Friday, September 30, 2016

Continuing On

Really nothing new, just more of the same. Walked the usual, moved some things around, including the bookcase, which I switched to my bedroom from the living room. I have dozens of framed pictures, large ones and small ones and I'm going to have to make a decision about them. Stored the small ones in a container and put it, I'm afraid, under the bed. Oh, well, that's all I have under there, anyway.
Went to WinGo and got a fair amount of food; supply had been sparse. Talked to Doris, who may or may not go to the harp recital and lunch today. E-mailed Sherry, as she thought she might go, but didn't hear back from her.
I'm worried about my new ficus, as it's turning yellow and losing leaves. I'll ask El where she got it and see if they can give me some pointers on care.
Went to the library and engaged with one of my favorites, Bill Bryson. Got his auto-bio in an audio book and his slim book on Shakespeare and how little we know about him.
Started researching my upcoming trip on line. I'm trying to get away with a non-stop flight, but am not sure how feasible that is re timing.

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