that, then get away, and recognizing that unfortunate trait in myself, I made myself okay with it.  Talked and laughed and enjoyed myself.
Got home after 9:30, partly thanks to our driver following the GPS advice which took us roughly twenty miles out of our way.  Lee and I both knew he was going in the wrong direction, and tried to tell him, but to no avail.  No point in being annoyed, though, as we got back fine after a pleasant evening. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch And Other Stuff

I was early picking up Aline, so stopped in to chat her sister, Susan.  She was in her favored lying-on-the-couch-watching-television mode, but cordial as always.
I suggested Aline we lunch at The Olive Garden, as I had a coupon for $3 off for two, and she enthusiastically agreed.  We both had OG's delectable soup, salad, and breadsticks, plus plenty of good talk.  When I presented the coupon, though, the waitress told me it was for Red Lobster.  However, the manager okayed me getting it off anyway, as the restaurants are owned by the same company.  News to me.
Dropped Aline off at 2:00 (she was scheduled to work) and went to the thrift store, looking for a man's shirt and vest for the play.  Didn't found anything and figured the hell with it, I'll wear what I have.
Home, I called brother Larry to tell him I'll go to the Byrne reunion next month after all.  Went into Expedia and got my tickets.  Told sister Betty.  Only problem is, I get back at 11:08 pm and had to find somebody to pick me up.  Called Roman K., and he agreed, but I saw him later and told him I'd try to get somebody else.  Hope I can.
Was very pleasantly surprised to be Skyped by Ellen and we had a good talk.  She has a pass-through opposite her computer and I could see her gentleman friend (well, "boyfriend" sounds silly), Gregg, busily making dinner.  Her renter, Linda, came in, and I said hello to her, too.  Ellen said she and Gregg have invited that Linda and her other Linda friend, for Thanksgiving.  Nice.  She also invited me to go out there for Christmas, and I agreed.
Today: dinner at Culinary Arts with the former Red Hats, now Sunrise Sparklers (aagh!).  Why I ever joined this silly group, I don't know.  With a few exceptions, I have little in common with them and at least two, I actively dislike.  However, it's only once a month, I do like to eat out, and I don't want to antagonize my neighbors, so I'll suffer through it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Leaves and Veggies

Got to my friend's at noon and helped raking leaves--of which they surely have more  than the rest of the folks on the eastern seaboard combined.  (That's the trouble with trees: Every fall, they insist on dropping leaves.)
My main purpose for the trip was to see the couples' new kitchen counter tops.  Boy, are they terrific.  Granite, beige background with "threads" of ecru or something and subtle strands of related colors.  They also have a new back splash of similar colors, but in sort of checkerboard pattern.  Looks great!
I was served lunch and we had a nice chat, then the master got back under the sink--to continue installing fixtures, that is, and the mistress and I spent more time raking and mulching.
I said goodbye and was on the road before I remembered I had been promised veggies from the organic farm.  Went back and got fresh spinach, bok choy,* arugula, red leaf lettuce, and carrots.  What a bonanza!
Home, I barely had my coat off when I starting in to washing, chopping, and otherwise preparing.  Stir-fried the bok choy* and spinach separately in oil with garlic, tore the lettuce into two large bowls, cut up the carrots (I'll put them in the slow cooker later), and was finally finished about 5:00. 
Added hard-boiled egg and feta to one of the salad bowls and, along with the bok choy,* had that for dinner.  Excellent, if I say it myself.
* This is weird.  The little elves at Spellcheck don't recognize "bok choy."  Are they Eurocentric or what?

