Friday, November 08, 2013

K. and So On

Just started the day with a virtual visit from precious little grandson, K., in Tokyo.  He was busily swatting at rotating toys on his mat, which also has music.  What an adorable baby and it's such fun to see him.  He got a U.S. passport yesterday, he told me--well, it may have been his Dad--and now must get a Japanese one.  He's so beautiful he could be a  model--says his Nana, an entirely objective observer, of course.
Yesterday, I worked intently all day with more stuff concerning The Ugly Ducking, including cast lists and notes, phone calls, and so on.  In addition, I pulled together various parts of the "collections" I'm displaying at the clubhouse tomorrow.  Still have to decide which of my million Dionne items I'm going to bring.  Staying in was okay, as it was rainy, dark and dreary.
By 4:00, I had almost finished and was sick to death of it all.  Drove down to the water--both Gravelling Point and Green Street--and took a few pictures (see them at above entry). When I got home after an hour or so, I was revitalized and happily settled down to the last of my leftovers.

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