Saturday, August 27, 2016


Dizzying day!
Skipped Kimball to go to T.O.P.S. and found I had lost a pound and a half. Sounds good, but considering I had gained more than two last week--well, we won't go there.
Went directly to Ventura Del Sol to drop off my tax return. I then realized I had only one check left. Went over to the bank to see if I could just pick up blank checks or something, but no, I'd have to get a cashiers check and screw that. I decided to use a Vanguard check for the VDS deposit and I'll use the last BOA one for Bill. Ordered more checks and had put my new address on, as I'll be there shortly. I was running around around so much, I didn't have time for breakfast.
No prob, as I met my friend, Joyce, early for lunch. (To me, noon is early to have lunch.) We went to Romano's Macaroni Grille, one of my favorites and we had a good one. Joyce brought me a bag of avocados from her backyard tree--what a treat--and told me all about her other life as a travel agent and her experience in Toastmasters/mistresses. We stayed talking for almost two hours, after which I high-tailed it back to VDS.
I asked Jim if I could look again at my new digs; did so, and like the place a lot--especially the storage, which will be heavenly after the dearth of it here. Gave Jim the deposit and we discussed when I'd move in. I wanted to get Ellen's take on this, did so, and will go in the fifteenth, so I only have to overlap five days.
Betty called and we chatted. She told me John Garrity has died; she went to his funeral this morning. He was a nice guy and I'm sorry; another HSHS '54 gone. Betty mentioned that Joanne Eisle died about a year ago and I was shocked. I hadn't known that.
Got a call from Elaine Hughes, the one with the (large) apartment at Ashwood Gardens. She said she's leaving on September 30 and wanted to let me know, as I had expressed interest in her apartment. However, I told her I had decided on VDS, but thanked her for calling--it was nice of her.
Now I have another annoying problem: I had told my tenant, Eileen, I'd send her a renewed lease. Found the lease and it's so faint I don't know how it'll come out when I duplicate it. Come to think of it, I don't know who has the original: the real estate office; Walter; or Eileen herself. Must call Walter back.
After dinner, I decided to clear my head and drive to the library. Got there before it dawned on me they're not open late on Fridays. Oh, well, it's a nice drive, it relaxed me, and the hills are still there.

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