Saturday, December 31, 2005

The less said about yesterday, the better. Not as bad as the day before, but I did deviate. Now I think I should quit ignoring, and try to analyze the problem: I've been eating a light--probably too light--lunch, then get ravenous by about 4:00. We don't have dinner until 6:00, so I have maybe, a squash, or broccoli. These don't satisfy, as I seem to crave carbs, so I start munching pretzels. I then am indifferent to dinner (last night, just had the other half of my salmon, about 4 ounces). After I clean up after dinner, I seem to immediately start in on the wine and--yes, more pretzels. Last night, I finished them, had another glass of wine, then a fair amount of after-dinner mints left over from Christmas...
You know, I had to quit typing just now to compose myself! I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the new office chair son Mike gave me. Geez, talk about obsesssive! And talk about human garbage pail! Notice, I'm ON WEIGHT WATCHERS, yet I'm scarfing anything that isn't tied down! In a very weird way, it strikes me funny.
Nothing much to be done today except try to get back on the program. Tomorrow is our progressive dinner, too, and THE NEXT DAY, the Weight Watchers meeting, where I'll face the scale. And remember, I had a two week hiatus!
The problems are compounded by the fact that my usual exercise program (the 3 mile "Walk Away the Pounds" DVS at the clubhouse 3 days a week, and about a mile brisk walk with Susan the other days) have gotten sporatic over the holiday. Susan is in Connecticut for a delightful reason: her first grandchild, adorable little Sophia. Of course, I guess I could walk by myself, but no, that's too simple.
Oh, the hell with it. Can only resolve to stick to the program today and most of tomorrow, then show up on Tuesday for weigh-in and keep smilin'.
The one--and probably only--bright spot in all this is the fact that I've continued to honor my commitment to be honest in this blog. If I get cagy, all seems lost.
2006, here I come!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Woe is me! I suddenly snapped last night and, after an approved dinner, started in on a chocolate Santa, apple pie, and marshmallows. Yeah, I really did a number on myself. This morning, feel sugar-clogged and sluggish, but whataya gonna do--it happened and I'll go on from here. Exercise at 8, which should help bring me back from the brink...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Later on Thursday: Had an enjoyable day with Leslie at the mall; didn't find what we went there for (leggings), but got Christmas cards for next year. We then did indeed stock up on veggies at Santori's. Got turnips, red-leaf lettuce, baby bella mushrooms, plum tomatoes, and feta cheese for the salad I'm bringing on Sunday, plus grapes, tangerines, and ripe bananas for banana bread I'll also bring.
A good restaurant is right down the street from Santori's, so of course, I suggested lunch and L. seconded the motion. Had blackened chicken with wild rice and fruit and it was superb. It was probably no worse than the Caesar salad I usually order, so I was satisfied. Had broccoli for a snack and will make the salmon for dinner (beef stew for Pat). Well, I had some pretzels just now, too, I'm afraid.
No plans for tomorrow, so will just tidy up and run some errands. (Whenever I hear, say, or write the words "tidy up," I think of my Aunt Maggie.)
Well, after my brave talk (writing) about wanted to eat light and order right, I had spaghetti and meatballs at Calandrea's last night, which WW calculates as (gasp!) 16 points. Bad, bad, very bad, especially with the addition of two glasses of wine, but oh, well.
Oddly--and comfortingly--I don't feel as if I've put back on much weight. Could be kidding myself, but will find out on Tuesday.
Salmon and broccoli tonight and will strive to follow the program from now until Sunday, when we have our progressive dinner.
Going to Hamilton Mall shortly with friend Leslie. Will see if she wants to stop at Santori's Produce on Jimmie Leeds Road to stock up on goodies. I have to keep reminding myself that veggies are goodies, not pies and cakes. Am I convinced? What do you think?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Had to take Ellen up to Princeton to the shuttle yesterday. How I miss her when she leaves! After, went back to our old neighborhood in Ewing, then stopped at Alison's on the way home to get the dishes, etc. I left there. She gave me lunch (turkey sandwich, a rice dish, and tea). I figured that totalled about 6 points, as the bread was a delicious oat whole wheat and the rice has sour cream in it. Stopped at Joel and Jen's to see their tree, and got home about 4. I had brussel sprouts for a snack and fixed--what else?--hot turkey sandwiches for dinner for Pat. I had only about 2 oz. of cold turkey and about three-fourths of a large butternut squash. Later, had popcorn and wine.
