Friday, August 05, 2016

Not Much

Walked Kimball, then stopped at the bank. That was at a few minutes before ten and oddly, BOA wasn't open, although their opening is listed at 9:00. Several people were waiting to get in, which we didn't until a minute after ten. We were told there was a system problem.
I had several transactions to make at BOA and I was there for almost an hour. However--I don't want to go into detail with this--I made some changes that are better for me financially, so I was satisfied. Didn't have breakfast until 11:30, so it really stood in for lunch. After that, I spent hours on the computer, answering various e-mails, fleshing out some of my plans for the acting course, plus filling out the documents Hans from the Adult Center sent me. Those are necessary for the course and include a tax form, an explanation of my course, and a lot of other crapola. Filled them out electronically and will send back today.
Other than all that, in addition to trips to WinCo and Goodwill (just browsing), not a whole heck of a lot went on. I was a little worried I wouldn't sleep because of my relative inactivity, but I did and soundly, too.

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