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Walked with Susan, had breakfast, then loaded up the car with selected items for the "collections" display, and got to the clubhouse by 10:30. 
It took me a good 45 minutes to set everything else.  I brought, of course, only a minuscule amount of the hundreds of Dionne Quintuplet memorabilia I have--I didn't have access to a Mack truck--along with a good-sized container, two baskets, and carryalls for my doll collection.
In truth, the latter isn't very impression.  I just decided to bring the dolls because I wanted to see what was in the container, which hadn't been opened since we moved here more than ten years ago.  There happened to be some nice "ethnic" type dolls and some repros of baby dolls, but compared to others I've seen, the group is pretty mundane.  The exception was my own doll, "Linda," which I proudly displayed along with a picture of Aunt Maggie and a note that she made the clothes Linda is wearing, and had made matching ones for me.
There were some nice displays of a variety of "collections," including several of paintings, and one each of photographs, needlepoint, plus a big dollhouse handmade by one of my neighbors.  Susan showed her quilts and wall hangings, and Gary L. his trains and boats, but the truly spectacular area was Betty McG.'s needlework. 
Betty had on display a beautiful Christmas tree skirt, very large and intricately laid out in a kind of petal arrangement.  The top included appliqués taken from Betty's wedding dress and, get this, the lining was heavy, cream-colored satin from her mother's wedding dress, worn in 1940!  Betty brought other wall hangings and table runners, also; each one was absolutely exquisite.  I'm not a big fan of what used to be called "the womanly arts."   Knitting, needlepoint, and so on always seemed about as creative as following a cake recipe, but Betty's work is in a whole other league.  I've never seen anything like them.
We broke up at 3:00 and I packed up, laboriously carrying all my stuff to the car (I repeat myself here: "Why aren't I skinny as a rail?"), helped by those nice guys, Jay P. and Marty H.
Unpacked and put away, then jumped in the car and drove to Manahawkin.  Those stuffed shells Susan had given me were calling my name and I bought sausage to go with them.  Stopped at the Stafford Library to see if Aline was available for dinner, but she declined, saying she'd call me later.  She did and asked about Tuesday, but I have the "Sunrise Sparklers" (why did I ever join?) dinner and we made a date for tomorrow for early lunch, as she has to work at 2:00.
Got a surprise Skype call from the little girls and their Dad in Singapore and enjoyed it so much.  V. and V. get prettier every time I see them.
All in all, an interesting day doing something different, on which I'm generally always keen.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rhearsal and Dinner

Aagh!  Forgot to set the alarm and over slept!  Susan will be over in about fifteen minutes, so must rush.
I gathered all my notes, costumes, and other stuff and got to Shalom House just on time, at 1:00.  The others were already there, or almost, and we got down to business.  Rehearsal went pretty well.  Only snags were (are) that Sondra brought an entirely inappropriate outfit--very pretty, but not at all suggestive of a princess in medieval times.  She insisted she has nothing else.  I pointed out the incongruity of it, but hell, the world's going to go on turning no matter what she wears, and I'm not going to waste any more time arguing with her.
The big problem is Mary-Jo.  She's our narrator, has just a few lines, but can't seem to remember when to come in with them.  It's very, very difficult for her to walk--I kept worrying she'd fall over, even with a cane--and she has a number of other ailments, one of which, I think, is a vision problem.  The worst part:  She kept falling asleep.  I realize it's boring to sit and listen to a play (and a pretty inane one, if you ask me, I don't know what Milne was thinking back in 1941) over and over, when you don't have an active part in it for long stretches. 
Mary-Jo expressed concern about parting at Shalom House--it's very limited--and I said I'd pick her up next week for the actual performance.  After rehearsal, Bobbi showed us the closer parking lot out the back, which I guess is an improvement.  I gave Bobbi the program I had made up and she'll duplicate it. 
Frankly, this whole damn this is a bore; can't wait until it's over so I can concentrate on For Better or Worse.
We broke up about 3:30 and I stopped in or Betty's on the way home for just a few minutes.  She showed me her upstairs, which looks terrific, the guy still there working.  Very nice.   
Changed and went over to Susan's at 6:00.  I met the only other guest, her friend, Pat, who's visiting her from California.  She and I had a good talk and all in all, it was a very pleasant evening, with plenty of wine and a nice meal.
Must pull together my Dionne Quintuplet stuff for the "collections" event today.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Yesterday; a rainy, dark, and dreary one in Little Egg Harbor.

