Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full And Fun And Full Of Fun

Full--and fun--day again.  Arrived up north at 10:00 and we took off shortly after to pick up little Lucas, 7, at a diner on Route 206.  Along with the just-turned-ten-year-old and the will-be-5-in August guy, they made a high-spirited trio.  It took a good hour and a half to get to Ringing Rocks State Park, in Upper Black Eddy, Pa., but no prob and we drove through beautiful countryside.
The boys loved clambering over the huge boulders and striking them with the hammers we brought along to make a metallic sound, not a dull clunk.  Now, I like to walk, but uneven terrain is not where I like to do it, so I picked my way to the edge of the field of rocks and waited for them.  Did the same when they went down a rocky path to get to the waterfall about a quarter mile away.  We then ate the lunch Granny (ha!) had packed and took off.
Next stop was New Hope, where we boarded the flat-bottomed boat for a trip down the Delaware.  The water was so smooth and the boat so slow, I wasn't nervous at all and the boys loved it.
Granny's husband had ridden his motorcycle the fifty miles or so from home and met up with us as we got back on land.  Back to the northern dweller's place, the "Slip 'n' Slide" was set up, the boys changed and they had an absolute ball with it.  Loved watching them from the deck while I ruefully reflected (oh, fer cryin' out loud, what kind of hoity-toity literary talk is that?!) that I used to be able to do that.  Multiple fractures if I tried it now.
Luke's mama and dad then stopped to pick him up--they were camping at Jenny Jump Park--and soon, Sue and Joe, J. and R.'s grandparents came.  Later, so did our J.'s grandfather, his wife, and daughter, and we sat for a time chatting, then had the cake and sang the song to precious J., now officially ten years old.  After present opening--which included a tent, sleeping bags, and canteens for all four boys, it was after 8:30 and getting dark, so I said goodbye.
Today, the boys and the grannies are meeting up with the grandpappy's son and his family near the Delaware Water Gap to go to the wolf preserve.  I'll skip that, but will see them again on Monday.   

Friday, June 29, 2012

Flowers and Stuff

Satisfying day all around.  On my daily walk, met up with first, Mary S., who's caring for Susan's cat and parrot while she's away, and chatted with her for a time; then Maureen K., and stopped to talk to her; and soon, Loretta M.--it took me almost an hour to finish, but no prob.
After breakfast, drove to the cemetery to inspect the graves.  Pat's needed weeding, and also had a big gap in front.  The New Guinea impatient I had planted at Jay's was almost dead--I think I overestimated the shade it would get--and both were dry.  Went to Produce Junction and got two, nice-sized plants--just can't remember what they're called--with pretty, variagaged pinky-red blooms.  For the porch, also picked up three vinca vines and a huge patio plant of red, white, and purple petunias.  Total cost: ten dollars even.
Back at the cemetery, I planted Pat's in the bare space; doesn't look bad, although it's assmetrical.  At Jay's, it took me a good ten minutes to get the damn Mexian heather roots out--it's a pretty plant, but never again--then I put in the new one.  Took pictures to send Betty and the kids.
Home for just a few minutes, I cleaned up a bit--was splattered with mud--then went to the library.  Had dinner,then drove down to the odd-looking estate down Route 9 and took more pictures.  Drove to Shop-Rite in Manahawkin, then home and made another tofu stir-fry for dinner.
Darn...woke up this morning to an enormous storm.  Hope it passes, so it doesn't cancel Ringing Rocks and the birthday party.
Darn!  The SpellCheck on this blog isn't working.  Can't imagine why.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lake And A Shared Birthday

I've had a sore on the back of my leg since Mike was here and we hiked at Wells Mills Park.  Assumed it was a bite or scratch, but it hasn't gone away and is red and itches.  My older sister had a melanoma in almost the same spot (she survived it; it was cigarettes that got her in the end) and I started getting nervous remembering that.  On my way to Manahawkin, stopped at the doctor's and asked if he could look at it.  He wasn't available but the nurse practioner was.  She examined it, cleaned it up, and said it was infected, but that you can't be sure just by looking at it that it wasn't cancer.  Prescribed an antibiotic, told me to put on Neosporin, and if it isn't healed in two weeks, to come back and I'll be sent to a dermatologist.  I like the NP--Dawn--and was heartened, although am anxious to see the damn thing go away.
Went to Manahawkin and got more toys and books for the boys, then stopped at the DMV to ask that they stop sending my husband handicapped licences, as he died three years ago.  Made lunch, packed it,  changed, and took off for the lake.  The three others were already there and we all had a fine time in the water and sand. Accepted a dinner invitation and we ate on the deck.  T. and I washed the table, then he took out the tableware--what an adorable little helper he is!  Yummy meal of salad,  meatloaf, fresh beets, and potatoes, and the best homemade blueberry pie I ever tasted.
Made a date to go back on Friday, when we'll celebrate J.'s birthday with a "boys' day" at "Ringing Rocks" in Upper Black Eddy, Pa. 
Happy birthday to him and to my older son, P., one of the four brightest spots in my life.  They were both born on this day and do I remember both occasions?  You bet--the one ten years ago and the one quite a bit longer than that.  Lucky me. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Walked with the boys (Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and so on), then did wash and tidied up the guest room.  Drove to the SOCH thrift store in Manahawkin and got some toys, books, and games for the real (little) boys, coming soon.  Had lunch, dressed, and left for the "visitation" ("wake"; seems to me even the later "viewing" is a silly affectation) for Pat K. about 2:30.
Pat's house is lovely.  It was built in, I'd say, 1830 or so, and retains great beauty with its large foyer, mahogony woodwork, and thick walls.  It's directly across from Rider and set on beautifully landscaped grounds.  The big kitchen--enlarged and modernized--runs along the whole back and there are attractive decks on two levels.
I was surprised, but charmed, by the fact that Pat was laid out right in what I guess would be called "the palour."  When I was a kid in 1902, practically all wakes were held in the deceased's home; it would have seemed odd to use a "funeral home" or--to follow the modern trend--have it in the church before the ceremony.  However, this seemed right and proper and, somehow, I was glad of it.  The room was filled with white calla lillies--may have been Pat's favorite flowers--and the house with gorgeous flowers, both from florists and I think, Pat's own gardens, as she was an avid amateur horticulturist.
Talked to Pat's husband, Edzu (Polish, pronounced "Ed-jew") and several of her six children, then saw and chatted with Kathy B., Linda J., and Marie M., all of whom I remember from my Rider days.  Left after an hour or so and drove home.  With other recent passings and back-to-back viewings ("wakes," "visitations"), I've had enough of death.*
Stopped at the northern dweller's on the way home, but declined her dinner invitation.  Possible lake action with the boys today; hope it's warm enough.
Made a tofu stir-fry with peppers, mushroom, and onions; very good.
*And at my back, I always hear/Time's winged chariot hurrying near...(Andrew Marvel, To His Coy Mistress).  Boy, do I ever--and louder all the time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lots More Going On

