Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Now things are really poppin!.  Larry blew in about 1:00; Betty had come over earlier and we had a fine sibling time talking.  We then drove over to Capenelli's (or something) Garden Café and Larry treated us to dunch (or linner), a combined meal between two. 
We parted from Betty after much good food and more good talk, and Larry and I went down to the bay to see a lovely sunset.  Home, we--well, what else, talked and talked until time for me to go to a Hedda Gabler preliminary meeting at the H.'s
Jim and Mary were there, of course, and I was thrilled to find that Kevin B. (who murdered me in Night Must Fall a few years ago) has been cast.  So has Ellen V. (as my housekeeper, which she was in Night, too), Neil G. and Kathy D.  We had a great time, especially after hearing this news: We have Surflight Theatre in April AND November!  I don't know how we pulled it off, but it's thrilling.  We'll do Hedda in April, and November will be announced.  We set up times to meet, discuss the characters, and start readings--happy day!
Got home close to ten and Larry and I sat up pretty late gabbing.  I'll walk today, but don't know if Susan will. 
I have a slew of e-mail I haven't read, except for a very welcome one inviting me to go to upstate Pennsy the day after Thanksgiving. 
Lots of other stuff going on, but I want to close this and get ready for our walk.  Rehearsal tonight for For Better or Worse.

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