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K. and So On

Just started the day with a virtual visit from precious little grandson, K., in Tokyo.  He was busily swatting at rotating toys on his mat, which also has music.  What an adorable baby and it's such fun to see him.  He got a U.S. passport yesterday, he told me--well, it may have been his Dad--and now must get a Japanese one.  He's so beautiful he could be a  model--says his Nana, an entirely objective observer, of course.
Yesterday, I worked intently all day with more stuff concerning The Ugly Ducking, including cast lists and notes, phone calls, and so on.  In addition, I pulled together various parts of the "collections" I'm displaying at the clubhouse tomorrow.  Still have to decide which of my million Dionne items I'm going to bring.  Staying in was okay, as it was rainy, dark and dreary.
By 4:00, I had almost finished and was sick to death of it all.  Drove down to the water--both Gravelling Point and Green Street--and took a few pictures (see them at above entry). When I got home after an hour or so, I was revitalized and happily settled down to the last of my leftovers.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Busyness And The Peace Pilgrim

Got most of the Ugly Duckling stuff finished; now I just have to tweak Mary Jo's narration a bit and figure out the blocking.
Went to Manahawkin for various errands.  Stopped at the thrift store and bought a nice large basket--I'm a sucker for baskets--and at other stores for this and that.
Assembled some of the dolls I'm displaying at the "Our Collections" event at the clubhouse, including my Linda from yea, many years ago.  I was given her when I was six and I actually ironed a few of her clothes.  Today, I must pull together some of my Dionne Quintuplet collection, as I'm displaying that, too.
Cut up onions and garlic, added it to the ground turkey I bought the other day, stir-fried, then put it together with the leftover pasta.  Tasty.
WIDER:  Went to the library and picked up Wanderlust, the book I requested, recommended by my son in Tokyo.  It includes the chronicle of "the Peace Pilgrim," Mildred Ryder, the remarkable woman who walked 25,000 miles to promote peace.  She wasn't young when she began her journey and continued it into her seventies, when she was killed in an accident.  Maybe we should  compare her to the human horrors in office, who rake in millions while laughing and clowning with their international cronies, having manicures, consulting with the cook on what to serve at the state dinner, teaching little Johnnie how to lord it over others, then excusing themselves--oh, they're mannerly, so courteous they'd kill you with kindness--to ponder how much more death and destruction they can rain on people not so fat, not so powerful, not so evil as they.  I'm proud to have marched with the peace pilgrim group and to know Mildred's sister.  Helene, now in her nineties, lives in a small, very modest house in Egg Harbor (not to be confused with Little Egg Harbor, where I live) about 30 miles from here, where Mildred also grew up.  When will we erect monuments to her and put her face on a postage stamp and weep and sigh at the commemoration of her death?

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lunch And So On

Turned out to be a delightful day.  I continued to work on Duckling prep in then morning, then picked Aline up at 1:00.  Asked where she'd like to go for lunch; any old where, she said (more or less) and we headed for The Grapevine.  But in passing Ocean Eastern Buffet, Aline suggested we go there.  I hadn't been for about five years, so I turned back and we went.
I'm not a big fan of buffets, for the obvious reason that I eat too much when it's "free."  However, once in a while is okay and the food was pretty good, service prompt and pleasant, and we had a nice time.  I couldn't help but remark over the chicken satay that I had had same in Thailand itself.  Was it better there?  Yes.
We went down to the water after--Green Street--and just enjoyed gazing.  It then occurred to me that my friend was coming after work, so we drove home.  She pulled up just as we did, replaced my light bulbs in the kitchen (I love my nine-foot ceilings, but the downside is, I can't climb up there), readjusted the drawer in the freezer, then sat down to chat for a bit.  We then loaded my three bulky thrift store donations (dressing table, bookcase, shelving) into her SUV and took them to drop off on her way home.
It was only 5:00, but almost dark (sob!) by the time I took Aline home.  

