Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rhearsal and Dinner

Aagh!  Forgot to set the alarm and over slept!  Susan will be over in about fifteen minutes, so must rush.
I gathered all my notes, costumes, and other stuff and got to Shalom House just on time, at 1:00.  The others were already there, or almost, and we got down to business.  Rehearsal went pretty well.  Only snags were (are) that Sondra brought an entirely inappropriate outfit--very pretty, but not at all suggestive of a princess in medieval times.  She insisted she has nothing else.  I pointed out the incongruity of it, but hell, the world's going to go on turning no matter what she wears, and I'm not going to waste any more time arguing with her.
The big problem is Mary-Jo.  She's our narrator, has just a few lines, but can't seem to remember when to come in with them.  It's very, very difficult for her to walk--I kept worrying she'd fall over, even with a cane--and she has a number of other ailments, one of which, I think, is a vision problem.  The worst part:  She kept falling asleep.  I realize it's boring to sit and listen to a play (and a pretty inane one, if you ask me, I don't know what Milne was thinking back in 1941) over and over, when you don't have an active part in it for long stretches. 
Mary-Jo expressed concern about parting at Shalom House--it's very limited--and I said I'd pick her up next week for the actual performance.  After rehearsal, Bobbi showed us the closer parking lot out the back, which I guess is an improvement.  I gave Bobbi the program I had made up and she'll duplicate it. 
Frankly, this whole damn this is a bore; can't wait until it's over so I can concentrate on For Better or Worse.
We broke up about 3:30 and I stopped in or Betty's on the way home for just a few minutes.  She showed me her upstairs, which looks terrific, the guy still there working.  Very nice.   
Changed and went over to Susan's at 6:00.  I met the only other guest, her friend, Pat, who's visiting her from California.  She and I had a good talk and all in all, it was a very pleasant evening, with plenty of wine and a nice meal.
Must pull together my Dionne Quintuplet stuff for the "collections" event today.

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