Friday, November 22, 2013

Speedy Pace

Things continue at a speedy pace.  More computer work in the morning, notably finding, revising, and adding to my F.O.C.U.S. course on employment for seniors, then finally sending to Anita B., the coordinator.  Glad to get that off my mind.
E-mailed Rick M., who writes for The Sandpaper, to see if we can get an article in there, and maybe a picture.  It may be a little late for that, though.
Drove to Manahawkin: Staples for duplicating flyers, Target for Thanksgiving cards.  Beforehand, I took my detached tooth to Little Egg Dental and got an appointment for 2:30.  Addressed and stamped cards to the kiddies in Asia, and took to P.O.
I'll throw a veil over the dentist visit, except to say it wasn't too terribly painful, but no picnic, either.  What hurt worse was the $189 charge, but the wayward tooth seems  firmly in place now.
Cleaned up various odds and ends, then jumped in the shower and dressed.  I didn't eat dinner--worried I'd jar loose my tooth--and left to pick up Aline about 6:30.  Gave her some leaflets to hand out and one to her neighbor.
The meeting at the H.'s was fun and--I guess--fairly productive.  Tonya brought the apron for me to give Ellen when she's here today to rehearse the Santa skit with Dave.  Last night's was a board meeting, not a Hedda one (that's on December 1), and we broke up about twenty of nine.  Of course, I didn't get home until after the hour, as I had to drop Aline off.
I was pleased to get an e-mail confirming our reservations at the Canyon Motel in Wellsboro, but saddened after Joe's call (see earlier entry).  Haven't walked the last two days; skipped the second day Larry was here and Susan had to have an early medical procedure, but will today.

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