Monday, November 11, 2013

Leaves and Veggies

Got to my friend's at noon and helped raking leaves--of which they surely have more  than the rest of the folks on the eastern seaboard combined.  (That's the trouble with trees: Every fall, they insist on dropping leaves.)
My main purpose for the trip was to see the couples' new kitchen counter tops.  Boy, are they terrific.  Granite, beige background with "threads" of ecru or something and subtle strands of related colors.  They also have a new back splash of similar colors, but in sort of checkerboard pattern.  Looks great!
I was served lunch and we had a nice chat, then the master got back under the sink--to continue installing fixtures, that is, and the mistress and I spent more time raking and mulching.
I said goodbye and was on the road before I remembered I had been promised veggies from the organic farm.  Went back and got fresh spinach, bok choy,* arugula, red leaf lettuce, and carrots.  What a bonanza!
Home, I barely had my coat off when I starting in to washing, chopping, and otherwise preparing.  Stir-fried the bok choy* and spinach separately in oil with garlic, tore the lettuce into two large bowls, cut up the carrots (I'll put them in the slow cooker later), and was finally finished about 5:00. 
Added hard-boiled egg and feta to one of the salad bowls and, along with the bok choy,* had that for dinner.  Excellent, if I say it myself.
* This is weird.  The little elves at Spellcheck don't recognize "bok choy."  Are they Eurocentric or what?

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