Monday, November 18, 2013

P & P And The Damn Tooth

Picked up Aline (hmm...I wonder how many of my entries start with "picked up Aline"--lots, I'm sure) at 12:15 and we traveled to Margate in fairly dense fog.
Players & Playwrights meeting was at Grey's, a large (six bedrooms) relatively new and clearly worth big bucks, home a literal stone's throw from the ocean. 
Grey is a big, good-looking gay guy, often irreverent and always amusing.  Lives with his mother.
It was a good meeting.  Four plays were read and discussed, including the only one I'd like to see staged, a funny one by Sondra M.  I didn't think she had it in her.
We broke up at 4:00 and Aline and I went to Dynasty for dinner.  Had an open-faced Reuben--mediocre.
Home, I got a message that Betty had called and she called back just as I walked in the door.  Will let her know when Larry comes in.
"Visited" with Ellen and Gregg--he was busily making dinner--and, as usual, had a delightful time.  She mentioned that maybe she and Gregg could meet the rest of us in New Mexico in June.  That would be wonderful.
Only "down" thing to record:  The damn tooth I had had re-anchored last month came out again last night.  Now I have to decide whether to go all the way back to Dr. Lyons or to Little Egg Dental.  And I have Larry coming today, plus rehearsal tomorrow--double damn!   

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