Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pat is now settled in at home and is doing well. He took a shower (by himself) and was fine while I went out to have lunch with Marge, then get my hair cut. Mike called about 11:00 am which is a very late 11:pm in Singapore--just to talk to his Dad and see how he was doing. The doctor at the hospital prescribed four different medications, only one of which I filled--long story, but one of them he doesn't have to take, others he already has at home, etc. I got the antibiotic, which cost $99 for ten pills after the AARP discount.
Pleasant lunch with Marge. We went to Creevey's (I hadn't been there since Pat's birthday party) and I got Caesar salad with chicken. I took half of it home, and had it for dinner along with peas and oven-fried potatoes (gave Pat a pork chop). Later, I had my wine and popcorn, so stuck to a moderate diet.
My hair looks good, I'm happy to say. Hairdresser April took off the dry ends and the curl has revived. I'll probably get a new perm in the middle of December.
Today, I want to finish decorating inside and get the stuff to the thrift store that I'm discarding.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pat home and seems to be doing all right for now. Having gotten a good scare from Dr. K., I was restrained in my eating and had a large salad for lunch, albeit with feta cheese. Ate the beef tips, baked potato, and peas I made for dinner, but had modest portions and used no-cal butter spray. Had popcorn and a LARGE glass of red wine (doc recommended red wine, so it's not my fault) at night, which I greatly enjoyed. Only problem is I know this satisfied-with-less feeling isn't going to last. My stomach is still working on the pumpkin pie, bowl of ice cream, and so on that I ate on Monday--I'm a diet expert and I know the way my body works. Nevertheless, I'm going to cool it with the over-eating.
Was able to decorate a bit before I got Pat. Talked to Alison, who offered to come down on Saturday--yay!--and she suggested that Joel and Jen might want some Christmas decorations. Great idea and I'll set aside the better pieces before I take them to the thrift store.
Getting my hair cut today, but have lots of errands and chores I want to complete, too. Think I'll see if Marge can have lunch either today or sometime this week.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yesterday, I filled the entire car except for my seat with boxes of Christmas stuff, drove to Ventnor to the eBay place, and found they wouldn't accept any of it because it isn't name brand and each piece or group of pieces wasn't worth $50. Well, what the hey--at least I won't be agonizing over not getting it there early enough. Will now go through it, separate what I want to keep, and donate the rest to Habitat for Humanity or another thrift store.
After Ventnor, went to the hospital, but Pat and I had a tiff (as they used to say in the 20's and 30's) and I stormed out. Later, went back and--well, we didn't exactly "make up," but got along a little better. What a drag and who will rescue me from this durance vile? (Always wanted to use that line.)
Jack B. called after I got home, asking about Pat and said he was golfing at Atlantis today and may stop over.
Assume I'll be picking Pat up today after my own doctor's appointment, so this latest crisis is, I guess, history.
LATER: Today, I picked Pat up close to 3:00. I had called him earlier and was waiting for a call from him or the doctor. He said both tried, but the line was busy. What? I wasn't on the phone. Actually, it worked out pretty well, though. I went to my doctor, then unpacked the car and got some Christmas stuff put up, as well as separated out what I want to donate. My doc had called me in because my cholesterol is up--the bad is up, that is, and the good down. She had the nerve to say she wants me to lose weight and said she'd give me until March, then will prescribe medication. Don't want to take it, so will try hard to keep the calories down. After I told her I had had scarring on my esophogus (this idiot site check doesn't know how to spell it either), she said my cough is likely from--believe it or not--acid reflux, although I didn't have symptoms. Said the lungs are clear and when I told her I have to cough because I have a tickle in my throat, she mentioned allergies or the aforesaid. She prescribed Nexium, another medication I don't want to take, but may. I'm going to check the Nexium my cousin-in-law, Ed K. of Cincinnati gave me several years to see if it's out of date. Hmm...just checked and it's actually Previcid (which shouldn't make any difference) and it says to discard after some date in 2004. I wonder if they're serious. One of the big reasons I hate to take these things is because I despise the commercials and know I'm paying big premiums for their advertising. Doc also discussed the pain I've been having in my neck and into my head. I think it's from the computer screen being over to the right and she said, stress (what stress? I ain't got no lousy stress) probably contributes to it, so to consciously relax my neck, etc.