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Duckling Prep

I was mildly surprised to see Susan coming toward me yesterday morning as I passed the clubhouse.  We walked the rest of the way together and she stopped in to see the picture of P., N., and K. after.
Did a lot of preliminary work on The Ugly Ducking, the single rehearsal for which is on Friday.  Talked to Bobbi C., who lives there and has arranged this.  Talked to Mary Jo R., the poor soul, who was very worried about not being able to open the attachment I sent.  She told me her computer is fifteen years old (good grief! and is crotchety.  Geez, I surprised it's still operating.
Mary Jo is in her late eighties, has difficulty walking, and suffers from a variety of other ailments.  She had taught chemistry at a college and is an intelligent woman.  I like her, although she's somewhat crotchety as her computer.  Calmed her down and assured her I'd bring a copy of her lines (she's the narrator) to the rehearsal. 
Called Doris G., who had a miniscule part--two lines as a "voice"--because I couldn't quite remember which they were, or if Rachel had added any.  We discussed it and, to my relief, she decided to withdraw, so I'll just add her lines to Mary Jo's.
All that took the first part of the day.  After lunch, I went to Shop-Rite in Galloway for supplies.  Home, I halved a pound or so of cherry tomatoes, added chopped onions, garlic, oil, and a little seasoning, then simmered it for an hour or so.  Cooked up some sausage and elbow macaroni, put them all together and had a bowl for dinner.  Very tasty, if I say it myself. 

Monday, November 04, 2013

Susan, Gregg, and Scrapple

Back to the virtuous life, I took my regular walk yesterday, but still without Susan.  Stopped in to see her after lunch and she said she hopes to be able to walk the full way today.  I urged her not to force herself.  If  she thinks she's able, she can knock on my door even after 7:00, but I won't expect her.
In truth, I'm worried.  It's been more than a month since I took her to the emergency ward, where she stayed for ten days, and she finishes the two-week antibiotic course today.  Yet she says she still has no appetite and she seems tired and looks terribly thin.  Not like her and I think she should get a second opinion and/or insist they look further to find out what's wrong.  As of now, the diagnoses is diverticulitis, but could that cause so much discomfort?  Not sure.
Went on a few errands to Manahawkin, then puttered around with this and that.  I was at the computer when a box came up to say daughter Ellen was on line.  She always Skypes me on Sunday night, but I thought I turn the tables and did so.  To my surprise, her friend (boyfriend?), Gregg S., was there and I was pleased to virtually meet him.
Boy, he's really nice.  Very intelligent, friendly and pleasant.  I'm so happy for Ellen and for him, too.  He's lucky to have met her, but incredibly, they met for the first time twenty years ago at the bookstore in Santa Barbara where Ellen worked.  However, both thought the other was cool (in the old-fashioned sense) and not interested, so nothing came of it.  Those who believe in karma can mull that over.  I was surprised to hear Greg has been east only to Boston to attend his brother's wedding.  Hope he can get to Jersey one of these days, so we can meet in person.
After that nice experience, I decided to cook for dinner something I haven't eaten for more than four years, since Pat died.  I had scrapple and eggs and they were pretty good, although not something I'd eat very often.  The scrapple was in the freezer and I had bought it when Pat was alive.  Expiration date?  I didn't even check.
...but now my stomach...geez, I have sharp pains right in the center...they're getting worse...I'm dizzy...things are spinning...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhh!!
Nope, I'm perfectly fine and intend to eat the rest of the at-least-four-year-old scrapple in the next few days.  Don't like to waste things.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

