Friday, November 01, 2013


A varied and not particularly memorable day.  I walked at 7:00 and ran into Maureen K., another of the marathon talkers around here (I admit I'm no slouch, either).  We stood and talked--she hadn't known about Susan--then I walked back to my street with her.
Met Betty at Italian Gourmet and had a mediocre turkey and stuffing meal.  We had a nice visit, though, and I gave her three of the chicken legs I had roasted on Wednesday.  I mentioned the table and bookcase Ray was going to take to the thrift store for me, and she said she'd like to have them for her newly-enlarged upstairs room.  Now I'm wondering and will ask: Does she intend to sell house furnished?  If not, why burden herself with still more stuff?
Home, I was ambitious enough to look into, and consolidate, my scripts, programs, and props from former shows, discarding programs from those I had simply attended.  Put all together in a large container, labeled it, and stowed in the garage.
Bobbi C. called, asking how many tickets I wanted reserved for The Ugly Duckling.  Good grief, I had forgotten all about that, although we're rehearsing a week from today and presenting on the fifteenth.  Being "readers' theatre" and because we've already performed it, it seems mundane, but will probably go over big with Shalom House residents.   I'm directing and will reprise my Prince Simon role.
Other than that, I just puttered around with various and sundry.

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