Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ups And Downs And Dominoes

Talk about your up-and-down (or in this case, up, down, down and up) day. 
Up:  Got a call from brother Larry to say he's in Washington and will stay over at my place Monday evening on his way home.  Spent some time tidying up the guest room, no prob and I'm looking forward to his visit.
Down:  Jeanne S. called to say she has been diagnosed with cellulitis (a systemic infection of the skin) and a few other things and can't be in For Better or Worse.  Oh, damn, now what?  Although the person has only a few lines, I have to find a mature woman who's willing to do it in only a bit more than two weeks.  Otherwise, I'm probably it and I really don't want to perform as well as direct.  I offered to pick up Jeanne's medication at Rite-Aid, did so, and chatted with her for a bit in her crowded, but interestingly decorated, tiny apartment.
Down:  Took a big comforter to the Tuckerton Laundromat and put it in a machine that took some of my coins and wouldn't return them when it didn't start.  Tried another machine and it did the same.  Nobody there to help and the place was filthy.  Tried to call the "help" number and no answer.  Gathered up my quilt and went to the other Laundromat. 
Up:  Went to Barb and Ray H.'s for dominoes.  Had a good, convivial time with them and other great neighbors, Dennis and Leslie R., and Frank and Barbara D.  These are the people--we all live on the same side of the street--I always think of as "the inner circle."  We live in a row on the same side of the street and I like and trust them the most of all my neighbors in the community.
Down:  Didn't get home until almost 11:00, so haven't gotten much sleep.
Well, I want to end on an "up" note: 
Up:  Got up in time to walk and now, at 6:30, am glad I did.
Players & Playwrights meeting today. 

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