Friday, August 12, 2016

Here and There

Walked the walk. Heard back from Hans with a--tentative, I hope--blurb for my course. Not only was my last name misspelled (the usual "a" for the first "o"), but some key words were changed. I wrote back, asking Hans to fix the errors.
Did the wash thing, back and forth, forth and back. Took a dry run to the Boatyard Cafe, where I was to meet some groups for dinner at 5:30. Funny--it's at the harbor and I've been there often at various places, but somehow, didn't see it before. It was easy to get to, though.
Stopped at the office to make an appointment with manager Jamel. I'll see her Monday, as I want to nail down some of my questions about moving. Now what worries me is, there may not be an opening for a one-bed, first floor at Ventura Del Sol. Well, we'll see.
Got a call from Jameson Roher of the prison book thing. The list (of 27 books) I sent him was approved and he gave me the address where to send them. Now to get around to doing it.
Colon doc's office called to see if I could change my appointment of next week to today at 1:00. Actually, yes, and it suits me better.
Contacted Rider and was told to send an e-mail about Joe La Rocca to the communications V.P. Did so and got a message back from her saying the fall issue was already in print, but she was very interested for the winter one.
Tokyo clan Skyped me and the liveliest little guy in the universe entertained his Nana with all kinds of action and chatter. His Dad told me he had put more videos and pictures up and I went there immediately after, watching some with pleasure and "saving" others to see later.
Got to the Boatyard Cafe early (natch) to find a few already there. This is a combination of several groups, but I was there kind of solo--I thought. However, I met some nice people and chatted with a woman named Dorothy, who had been widowed not once, but twice. The organizer, John, was across the table and, I found out later, so were two woman I had seen last summer at a Golden Girls function. In addition, Isabelle, who's in both that group and the widder one, came in.
As I was leaving, a woman at a table near the door stood up and gave me a big hug. At first, I couldn't think who in the world it was, then luckily, I remembered. It was Tami from Golden Girls, at whose beautiful house we had had the "Night in Tuscany" gathering a few months ago.
Busy and productive day, happily.

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