Well, all right already--I cheated a bit after that! Had a second glass of wine and pretzels. I figure I still went only about 3 points over, which I checked off the extra 35 I can have per week.
Didn't make it to WW weigh-in yesterday, so thought I'd go to Manahawkin WW Center at 5:30 last night or at 9:00 this morning. However, Leslie stopped at 8 for exercise, so didn't make it. Thought better of it anyway, and will wait until next Tuesday at the clubhouse.
Hey, it's Wednesday, our regular dinner-out-with-friends night. Not sure where we'll go, but I'll strive to order right and eat light.
More tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Great day with Ellen and Alison yesterday. We went to an aquarium at Point Pleasant--a modest one, with just enough to see and do--then back to Alison's for dinner on a gloomy, overcast day. I had packed up and brought all the leftovers from Christmas dinner and the five of us (Pat drove up separately and good son-in-law Mike was there, too, of course) enjoyed a second-day dinner. (In the old south, brides' trousseaus used to include a "second-day dress.") It was so good.
Today, I must take Ellen up to Princeton to catch the shuttle to JFK (sob!). It's been a joy to have her here, but her visit was all too short. I'm hoping she'll be back in the summer.
A-l-ll righty. Guess I'd better revert back to the real reason for this blog. My diet yesterday can be summed up in one word: A disaster. (Yeah, yeah, that's two words, but it's an old joke.) I had two fried eggs--fried in butter, mind you--and two pieces of toast--with butter--for breakfast, then a cheese sandwich at Alison's for lunch. Dinner included all the usual suspects, with pie, and when we got home, a sampling of cookies and chocolate candy. TODAY is WW weigh-in day, but I can't be there because of taking Ellen--that's not my fault, is it?
RESOLVED: To get back on the WW path, at least until New Year's Day, when we host the dessert portion of our progressive dinner.

Monday, December 26, 2005

A glorious Christmas: Wonderful presents, scrumptious food, and best of all, our beautiful family to enjoy. If I say it myself, dinner was great. Very, very basic and old-fashioned, in fact this is the Christmas dinner I almost invariably serve, with few deviations: A fat turkey (would love to try goose one day); the kind of stuffing my mother made (and not from bought "cubed" bread, either--Ellen tore apart the bread by hand); a variation stuffing in which Ellen put apples; peas with pearl onions; string bean casserole (Alison brought that, but it was never "traditional" with me--never made it in my life); banana bread; two kinds of cranberry sauce; mashed potatoes, gravy (okay, okay, I confess--that's about the only thing I don't make myself), black and ripe olives; wine, coffee, and soda; apple pie and pumpkin pie with whipped cream; chocolates, and after-dinner mints. I meant to make and buy fancy after-dinner drinks, but just forgot. This dinner, incidentally, is almost an exact duplicate of what I serve for Thanksgiving if it's at my house. I love new and exotic food, too, and if I'm elsewhere, certainly have no prejudice against almost anything added or subtracted--just like to stick to the tried-and-true myself.
Not food, but food-related: Again, if I say it myself, the table looked beautiful--so festive with the Chistmas dishes I bought eons ago, and gold tableware (thanks to sister Betty's birthday gift of several years ago). I supplemented with the heirloom china that had been my mothers's and used a beautifully embroidered tablecloth and hand-crocheted cloth over that. They look great and go perfectly with the table setting, but are hardly heirlooms: I bought the undercloth at Habitat for Humanity and the over one at a yard sale in Allentown, NJ. The woman I bought it from said her aunt in Germany had crocheted it years ago. How could anyone ever sell such a treasure?
The downside to the lovely table: Everything has to be washed by hand. If I didn't have Ellen here, I probably would have been up until midnight. As it was, we spent more than an hour cleaning up, but hey, who's counting? It was worth it.
