Monday, August 08, 2016


Walked at Kimball and it was all uphill after that--a generally lousy day. That was mostly because I was unable to send back the completed documents for my acting course to Hans, the director. Tried and tried, in fact, for hours, and it just never worked. I tried filling it out, then saving under a different name and sending it to myself. Each time, the original would show up, just has Hans had sent it to me. I finally decided to just bring him the printed copies today.
In between this frustrating business, I did take a quick drive to the parking lot behind City Hall. That's where the bus takes off from tomorrow and I'll just show up, hoping somebody doesn't. If everybody does, no harm done, I'll go to the library or something.
I also packed a box with serving dishes. I want to spent part of every day, when possible, doing that and getting ready to move. When I moved from Jersey, that was what I did; just chip away at it until it was finished.

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