Monday, August 29, 2016

Girls' Day Out

What a fun day!
Walked, then showered and washed my hair. El called to suggest we lunch to the Hill Street Cafe, which is, of course, free mimosa land, so she didn't have to ask me twice. However, we met there at 12:30 to find there were hordes of people waiting for tables. Considering we had pedicure appointments at 2:00, we decided to go elsewhere. We didn't want to go too far afield, so made it Marie Callender's where my widder group meets now that Yolanda's is unavailable.
Marie's ain't the Ritz, that's a cinch, but it really isn't bad. I had a hamburger, done very rare just as I ordered it, and a "schooner" (16 ounces) of Blue Moon, which Zeus be praised, they have on draft. We had a fine time talking over our various pursuits, including El's current crop of third grade students and the fact that I bought an inexpensive microwave. Hearing that news, El did her best to try to persuade me to take it back and get a bigger, better, and pricier one. Nosirebob, I responded, and we hashed pros and cons about that. I was adamant, but in fact, see later.
After our leisurely lunch, we walked over to Jessica Nails--it's in the same shopping center--and sat side by side getting our tootsies done. I really don't enjoy this as a rule--I find it as boring as getting my hair done--but with her to talk to (among other topics, we discussed politics), it was actually enjoyable.
We parted after, El to go home and make soup, me to drive to the mall to scope out other microwaves. However, it was so crowded I didn't feel like staying, so just went to a few stores near here and looked at some. Maybe, just maybe I'll get a different one, but am still undecided.
Remembering I'm going to a Golden Girls lunch next Sunday, I continued on into town to scope out the Aloha Steakhouse on California Street. I found it--it's right on the beach--and drove home, refreshed and happy.

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