Oh, yeah, my food tally: Everything I could get in my mouth--ha, ha!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Went to supermarket at 7 am yesterday, then Ellen and I spent several hours cooking: two kinds of stuffing, pumpkin pie, and smashed taters, to get as much as possible done for today. We then rushed out to get heavy cream and tour Port Republic, a charming little town nearby. I was amused when we stopped for gas and Ellen unhooked her seat belt to get out. "We live in a civilized state," I said, "We don't deliver our own babies and we don't pump our own gas."
Ellen took us out for dinner last night, which we greatly enjoyed, then she and I walked around Sunrise Bay to look at the lights. What a joy to have her here.
Being the organizational type (read that "compulsive"), I wrote out a schedule for what I have to do today (iron napkins, stuff turkey, etc.) and what time everything has to be in the oven. Am having dinner at 4:00 (long story why, but wish it were later) and some of our company (Alison, Mike, Joel, Jen, and Joely) will come early to exhange gifts first, some (Mike's brothers, Brent's partner, cousin John) later. Will record festivities on new digital camera.
Oh yeah, the food part: I had meatloaf at the restaurant, along with a light beer, but yes, indulged in ice cream and cake at home. Am not counting as this point, but at least am acknowledging.
Must now plunge into the day's pleasant duties: Setting the table, stuffing the bird, checking for last minute items. The work is a joy, the house looks lovely, and I'm looking forward to the day. Cliche though it is, I must say it: I love Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Daughter Ellen in last night about 10--so good to see her. As for me, I went early to Manahawkin and bought new ornaments, then Pat and I decorated the tree. It looks beautiful, I must say. I spent the rest of the day cleaning, putting things away, and running errands. Took a shower and had a well-thought-out, sensible, and well-balanced dinner of a can of peas. Yes, that's what I had. I then fell asleep on the couch. Unfortunately, when I got up, I had a glass of wine, pretzels, and ice cream. Went a little crazy in the food department, but at this point, I'm not counting.
Must now go to supermarket, then Ellen and I will make the pumpkin pie (apple already done), stuffing (won't put it in the bird yet, Betty, DON'T WORRY!), and sweet potatoes. Expecting either 9 or 12 for Christmas dinner, which we'll have early, about 4.
Almost forgot this is supposed to be a "weight and Weight Watchers" blog. Well, sometimes I deviate, so shoot me. Will weigh in on Tuesday and just take what may.

Friday, December 23, 2005

"Visions of sugar plums..." We had good neighbor Barbara's versions of sugar plums last night at a delightful gathering next door. Yes, I went a little overboard with peanut butter/chocolate squares, various flavors of biscotti, snickerdoodles, and a huge variety of other cookies, not to mention wine and liqueur, but hey, let's be realistic: I knew I'd just go hogwild in such a setting and am prepared to follow the program for the rest of the day and--to the extent possible--the rest of the season. Will attend weigh-in on Tuesday and take any set-back philosophically.
Daughter Ellen comes in tonight from California--happy day!--and tomorrow we'll be making the stuffing and pumpkin pie.
We put the tree up yesterday and with the new little round lights I bought (red and white), it looks beautiful, even without ornaments.
Must run. I actually have a few things to pick up, such as tinsel, and want to get to the stores before the rush.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Want to add: My birthday started off with friends Leslie and Susan bringing me lovely gifts and good wishes, as neighbor Anne Mary had earlier. Cousin Marifran sent a pretty ornament which will adorn the (live) tree we'll put up today. Plus, Alison and Mike also gave me darling little "tokens"--one for dinner and one for a movie (I'm dying to see "King Kong")--what a neat idea! The book Betty sent is "Where Are They Buried/How Did They Die?," feeding an interest of mine I don't even want to begin to explain. Good friend Marge sent a birthday e-mail and others expressed their good wishes in person. Wow, am I a lucky woman.
Had a great birthday yesterday at Alison's and received nice gifts of jewelry, a book, and from son Mike, a digital camera. Best part was being with my family, of course, especially after a stressful day of discovering I had nails in 3 of my 4 tires (new 3 months ago) and having to go to Sears to have one replaced (other 2 could be patched). Had to jump in the shower the minute I got home, but made it up to Cream Ridge in plenty of time.
Got calls from daughter Ellen, son Mike, and of course, my twin, Betty (it's so nice to share a birthday with your sister), brother Frank, and a birthday e-mail from son Patrick in Tokyo and cousin John.
