Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lunch And So On

Turned out to be a delightful day.  I continued to work on Duckling prep in then morning, then picked Aline up at 1:00.  Asked where she'd like to go for lunch; any old where, she said (more or less) and we headed for The Grapevine.  But in passing Ocean Eastern Buffet, Aline suggested we go there.  I hadn't been for about five years, so I turned back and we went.
I'm not a big fan of buffets, for the obvious reason that I eat too much when it's "free."  However, once in a while is okay and the food was pretty good, service prompt and pleasant, and we had a nice time.  I couldn't help but remark over the chicken satay that I had had same in Thailand itself.  Was it better there?  Yes.
We went down to the water after--Green Street--and just enjoyed gazing.  It then occurred to me that my friend was coming after work, so we drove home.  She pulled up just as we did, replaced my light bulbs in the kitchen (I love my nine-foot ceilings, but the downside is, I can't climb up there), readjusted the drawer in the freezer, then sat down to chat for a bit.  We then loaded my three bulky thrift store donations (dressing table, bookcase, shelving) into her SUV and took them to drop off on her way home.
It was only 5:00, but almost dark (sob!) by the time I took Aline home.  

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