Friday, November 15, 2013


Got back to Comcast and after all kinds of drama, just too long and bo-o-ring to even outline, I got my monthly bill back down, this time to $117, quite an improvement.  I do think Comcast was put on this earth by the gods of disarray in order to drive me stark, raving....
Went over to Bam! (which stands for "Books A Million," the stupidest name imaginable, rivaled only by the "'R' Us" chains) to find I have nine bucks left on a gift card.  Must get over there when I have more time.
Met Betty at Red Lobster at 1:00 and we had a nice lunch.  We both ordered shrimp and I a Sam Adams seasonal.  I was very tasty, but after a few gulps, I noticed there was a piece of paper floating in it.  Management, properly contrite, gave me another and didn't charge.
Went to Boscov's after, to try to get shoes.  It was a madhouse---big sale on shoes--and very hot in there; didn't find any.  I ran into Dayle, from Players & Playwrights; will see her Sunday at the meeting.
Went to Canal's for wine, then to Produce Junction and got twelve beautiful, long-stemmed pink roses.  Stopped at the cemetery on the way home and put a rose on Pat's and Jay's graves.  Will give one each to my cast after the play today.
I didn't get home until almost 5:00.  Talked to Bobbi, who agreed to take Mary Jo home after we go to Ventura's (off shore) following the show.  Now I must pull together all the myriad items I have to bring.

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