Monday, August 22, 2016

Fine Day

Walked Kimball. Spent time packing things I haven't used since I've been here (so why do I still have them?) and did some housework. Drove into town and stopped in a few places. The streets and stores were jammed--that always makes me feel festive unless they're fleeing an earthquake--and it was sunny and warm, but pleasantly so and not at all humid.
Called El to see how her first days of school went. She and Greg were at the Kristimundi Center in Ojai, so called me back about 5:00. She invited me for dinner--best invitation I had all day.
Greg had made a delectable Indian dish containing dal (red lentils) with other ingredients just enough curry. Curry is one of my favorite spices, but if it's added with too heavy a hand, it's terrible. This was so good. On the place, he added roasted tomatoes and broccoli, so it was colorful, too.
We had a good talk over dinner. I told them about my apartment dilemma about which I'm still on the fence, and I heard about El's new third grade. After, we watched a few episodes of Twilight Zone, a great novelty for me, as I have only white-bread T.V., without all the fancy accoutrements others do.
Left as it was getting dark--I was dismayed to notice it wasn't 8:00 yet--after a fine day.

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