Anyway, life is back to normal--until the next crises, I guess.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Got to hospital about 11:00. Pat doing well, although the rise in his blood sugar is still of concern. Went down to get lunch and brought it up to eat with him, but he didn't get served until 1:30. It seems they were short in the kitchen because everybody works on the holiday, but slacks off after--or something.
Left about 2:00 and packed up the Thanksgiving leftovers, presents, and advent tree for Joely to take to Alison's. Saw the "orange" roses Ellen sent to Alison (they look more like salmon to me), and they're just beautiful.
When I got there, Mike was finishing planting five new trees they bought--five fruit and a "crooked walking stick," even though he has a sore rib from a fall.
We had such a good time with Alison and Mike, and J., J., and J. Got home early--a little after 8:00--called Pat, then settled down with my glass of wine before bed.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pat much improved, although there's some worry now about his blood sugar, as the steroid (Prednisone) he's getting for the pneumonia makes it go very high. His endocrinologist was in to see him and has adjusted his insulin--hope that brings it down.
Pat was able to wash and shave in the bathroom yesterday, then change his pajama pants (he refuses to wear those stupid hospital gowns) and tee shirt. That sweet guy, Ray, came to visit and Pat and he sat in chairs (I on the bed) while we had a great time reminiscing about our parochial school days--Ray in Jersey City, Pat and I in Ventnor.
I left the hospital about 3:30, then went to Linens 'n' Things to get mattress covers for the guest room. God forbid those delicate flowers from Singapore should have to endure the mattresses uncovered...
We're still going to celebrate Alison's birthday today. She had wanted to take everything to the hospital so Pat could be there, but he didn't think that was feasible, so we'll go to her house. Yesterday, I wrapped her presents and baked her a mocha cake; will ice it today, then bring it and all the leftovers from Thanksgiving--hope there's enough for everybody.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Had a terrific Thanksgiving until we had to take Pat to the hospital. As we were about to sit down for dinner with our guests, he developed more than usual difficulty breathing and it continued to worsen. About 9:20, Alison drove us to Atlanticare and he was admitted. He's doing much better and, according to the doctor, will probably be released on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yesterday, I got the pies completed and baked, chopped the onions and celery for the stuffing, made corn bread (recipe from Martha Stewart), peeled the potatoes and have them in water in the refrig, and set the dining room table. The table looks great with the new burgandy tablecloth; the color picks up the color of the roses on the china that was my mother's. On each plate, I put one of the little chocolate turkeys I got at Lucille's, with the guest's name propped up on the feathers. Today, I'll make the apple cranberry sauce and complete the other little finishing touches.
Called Mary H., of Ventnor, to see if she has a crib. She has a portable one, which I'll borrow just to see if would serve, but will ask Mike if a regular one would be better.
Must get dressed and ready for our morning walk.
Later: I've got a turkey in the oven. That used to be the goofy signal that somebody was pregnant (ain't no way, no how around here). I put the stuffing together and in the bird, made the apple cranberry sauce, whipped the cream for the pumpkin pie and am now just awaiting my company.
As I told Susan this morning, the Thanksgiving game between Holy Spirit and Atlantic High was as much a part of the day as turkey. HSHS always lost, year after year, as it was a small parochial school and ACHS was the big high school for the whole area. (It used to irritate me no end to hear people refer to ACHS as simply "high school,'' as if no other existed.)
My husband was halfback for Holy Spirit and the yearbook called him "the sensational passer and runner." He kicked the ball to start the game and it was thrilling for everybody to see Pat standing in the middle of the line facing ACHS with his left arm in the air. The team would then slowly advance and when his arm came down he'd kick the ball--way far, always, as I remember it and oh, it was fine. In those days, they all played both offense and defense and once, Pat ran the ball 65 yards for a touchdown; my friend Pat's brother remembers that run from 57 years ago. All the girls had a crush on Pat because he was both handsome and quietly masculine, and because nobody could play until he signaled the start of the game.
I married him 48 years ago and now he's sitting there in the living room, his oxygen equipment next to him, an old man who can barely walk to the kitchen, let alone run 65 yards.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Went to Pat's new pulmonologist yesterday. As we assumed, there isn't much new in the way of diagnosis or treatment. The doctor didn't change anything except to confirm he doesn't need the Advair with the other inhalers he's taking; I may just have forgotten to take it off the list I give the various doctors. He doesn't go back until February.