Determined to get back in the healthy groove, I walked our usual mile and a half at 7:00 (by myself, as Susan's in Canada), then did the exercise at the clubhouse at 8:00.  After my regular breakfast, I drove to Atlantic County.  Went to Shop-Rite and Santori's to pick up veggies and stuff.  Went to the cemetery, but there was certainly no need to water, as it had rained so much.  I must tidy up Pat's grave and re-plant at Jay's; the begonia looks bedraggled. 
Rain started again by the time I stopped at the library.  Got the recent bestseller, The Help, which is proving to be absorbing.  I don't usually read fiction, especially bestsellers (no question I'm a literary snob), but this is good light summer reading.  Took a short nap after.  Did stuff on the computer and finally got my tickets for California.  Forwarded reservation info to Ellen and her sister. 
Heard from Helen C. at Rider, who e-mailed me that Pat K., whom I knew well when I was there, has died.  I saw her last year at the reception, but not in May. I'll go up to a "visitation" today at her home across from Rider, which is from 3 to 8.
On a similar somber note, I went over to the viewing for Maureen W.'s husband last night; got thoroughly soaked coming from the parking lot, but I didn't care.  Lots of people there and I met Terence Donavan, Maureen's nephew, who had met Mike in Manhattan last year. 
Looking forward with great pleasure to the arrival of grandson, his lady, and the four little boys on July 3.  There are also tentative plans to go to the lake tomorrow, and a birthday outing for the soon-to-be ten-year-old on Friday.
Skipped the wine last night in favor of iced tea; had the popcorn and some rice cakes.
It suddenly dawned on me that today is N.'s birthday and tomorrow is P.'s!  Oh, no!  What with all the Funny Money and other stuff going on, I thought I had time for cards and gifts!  Tried to get them on Skype, but had no luck; will keep calling, as it's evening for them.  So sorry!  I'm the world's worst mother!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Busy One

Another jam-packed day.  Accepted Aline's invitation to a brunch held by one of her fellow Red Hats and got there about noon.  House is right on the canal, but was horribly hot and untastefully--or mistastefully--decorated; lots of dusty little artifacts around.  I had already had breakfast and wasn't hungry, so ate only a few forkfuls of leathery scrambled eggs and one overdone sausage.  A pitcher of "Mimosas" (the quote marks are there for a reason) was served, but I didn't detect any booze in it (I was told it was there), it was cloudy (why?), and strawberries were floating in it, fer cryin' out loud!  For this, I paid nine bucks--steep for a mediocre meal.  
There were about twenty women there, all of a certain age, as the novelists used to write, and the talk turned to ailments, wouldn'tcha know.  One woman was on oxygen (well, aren't we all?), another had blocked carotid arteries, and so on and on.  I always feel a bit inadequate in such company--my puny gall bladder operation of two years ago just can't compete,  (Joke, of course, I know how lucky I am to be this healthy.)  Nevertheless, they were nice enough and sitting out on the deck, I enjoyed myself in a restrained sort of way.  Left about 1:30 to freshen up and prepare for the matinee--and final--performance of Funny Money.
Too bad this didn't prevail throughout the run!  The place, while not exactly packed, was about three quarters filled and it was a very appreciative audience.  My friends, Leslie and Dennis, Naomi and Wayne, and Barb and Ray came, as did Aline's Red Hat group of about 25, and a good number of others.  They were wonderfully appreciative and laughed heartily in all the right spots.  Aline and I served up refreshments and enjoyed all the energy in the air.
We were able to clean up during the second act, then I took off for LA's restaurant in Manahawkin for Dine Around, arriving about 5:00.  I sat with Rae and Sid S. and had a good time talking with them--Rae is leaving for Ireland (she was born there) on Thursday with her daughter grandson, to visit a healer--don't even ask.  Shabby room, poor service, and lousy food, but the draw is the company, of course.  The usual silly games were conducted by Judy K., and I won a big block of chocolate that I need like a hole in the head and a dollar store bracelet that I actually like.  Home by 8:00, I skipped the wine, just had popcorn and iced tea and slept soundly.
Now I'm ready for some downtime.
Note:  What just popped up:  "Goggle wants to track your physical location" with a "allow once" and "allow and don't ask again."  WHAT?!  Does Goggle have drones overhead?  Why should they want to track my physical location?  Don't like this at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surprise Party

A glutton for punishment, I drove up to Shop-Rite--yes, on a Friday in the summertime in early afternoon.  It was jammed, of course, but I got what I needed--wanted--and got outta there.
Stopped at the florist on the way back and the woman told me they had no pink roses, which I had ordered, so she made me up red and yellow and gave me a five dollar vase.  I was annoyed for a minute, but there are beautiful, probably better than the pink ones, and I was fine with them.  Went home to do some domestic chores until it was time to get ready for the party.  Showered, washed my hair, and dressed; wore the long dress I got for the wedding, along with a black top--looked pretty good, but my hair was a disaster.
Dennis and Leslie picked me up at 4:15 and off we went to SeaOaks.  Big room and lots of people--I think about 60, including most of Ray and Barb's neighbors.  We sat at a table with Barb's cousins; chatted with them and others until the birthday couple came in about 5:00--SURPRISE!--and they were thrilled.
Open bar, excellent buffet, and d.j. with annoyingly loud music, but elegant atmosphere and a lot of fun.  Much chatter, some somber concerning my friend, Maureen W.'s husband, who died suddenly a few days ago.  We stayed until a bit after eight, then said our goodbyes.
Today, not one, but two eating-out experiences are coming up.  My weight is out of control yet again--I've gained back about two thirds of the 72 pounds I had lost.  Will have to assess my position tomorrow and come up with a plan to wrestle myself back.  Damn, I can't imagine what life would be like without the overweight thing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Full Day

