Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Duckling Prep

I was mildly surprised to see Susan coming toward me yesterday morning as I passed the clubhouse.  We walked the rest of the way together and she stopped in to see the picture of P., N., and K. after.
Did a lot of preliminary work on The Ugly Ducking, the single rehearsal for which is on Friday.  Talked to Bobbi C., who lives there and has arranged this.  Talked to Mary Jo R., the poor soul, who was very worried about not being able to open the attachment I sent.  She told me her computer is fifteen years old (good grief! and is crotchety.  Geez, I surprised it's still operating.
Mary Jo is in her late eighties, has difficulty walking, and suffers from a variety of other ailments.  She had taught chemistry at a college and is an intelligent woman.  I like her, although she's somewhat crotchety as her computer.  Calmed her down and assured her I'd bring a copy of her lines (she's the narrator) to the rehearsal. 
Called Doris G., who had a miniscule part--two lines as a "voice"--because I couldn't quite remember which they were, or if Rachel had added any.  We discussed it and, to my relief, she decided to withdraw, so I'll just add her lines to Mary Jo's.
All that took the first part of the day.  After lunch, I went to Shop-Rite in Galloway for supplies.  Home, I halved a pound or so of cherry tomatoes, added chopped onions, garlic, oil, and a little seasoning, then simmered it for an hour or so.  Cooked up some sausage and elbow macaroni, put them all together and had a bowl for dinner.  Very tasty, if I say it myself. 

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