Got a letter from his eye doctor telling us he missed his appointment. That's the first time in all these months of frequent doctor appointments that I failed to put it on the calendar and get him there. I feel bad that it happened, but will call them today to reschedule. He thinks the scratch on the cornea is healed, but continues to use the ointment once a day.
He gets the growth on his neck excised on Monday--that should take the whole damn day. Tuesday, I see my own doctor--the receptionist called for a follow-up after my blood tests. That makes me nervous as the doctor must have seen something--and if all is good, she wouldn't want to see me.
Today, I'll finish preparations for tomorrow--Thanksgiving!--which means baking the pies, making the stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a few other things, and getting some of the table set. I still haven't checked to see if I have everything, but I'm pretty comfortable that I do.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Busy and enjoyable day yesterday: I went to the podiatrist in the morning and she fixed my feet. I won't reveal the blah details (it involved scraping off corns), but boy, do da stompers feel good. Immediately drove over to Ocean City to friend Pat's kitchen design place (well, it isn't hers, but she's worked there for 27 years), stopping on the way to exchange the sweat pants I bought for Pat at Boscov's. She gave me the sketch, I met her daughter who's worked there for 20 years, then I took her to lunch. Pat hasn't changed one iota since first grade at St, James--and we went all the way through high school together. She's still one of the most sweet-natured, self-effacing, and kindest person I've ever met--and she's had more than her share of life's setbacks.
On the way home, I went through Ventnor and saw that Mom's old house is being renovated--it looks great in yellow. Impulsively stopped at a place that sells people's stuff on eBay. Would love to put up most of my Christmas crap--I have boxes and boxes full--but wonder if I can get it done in time. Dunno.
After a leftover beef tips dinner, we went to Dennis and Leslie's. They served dessert and coffee and showed a CD on Bay St. Louis, MS, where they both recently went for a week to help rebuild that Katrina-smashed town. Only Ray and Barb H., Frank and Barb D., the host and hostess, and we were there. I think of those four couples as our "inner circle." Our houses are all in a row, one after the other on the "even" side of Sweetwater, and although all of us see other neighbors often, there seems to me a special bond among us. It was a wonderful evening with jokes and light-hearted chatter, but also thoughtful discussions on world events. It's good to know that, although we have varying ideas and beliefs about other things, we agree about the horrors of the present administration. This was confirmed in our minds by what Leslie and Dennis told us of FEMA's criminal ineptitude in the handling of Katrina "relief." Anyway, it was a great evening and overall good day.
Today, we see Pat's new pulmonologist; we don't expect anything new about his condition or treatment.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just a couple of this 'n' that yesterday: Went to Manahawkin to get son Mike a birthday present (he'll hit a milestone on December 5), then to the supermarket, etc. It's just as well I didn't stay to watch the Eagles game, as they got slaughtered--again.
Got a bit more done for Thanksgiving, but can't remember what. Had beef tips for dinner. Heard from darling daughter, Ellen, via her regular Sunday phone call--can't wait to see her and all of them at Christmastime.
Must run, as I'm on my way to the podiatrist, then to Ocean City to pick up sketch for the office-in-the-closet from Pat Mooney. We'll go to Dennis and Leslie tonight with a few other friends to heard about their Mississippi adventures in helping Katrina victims.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Enjoyed the Historical Society's "early times" gathering yesterday. As it turned out, I drove because Susan couldn't go--had to show houses. I took Barb H. and Leslie and we had a wonderful time. Two speakers talked about the lives of the Indians (oh, okay, "native Americans") who lived around here. I was interested to hear they actually "vacationed" here, leaving their year 'round homes in Burlington County to go to Tuckerton in the summer. However, unlike the softies of today, they didn't drive here to move into sumptuous homes, they walked.
Also learned that Little Egg Harbor, where we live, used to be called "Downshore." The food was superb and besides various veggies, included oyster pie and venison stew among many other items that were/could have been served many years ago. That includes my corn pudding--which turned out to be more like cornbread, but was very good and of course, I transported PERFECTLY in my new casserole carrier.
