Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Larry, Betty, And Rehearsal

Still enjoying having brother Larry here, but he's preparing to leave now.  Yesterday, he came with Susan and me on our walk, and also chatted with Frank-Next-Door.  We went to breakfast at John & Sonia's and, as I knew he would, he enjoyed the little luncheonette.  He wanted scrapple and glory be, they had it.  With eggs, toast, and great coffee, we had a yummy, albeit calorie-laden, breakfast.
Drove down to Betty's after and we sat and talked, then went to the breakwater at Longport.  There had been piled concrete and so on along the water, now replaced with more formal stone pilings.  Ocean was fairly calm, but beautiful as ever. 
Back at Betty's, we had good sandwiches (I had brought turkey breast and some coleslaw and grapes) for lunch.  When we stopped at the corner store, Larry insisted on buying us all subs, which we saved for dinner.
After lunch, we drove to Ocean City over the soaring, two-and-a-half mile bridge.  Just looked around at various and drove back, dropped Betty off, and went home.
It was after 5:00 and I jumped in the shower, then hastily prepared for rehearsal.  That  went well, although there are still some snafus that have to be worked out.  Ellen had called to say she was unable to be there, but I hope we can get together with Dave on Friday.  Dave didn't show up, but I got an e-mail from him this morning saying he had forgotten.  That wasn't too much of a problem, as he more or less reads in his Santa skit with Ellen and his part in Hell On Wheels is just a few lines.
I'm sure the show will come together--it had better, as we have only dress rehearsal next Tuesday, then the show the following week.
Took Aline home, then arrived back here about 9:30, for me practically the middle of the night.  Sat with Larry and watched Little People, Big World, while eating my sub and drinking my wine.  Didn't get to bed until after 11:00, but that was okay, as I had told Susan I wanted to sleep late and wouldn't walk.
I was interrupted just now by Larry saying goodbye.  He likes to get an early start and will probably get to Jacksonville tonight and stay over at daughter Jeannie's.  Had a wonderful time with him, and will see him and a lot of his gang when we all get together next month in Kissimmee.
As I'm well aware, I am so very lucky to have no only such a wonderful immediate family, but a terrific extended one, also.

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