Oh, that's right, this is a "Weight Watchers/food/my struggles" blog, so I'll comment on those topics: Alison served up a great dinner, with curried rice, stringbean casserole, and a delectable main dish, Normandy Chicken, which included apples, onion, and heavy cream. Did I indulge? You bet. Did I over-indulge? Hell, yes, to the point of two large servings of almost everything, topped off with a big piece of cake and ice cream. Not to worry: I'll stay on the straight and narrow today--until, that is, the dessert party at Barbara and Frank's tonight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've been getting complacent of late. Ate the other half of my salad about 4 yesterday and made hamburgers (Pat had a roll, I didn't), oven fries, and creamed corn (he had, I didn't) for dinner, so that was fine. However, for some reason, I rebelled against my usual at night, skipping the (low point) popcorn for (considerably higher-point) pretzels and a glass of wine. I then consumed more raisins than I should have. Not horrendous, but that's the kind of thing that can slowly sabotage weight loss.
BUT--today is my birthday. Not a milestone--that's looming next year--but my birthday still seems very special to me--I hope everybody feels that way. Best about it is being with daughter Alison and family. We'll go up to Cream Ridge for dinner; whatever she has, I'll enjoy it. Hope and expect I'll get calls from the other kiddies, too, and will surely talk to my twin, Betty, too. I'll call her, probably from Alison's, as we're 3 hours later.
Tomorrow: lunch with Susan, then a dessert gathering next door. It's a battlefield.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hoo-kay, I lost .8. That's "point 8," which if I'm not mistaken (was never a math maven) is eight-tenths of a pound; add it to the 4.04 I lost before and I'm down a big 4.12 pounds.
I'm fine with that. I've been partying up a storm but, in between, am keeping Weight Watcher kosher.
Today, went to lunch with Marge and as ever, had an enjoyable time. I had my usual Caesar salad with chicken, but--get this--ate half and took half home. I'm proud of myself and will keep on the straight and narrow...
Until, maybe, tomorrow, my birthday. We're going up to daughter Alison's for dinner and I DO intend to have cake.
Then there's Thursday: neighbor, walking partner, and friend Susan invited me to Panini Bay for lunch (yes!) and next door neighbors, Frank and Barbara, are having a few people in after dinner for "Christmas goodies and desserts." Would we miss it? Absolutely not. Will I indulge myself with the delectable treats for which Barbara is famous? Naturally. But then I'll go right back on the program at least until daughter Ellen gets here from California on the 23rd.
I'm feeling good about all this. I'm not WW perfect, of course, but I'm not going sky-high with the weight, either. Am now at 187.2 and pleased about it.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Greatly enjoyed the party at Julie and Gary's yesterday and I DIDN'T go off the deep end in the food department. True, I had two glasses of wine, some chicken florentine, and a piece of cheese pie (can NOT remember how to spell that), but mostly ate a lot of plain boiled shrimp and--tah dah!--ignored the desserts! This for me was monumental. Once home (party was 12 to 4), I had broccoli and squash for dinner. I confess I later had some pretzels and raisins and finished up the handful of gumdrops, but I'm okay with that.
I weigh in tomorrow. Considering the parties and so on, I don't expect a loss. I'm even reasonably all right with a slight gain. I still feel satisfied--not estatic, of course, but satisfied--that I'm doing pretty well so far in the holiday season.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm hemming and hawing here because yesterday was a falling off the WW wagon one. Met a friend for lunch and we went to the Crab Trap in Somers Point--a terrific restaurant that was a favorite of my mother's. After all my smug talk about always ordering a safe Caesar salad when I go out for lunch, I heard myself asking for the fried oyster and chicken salad platter. Incredibly, it came with two sides and I ordered pickled beets (the virtuous me) and delucious red potatoes roasted with onions and garlic and swimming in oil (the evil twin). Had a glass of chardonney, too, but at least no dessert.
I thought the day wasn't a total disaster because I'd just have spaghetti squash for dinner--but no, I got hungry and heated up the left over salmon. That was okay, but I then gobbled down some cheese puffs and those damn gumdrops. Come to think of it, it could have been a lot worse because there's ice cream in the freezer and Oreo cookies on the counter.