Before we went, I rolled out my crusts and made the apple completely; froze that, plus the crust for the pumpkin. Got a call from Alison to say she'd see J., J., and J. today, but doubted they'd come for Thanksgiving--I didn't think they would, either--and suggested we celebrate her birthday at her house on Sunday. That's really a better idea. She'll be down about 2:30 on T'giving because the assisted living facility where her MIL, Mavis, lives is having a Thanksgiving "dinner" at lunchtime on the day of--stupid idea--but she, Mike, and his brothers want to share it with her. That's okay, although they're doing the same thing on Christmas. Well, we'll just have to wait until they get here until we open presents then.
Must make my cranberry sauce and a few other things, but preparations are coming along well.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Great consternation on our street yesterday: It was believed that Susan and Walter's new kitty had run away while the cleaners were there. Before the FBI was called in, though, Cherise was found behind a mulch bag in the garage. Whew!
Made the crust for the pies and will complete apple today, then freeze unbaked. Will also freeze crust for pumpkin, and fill the day before.
Susan, Barb H., and I are going to the Tuckerton Historical Society's gathering today. It's an "old time food" affair, with foods and cookbooks from early times. Last year, we enjoyed it a lot and will bring our own this time. I have my mother's 1921 cookbook and will bring that, plus a corn pudding from a recipe Alison gave me. That's fudging (PUN!) a bit, but nothing in the book seemed appropriate.
I'm bringing the corn pudding in a portable casserole container I very cleverly got for free! When I was substitute teaching, I opened a special account in a bank different from where we have our other billions, specifically for my earnings from subbing. I figured I'd have a nice little cache that was mine, all mine, and when I got four or five thou, I'd use it for something special. Well, I stopped subbing last year when my account had grown to a breathtaking two hundred and sixteen bucks. It's been sitting there ever since doing nothing except pulling in interest for the bank BUT another bank just opened next to Acme and they're giving away premiums for opening new accounts, including the portable casserole holder. How I coveted it! Yes, I closed out the sub account and high-tailed it over there to open one with the new bank, then triumphantly walked out with the carrier, which I'll use to take the corn pudding to the Historical Society's affair. Am I not clever? Do you not think I should be designated Leading World Financier? Guess my son, Mike, who's in international banking, will be bragging to his colleagues about his Mummy's high-level dealings for some time now.
Speaking of the Singapore contingent, I got a call from adorable little Vivian last evening. She's talking more and more and they were on their way to yet another birthday party, this time at the zoo, for one of her little friends. Can't wait to see her at Christmas--oh, and her parents, too.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Marge came over for tea and lemon squares yesterday after lunch, and we discussed the future of the Drama Club. She had some ideas that I think are great IF--and it's a big if--other members step up to the plate and contribute. Anyway, we directors meet December 13, but the whole group isn't scheduled until January, so we at least have some time to think about it.
Susan and Walter just got a new Forrester and a new cat. Former is red, latter is calico with a lot of white--really, one of the beautiful cats I've ever seen. Her name is "Cherise."
Finally got out the already-bought Christmas gifts and recorded them; did several washes, folded clothes, etc.--all the little things that seemed a bore a few years ago, but I actually enjoy now.
Otherwise, just picked up a few items at Acme and did this and that. Today, I MUST make the pies for Thanksgiving. I'll use Crisco for the crusts, then make the apple completely, but freeze unbaked. Think I'll freeze just the crust for the pumpkin, and fill the day before.
Hmm...guess I'd better buy a turkey, too, but first must try to rearrange the freezer, which won't be easy.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Somewhat dreary day yesterday, although the rain finally stopped. Slept until 6:45, but still skipped the walk with Susan as I didn't feel like getting dressed yet. Tried to take a nap after breakfast, but couldn't. Had a director's meeting at 12:30, followed by a full Drama Club meeting at 1:30 which was poorly attended. Some members are away, some had other commitments, some just didn't come. The show isn't until May, and we still have a scarcity of material.
