Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trees and Target

Got up north by 2:00 and helped my friend and her husband load up a flat-bed trailer with tree limbs, stumps, and sticks they had lopped off early.  Good grief, I think the pile reached up higher than my house.  Husband tied it down and we set off to the place such things can be dumped.
This was pretty interesting.  It's next to, or part of, a hugely excavated area in the woods and there were lots of people there on similar errands.  Some had tree debris, some leaves that filled the backs of their pickup trucks, and all busily threw or swept the stuff into big piles next to a kind of Quonset hut.  I assume the wood will be chipped and the leaves turned into mulch.  As the younger, more energetic folks worked, I just stayed out of the way and enjoyed watching.
Back at their house, friend and I worked on Thanksgiving things.  She had a tray of roasted yams and I split and scooped out the meat while she made gravy, planning to freeze all until Thursday.  She cleaned out the refrig and I helped by discarding out-of-date items (still perfectly good, of course, but we must pay obeisance to the food moguls, who have dictated throwing out and buying more.  As for me, I pay no attention to expiration dates.)
All three of us then took off for Target in Hightstown.  I had given my friend a gift card from there and she bought a few items.  We then stopped a nearby golf course to try the new restaurant there; not great but pretty good.  Last stop was back to their house for the cake I had brought (not homemade, I'm afraid) and we each had a slice after singing "Happy Birthday."  Then I left for home after a pleasant day spent with the people I like most to spend a day with--on the east coast, anyway.

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iloveac said...

Rosemary, do you find spices etc hold their flavor indefinitely? Today I found some baking powder that expired in 2011. I was afraid it might not work right.

I agree the whole expiration date thing is a way to sell products. I do go by dates for meats and dairy. Can't go by odor re bacteria though.