Monday, November 04, 2013

Susan, Gregg, and Scrapple

Back to the virtuous life, I took my regular walk yesterday, but still without Susan.  Stopped in to see her after lunch and she said she hopes to be able to walk the full way today.  I urged her not to force herself.  If  she thinks she's able, she can knock on my door even after 7:00, but I won't expect her.
In truth, I'm worried.  It's been more than a month since I took her to the emergency ward, where she stayed for ten days, and she finishes the two-week antibiotic course today.  Yet she says she still has no appetite and she seems tired and looks terribly thin.  Not like her and I think she should get a second opinion and/or insist they look further to find out what's wrong.  As of now, the diagnoses is diverticulitis, but could that cause so much discomfort?  Not sure.
Went on a few errands to Manahawkin, then puttered around with this and that.  I was at the computer when a box came up to say daughter Ellen was on line.  She always Skypes me on Sunday night, but I thought I turn the tables and did so.  To my surprise, her friend (boyfriend?), Gregg S., was there and I was pleased to virtually meet him.
Boy, he's really nice.  Very intelligent, friendly and pleasant.  I'm so happy for Ellen and for him, too.  He's lucky to have met her, but incredibly, they met for the first time twenty years ago at the bookstore in Santa Barbara where Ellen worked.  However, both thought the other was cool (in the old-fashioned sense) and not interested, so nothing came of it.  Those who believe in karma can mull that over.  I was surprised to hear Greg has been east only to Boston to attend his brother's wedding.  Hope he can get to Jersey one of these days, so we can meet in person.
After that nice experience, I decided to cook for dinner something I haven't eaten for more than four years, since Pat died.  I had scrapple and eggs and they were pretty good, although not something I'd eat very often.  The scrapple was in the freezer and I had bought it when Pat was alive.  Expiration date?  I didn't even check.
...but now my stomach...geez, I have sharp pains right in the center...they're getting worse...I'm dizzy...things are spinning...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhh!!
Nope, I'm perfectly fine and intend to eat the rest of the at-least-four-year-old scrapple in the next few days.  Don't like to waste things.

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