The club is run on a democratic model which I think is a mistake. We (the three other directors and I) bring in the skits we've either plagerized or written ourselves and have the actors read; they're then asked whether they think the stuff is any good, should remain in the show, isn't worth it, etc. This sounds like a good way to run things, but it isn't. What happens is, the directors do all the work finding, writing, and adapting the pieces, plus shape and define the show, write the transition material, and direct the players--and the other members just criticize. They don't offer anything of their own, of course, they're just very outspoken about what they don't like. They also tend to be laughably--and infuriately--like real actors, in that so many of them complain about not getting enough lines, resist direction, and try to interject their own ideas while avoiding any accountability for the end product. I'm actually thinking about ending my directorship and even my involvement with the club. Marge and I discussed this after the meeting and she's getting to a low ebb herself, although she actually founded the group. I think she'll hang in because of that and because she feels more of a sense of obligation. Well, we'll see how it goes--the directors meet December 13--but I'm not making any promises about continuing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Marge called early yesterday and asked if I wanted to go for brunch. Well, of course I did! We went to Beverly's at 11:00 and sat so long Pat and Ray came in for lunch, so we overlapped. When I got home, just puttered around, then it was time to get ready for the Wellspouse dinner meeting.
It was great fun. I got to Vivian's at 5:00, met her MS husband, Tony, toured her (large and lovely) home, enjoyed a glass of white zinfandel, then we set off for Manalapan. North Jersey is always a mystery to me, it was dark, and there was lots of traffic, but we got there in plenty of time. It was good to be with my fellow Wellspousers and I met in person a lot of those I had corresponded with via e-mail. Most had spouses with very severe maladies--MS, quadraplegia, a pituitary tumor, brain damage, and so on--but everybody was so relaxed and convivial that I immediately felt at home. Anyway, terrific dinner at the Java Moon. I had ravioli, about the best I ever tasted, after a wonderful arrugara salad. A very short and casual "business meeting" followed right at the table, then we talked and laughed for several hours. One of the two men there is a pastry chef and he always brings dessert. He handed out candied apples to all.
I didn't get home until a few minutes after 11:00, an unheard of hour for me, and went right to bed. I had told Susan I probably wouldn't walk today and hope to go back to bed for a nap after breakfast.
Have a director's meeting at 12:30, then Drama Club at 1:30. Aside from that, I'm layin' low.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

As it turned out, I met Edith for lunch yesterday in Cherry Hill, not Smithville. She was worried about driving in the heavy rain, so I said I'd go up there. What a hassle! I left home at 11:00 and didn't get to her house until almost 2. Will never trust Mapquest again (but I always go back to it--sounds like a foiled romance).
Anyway, it was great to be with Edith, whose husband has a variety of physical and mental ailments. What a relief to talk to people also in caregiver situations (they rarely have preconceived notions). Illness and disability seem to frighten and/or embarrass people who aren't intimately involved in it. They try to make themselves more comfortable by assigning the caregiver--that's me, folks--preconceived, and totally stereotypical roles: the saintly and devoted wifey, happy to be of constant service to her ailing spouse; the martyr sobbing into the urinal who never considers her own needs; the top sergeant, grimly doing her duty; the caregiver who is "in denial" (the next time I hear that creepy cliche, I'll scream), so the observer needs to set her straight with the unpleasant facts...
Well, they mean well, I guess. Another comment, as long as I'm on this track: Americans have been raised to believe there's a solution to every problem and if you just try hard enough, or consult the right expert, or find the secret cure, all will be well. One of the most trying aspects about being a caregiver is receiving unsolicited advice. Honest and true, when I want advice, I'll ask for it. Of course, IF a absolutely positive cure comes up AND there's no chance Pat or I would have heard about it AND it's been tested and proven and is on the market, why I want to be told and I'll walk through fire to get it. Unfortunately, there's about as much chance of that as of Bush reverting back to human form.
Yoicks, this has been a tirade, but after all, it's my blog and I'm feeling reckless and devil-may-care. Also, tonight, I'm meeting another Wellspouse friend, Vivian, at her house in Barneget and we're going up to mysterious Manalapan for a WS dinner and meeting. Am looking forward to it with great pleasure.
Oh, and what about my "Illspouse," as we Wellspouses say? Well, I'll leave him dinner and the phone, and will call him several times on the cellphone--I'm sure he'll be fine. No-o-o, I'm not the sacrificial and devoted little wifey and I sure am hell am not sitting at home eschewing a social life and crying into the urinal.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Had fun yesterday at the Women's Club "tricky tray" meeting. I won a small wooden box with six Christmas ornaments in it. I put in for it (you buy tickets and distribute them in cups in front of the "gifts" you want, then the tickets are drawn) because I need more Christmas stuff to go with the 65 billion things I already have. Barb H. picked me up for the meeting (it was raining) and after, while we were having coffee in the clubhouse, we were both asked to be models at the fashion show luncheon to be held in May at the Smithville Inn. We enthusiastically agreed and I said I want to wear a bikini (the attendees would run out screaming).