Guess what? We have another party today! This is an open house from noon to 4; guess we'll go over about 1. Let's see how I do with moderation--NOT my middle name. Hem...haw...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good day yesterday. Had an acorn squash for lunch, 42 pretzel sticks, and half of my jello/yogurt dessert, then salmon for dinner. 42 pretzel sticks equal 2 points.
Damn! Did I actually count out 42 pretzel sticks? Yes! Can't imagine what it must be like to simply EAT TO LIVE and not think about food the way thin people do.
Uh, uh, that may be an insidious attempt to undermine my determination to be aware of what I'm eating. I'd better be careful and get back on my serious-about-calculating-what-I-eat track.
Okay, we went to a holiday singalong at the clubhouse last night--had great fun and I eschewed the lucious cookie table for decaf coffee. Had popcorn later and went to bed happy.
Today, am picking up a friend for lunch, but I don't anticipate problems. Will order a Caesar salad or something.
P.S. The first paragraph may seem a little weird. Maybe IS a little weird. A lot weird. Obsessive, crazy, ready-for-the-funny-farm weird.
BECAUSE: I just checked and I could have had 45 pretzel sticks for 2 points, not only 42!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Had a wonderfully enjoyable evening at Flo and Joe's last night. Of course, I screwed up royally in the food and drink department, indulging myself with the glorious desserts and wines (including a delectable pomegrante (sp?) wine), but I'm giving myself some leeway.
I finished the leftover garlic and oil pasta for lunch yesterday and generally strayed from the WW path, but the important thing, I think, is that I'M AWARE of my calorie intake, not just mindlessly stuffing...
Hmm. Sounds good, but yeah, it's a cop-out. My warring personnae seem to hold two simutaneous, but conflicting thoughts: that as long as I know what I'm doing and exercise reasonable caution, the weight won't stick AND that it doesn't matter what I know, don't know, write, don't write, and so on and so forth, nature won't be denied and I'm going to gain.
Hey, I don't feel like wrestling with this. Have a lunch date today, another tomorrow, a party on Sunday, plus my birthday next week, Christmas, our progressive dinner on New Year's Day--yoicks!
Well, so shoot me. I'm in a silly and defiant mood; will take my lumps on weigh-in Tuesday, but in the meantime, kick up my heels--so there!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Got through dinner out last night just fine. That isn't to say I followed the WW line, but for my purposes, it worked out. We went to Mecurio's, which has a list of early-bird specials, none of which are kosher WW, so I just choose what I want. I wanted angel hair with oil and garlic and it was superb. I ate exactly half of it and brought the other half home. Did NOT eat the bread or dipping oil, or dessert, or anything else but salad and coffee. Had a few pretzels before I went to bed, so o.k. Incidentally, I had only a large spaghetti squash for lunch (had to go to rehearsal at 1:30), so the points probably added up pretty close.
Party in Egg Harbor tonight and we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Up and down, down and up. Gave myself permission to deviate a bit last night, but rest of the day was fine. I always figure it's another whole week to the next weigh-in, so I can indulge. Otherwise, a pretty standard WW day: Following my decision to vary my diet, tried oatmeal for breakfast, had a Caesar salad with chicken for lunch at the Tuckerton Grille, and actually dug out TV dinners from the freezer (turkey) for Pat and me. It wasn't too bad (faint praise!). Not sure how long they had been in there, but probably at least 6 months.
Busy day today: exercise at 8, Drama Club at 1:30 and our regular Wednesday-night dinner out at 5:30. Another party tomorrow--at the League's in Egg Harbor.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yipee! Just got back from Weight Watchers and I'm down 2.6 pounds! That brings me comfortably into the 180's (188) and--of course--gives me a terrific lift.
Now I can confess--whew!--that I hit the gumdrops last night. I have, however, been skipping the wine in the evening, just having soda with my popcorn.
Today, it's out to lunch again while Susan, Barbara, and I do the Tuckerton House tour. I'm going to order carefully, though, and keep vigilant during the holiday season. I varied my breakfast again today, and had oatmeal, skim milk, and o.j. W
With today's good news, I can make my next goal a ten-pound loss. Now I have a dilemma: I've been so on and off going to WW, that I can't quite figure out how much I've lost. From my top weight, and according to my book where the losses are recorded, I'm down 16.8 pounds. However, it's gotten so confused that I don't want to pretend I've lost that much recently. Think I'll start counting from when I started at the clubhouse, which was three weeks ago, or November 22. At that time, I was at 191, so I'm figuring from there. That means I lost a total of 4.04 pounds and that's okay.