Whew, what a day!  Walked with Susan at 7:00, showered and dressed, then left for Betty's a bit after 8:00.  She had asked if I minded having Shirley B., an old friend of hers visiting for the week, come along, and no prob by me. 
It was fun to see Betty's DIL, Katie, and the three darling little girls, especially little Amelia, two months old today.  I held and rocked her and oh, what I'd give to have another precious baby in the family.
Betty asked if I'd drive to pick up Shirley, I did, and we went to a little restaurant called Brittany's in Chelsea (for the uninitiated, that's the area of Atlantic City closest to Ventnor).  Ordered scrambled eggs, but after hearing Shirley ask for poached, changed my order.  Haven't had them for awhile and with whole wheat toast, o.j., and coffee, they were yummy.
We visited a bit back at Betty's, I took Shirley back to her son's house, then went to the Plays and Playwrights meeting.
Hey, it was a good, satisfying one.  I've come to the conclusion--maybe prematurely--that I have little talent for play-writing.  In the future, I'll  probably stick to the kind of writing I do for The Breeze.   (That's not a promise, though!  If a good idea for a skit or drama comes along, I might just change my mind.)  Was asked to read the "Joan" character in a play called The Speaker, which was actually not bad.  I was amazed after to have someone praise my "acting"--all I did was put a little animation in it--and the whole room applaud.
Incidentally, the play had a bit during which a faculty chair offers the main character a teaching job at a university.  Wha'?  It doesn't happen that way in the real world; good grief, there'd be search committees, interviewing groups, and extensive vetting before anybody would get near a faculty position.  During the critique session, I mentioned this and, of course, John, our leader, who teaches at Stockton, my friend, Louise, and some others understood, but the author, who's eighty if he's a day, didn't.  I let it drop, though, no sense in beating a (almost) dead playwright.
We did other plays, including John's, which concerned a lesbian love triangle. Sounds gross, but really wasn't.  This was enacted by Denise and Dayle, two women I like a lot.  After, Louise, who's 56, and I talked a long time, mostly about her love life--or lack thereof--then parted.
Decided to stop at the cemetery on the way home.  This isn't a direct route, though, and by the time I got there, a summer thunderstorm was teeming rain.  As I had intended to water the flowers and Nature beat me to it, I didn't even get out of the car.  Was stuck in a terrific, miles-long traffic jam on the parkway, and didn't get home until after 5:30.  Nuked a bowl of broccoli for dinner, cleaned up a bit, and picked up Aline.
Groan--the audience was even more sparse than the first two nights.  We counted no more than thirty, a big disappointment.  I'm sure the weather was one factor:  The storm didn't move away until almost showtime.  I picked up on the fact that the performers were slightly other than their best--little stumbles and hesitations here and there-- and Aline agreed.
We did concessions, and then left before the second and last act.  Aline had stayed for the whole thing other times--geez, it's great fun and all that, but seeing it four days in a role seems a drag to me--but last night left with me and I drove her home. 
I'm not attending today; instead, will be going to the surprise party for the H.'s at SeaOaks.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lunch And Show

Went to the florist from whence the roses for the cast had come and ordered a dozen pink ones for the H.'s surprise party.  Stopped in at Dynasty to see if anyone had claimed the money I found on Wednesday.  Late in the day, I was told someone had.
Picked up Leslie and Naomi and drove to SeaOaks; had a lovely lunch and talk.  Les came in to chat for a half hour after.
Picked up Aline and we went to the show.  The performance was even better, we thought, than on Wednesday, but--sob!--attendance was still very sparse--I counted 30.  I fervently hope it picks up today.
I had told Aline I wasn't going to stay for the whole thing again, as I have a full day today.  I want to walk with Susan, then I'm due to meet Betty for breakfast, go to the Plays and Playwrights meeting, and come back for the show.  I want to go to the cemetery while I'm in Atlantic County, too.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Further Fun

Further fun and ain't it grand.  Got to the lake about 10:30 and was joined by the other three a half hour later.  Boy, was it hot--at least 95 and that lake felt great.  Cavorted around the cool water, ate lunch on the beach, and generally had a terrific few hours.
I left reluctantly about 2:00, as I had to get home and prepare for dinner at Dynasty, then opening night.  Jumped in the shower, dressed, and met Aline and her sister, Susan, at 4:30.  Had a mediocre Salisbury steak (overdone) and a good cold Bud.  The sisters insisted on treating me, citing the fact that I had had them over for lunch.
I then drove Aline across the street to the florist, the owners of which had made up pretty roses for each in the cast--free!  Geez, it was so nice of them; I was amazed. 
We got to the school and set up the concession table.  Finished, Aline and I sat in the back to enjoy the show itself.  It was so funny and the cast so good.  Unfortunately, there were only 32 in the audience (I counted them), including the two custodians who happened to be working that night.  Almost a third of the attendees (ten) were--ahem, friends of mine.
It was great fun, of course; the only thing that would have made it better was being on stage myself.  After, we put the refreshment items away and left.  Drove Aline home and didn't get in myself until after 10:00.  Unwound with my popcorn and wine and fell into bed after 11:00.
I skipped our walk, as I had told Susan I probably would, and slept until 7:00.  Got an always-welcome Skype call from the Tokyo Twosome, which just ended, and now I'm going to have my breakfast, do some wash and other chores, pick up Leslie and Naomi for lunch, then go back to the show tonight.
This would have been my fifty-fourth wedding anniversary.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun With Family

Another fun with family day--my favorite kind.  Got up north about 12:45 and we left shortly thereafter for the water park in Monmouth County.  Met Sue and Joe, grandparents of Jason and Robert, then the latter.  All four boys were overjoyed to see each other and immediately paired off in their usual way. They loved the water park, of course, and we stayed for about three hours.  After, we had a good dinner of chili over rice on the deck, then I said goodbye.  Happily, I'm going to meet them at the lake today.
Before I left yesterday, I stopped at the school to ask if I could put the soda and water in a refrigerator.  "Yes," I was told, and I did.  I also opened the boxes of snacks to see what size they are.  Oh, dear, the Pringles in particular, are very small; guess we'll say they're two-fers.  All other items are a dollar--very pricey, it's true, but it's easier to handle the money that way. 
Also stopped at Lillian M.'s to drop off ten bucks needed to "hold" a tour trolley in September, which the Red Hats group is planning.
Skyped Ellen and we had a good chat.  Can't wait to see her the end of July.  Saw Tillie and she looks pretty much okay, but Ellen said she isn't eating as well as she had (sigh...).
Must get ready for the lake.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Arrived up north at 9:30 and the northern dweller left for her doctor's appointment shortly after.  I had brought up the "music thing"  Don't know what to call it; it's a good-sized instrument made out of PVC pipes, and it has a keyboard, but what' really fun is that it also has places you can wave your hands over and it plays.  You can switch from "blue man" to classic to jazz, and so on.  The boys loved it.  Also read them stories from the book, Grandmother Reads to Her Grandchildren, which somebody--I think Ellen--gave me years ago.  Lady of the house got back in a few hours and we had lunch, then took Lu for a walk. 
I left about 1:00 and went directly to B.J.'s where, after a lot of second-guessing my self, I got Skittles, York peppermint patties, Pringles, and something else for the concessions.  Stopped at the school to see if we could store the stuff there; guy took my name and number and said he'd call me.  When I got home, I put all the stuff in my car except the huge ice chest, which I had to empty of the soda and water in it and put in plastic bags to transport.
Picked  up Aline at 6:15 and we went to rehearsal.  One of the cast members helped bring the stuff in, which is now stored backstage.  I haven't even opened it to see if the bags are the right size to be sold for a dollar.  Must do that today before I meet those up north to go to the water park.
Show was really good and the set is amazing.  Left about 8:15, took Aline home and, after talking in the driveway, didn't get in until almost 9:00, so didn't get to bed until 10:00.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Up North

