Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Productive Day

Walked Kimball. The nurse was there, since it was Tuesday; my BP was 128/72, I guess okay.
After breakfast, I spent several hours alternating between wrapping and packing, and finishing up paperwork--that took all morning. Finally completed initialing and duplicating the lease. I'll send Eileen two copies today and ask her to initial one and send back. Revised the flyer for my class and think I'll go to the center today to post it on a bulletin board. Guess I'll stay for the ritzy three-dollar lunch, too.
Got a message from Carole F., saying she lost her Silver Tsunami, the newsletter for the Adult Center, and would I send her info on my class. Sure thing, and I did. I also listed it in "Nextdoor Regatta," which is a kind of neighborhood Internet communication. It includes info from the police department, as well as newsy notes from neighbors.
It got warm again--about 85, but delightfully un-humid--so after lunch, I decided to reward my virtuous self by a splash in the pool. It felt great and so did the hot tub. Went to Wal-Mart for a few items, then took a drive and remarkably, that filled up the whole day.

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