Saturday, November 02, 2013

Good Things

Several good things happened yesterday.  Susan called--she's "improving," she says, but not very rapidly--and invited me to dinner next Friday, while her friend from California is visiting.  I was pleased to accept. 
I received in the mail two wonderful pictures of P. N., and K., my darling new grandson.  They're formally posed in a studio, one of the little prince alone with a card behind him bearing his name in Japanese characters.  (Other son, Mike, told me that.)
The other is the three of them, N. seated, holding baby and P. standing beside them, one hand protectively on N.'s elbow.  I love both the pictures, of course, and took photos of them to send to P.'s siblings.
Finally, at long last, I got a Skype call from Mike and my precious granddaughters.  Violet held forth at great length about her little comings and goings and showed me various stuffed animals.  She also drew a picture of me, with "I luv u nana" on it, entirely unaided.  I was so delighted I asked Mike to send it to me.  Vivian repeated her lines for the school play she'll be in, properly pretend-honky-tonk, of course (she plays a waitress).  The play is Bugsy Malone, which others have heard of, but I never did before.
Anyway, it was wonderful to see them.  I asked about Vicky, their longtime (since before Vivian was born, nine years ago) and Violet informed me that "she's making a baby."  This was startling, especially as Vicky is over forty, but I assume that's why she's taking a leave of absence back in the Philippines.  We were "on" for about an hour and it was so much fun. 
I called For Better Or Worse rehearsal for this afternoon at the library.  I'll be missing the two males in the ca--
Oh!  I was just interrupted for a delightful reason: a Skype call from adorable little K. in Tokyo and his Daddy.  He's so darling.  Seemed to be looking at his Nana on the screen, although maybe not.  I talked to him and his pop while Mommy was in the shower.  Now K. will get his bath.  I'm so appreciative of Skype--what a boon when your darlings are so far away.

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