Sunday, September 11, 2016

Birthday Lunch

A delightful day. Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then El called. Her birthday is today and I had said I'd like to take her out to eat over the weekend. She suggested lunch, as she and Greg were going to Santa Barbara after he finished work.
Where to? She thought of the Aloha Steakhouse, a good idea. I was there last Sunday and really liked it, but she had never been. She came over and I gave her her present, then she looked at my T.V., still unoperational. No luck there, but so what, I'm okay with You Tube.
It took a considerable time to park; the building is right next door to the restaurant, but was filling up fast. The area was so festive, with lots of people enjoying the beach, the ocean, and the music and beer.
I couldn't resist my usual hamburger and Blue Moon, El had a beef sandwich that I wish I had ordered. I mentioned to the waitress that it was her birthday and she brought out a big mound of ice cream with chocolate sauce and almonds, plus two spoons. We enjoyed that together--and yum.
After, we strolled down to the pier. It was very windy, though warm, and the ocean--so beautiful and a kind of bottle green--was choppy. We saw two preparations for weddings on the beach and there were plenty of doggies around, of course; Californians take their pooches everywhere. Somebody had also brought two little goats that were up on the half wall. Everybody oohed and ahhed over them, naturally.
By the time we got back, it was almost 4:00, so El dropped me off, after which I went to WinGo for salad fixins'.

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