I'm reved up and happy!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas party--oops, "holiday" party--last night was great and boy, so was my falling off the WW wagon. Had two drinks and three desserts. Get weighed in tomorrow and I'm ready to take my lumps. My attitude is this: If I hadn't rejoined WW when I did, I'd most likely gain 7 or 8 pounds over the holidays. I'm keeping it down. How? By being AWARE of what I'm eating and going right back to the program in between celebrations and outings.
Today, will pick Marie V. up and take her to Sea Oaks for lunch. I'm not worried about that, as they have some nice low-cal offerings. Tomorrow, after WW, I go on the Tuckerton House Tour with Barbara and Susan and, yes, we'll lunch together, too. Can handle that, especially because it's after weigh-in. Heh-heh, every WW member knows what I mean by that.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Great fun at our neighbor's for the tree-lighting ceremony last night--and, I'm afraid, great food, too. I indulged in several (small) glasses of eggnog with rum, plus some rolled sandwiches. Luckily, I hadn't eaten dinner, so the damage wasn't too bad. In addition, I ate lightly during the day (veggies for lunch), plus could draw on my 35 extra weekly points, so it was fairly okay. (I'm hedging a bit, I know). The only thing I regret is eating the two sandwiches we brought home. Pat didn't like them and I have this thing about not wasting food, so I scarfed them down, even though I wasn't the least bit hungry. Stupid and I wish I hadn't, but I'm not going to agonize over it.
Tonight is another test, one of the many seasonal ones. We're going to the big Sunrise Bay Christmas party, starting with appetizers and drinks and progressing to a buffet ("Danger! Danger! Red alert for highest-level danger!") of entrees, and another of yummy desserts. You're supposed to plan ahead for these things, so I'm planning to eat a regular breakfast, then as little as possible before we go. Also resolve to choose as wisely as possible and to dance up a storm...yay!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I feel good today. I made the decision, and started to carry it out, to jump-start (stupid cliche!) my diet by changing it. For a long time, I ate the same breakfast and lunch every day--not a bad one, but you're not supposed to do that on WW. Guess I did because I liked them AND most important, Im so damn lazy I get tired of weighing, measuring, and recording.
Well, I changed that yesterday. I had an egg ("fried" in spray) on WW toast and half a grapefruit instead of my usual cottage cheese on toast and o.j. I was out Christmasing until after 2 and at that point, had decided to go easy on the carbs, so for lunch, had an acorn squash and a head of cauliflower. (I don't care if that sounds weird.)
For dinner--get this--I had a big bowl of cereal (2 cups of puffed rice and a cup of skim milk=3 points) which added at least some of the milk WW wants you to have. I then went out to a Christmas pageant with friends Walter and Susan. Skipped the refreshments (cookies) at intermission, but accepted their invitation to come in and have a little cup of eggnog (with about half a shot of rum) after. Felt perfectly comfortable drinking it because I hadn't filled my points earlier. Eggnog isn't listed in the "Getting Started" book, but I suspect this was worth at least 4 points, maybe more.
When I got home, savored my daily reward of hard candies (1 oz.=2 points). Went to bed happily about 11--very late for me--and slept until an un-heard of 8 o'clock. I'm feeling great and ready to continue my innovations!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ho-hum day yesterday. Heavy snow didn't materialize--yet. Exchanged some things at Kohl's, thought about starting Christmas cards, made dump soup and "barbequed" chicken (the sauce a combination of ketchup and diet soda). I decided to skip the 2 teaspoons of oil, even though the program calls for it.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to jettison my evening wine and popcorn. Last night again, I still felt empty after them, and succumbed to raisins and a handful of gumdrops. Maybe a big salad would be a better choice. Our lecturer, Christine, recommends simply not having anything after dinner, but I just can't imagine that. I always think of my w. and p. as a reward for my day's activities; don't see how I can skip them. However, I'm determined to do well this WW week and will just have to rethink my whole regime.
