Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Well, the play turned out well-done and well-received.  The preliminaries and aftermath happenings, though, were exhausting.
I assembled the multitude of articles I was taking, including, script, loose-leaf book that included the layout for the "stage" (really just the upper part of the room), and last minute admonitions to the cast; plus water, extra scarfs, tissues, camera, my mustache and large hat, a dozen pink roses, and lots of other stuff.  I then took everything out of the trunk and loaded in--very laboriously because it's so awkward and heavy--my late husband's walker for Mary-Jo. Picked Aline up at 11:45, then drove to Ventnor to get Mary-Jo.
Geesh, this poor soul.  She slowly and cautiously came out of the house and down the five or so steps--my heart was in my mouth during this maneuver--and was already distraught because, she said, she had put $600 in a paper bag and her cleaning lady had accidentally thrown it out. 
WH-A-T?!  Leaving aside the question of why you'd put $600 in a paper bag, I think I'd examine the cleaning lady very closely about that.  After commiserating with Mary Jo--and suggesting she call public works as soon as possible--I finally got her in the car and we set off for Shalom House.
Luckily, I was able to stop and unload both women fairly close to the back door.  Again laboriously, I got the walker out of the truck and helped Mary-Jo out and up the walk.  Bobbi, who lives there, was supposed to be at the door to let us in, but wasn't and I had to tap on the pane.  Finally, we were admitted and I got Mary-Jo and Aline situated.  Ran back to the car to move it and then was able to turn my attention to the reason we were all there.
Got everybody together, gave them last minute instructions, checked costumes and props, had the chairs moved slightly, and did the myriad other things attendant on a performance. 
More woes from Mary Jo: She forgot her script, so didn't know when to come in.  I hastily crossed out some of the things I was having her say and gave her the copy I had typed out for myself.  Luckily, she didn't have many lines; mostly just introduced the play and we improvised for the rest.  Oh, and she also suddenly set up a cry that she had lost the pin that matched her earrings--aagh! 
Moving right along: The audience filed in--about fifty of them, which filled the room--and we dove in.  With a few snafus--and if the audience isn't aware of them (they weren't), they don't matter--it went pretty well.  Applause and congratulations at the end and all went well.  Betty, Muckie, and Kay were there and I chatted with them for a few, then we all packed up and shipped out.
I presented each member of the cast, plus Aline and Rachel K., who attended, with a rose, for which they were surprisingly pleased.  We talked for a time, then packed up.  It took me an age to get everything back in the car, including, of course, Mary-Jo and Aline, but I finally did, once more lugging the walker around and hoisting it into the trunk. 
We met the others at Ventura's off-shore and just ordered appetizers--but they were plentiful and yummy, actually more satisfying than a whole dinner, it seems to me. We paid with our half of the proceeds from the play (we changed $2) and greatly enjoyed the meal.  I added a Samuel Adams Seasonal--richly deserved, sez I--for which I paid myself, of course.  Had a good, convivial time and, happily, had asked Bobbi to take Mary-Jo home, so we said our goodbyes and left about 5:00.
It was already dark and annoyingly, I missed the entrance to the Parkway (I usually get it at Galloway--it's a longer merge) and blundered into Port Republic.  I got back from there all right, but had to take the Smithville entrance and that's always nerve-racking.
However, got back okay, dropped Aline off, and finally reached home safe and sound.  Boy, speaking of "sound," did I sleep soundly last night.  A good, satisfying day overall, but exhausting and I'm glad it's over.  Now, I must turn my attention to For Better or Worse, a much more challenging project, and coming right up.


Ellen said...

Congratulations on another great production, Mom!

Mimi said...

Thank you, dear girl!