Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Sparklers" Dinner

Decided to try to sell my dolls (but not Linda, never Linda) on Craigslist and, to that end, went to the site.  It's true, as Ellen said, that it's easy to use, but I tried to reset my password, and for some reason, haven't been able to do it.  I'll try again today. 
Had a surprisingly (see yesterday's entry) nice time at the Sunrise Sparklers' (truly idiotic name, but it is what it is) Culinary Arts dinner last night.  However, I came very close to disaster, to wit:
I hate to drive at night but, at the same time, don't like to drive with a lot of co-members of the group because I know they can't see well at night, either.  Therefore, I craftily conceived the notion that I'd tell our leader, Josephine, I had to be in Atlantic County earlier in the day, and I'd meet them there.  True, I'd have to drive at night, but at least I wouldn't have anybody with me. Went to Stockton State's site and was annoyed that I couldn't find any location for its restaurant.  I toyed with the idea of just going there, assuming they'd have signs, but finally phoned the college catering service to ask where it was and she said they had no catering service.  What?  But I was there last spring, I know I was.  Nope, she said, you must be thinking of Atlantic Community College.  Oh, no, of course not, I know it was Stockton...
It wasn't.  Oh, it's a damn good thing I called or I would have been twenty-five miles away waiting for the rest of the group.  Anyhoo, long story short, etc., we gathered at the clubhouse, Lee S. and I went with Pat and Dolores P. in their new car, and I had a very nice time.  Selected "crispy pork shank," which was excellent and I even had some to take home. 
This is the one time a year spouses are invited to come and it was fun with the guys, all very congenial.  It was a long, long evening--for me, anyway--as it started with fancy appetizers and progressed through soup, salad, entrée, and dessert at a rather slow pace.
But I'm always impatient to get there, do that, then get away, and recognizing that unfortunate trait in myself, I made myself okay with it.  Talked and laughed and enjoyed myself.
Got home after 9:30, partly thanks to our driver following the GPS advice which took us roughly twenty miles out of our way.  Lee and I both knew he was going in the wrong direction, and tried to tell him, but to no avail.  No point in being annoyed, though, as we got back fine after a pleasant evening. 

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