Thursday, September 01, 2016


Walked my walk at Kimball. After breakfast, I taped some boxes together and crumpled newspaper. Called a few more of the multitude of places you have to when you move. The real stinker is that Ventura Del Sol doesn't have a contract with Time Warner, which means I'll have to switch everything over. Called Communications, Inc., the designated company, and they don't do phones, except "through the Internet." Damn, I don't even know what that means. T.V. and Internet would be $89, less than Time Warner, but it doesn't include the phone. Called Pacific Bell, which is really A.T. & T. and found the damn phone will be $26, plus tax PLUS fifteen bucks for long distance. Who in the hell isn't long distance, fer cryin' out loud, except for Ellen? This makes me think I'll just get a smart phone and the hell with a landline--GRR!
A nice interlude between two annoying happenings (see later): I went to the Center for lunch and to put a few flyers about my course. Sat with Barbara--I like her a lot--and talked to Noel, whom I always called "Neil." Don't know why he didn't correct me.
After, I chatted with Beverly and Steve. Early on, Beverly seemed to me somewhat reminiscent of the old-time actress, Spring Byington: a sweet, slightly fussy, somewhat limited old maid. That's deceptive, though: Beverly actually does have a very pleasant nature, but she's smart and well-read and no pushover. Steve is a bright guy with an edge to him and great fun to talk to. He is, however, a dog person, but I won't hold that against him.
Went to Target to get the dimensions of my new microwave. Why, yes, it's still in my trunk but small as it is, I can't lift it, so one of their cart-handlers did. They opened the box, I measured it and yes, it's smaller than others, which is why I want to keep it. Still haven't decided.
As I was driving out, I saw Cheryl G. and said hello. Told her I was moving and she said she was looking, too, for the usual reasons: very small place at a ridiculously high rent. Counting Meghan, Sandra, and me, that's the fourth person I know who's leaving Colony Parc. Good--let the bloodsuckers get what's coming to them.
As I often do in the evening, I went into my Big Fish hidden object games--I have about 60 of them--and couldn't get them to come up. First, I clicked on the icon and it simply went right back to my screen saver. I finally got a list of what I've purchased, clicked "install" (although they were already installed), and nothing happened. Darn it all! I'll have to get in touch with Big Fish.


iloveac said...

I know several folks who have dropped their landlines and use cell phones only. It may be what you choose to do. I thought about it too, but somehow ...can't remember why....talked me out of it.

Mimi said...

I know many people who have done that, also, and I'm leaning that way. I do prefer a landline, I guess just because I'm used to it, but guess I'll have to adjust.