Speaking of Smithville, I'm meeting WS friend, Edith, there for lunch today. Tomorrow, will go to a WS meeting and dinner in Manalapan with Vivian. Had chicken potpie last night. Pat didn't comment, but had two servings. It calls for cream of chicken soup, but I accidentally used chicken gravy instead and we didn't notice any difference. Anyway, it was good on a rainy night, especially followed by the rest of Barb's banana cream pie.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's that I hear in the background--applause? Well, I do deserve it, thank you very much, because I--ta dah!--got started on clearing out the guest room closet and am almost finished. I packed up three shopping bags of things to donate to the thrift store, plus threw away a bunch of junk I thought I couldn't live without and haven't even seen for three years. I even--get this--got some of the study closet cleared--I'm so proud!
Aside from that, visited some yard sales and enjoyed the spring-like warmth. Pat went to the bay as usual, then we had the erstwhile (always wanted to use that in a sentence, although I'm fuzzy on what it means) pot roast, which I finished cooking in the oven. It was very good and sometime later, I'll use the other half still in the freezer.
Will continue my cleaning out efforts today--I'm on a roll!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well, the pot roast went the way of all flesh. No, that doesn't make sense, but it was all I could think of off-hand to introduce the following sad story: I got a recipe for crockpot pot roast off the Internet. It said to add an envelope of onion soup mix and water to the meat and veggies (carrots, onions, and potatoes), then cook on high all day. It didn't call for mushroom soup, but since other recipes had, I decided to add it. I have two crockpots, but they both hold only 3 quarts, and there was no way everything would fit in the pot, so I cut the meat in half. A few hours later when I looked at it, I was horrified to realize that 1. the divided roast was too small to feed 4 people and 2. the vegetables were already done! Yoicks! Well, I put the veggies in a bowl and heated them up for dinner, then got breaded pork chops out of the freezer and served them instead. With a salad, applesauce and sourdough bread, it actually turned out to be a good meal, especially topped off with the luscious banana cream pie Barb had brought. Besides, I now have a ready-made dinner for tonight.
As ever, we had a great time with Ray and Barb, wonderful friends and neighbors to us.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I'll go for our walk with Susan soon, then tidy up a little before the cleaners come (Alison laughs at me cleaning up for the cleaners). Decided to make a crockpot pot roast for dinner with the H.'s, although I've never made it before. Will serve with a salad and peas; Barb's bringing the dessert.
When I went to Boscov's yesterday, I decided to wait to buy sneaks until after my (November 20) appointment with the foot doctor. I did buy Pat two pairs of sweat pants and myself a blouse. Then went to Santori's for salad fixings and got some odds and ends at the dollar store. Stopped at the bay before I went home; Pat was chatting with three cronies at the bulkhead and when I walked up, I said they looked like drug dealers making a deal. They're nice guys and I'm glad Pat has friends and a place that are his alone.
Had "oven-fried" pork chops for dinner last night and Pat said they were very tasty--faint praise from the master!
Got a welcome long and interesting message from Pat McH. R. and enjoyed reading it--also enjoy her blog. Pat wrote about her travels with her husband over the years and how I envy her. Frank and Barbara D. are going to Mexico tomorrow--lucky them! One of the things I miss most in my new life is being able to travel. However, I shouldn't complain: Pat is stable right now and we're in a routine that helps me to cope. (I get edgy and stressed out when things are chaotic or I don't know what to expect.) Also, am looking forward to having family and friends here for Thanksgiving and that buoys me up.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gorgeous day today and I'm off to Boscov's to look at a few things, notably sneakers. Tomorrow we're having Ray and Barb for dinner and I meet Edith for lunch at Smithville on Monday. Will call Muckie and ask her over, too, so things are heating up on the social scene.
Must start making a list for Thanksgiving, plus a few other chores, but enjoyable ones.
Did I accomplish all I bragged about doing yesterday?
Even half of it?
A little, teeney bit...?
None of your beeswax.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Doctor visit went fine yesterday, got a flu shot, plus referral for feet and this morning got my blood work done. It's been raining like crazy, but I don't care, as I'll probably stay in.