Turned out to be a good day.  Went next door to ask Frank if he knew where the LETCO coffee urn is; he thinks it's upstairs in the Community Center.  He and Barb were having a late breakfast (very late, it was about 11:30) on their screened-in porch and invited me in.  I accepted with pleasure and had coffee and a good chat with them.
Showered and dressed, then left for up north about 2:00.  Wasn't due there until 4:00, so stopped and got a six-pack of beer and cauliflower.  Got there and enjoyed a beer on the deck while talking to the male half of the northern dwellers.  The boys were with their grandfather and Jessie, who had taken them to Great Adventures.  They got back and said they'd had a great time, showing off GA shirts, "Tasmanian devil" figures, and so on.  J. has learned to juggle three balls and can't wait to show his Dad.
We had dinner on the deck: an appetizer of snow peas and zucchini with a dip, grilled chicken, a terrific salad, and fresh beets, topped off by cake homemade by the boys and the lady of the house for the mother-in-law's recent birthday.  After a leisurely meal, we took Lulu for a walk through the neighborhood. 
Home by 8:15, talked to sister Betty and to Aline.  Latter is unable to go with me today to B.J.'s, so I'll do it, then pick her up for rehearsal.  Will bring what I buy then, as I want to be able to leave it there.
Will go back up north this morning to watch the boys while a doctor's appointment is kept.   

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Slow One

Poky day.  Skinned the chicken parts I had bought Saturday.  Rubbed them with garlic powder and paprika, added veggie liquid I had saved in the freezer, and put in the big crock pot.  Sliced onions and put in the small one, along with garlic and a bit of oil.  Had them for dinner and boy, they were good.  Took some chicken off the bone and froze to possibly make chicken salad for company later. 
Did two loads of wash.  Watered the four tomato plants, pepper, and flowers.
Talked to Naomi P. and  Leslie.  Made a date with the former for lunch next Thursday and invited the latter along.
Drove up to Barnegat in the afternoon, just as a diversion, but didn't get out of the car.
Took inventory of the concession stuff and e-mailed Tonya to the effect that I'd supplement by picking up what else is needed at B.J.'s.  I'm a bit annoyed that I got roped into this simply because 1.) the K.'s, who did it for several shows, live down the street, so I was asked to receive what they had left and it's now in my garage, including an ice chest I can't lift;  2.) Aline doesn't drive, so by default, I have to go to B.J.'s.  Oh, well, I'll do it this time; during the next play in October, I hope to be in the cast.
Late in the day, got a call from up north inviting me to dinner tonight.  Yes, indeedy, don't have to ask me twice, so I'm looking forward to that.   
WIDER:  In his usual breathtakingly insightful, but perfectly clear way, Arthur Silber discusses the parallels between present day America and a certain other country not so many years ago:
He is reading a book called Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany and cites it throughout his essay.  I just ordered it from Amazon.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jason and Joel at the wedding

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Cape May Ferry

Packed lunch and met the northern trio at the impromptu "parking area" next to the parkway.  I was--as is my wont--early and while waiting, got a call from sister Betty inviting me to dinner at her place with Muckie and Helen.  Explained our plans and declined. 
It was a beautiful day, with not a cloud in the sky and just comfortably warm.  Arrived in Cape May after a drive of about an hour and a half, got our tickets, let the boys loose on the playground until it was time to leave, and boarded.
We ate the lunches we had brought on the upper deck where (bolted down and metal) tables and chairs were conveniently provided.  Lovely day for a boat ride and the kids loved it.  It got a bit rocky--meaning rocking back and forth--here and there, but nothing we couldn't handle. 
We hadn't taken the car (which would have cost $45), so weren't able to go anywhere on the Delaware side.  Got off at a terminal identical to the one on the Jersey side, but just used the facilities and almost immediately, boarded the same ferry to go back. The boys' mother was to pick them up at a certain time, and it was a long trek home.  (We made tentative plans to go swimming today, but I got an e-mail that it was the mother-in-law's birthday, so they'd go to her assisted living place to celebrate that instead.)
I was home by 5:00, so called Betty to tell her I'd come down to dinner, after all.  Not such a good idea that day, as there was a big Phish concert and the traffic to A.C. was brutal. However, I got there, Betty ordered pizza, and we had a nice dinner.
Got home by 8:30 to find a message from Barb H., inviting me to their Fourth of July party.  Don't know what J. and N.'s plans are yet, and they might be staying here, so will see if I can let them know.
WIDER:   Here's an interesting observation:
"The state and those who operate it are always for sale to the highest bidder. That’s not a corrupting influence; rather it is evidence of the corruption that’s built into the system from the ground up."
That's from and by Thomas Knapp concerning McCain's indignant pose over "foreign money" influencing elections.  Here's the rest:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Goodie

