Sunday, November 03, 2013

"Wheels" Rehearsal

After enjoying the virtual visit with precious little K., I did householdy things, lunched, then jumped in the shower and dressed.  Met Tonya, Kathy, and Louise at 2:00 at the library, and we rehearsed Hell On Wheels until 3:00.  It worked out okay without Frank and Dave as we were able to concentrate on the female performances.  I also wanted to introduce them to Louise, from the other theatre group, and I think the three acted off each other well.
We sat and talked for a bit after.  As we had discussed before, Tonya said she and Kathy could do the little skit she had performed before with Tara: "A Matter of Husbands." That fits perfectly in the "For Better or Worse" theme, and should lengthen the program nicely.  Kathy will also play the guitar and sing; I told her to select the piece she liked best.  Also, I asked Tonya to sing while Aline plays the piano, and she agreed.  They'll get together to decide on a piece.
We split up about 3:45 and Louise and I went for an early dinner to Dynasty.  We had a good talk, mostly about dating and  Got home by 5:30 and Aline called about 7:00 to chat. 
I set the clocks--they're everywhere--back, and that was my day.

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