Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch And Other Stuff

I was early picking up Aline, so stopped in to chat her sister, Susan.  She was in her favored lying-on-the-couch-watching-television mode, but cordial as always.
I suggested Aline we lunch at The Olive Garden, as I had a coupon for $3 off for two, and she enthusiastically agreed.  We both had OG's delectable soup, salad, and breadsticks, plus plenty of good talk.  When I presented the coupon, though, the waitress told me it was for Red Lobster.  However, the manager okayed me getting it off anyway, as the restaurants are owned by the same company.  News to me.
Dropped Aline off at 2:00 (she was scheduled to work) and went to the thrift store, looking for a man's shirt and vest for the play.  Didn't found anything and figured the hell with it, I'll wear what I have.
Home, I called brother Larry to tell him I'll go to the Byrne reunion next month after all.  Went into Expedia and got my tickets.  Told sister Betty.  Only problem is, I get back at 11:08 pm and had to find somebody to pick me up.  Called Roman K., and he agreed, but I saw him later and told him I'd try to get somebody else.  Hope I can.
Was very pleasantly surprised to be Skyped by Ellen and we had a good talk.  She has a pass-through opposite her computer and I could see her gentleman friend (well, "boyfriend" sounds silly), Gregg, busily making dinner.  Her renter, Linda, came in, and I said hello to her, too.  Ellen said she and Gregg have invited that Linda and her other Linda friend, for Thanksgiving.  Nice.  She also invited me to go out there for Christmas, and I agreed.
Today: dinner at Culinary Arts with the former Red Hats, now Sunrise Sparklers (aagh!).  Why I ever joined this silly group, I don't know.  With a few exceptions, I have little in common with them and at least two, I actively dislike.  However, it's only once a month, I do like to eat out, and I don't want to antagonize my neighbors, so I'll suffer through it.

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