Another fine summer day.  Got up north about 1:00; boys weren't there yet, but their mother brought them in shortly.  She left, we had lunch, then zipped off for the beach at Belmar.
Well, the "fine" summer day didn't include the weather.  It was breezy, cool, and cloudy, but luckily, didn't actually rain.  We had a fine time digging in the sand, racing the incoming waves, and generally amusing ourselves.  Didn't wear suits, as it wasn't really an all-over-wet swim day (although T. succeeded in getting his shorts soaked); too cold and besides, the water was very rough and there was a dangerous rip tide. 
We left about 4:00, as I had to get home by 5:30 or so, having told Aline I'd pick her up for rehearsal.  I was sorry, because the others were going to the farm in Chesterfield.  The northern dwellers had joined a co-op for organic food.  You have to take whatever they're growing and you participate in picking some of it, too.  I would have loved to go there yesterday, but was told she goes every month, so will accompany her another time.
Home in time to wash up, grab a bite, and pick up Aline.  I had reluctantly agreed to work on concessions with her.  Roman K. (he and Judy had done it for a few shows) had dropped off a crapload of stuff, including a cooler with soda and water which I can't even lift.  The stuff is now in my garage, so I guess I bought it.  Darn.
Last night, they did the last scene and it really was funny.  Neil is just such a marvelous director--I wish I could be directed by him.  I left at 8:00--I just don't want to stay out late, then have a problem getting up the next day. Called Susan when I got home to tell her I wasn't going to walk today.  Thought I'd sleep late, but got up at 6:15.  It's now only quarter of seven, so I could walk, but just decided to give myself a pass.  Must make lunch and prepare for today's excursion:  a trip to Delaware on the Cape May ferry--yay!   

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yes, Delightful

Delightful day.  The plan was to meet Betty at 3:00 at the St. James parking lot to get some veggies from the new "International Farm Market" (wha?  International?), then go to her place to cook them up for dinner.  Restless, I left home about 11:00, hoping the rain would hold off long enough to get some plants, then go to the cemetery to put them in.  Went to Produce Junction--wow, that is the best place!  They had a plethora of flowers of all kinds and none gasping their last as they are elsewhere, but hale and healthy.  I picked out four vincas to add to those around my front tree, plus six pretty pentas, and a bright red Begonia.  In addition, I bought a LARGE patio tomato with little green tomatoes actually on them.  I have three other tomatoes and a sweet pepper planted in the back, but love the home grown ones, so added this.  Total cost: twelve dollars.
Driving to the cemetery, I mused that to succeed, business must have either  very high-priced items (yachts, rubies) with only a relative handful of buyers, or a large number of customers who buy at bargain prices like Produce Junction.  (I'm just waiting for the endowed chair in economics at Yale.)
Quickly and easily planted two pentas at Pat's grave and the begonia at Jay's. It was the day after his 38th birthday.  Because we had had a good soaking rain on Tuesday, it was wonderfully easy to put them in.
By then, it was about 1:00 and I realized I'd have to hang out for several hours before meeting Betty.  Called her from Boscov's parking lot and was delighted to hear she was meeting Muckie for lunch at Northfield Diner and could I join them?  I could and I did and we had a neat time.
After, I followed Betty to her house and we then went to the "International Farmers' Market."  Huh, what a bust!  There weren't many vendors and what there were offered veggies and other things at hugely inflated prices.  So damn annoying and neither Betty nor I bought anything.
We had much more success at The Dollar Tree store in Ventnor Heights, where  I got several containers and some cards. Back at Betty's I bought two beers from the corner store and Betty insisted on buying me a sandwich.  We ate on her porch, talked and laughed, and had such a good, sisterly time.
Said goodbye and was home about 6:00.  At 8:00 when I ordinarily watch my 45 minutes of T.V., saw nothing I'd care to watch, so put on Cast Away, which I had bought a week or so ago from the thrift store.  Watched until Tom was burying the pilot, then went to bed. 
Good, good day and this should be another, as I'm meeting the northern dweller and the boys at noon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red Hats

Neat day.  Drove over to the clubhouse at 11:30 where I learned I had been accepted as a new member of "The Sparklers" Red Hat group.  When I walked in, I was pleased to see Lucille S. was a member; however, she didn't accompany us to lunch--bad knees.  I was taken aback, though, to see that the others attending (Jo G., Virginia H., Lee S., Lillian M., and Theresa S.) were wearing--in various levels of notability--either purple shirts, or sequined caps, or both.  I was urged to get something along that line, too--aagh! 
I'm not crazy about the whole concept of "Red Hats"; it seems to me it supports exactly what I rail against: the idea that older women are somehow cute and funny and not to be taken seriously.  I may or may not get some kind of identifying mark. 
Anyhoo, there was a short sort-of business meeting, after which we went to Calloway's for lunch.  I drove my own car, as I had some errands to run in Manahawkin and C.'s is halfway there.  I was relieved to see the rest of the group had removed their hats and weren't particularly noticeable as members of Red Hats. 
We had a convivial lunch.  I like Virginia (our editor-in-chief at The Breeze), Lee, and Jo; Lillian and Theresa maybe not so much.  I try to ignore it, but their very broad Brooklyn accents are so grating and they seem to carry the boring old prejudices--Theresa, for instance, mentioned disparagingly the "orientals" who seem to have taken over her old neighborhood.  Couldn't help but tell her rugs are "oriental," people are Asian and that I have two Asian daughters-in-law.  This seemed to go right over her head.
All that aside, I enjoyed myself.  Had some good talk on other subjects, plus a yummy "West Creek burger": a big, thick, rare burger, heaped with fried onions and mushrooms, and a Blue Moon.  (I was the only one who ordered a beer--ale, actually--which made me smile on the inside.)
Stopped at Lowe's, as I'm looking for more flowering vincas to fill in around the tree, and ran into Anne Mary. She had just been to Red Bank for a biopsy and looks like a concentration camp survivor.  I usually think thin is better, but there's a tipping point and she went over it several years ago; has a gastrointestinal problem.  Went to Acme for a few things, then drove home in a heavy rain.  Finished up my "Neighborly News" column (written by "M.S." aka "Mysterious Stranger") and called Leslie for a nice chat.  Rosie D. then called to invite me on an excursion on June 28.  The kids may be here, so I may not be available, but said I would if I could. 
Called the LETCO number, as I was curious about the message, but it wasn't a recording.  It's at Tonya's desk at work (she works for NAFAC, the federal government, and my taxes pay her salary--hmm...but on the other hand, I really don't care).  She asked if I'd get the concessions stuff from Judy and Roman, also if I'd help Aline with them during the shows.  Agreed, and told her we'd be attending rehearsal tomorrow night.  Called Roman and will pick up it up tomorrow.
WIDER:  A video from Academi, formerly Xe, and before that, Blackwater.  Here are some fun guys toolin' down an Iraqi street:
The other tapes are even better.  One shows a truck zooming past a woman who's been struck by another vehicle and is lying unconscious in a gutter.  Lotta laughs for all, except the Iraqis, but hey, you can't please everybody.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Talker