I have exciting plans for today:
1. I intend to switch the contents of my pocketbook from summer (a soft cloth bag) to winter (leather).
2. I've resolved to check over what gifts I already bought for Christmas, make a list, and organize it.
3. I will strive to make several phone calls that need to be done.
I just pity, pity, pity you poor people reading this, who don't have such fascinating, sophistocated, and important items in your live!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Had a nice day with Alison yesterday. The three of us just talked, hearing all about the marathon (Mike did very well and was pleased with his time), had lunch, then drove down to the bay. Pat was happy to have seen her and enjoyed hearing about the race.
Today's election day and Susan and I will stop at the clubhouse to vote on our walk--very convenient. I go to the doctor at 1:15 for a flu shot, to get some referrals, and to see if she can prescribe something for this cold or whatever it is I have.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Question: What constitutes the scum of the earth?
Answer: Politicians.
ALL of them, D.'s or R.'s--and, I assume, S's. and C.'s and all the other snakes in the grass--are lying, thieving scoundrels that would take candies from babies if it would get them a vote.
In the past two days, we've gotten more than a dozen taped "phone calls" from various and sundry such monsters of both parties. Incredibly, they've also penetrated the Internet. Just now as I was into The Times of Trenton on-line, I was assaulted with not only a visual pop-up, but an audio one urging me to vote for one of the candidates in Jersey.
May they all be sentenced to performing charitible acts for their constituents at least once a year without expecting anything in return. Well, no, come to think of it, that's too cruel and unusual a punishment for politicians. Then, let them refrain from "truthiness" (my favorite made-up word) for at least one hour a decade. Huh, who am I kidding? That would be impossible for any politician--born low-lifes and thieving bastards all.
With that off my chest:
Looking forward to Alison coming down today. Talked to her after the race yesterday as she was boarding the volunteer's bus--Mike was on the runner's bus. She said Mike did very well--yay, Mike!--and will tell us all about it today.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Got a call from sister Betty yesterday morning and had a nice chat. California Carolyn sent a neat picture of her Finn and Claire in a rocking chair with their Dad. They're sweet kids.
Phone rang last night and a little voice said, "Hi, Nana." It was darling Preshy and we actually carried on a conversation until she abruptly said, "bye"--presumably, she had had enough. However, she then sang "Old McDonald" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." For two, she really talks (and sings) well.
Our complicated social life shapes up this way: I had had a lunch date with WS friend Edith for tomorrow, but then Alison called to say she had taken off tomorrow and wanted to come down. I didn't want to miss her, so called Edith and regretfully postponed, asking her to set a new date. She can't meet until next week now. I had also invited Ray and Barb for dinner, but have to wait to hear back from Edith to specify a day. I also want to call Muckie to see the pics of the St. James gala and have her for lunch, but can't until other engagements are firmed up. Maybe I need a social secretary.
I was delighted to get a call during dinner last night from old classmate Pat M., who said she was in Tuckerton and could come over to measure the closet. She did, we had a nice visit, then she left for ice cream and cake at her son's (he lives only a mile or so away) for her granddaugher's 11th birthday. Then talked to Alison about the NY Marathon Mike's running.
I've been wanted to make lemon squares for a long time, but never did. Finally, I made them this morning and boy, are they good. Hope to save some for lunch/dinner company.
Today: Saw some of the race on T.V. and am anxious to hear how Mike did. Just finishing is, of course, a major accomplishment for anyone.
For dinner, will have......
...well, something or other.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Did indeed serve the chicken, baked apples, and scalloped potatoes last night and they were good. Will have beef tips tonight.
Note: All the business about what we have for dinner, etc. is a hangover from early in this blog a year or so ago. I named it "My Weight and Welcome to It" when I was active in Weight Watchers; thought I'd chronicle my struggles. Well, the whys and wherefores are too lengthy--and too dreary--to go into, but I've reverted back to making this simply an on-line diary.
Yesterday? Not much went on except I went down to Reynolds in Manahawkin and got several baby gifts, I was in touch with a few friends, AND son Mike posted more pictures of adorable granddaughter, Vivian, on her web site.
Alison took Monday off and will come down while Mike rests up from the Sunday NY Marathon. We'll take Pat to a restaurant for lunch if he feels up to it. Called friend Edith to ask to postpone our lunch date.
My cold is finally receding--what a long siege. When I go to the doctor on Tuesday, will ask what I can do to minimize future ones.