It's so frustrating to make these serious resolves early in the day, then at night ignore them and go hog-wild (an apt. phrase), but it happens constantly.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Had a neat experience yesterday: Was Christmas shopping in Manahawkin at lunchtime and got very hungry. I remembered there's a Subway next to the new WW center there and that Subway has a lot of sandwiches that carry some fairly low points. I stopped in and found the staff there so cordial and helpful. One very courteous young woman (she may have been the manager) even got WW's book listing common items on fast food restaurant menus. It included Subway, and I ordered a yummy chicken teryaki for 7 points. To my surprise, I was told that, for WW members, the first sandwich is free--neat! Thanks, Subway!
Did pretty well at dinner last night. We went to Mercurio's and I had the chicken marsala--maybe not one of the best choices, but I left much of the pasta. Skipped the bread, had salad instead of soup, and gave Pat the dessert (these are included in the meal). At home, just had my regular wine and popcorn and went to bed happy.
What's looming now are Christmas parties and events. Tomorrow, I go to a play/pagaent at St. Teresa's with neighbors and Saturday, we'll attend a "tree-lighting ceremony" other neighbors are having--with refreshments, of course. Sunday is the big Sunrise Bay Christmas party and that's a buffet--oh, dear. More parties next week. Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I am SO grateful for yesterday's comment from my beautiful, dear, one-and-only twin sister. It really gave me a lift and yes, made me determined to get right back on the WW bandwagon. Now honesty (I wish I hadn't resolved to be so honest!) requires that I confess to last night's deviation: After meeting a former colleague for lunch up in Lawrenceville (salata portobello, but also indulged in dipping a roll in doctored oil), I didn't get home until about 4:00. Really didn't feel like making dinner, so I gave Pat soup and had odds and ends: spaghetti squash, acorn squash, baked beans, and dump soup. My downfall? Instead of popcorn, started on extra-dark pretzels with my wine, then went for the gumdrops. Really mad at myself when I got up this morning, but with Betty's comment, have revived. YES, I'm going to make it!
Excercise this morning, then our usual Wednesday dinner out with friends. Will report on my meal and later choices tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What a letdown! I lost only A HALF POUND after a week of adhering--in the main--strictly to the WW program. Wha' hoppened?? Dunno, it just did.
So I'm still not in the 180's, the lousy half-pound brought me only to 190.6. This is terrible and I'm getting very discouraged. Just to put a lid on it, I lost my WW book, which always kept in my purse. Why did I put that in italics? Have no idea what I hit and don't know how to change it back.
I can recover from my down only by imagining my self six months or so from now, when I would have lost a whole bunch of weight. I'm picturing myself reading this entry and smiling happily, knowing the NEXT week brought me back to the path of virtue and weight loss.
That "morality" wording again...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Ouch! I fell off the wagon yesterday--late in the day, when most of my transgressions happen. Just was drawn by those damn gumdrops and gobbled about ten large ones. Now, the next day, of course, I feel guilty and regretful. I had been so good and I go to weigh-in tomorrow. Sigh...
Just take a glance at that paragraph and note those words. It seems we automatically use the language of morality to describe our weight-loss experiences. Overweight and over-eating are so entangled in the idea of right and wrong--it's disturbing to realize that. May have something to do with the constant bombardment of attractive, slim people on T.V., in print advertising, and everywhere else as the ones who really matter, the "good" ones, the standard people, whereas the huge percentage of those overweight are invisible--too horrible to look at, and "bad" to boot, I guess.
Well, the hell with it. The lousy gumdrops were just gumdrops and I'll go on from here. Unfortunately, I don't feel as if I've lost any this week, which is kind of depressing. If I haven't, I'm just going to have to fine-tune the diet.
Had grouper for dinner last night. Never tried it before and probably never will again. It's about the most tasteless, bland, and blah fish I ever ate. Sure, you could dress it up with all kinds of topping, etc., but if you have to do that, why not just have salmon or swordfish, both of which are so yummy they just need a little lime or lemon juice?