Stripped the sheets, washed, and re-made the bed in the guest room (big whoops, as my kids would say) and otherwise occupied myself domestically in the morning.  The woman who had borrowed my book after the DQ program, Ann K., brought it back about 10:00.  Just to be polite, I invited her in.
Big mistake.  She stayed more than an hour, recounting her entire childhood (starting with birth), teen years (she was a cheerleader in about--oh, 1901), and working life (sterling).  She told me she was a CPA and when I remarked that I knew there were gruelling exams involved, she said she had passed "it" (I understood there were several that people took in stages) on the first go.  I raised my eyebrows, then they went sky high when she said that her former employer, a sole proprietor accountant, found her so desirable (I'm talking work-wise), he paid for her to go to college.  When she objected that she had to take care of her five children, the guy said his wife would watch them (what?!?).  She made sure to tell me chapter and verse all about about her working life as a "supervisor" (why does everybody think that word embodies high-level business acumen when it usually just means you're a head peon among peons?) but, it seemed to me, described more bookkeeping than accounting.  What an incredible bore--and boor.  Finally, I regretfully (yeah, sure) lied in my teeth and told her I needed to get ready for an appointment.  She left, but not before borrowing another book.
Harry V. came to the door to give me the bocce standings (don't ask) and a letter of thanks to bocce participants for The Breeze.  All of this was written in the future tense as if it would be read soon, and not after July 1 when the paper comes out.  Called Harry to tell him and rewrote it for him.  Stopped at Virginia's to drop it off and stayed to chat for a bit.  She showed me the cover for July and--ouch!  It's the head of a ferocious looking eagle with "FREEDOM" written under it and a flag-draped back ground.  It's so mindlessly militaristic, but what could I do but nod?  (Mimi, you spineless worm.) Well, at least I didn't express admiration.
Talked to Betty and told her I'd like to go down to the farmers' market at St. James tomorrow.  She'll meet me there, then we'll cook up dinner at her place.  However, rain is predicted, in which case all bets are off.
Going to my first Red Hats lunch today.  I'm not entirely sure I want to join such a silly group, but I do like to go to lunch and want to expand my circle of acquaintance.  However, they're playing miniature golf after and, although I guess I'd rather do that than hang by my thumbs for three days--it's a tough choice--I'm going to beg off. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Great Weekend

What a great weekend!  Mike arrived a bit after 2:00 and we caught up with each other at our leisure.  He showed me a darling Wentworth Times, composed by 7-year-old Vivian, which included "breaking news" and ads on the back page.  Mike also gave me a colorful mug and a glass wine holder, both commemorating the sixtieth jubilee of Queen Whatsername. 
I took him out for dinner for a commemoration of his own coming up--Father's Day.  I had assumed a fancier place, but he wanted to go to Brothers' Pizza, a real dump, if you ask me (similar to what Pat used to call "Villa Craphouse" in Ewing), but the pizza is good.  We had pepperoni over all, plus sausage and meatballs on some.  After that, big spender that I am, I took him to The Pine Cone for ice cream.  We then called Ellen and had a good chat and looksee (I'm at it again!) with her. After, we both went to bed very early and slept soundly.
Yesterday, Mike accompanied Susan and me on our walk, a nice change.  The Tokyo Two called on Skype, always a pleasure.  I had invited Betty and the northern dweller for lunch, so beforehand, Mike and I went to
B &B for produce and to Acme.  Home, Mike made a delicious guacamole and I, two salads, green and fruit; also served turkey breast, provolone, crystal pickles, two kinds of bread and iced tea.  As a "favor," Mike gave each of us a pen with British flag on it.  Company arrived promptly and we had a great time over a leisurely lunch. 
Mike had no walking shoes with him, so had asked his sis to borrow some from her husband.  She did, plus socks, and although a half-size small, they fit okay.  The three of us decided to go for a hike, but Betty declined and left beforehand.
We went to Wells Mills Park and walked roughly a total of three miles.  Nice trail, but lots of roots and ruts and boy, was it hot.  Sis went home and we did, too.  Mike packed and--sob!--we said goodbye about 5:00.  After that, I immediately jumped into the shower--it feels so good after a hike!--and later turned on the AC.  Hadn't while Mike was here because he thought it felt wonderful when warm, the weather in the U.K. being as cold, rainy, and overcast as it usually is.  No prob, but I did use a fan in my room Saturday night.    
Ellen called on the web cam and it was good to see her and Tillie, who seems to be comfortable, at least.  Popcorn and wine, bed at my usual early time, and slept like a log. 
Now I'm ready for some idle time.  The woman who borrowed one of my Dionne books after the program called and said she'd return it this morning; wants to borrow another, which I'll give her. I'm thinking of attended a Red Hats lunch tomorrow, and want to go down to the new farmers' market in Ventnor on Wednesday, but aside from that, have nothing planned for the week.    
WIDER:  From Chris Hedges in
"Our highly choreographed campaigns are bizarre spectacles, sterile and empty acts of political theater. The personal narrative of candidates is the central point of debate, not issues, programs or policies. The rhetoric and style is different – in short the brands are different– between Republicans and Democrats, but the substance is the same. It is impossible within the political system in the United States to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs or ExxonMobile. Political debate is dominated by opinion rather than fact. Lies are true."

Saturday, June 09, 2012


I was determined to try again to run the exercise tape, so walked to the clubhouse about 8:20 and put it in.  Finally, I found the right combination of three remotes (why three?!) and got it going.  Was glad I did.
After breakfast, I collected the last of the DQ stuff, packed it in the containers and put them in the garage.  Preparing for Mike's visit today, I vacuumed, cleaned the guest bath, and tidied up otherwise.  Went to Acme for lettuce, tomatoes, and other items, then came home and made a nice salad.  Ate same for lunch, along with broccoli and cauliflower. 
I still wanted a chair for the guest room, but had no intention of paying full price for one, so I drove down to Habitat.  Found nothing I liked here and the prices were fairly steep--$35 to over a C-note.  Went to Blooming Deals, the consignment shop that has pretty nice stuff.  There were some antique chairs similar to the one I have in the hall that had been my grandmother's and they were reasonably priced, but they seemed too fragile for the room.  Drove to my new favorite thrift/consignment shop in Barnegat, and bingo!  I found a sturdy wooden chair, painted dark blue and in good condition for--get this: eight dollars!  I had paid forty a few months ago for the chair in my bedroom, so this was a steal.  The chair probably was used with a big, old-fashioned desk in its first life; has arms, etc.  A nice young woman from the hairdresser saw me struggling a bit to carry it and kindly came out and put it in the car. 
Now all I need is a cushion.  Went to the church thrift store, where I ran into Loretta B., who is a member and volunteers there.  Didn't find one, so I'll go to Wal-Mart and get a new one.
Did some stuff for The Breeze--we have an early deadline this month.  Called Aline and asked if she wanted to go for ice cream after dinner (yes, I'm the devil's cohort).  She did and I picked her up for cherry vanilla at The Pine Cone.
Mike here late this afternoon.  Think I'll take him out for dinner unless he wants pizza.  

