Thursday, September 29, 2016


I forced myself to get out and walk at Kimball, although it's still pretty hot; as always, I was glad I did when I finished.
Finally unpacked the huge box that had been sitting in my bedroom. It was full of pictures, which are now lining the walls of my room. No must decide where--or if--to put them and the dozens of others, up.
Brother Jim called to ask if I wanted some things he has in a safety deposit box. "Money?" I said, "well, okay, I'll take it if I must." Ho, ho, he was talking about some things more valuable than cash: documents such as my parents' marriage certificate, my father's diploma from Villanova, my mother's First Communion paper, and both their death certificates. I already have my father's group pictures (formal and posed) when he was on the debating team and (in track suits) on the racing team. I'll have the new documents framed and make up a kind of "ancestry gallery." Jim said he's send them when he can get over to the bank.
Right after that, Bob, the repair guy, knocked. He came over to look at the metal bifold door on the utility closet. It doesn't quite close all the way and I had told Patti I think it should be fixed or they should install a new one. She was reluctant, but I pointed out that I pay more than others who have one bedroom (because mine is completely upgraded with all new appliances, carpet, and so on) and the owners should damn well be agreeable to replacing it. Bob couldn't fix it, but said he'd look into something else.
Kohl's is having a sale on bed coverings, so I went over there. I had wanted to spiff up my room and replace my comforter (white and lilac flowers) with brighter colors. However, I fell for the matching lamps in pale green and I guess I'll have to continue with pastel. Bought a pink, kind of tucked coverlet, which was on sale, but still eighty bucks; they had only one pillow sham, which was another fifteen or so. I have two pillows that will take shams, so will have to ask if they can have another Kohl's send one.
I then went to Macy's to look at their bedding. For some weird reason, I bought an eight-piece set that I really don't like much! Went from there to the library, but it was closed due to the heat, so I stopped at the Bow-Wow thrift store. Got a little wooden box with a painted cat on it--perfect for something I keep in the bathroom.
Before I even went home, I stopped back at Macy's and took back the bed set. Indecisive me--I'm not sure whether I'll keep the pink, either.

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