Friday, August 26, 2016

The Palms

Walked as usual. It was Thursday, so the nurse from Community Memorial was there to take BP before and after. I chatted with her and she that an arm of the hospital has a heart assessment program, as well as yoga and other offerings. She asked for my contact info, so I gave her my card. When she saw the "Acting for Everyone" blurb, she asked if I'd get in touch so she could hear more about it. The might possibly be interested in having me do a course for her program.
Met Doris at The Palms where the "Salute to our Firefighters" took place. It was outside and they had a very nice lunch; besides the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, they had bratwurst, potato and pasta salad, green salads, and an array of yummy desserts. We ate, then listened to the (white-haired) Elvis impersonator I had seen last week at Bonaventure.
Went here and there to pick up a few items, then to the library to turn in some audio books I didn't like. Got a different one and even spent a half hour looking over a bio of Nikola Tesla. Stopped at a thrift store after and found a nice metal wine rack, which I bought. I already have a wooden one that holds nine bottles, but this holds only four and will take up a lot less space. Besides, it has a more modern look and I'm leaning toward that for my new digs.
When I got home, I had a call from manager Patti at Ventura Del Sol, asking for a copy of my tax return. I frantically looked for it, couldn't find it, so called, e-mailed, and texted Michelle, my accountant, asking her to send me a copy as an attachment. Luckily, I finally found my copy and called, e-mailed, and texted Michelle back to ignore the previous.

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