Friday, November 03, 2006

That sweet guy, Ray H., volunteered to put the grass plant in the ground for us yesterday afternoon, and he did. Then he and other neighbor, Bob, sat in the garage with Pat to chat--it was a beautiful sunny day. I went off to the supermarket, then to Ray and Barb's to invite them for dinner next week.
Got a nice little chicken already stuffed and put it in the oven in time for dinner at 6:00. Also had the leftover scalloped potatoes and baked apples ready to heat up. When I went to check the chicken, I realized I had forgotten to turn the oven on! Fer cryin' out loud! Damn, I'll just have the stuff tonight--I whipped up scrambled eggs instead.
Was pleased to hear back from Brent that he, Stephen, and David will join us for Thanksgiving. That's also Alison's birthday, so we'll have a birthday cake in addition to the pies.
My new-found friend, Pat McH.R., started her own blog. Any old HSHS'ers can check it out at
SIL Mike will be running in the New York Marathon this Sunday, November 5. Boy, what an honor, as it's very difficult to qualify. Alison just missed (by 90 seconds), but will be with him to help out. He's one of 37,000 running. They both qualified for the big one, the Boston, which they'll run in April, 2007.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Got a call from Kathy D. around the corner. She reminded me that she hadmentioned last month she was going to have a huge "grass" plant removed and divided into three. She had asked Susan, Barb H., and me if we each wanted a part, we all said yes, and now it's been divided. Ran over there with Ray and Barb and got our grass plants. Kathy also had some plumes cut off the top and I took several to put in the hallway for an autumn display. Later, I cut some red, gold, and green leaves off the trees in back (I don't use artificial flowers or foliage, I don't care how "real" it looks) and put them in baskets in the dining room. They look so nice with the decor in the living and dining rooms.
The D.'s next door are back from NC to visit their new grandbaby; I saw Barbara and we had a nice chat.
Was pleased to hear back from SIL Mike's brother, Brent, that he, his partner, Stephen, and third B. brother, David, will come to our place for Thanksgiving. Hope J., J., and J., will, too, although you never know with them. That's also Alison's birthday, so we'll have a birthday cake besides the pies.
It was raining this morning and not just a drizzle, either, but Susan and I, virtuous girls we are, walked the full mile and a half anyway with umbrellas.
A cautionary tale: I like candles and always have one on the dinner table. Last night, I went to take a shower after dinner while Pat sat reading at the kitchen table. Wel-l-l, when I got up this morning and turned on the coffee, I saw a flicker and yes, the candle had been left burning all night! Ouch, that could have been a disaster, but no harm done.
Want to have chicken tonight--maybe in the crockpot, maybe not--with baked apples and the leftover scalloped potatoes from last night.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pat McH. R. wrote me yesterday to say she had read my entire blog! Good grief, she must be a glutton for punishment, as the first entry is in September, 2005. I post almost every day, although not always (when Pat was in the hospital, say), so that's at least 350 entries. True, some are fairly short, but still...
Well, I decided to emulate and yesterday, sat here for almost two hours reading every word of my deathless prose. Some of the stuff was not bad, some just plain boring--even to me, for Pete's sake!--but all in all, it was sort of fun.
Okay back to now: What did we do yesterday? Not a helluva lot, actually,
aside from me getting some stuff for Pat's cold at Rite-Aid. Again, the cashier said I had to give my birthdate and again, I told her "January 15, 1982--ha, ha, that'll show 'em!
Called Mary Ann V. just to see how Bart's doing. He's about the same; she said he went to the doctor the other day, and the doc is satisfied with his condition. I was surprised to hear they don't go to a pulmonologist.
I gave Pat an "oven-fried" pork chop last night and I had an old favorite of mine: pasta with broccoli and garlic hummus. It was okay, but really didn't taste as good as I remember. Could be because I can hardly taste anything.
Pat and I both slept well last night, thank heavens. Of course, I took Ny-quill and although it's hard not to throw up because it tastes so vile, it really knocks me out.
Was thinking about ham steaks for dinner, but maybe I should have chicken of some kind instead, as we've been having a lot of pig lately. Okay, I'll get a rotisserie chicken, have it tonight, then cut it down to make chicken potpie later. Think I'll also use my basket of apples to make either baked apples or applesauce.