"Wheels" Rehearsal

After enjoying the virtual visit with precious little K., I did householdy things, lunched, then jumped in the shower and dressed.  Met Tonya, Kathy, and Louise at 2:00 at the library, and we rehearsed Hell On Wheels until 3:00.  It worked out okay without Frank and Dave as we were able to concentrate on the female performances.  I also wanted to introduce them to Louise, from the other theatre group, and I think the three acted off each other well.
We sat and talked for a bit after.  As we had discussed before, Tonya said she and Kathy could do the little skit she had performed before with Tara: "A Matter of Husbands." That fits perfectly in the "For Better or Worse" theme, and should lengthen the program nicely.  Kathy will also play the guitar and sing; I told her to select the piece she liked best.  Also, I asked Tonya to sing while Aline plays the piano, and she agreed.  They'll get together to decide on a piece.
We split up about 3:45 and Louise and I went for an early dinner to Dynasty.  We had a good talk, mostly about dating and  Got home by 5:30 and Aline called about 7:00 to chat. 
I set the clocks--they're everywhere--back, and that was my day.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Good Things

Several good things happened yesterday.  Susan called--she's "improving," she says, but not very rapidly--and invited me to dinner next Friday, while her friend from California is visiting.  I was pleased to accept. 
I received in the mail two wonderful pictures of P. N., and K., my darling new grandson.  They're formally posed in a studio, one of the little prince alone with a card behind him bearing his name in Japanese characters.  (Other son, Mike, told me that.)
The other is the three of them, N. seated, holding baby and P. standing beside them, one hand protectively on N.'s elbow.  I love both the pictures, of course, and took photos of them to send to P.'s siblings.
Finally, at long last, I got a Skype call from Mike and my precious granddaughters.  Violet held forth at great length about her little comings and goings and showed me various stuffed animals.  She also drew a picture of me, with "I luv u nana" on it, entirely unaided.  I was so delighted I asked Mike to send it to me.  Vivian repeated her lines for the school play she'll be in, properly pretend-honky-tonk, of course (she plays a waitress).  The play is Bugsy Malone, which others have heard of, but I never did before.
Anyway, it was wonderful to see them.  I asked about Vicky, their longtime (since before Vivian was born, nine years ago) and Violet informed me that "she's making a baby."  This was startling, especially as Vicky is over forty, but I assume that's why she's taking a leave of absence back in the Philippines.  We were "on" for about an hour and it was so much fun. 
I called For Better Or Worse rehearsal for this afternoon at the library.  I'll be missing the two males in the ca--
Oh!  I was just interrupted for a delightful reason: a Skype call from adorable little K. in Tokyo and his Daddy.  He's so darling.  Seemed to be looking at his Nana on the screen, although maybe not.  I talked to him and his pop while Mommy was in the shower.  Now K. will get his bath.  I'm so appreciative of Skype--what a boon when your darlings are so far away.

Friday, November 01, 2013


A varied and not particularly memorable day.  I walked at 7:00 and ran into Maureen K., another of the marathon talkers around here (I admit I'm no slouch, either).  We stood and talked--she hadn't known about Susan--then I walked back to my street with her.
Met Betty at Italian Gourmet and had a mediocre turkey and stuffing meal.  We had a nice visit, though, and I gave her three of the chicken legs I had roasted on Wednesday.  I mentioned the table and bookcase Ray was going to take to the thrift store for me, and she said she'd like to have them for her newly-enlarged upstairs room.  Now I'm wondering and will ask: Does she intend to sell house furnished?  If not, why burden herself with still more stuff?
Home, I was ambitious enough to look into, and consolidate, my scripts, programs, and props from former shows, discarding programs from those I had simply attended.  Put all together in a large container, labeled it, and stowed in the garage.
Bobbi C. called, asking how many tickets I wanted reserved for The Ugly Duckling.  Good grief, I had forgotten all about that, although we're rehearsing a week from today and presenting on the fifteenth.  Being "readers' theatre" and because we've already performed it, it seems mundane, but will probably go over big with Shalom House residents.   I'm directing and will reprise my Prince Simon role.
Other than that, I just puttered around with various and sundry.