Will go with Susan and Leslie this morning for exercise at 8. Less than twenty-six hours to weigh-in!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yesterday, went up to Alison's after lunch to cut holly (she and Mike have a huge tree, heavy with berries). Grandson Joel and precious Joely came and we went to Tootie's, a little luncheonette in New Egypt, for dinner. What to order from the standard little luncheonette menu, which included chopped sirloin smothered in gravey, fried seafood platter, and chicken parm replete with 3 pounds of cheese? I settled on Caesar salad with chicken, which was pretty okay, but wasn't like an Caesar I ever ate. It was made not with romaine lettuce, but with packaged iceberg festooned with carrot shavings; included grape tomatos and cucumber, which Caesar doesn't, and was covered with some kind of bottled dressing bearing only a passing nod to a real Caesar's. Instead of strips of grilled chicken resting on top, there were little chicken chunks surely cut off a roast chicken mixed through. When I mildly commented on the non-Caesar aspects, the waitress assured me that the restaurant across the street makes it the same way. I was so amused I shut up and ate the stuff and, you know what? It tasted good. I was hungry, something I often have a problem with on WW, and that made it a good meal. As the French or some people say: "Appetite is the best sauce." Well, that's a paraphrase, but the sentiment is, of course, true. When you're hungry, it makes the food taste good, I don't care what it is.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kept nicely on program yesterday. It was easy because I was busy: Had a doctor's appointment in the morning (flu and pnemonia shots), shopped in the afternoon, and had a meeting in the evening. I'm convinced that simply being absorbed in what you're doing--out of the house or in--is key to weight loss. Nothing is more disastrous to a diet than boredom, at least for me.
Gave Pat something else and had a vegetarian dinner last night. It may seem bizarre to others, but I liked it: fixed my nightly onions, peppers, mushrooms, and garlic in oil and enjoyed that, plus leftover peas and applesauce, and half a baked potato.
After walking with Susan, I'll go to the supermarket to get something for dinner. I've been on a salmon kick lately and, hey, that ain't bad. May try fresh tuna or something else, though. I LOVE swordfish, but wouldn't you know, that's one of the most points- (and calorie) pricey fish. I gravitate toward high-cal foods; guess that's why I'm 60 pounds overweight.
Note: If anyone tried to comment here and was directed to set up his/her own blog and didn't want to, try again. I changed the settings so comments from anyone should be accepted. Let me know via e-mail if there's any problem.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Went Christmas shopping at Hamilton Mall yesterday and had the foresight to bring my WW "Getting Started" book, which list points values of common foods. It also has an ethnic foods section, and I chose Japanese. Had California roll and other vegetarian sushi. It was delicious and only 6 points. Before I got home, stopped at Acme and bought flounder for Pat, salmon, broccoli, and a variety of squash for me. Had a cup of the butternut squash for a snack--a point, but worth it.
Went to the new WW center in Manahawkin, too--first day they were open--and bought a points calculator for sister Betty for Christmas. They'll have meetings 7 days a week, so if I have to miss here, I could attend the next day there.
Incidentally, this blog constitutes a real incentive to stay on program for me. Last night, I was attacked by the urge to have gumdrops (yes, they're in the house--husband snack), but remembering my determinatiion to be honest here, I knew I'd have to report it. I successfully met the challange, didn't have them, and went to bed happy.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Going out to dinner last night was no problem: I ordered a Caesar salad with grilled chicken, using 10 points. It was delicious and I ate every bite. After an enjoyable evening with our friends, I had my popcorn and wine, and...and...and...
Well, I deviated a bit from the straight and narrow. I just felt like more after the p. and w. Rebelliously, I poured myself a second glass of Country Red (a semi-sweet; I alternate that with White Zinfandel and Cream Sherry) and had probably 3 points of pretzels, too. Okay, I'll draw from the 35 extra points per week I get to use as I please, so I'm all right. Just have to be careful about nightime eating--my downfall, as it is with most of the overweight people I know. The rule I did (and do) break is the "no more than 4 glasses of wine a week" one. I look forward to my 4 oz. at night and I'm going to continue to drink it--so there!
Went with Susan for our usual brisk walk this morning, so am getting the exercise in faithfully.
If I can fit it in after Christmas shopping (must send to Japan and Singapore very soon), will get fish at the supermarket for dinner.
LOTS of parties and get-togethers coming up this month, of course, plus my birthday, which is 3 weeks away. Must concentrate and keep on program.