Friday, June 08, 2012

Lunch And So On

Finished with the DQ stuff by rounding up the material all over the dining room and guest room and storing it away in the garage.  At least I know where everything is now, so the whole process will be easier when I do it for the Stafford branch on November 1.
Impulsively called Betty in the morning to ask if she was free for lunch.  She had only one patient, so she was, and we met at Shore Diner.  Both had liverwurst and onion on rye--me with a Blue Moon--and enjoyed a good chat.  I invited her to come for lunch on Sunday when Mike's here and she accepted.
I was very early, so had time to stock up on white wine at Canal's, then go to Produce Junction.  Got a hanging geranium and two large Dahlia plants all for seven bucks.  I can hardly believe their prices, told Betty, and she said she'd stop for plants on the way home.
Went to the cemetery after, but stayed only a few minutes.  I must get back here to do some serious weeding and planting; just haven't done it for a long time. Guess I no longer feel the need, although our anniversary is coming up next Thursday.
Stopped at the library on the way home and finally, at long last, my book (requested several months ago), The Bad Seed, had come in.  Started it and, as I suspected, it's much better than the movie; very absorbing.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Day After

Got to the library just as it opened at 10:00.  Collected and packed up my
DQ stuff in three large containers, several cloth bags, and various boxes.  Had to make four trips to the car, but finally got it all in.  Without stopping at home, I drove to Edible Arrangements in Manahawkin and ordered a box of chocolate covered strawberries as a thank-you for the library staff.  It was $25, perfectly okay, but when I went to pay for it, I was told it was thirty-nine and change!  What?  Why?  Because the delivery charge was twelve dollars and now there's a tax on "service."  Hell, that was half again as much as the thing cost, so I just decided to deliver it myself.  Did so, and was greeted with thanks by the gals on the front desk. 
Home for lunch, I realized I still had a lot of quint stuff spread out in the guest room, the kitchen, the dining room, and the study.  I hadn't used these items--mostly paper and some dups--but wanted to keep them.  Left the boxes in the garage, had lunch, and promptly fell asleep on the couch.
Woke when the doorbell rang; it was Fed Ex with yet another package for Mike, who's coming Saturday.  Took that in, then got a call from the library telling me a woman named "Marie" was there to give me another spoon.  Said I'd be there in a flash--I was and met her.  Very nice, she lives in Barnegat and said she was so disappointed that she had written the wrong day down, so wasn't there for the program.  "No prob," said I--or words to that effect--and told her I was doing it in Stafford on November 1.  She promptly wrote that down in her appointment book and we had a nice chat.
Nothing much else going on in these parts.
WIDER:  You think our leaders are too serious?  Here's a story on how the U.S. is losing patience with Patistan and see the quote at the end.
"The defense secretary joked with the troops in Kabul about the U.S. strike that killed an al-Qaida leader Monday, saying, "'the worst job you can get these days is to be a deputy leader in al-Qaida, or for that matter a leader.'"
Panetta is such a fun guy!  He can josh the troops about murdering people with such jolly good humor!  Aren't you glad he represents us?  Nobody can say we're too serious about deliberate, no-due-process killing!  Hey,three cheers for Leon!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Program

Well, whaddya know--my Dionne Quintuplet program turned out terrific!  The library staff told me it had the largest audience of any they remembered--it's not an very big room, thirty-three had signed up, and more than 50 people came.  Extra chairs had to be brought in and the place was packed. 
It went off without a hitch.  Kelly, the branch manager, introduced me with a short bio, then I launched into my opening:  "On August sixth, nineteen fifty-four, a young woman died...."  The laptop for the projections worked fine and I was able to remember the data in the right order.
There were many, many friends and neighbors there from Sunrise Bay, as well as Rose F. and Aline B. from the theatre company and, of course, sister Betty and Muckie from further away.  My colleagues on The Breeze editorial staff all attended and Mary S. took pictures. I counted four men: Walter and Lou from SB and two I don't know. 
While I covered the quints' lives, there wasn't a peep in the room; everybody was enthralled by the story.  A lively question-and-answer sessions followed and clearly, there's still a lot of interest--at least among the Medicare crowd--in the Quints and their era.  I had filled three long tables with Quint memorabilia (just a portion of my collection) and before and after, attendees enjoyed examining and exclaiming over them.       
When it was over, a number of people stayed to chat, including Lily M.  I asked the library if I could leave the memorabilia until today and they agreed.  Betty, Muckie, and I then went to Dynasty for dinner and had a fine time.
What a great day!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Noelle And Joel At the Wedding

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It's DQ Day

It's all DQ now because today's the day.  As I didn't get home until close to 9:00, I wasn't able to walk with Susan, but went to exercise (I can't believe how virtuous I am.) Asked Anne C. how to actually start the CD and she showed me.  Will try again to go at 8:00. 
A new person--new to me, anyway--exercised with me in the front, away from the talkers.  Introduced myself and learned her name is Nina. She's Asian and lives on Windstar.
After breakfast, went to the library to ask if I could come at 4:00 to set up for the DQ program.  They said fine and I went home to assemble the stuff.  It's incredible how much I've acquired over the years.  Selected about three-fourths and packed it all into the car to go later.
Marge D. had e-mailed me to the effect that she'd like to get some extra copies of The Breeze to send to her two children.  Said Fred had looked in the clubhouse, but couldn't find them.  I picked two up--not sure why he couldn't find them--and took them over to drop off about noon. I was pleased to be invited to lunch, accepted, and had a turkey and cheese sandwich on English muffin and a glass of milk.  Different from my usual salad and veggie, but good.  Greatly enjoyed my visit. 
Went back to the library about 3:30 and two of the staff helped me put tables along the side wall.  I'm not crazy about the placement--would much prefer them in the back--but there are a lot of large pieces there (a huge rack for movies and/or DVDs, something that looks like--oh, I don't know, a humidifier for giants--plus some kind of big keyboard thingy), so I put up three long tables on the side.  Took me an hour and I need to go back this morning to tweak a bit.
Went home to once again, for the umpteenth time, go over my presentation--geesh, you'd think I was getting paid for this! 

Monday, June 04, 2012


It's almost 6:00 pm, but I want to do this now and get back in my usual groove tomorrow.  It was one of the most beautiful weddings I ever saw.  We arrived at the Glen Foerd Mansion in Tarrytown, Pa a bit before 3:00.  It's an incredibly gorgeous place, a huge yellow building built around 1850 with lovely grounds running down to the Delaware River.  Here, under a bower, the ceremony was held.  Diana is Jewish, Carl is Byazantine Catholice, and the minister (female) is Lutheran.  Joel, the best man, looked so handsome in his formal clothes, little Tristan, the ring bearer, was adorable as he walked down the path with the flower girl, and the whole things was exquisite.  There was an open bar--I had two glasses of champagne and a Corona--and luscious hot and cold appetizers, then a sumptuous meal--I had filet mignon, the other choice being salmon--and a spectacular wedding cake, square with chocolate icing.  Very loud D.J., lots of dancing--I did some--and a lovely day altogether. 
After, we got the pool components transferred, then took J. and T. to their other grandmother's in Ewing, where they'll visit for a week. 


Home in time for exercise after an absolutely gorgeous wedding yesterday.  Must spend time preparing for the DQ program--it's tomorrow, aagh!-- so will describe that busy and beautiful day later.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Word Problems

Got the pool at 10:00 and was pleased to find it fits in my car.  Will transfer it to the northern dwellers' SUV when I get up there today, and take it to the wedding per J.'s request.  That will save him from having to drive an extra 100 miles while they're in the area.
My friend, Pat, asked if I'd take a look at the obituary she wrote for her husband and suggest any changes. I did, and revised a bit.  Sent it to her as an attachment and thought that was that. 
It wasn't.  She couldn't open it.  No prob, thought I, I'll just copy and put it in the body of the message.  Went to do that and when I opened it was simply an empty page. Tried lots of stuff and no dice.  Now I know I had saved it because I had titled it "Obit for Dick" and it wouldn't have asked me to put a title on if it wasn't there. 
Long story short, etc., I called Fred D., who had worked with computers since 1984.  He kindly came over about 4:30 to try to retrieve the piece.  He was here until 7:00 pm!  Tried everything and no dice.  He hates Microsoft and believes it--they--"hide" things in order to get you to buy more software.  Probably so and he never was able to call it up.  I finally simply copied what Pat has sent, put it on a document, recreated from memory, and I was able to attach it.  What is incomprehensible to me is that, once I attach to a message, I always test it--open it myself--to be sure it's the right one, and is actually there.  It was and it was, so what happened is anybodys' guest.  Naturally, Pat can use as much or as little--or none--of it as she chooses.
Yesterday was the sixty-second anniversary of my father's death.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lots O' Stuff

Hoo-boy, quite a lot going on.  Walked to the clubhouse at 8:00 to put in the exercise CD and was so-o-o frustrated when I couldn't get the damn thing to run.  Grrr. Walked back home and had breakfast.
Assembled some of my mountains of DQ memorabilia and ran over the narrative.  Jumped in the shower, had a bite of lunch, then went to the library and rehearsed.  Was pleased to find I could cut the program down to about an hour (hope that wasn't just because I talked faster.)
The library people said registration for my program is going up.  That may be because the article and picture on it appeared in both The Sandpaper and The Leader newspapers.  Okay, they're not the NYTimes and might have a combined readership of 15, but people are noticing.  It was also, of course, in The Breeze.
Speaking of our little paper, throughout the day, we on the editorial staff exchanged e-mails on what to do about the letter from Julie L. maligning Joan C. that appeared in The Communicator. We (the other members of the staff) collectively decided that editor-in-chief Virginia would deliver a letter to Julie informing her that her services (what services?  She never did a damn thing) are no longer required.  I wrote up a little piece praising Joan, that will run in the next Breeze, signed by all of us.
Finished at the library, went to Acme and a couple or few other places for errands.  Home at 4:30, I was amazed to get a message from Adrian at the library to the effect that somebody had left an "Annette" spoon for me at the desk.  I rushed back there, picked it up, and was please that Adrian had gotten the donor's name and number.  Called to thank her and we had a nice chat. 
Got a call from the northern dweller to firm up plans for tomorrow and the wedding.  Talked to J., who was driving with N. and the boys and discussed how to get the pool to them.  Called Tara, who's selling it to me, and we made a date for me to get it today.  Damn, I hope it fits in the car.
Brother Larry called and we had a good long talk.  He got my birthday present (the makings for s'mores that he can share with his huge family) and he said they're all going to Cumberland Island to celebrate it next week.
Gotta get my stuff ready for tomorrow, as I may stay over.
WIDER:  One of my favorite anti-war blogs is Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque.  Like the name, too--very descriptive of our times, but like even more the title of "This Can't Be Happening."  That's what I feel--although I'm getting numb--when I read about the "kill list" now in force. Here's a good piece from The New Yorker on just that:

Friday, June 01, 2012

DQ And A Letter

DQ in the morning.  Lunch, then I stopped in the library, went to Acme and ran errands.  Saw Leslie on her porch and went down to chat with her for a half hour; other neighbor, Johanna, joined us for a time.  I was shocked at he appearance: She had always been slender and quite attractive, but she has gained forty pounds and I almost didn't know who she was.  She explained it was because of a medication she's taking for depression.  I admired Les's yellow flowers in the front and she said she got them from J., who promptly offered to give me some, too.  Think I'll take her up on it--they're perennials and they'll spread.
Went back to to library to dismantle the display case and remove the LETCO items.  Got a call from Flo that my dress is ready.  How much?  Seven dollars!  Good grief, I almost refused to pay that--it's much too little.  Got it, though, and will spread the word that Flo does alterations.
I was completed disgusted to see that Julie L.'s letter maligning our board member, Joan C. was printed in The Communicator, the "rival paper."*  Julie, a spoiled brat of an idiot, had submitted it to The Breeze and, of course, Virginia wouldn't print it, so she sent it to Jim N.'s paper!  What's incredible is that she's a member of our editorial staff--the least effective member, true, and she's practically illiterate when it comes to writing anything worth reading,but still--.  Julie doesn't refer to Joan by name, but she might as well have: She trashes "a female board member" and Joan is the only female board member.  She's a mean, self-absorbed woman and I fervently hope she resigns from the editorial board.
* The Breeze is the official Sunrise Bay paper; Jim is the sole proprietor of his.